8 Best Travel Trailers for Those Who Love Luxury

These incredibly luxurious travel trailers might be nicer than your house.

When most people think of camping, they envision cold showers, toilets that don’t flush, and mosquito bites. Even if they do their camping in a travel trailer or another type of RV, most people assume camping means leaving behind the luxuries of home.

While that may have once been the case, the days of roughing it in the wild are long gone. If you want to camp in luxury with all the amenities of home, there are plenty of luxury travel trailers that offer that option. On that note, here are ten of the best luxury trailers on the market!

1. Airstream Flying Cloud

Photo Credit: Airstream

The Airstream Flying Cloud is a modern version of the classic Airstream travel trailer. These lightweight and aerodynamic trailers feature Airstream’s timeless and iconic aluminum exterior, which is instantly recognizable. Despite not having any slide-outs, the Flying Cloud is quite spacious and can sleep up to 8 people if necessary.

The Airstream Flying Cloud comes with all the comforts of home, including a four-burner stove and cooktop, LED lighting, solar panels, and more. It also has one of the best climate control systems and entertainment systems on the market so that you can always remain comfortable and connected to the outside world.

2. Living Vehicle

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

Next, we have one of the newest travel trailers on the market, the Living Vehicle. The Living Vehicle is one of the most unique, surreal, and out-of-this-world travel trailers around. It looks like a combination between a mobile home and an Airstream. It seems like something you’re more likely to see on the moon than at your local campground.

It isn’t just the exterior appearance that makes the Living Vehicle travel trailer so luxurious. It also features a drop-down porch, a China brand toilet, a dishwasher, a spa-like bathroom, and a surprisingly spacious interior. It’s built for both off-grid and organized camping and includes add-on features like a washer and dryer, a king bed, and more.

3. Bowlus Travel Trailers

Photo Credit: Bowlus

The Bowlus Volterra is right up there with the Living Vehicle in terms of modern luxury. Bowlus has even been referred to as the Tesla of the travel trailer industry, which should tell you everything you need to know about how luxurious it is. This all-electric RV features a sleek and elegant aluminum exterior similar to that of an Airstream.

The interior features light colors, leather furniture, light trim pieces, and other Scandinavian features. There’s also a sleek, two-burner stovetop, a full bathroom, a backup camera, and excellent climate control system. You’ll be turning heads and dropping jaws no matter where you go when you’re camping in a Bowlus!

4. Eriba Touring 820

Photo Credit: Eriba

Sticking to the trend of aluminum travel trailers, the ERIBA Touring 820 is also in the conversation for the best luxury travel trailer on the market. The Eriba is a European travel trailer that features tons of windows and natural light. It’s also unique in that it has round furniture, V-shaped beds, leather trimmings, and panoramic views.

It also comes with a self-leveling system, tankless water heater, in-floor heat, dimmable lighting zones, and other features you would expect in a modern home. Everything in this luxury trailer is modern, elegant, and designed to maximize comfort.

5. Oliver Legacy Elite

Photo Credit: Oliver Travel Trailers

For years, Oliver has been building some of the most adorable and high-quality small travel trailers on the market. Now, they have added one of the best luxury travel trailers on the market to their repertoire – the Legacy Elite II. This rig starts the fun with the classic white and roundish exterior of all Oliver trailers. However, where things start to get extra luxurious is when you move indoors.

The Legacy Elite features a quiet and efficient roof-mounted air conditioner, a tankless water heater, and solar panels and lithium batteries upon request. It also includes a well-lit kitchen with spacious cabinets, fiber-granite countertops, LED lighting, a wardrobe closet, and more. This is also one of the lighter luxury travel trailers on the market, which means less stress on your tow vehicle.

6. Intech Aucta Willow

Photo Credit: Intech

If you want a luxury travel trailer that’s surprisingly affordable, consider the Intech Aucta Willow. The Aucta Willow is one of the newest editions to the Intech family, and it sets the bar higher than ever. It features a sleek exterior design complete with numerous windows that offer a panoramic view.

In the kitchen, you’ll find faux marble countertops, a stainless steel sink and faucet, overhead faceless cabinets, and a glass cooktop and oven. The leather convertible dinette set and overhead mood lighting make the dining area feel extremely homey and comfy. It’s also one of the few travel trailers that has the shower and toilet in separate rooms, which makes for more storage space in the bathroom.

7. Lightship L1

Photo Credit: Lightship RV

Although it’s not yet available for purchase, the Lightship L1 is set to change the face of camping. The Lightship L1 is attempting to be the most efficient all-electric luxury travel trailer ever made. And, if the end result looks as good as the preliminary designs, that shouldn’t be a problem. From the integrated solar panels to the never-before-seen futuristic exterior, there’s a lot to love about the L1.

The inside is just as unique and luxurious as the exterior! It includes a sleek and efficient kitchen complete with a stove and cooktop, stainless steel sink, white faceless cabinetry, and panoramic windows. This rig also features a spa-like bathroom designed for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency, with such features as smart high-end appliances, efficient plumbing, and HVAC systems.

8. Primetime LaCrosse

Photo Credit: Lacrosse RC

If you want a luxurious travel trailer with a more traditional look and feel, look no further than the Primetime LaCrosse. The LaCrosse looks like a straightforward travel trailer on the outside, yet it is anything but on the inside. You can choose from multiple floor plans, but the most luxurious option features a master suite complete with a king bed and a full bathroom with a double sink.

Regardless of which floor plan you choose, all LaCrosse trailers come with a massive smart TV, a large electric oven, a sleek cooktop, and energy-efficient plumbing and HVAC appliances. The overall design and layout are also refreshingly light, elegant, and modern, resulting in a warm and welcoming interior. 

Author: Jalin Coblentz


Jalin Coblentz has spent the past three years living full-time in an RV with his wife and their Goldendoodle, Harper. They have traveled and lived in more than a half-dozen different states, including New Hampshire, Ohio, Maine, Michigan, Florida, Montana, Colorado, and Utah, living life one campground at a time. When he's not hiking, golfing, or walking the dog, Jalin enjoys writing about the ups and downs of RVing and helping others who are interested in pursuing a similar path.

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