Episode 32: Stealth Camping Secrets: Pro Tips and Insights with Van Lifer Ryan Twomey

If you’re planning on living in a van, at one point or another you’re going to have to try stealth camping. Stealth camping is when…

ryan twomey and his campervan

If you’re planning on living in a van, at one point or another you’re going to have to try stealth camping. Stealth camping is when you park in or near a city and you’re trying not to be noticed. You don’t want anybody to think there’s someone sleeping in a van. Stealth camping can be a bit disconcerting because oftentimes, you’re parked where overnight parking isn’t allowed. Or, you’re just parking in a neighborhood and hoping nobody notices.

Ryan Twomey specifically built his campervan for stealth camping, and he has a bunch of amazing tips and advice. He explains how he built his van to be as stealthy as possible and suggests ways to keep a van inconspicuous. Ryan also shares his safety tips for living in a van and emphasizes the importance of having a stealth van. 

This interview was first recorded for the Van Life Virtual Summit, by The Wayward Home and Project Van Life.

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What We Cover in Episode 32 of The Wayward Home Podcast

  • Ryan talks about his experience with vanlife, including how he got started and his job before becoming a full-time van lifer.
  • Ryan discusses how he built his van to be as stealthy as possible, including not putting in many windows and keeping the exterior dirty.
  • How to get interior airflow in a van without many windows, including using two max air fans and leaving the back one off.
  • How to find safe places to park for stealth camping and how to mitigates the risk of break-ins.
  • Ryan and Kristin discuss getting the knock from security guards or neighbors, and how to handle the situation respectfully.
  • Tips for those starting out with stealth camping, including using the iOverlander app, trusting your gut, and starting out by camping where others have camped before.
  • Why Ryan chose to have a stealth van for full-time van life and the importance of considering the type of traveling you plan to do when building your van.

About Ryan Twomey

ryan twomey and his campervan

Meet Ryan Twomey, a TikToker with a passion for minimalism and tiny living. In February 2021, he bought a $30,000 van and, with his girlfriend’s help, transformed the 160-square-foot vehicle into a modern tiny home within six months while working full-time.

Documenting the transformation on TikTok, Ryan has garnered millions of views, with his most popular video about the remodel reaching 11 million views. His van now boasts a full-size bed, a kitchen with various space-saving hacks, a pull-out pantry and closet, and a workspace with a desktop computer that doubles as a TV. The multi-functional couch hides a pull-out toilet, and the van is equipped with a pull-out shower that connects to the kitchen faucet.

Embracing minimalism and downsizing his life, Ryan Twomey has gained the freedom to travel across the country without ever leaving home. His innovative van conversion has not only captured the attention of millions online but has also inspired others to reconsider their own living spaces and explore the world of tiny living.

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