Episode 6: How to get Wifi in your Van or RV with the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

Are you wondering how to stay connected while living in a van or an RV? There are MANY ways to get WiFi in a campervan,…

Are you wondering how to stay connected while living in a van or an RV? There are MANY ways to get WiFi in a campervan, and one isn’t better than the other.

There are now options like unlimited data plans hotspots, unlimited talk and text and even Starlink satellite internet.

In this episode of The Wayward Home Podcast, I’m joined by Cherie and Chris from the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center. They cover ALL THINGS internet and data for mobile uses on their website, which is frequently updated with the latest news and resources. Check out the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center here.

Our Pick
Visible Wireless Unlimited Data, Talk and Text

Visible is a really affordable, unlimited phone plan that is popular among van lifers. I started using it and so far, have been happy with the plan and service. Visible's base plan is just $25 for unlimited data, talk and text in the United States, or you can upgrade to a $45 per month plan to use your phone in Mexico and Canada. I have been using mine in Mexico and it works great!

Listen to the podcast:

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What We Cover in This Episode of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • How to assess your needs to figure out which option is right for you
  • Why understanding needs and complexity tolerance is key before investing money in internet options
  • Combining multiple connections together and treating them as one increases reliability
  • StarLink is great but can have dropouts if there are obstructions in the horizon
  • Consider combining StarLink with cellular to increase reliability
  • Peplink routers can bond multiple connections together for a seamless transition if one drops out
  • StarLink, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and DISH Network are all possibilities for a redundant system
  • Visible is the best plan right now for a smartphone only and it is owned by Verizon. It offers a thirty dollar and forty-five dollar monthly option with unlimited hotspot data, capped at five megabit per second speed.
  • For those looking for full speed hotspot data, all carriers offer postpaid plans with options from forty gigabytes to a hundred gigabytes of mobile hot spot data off the smartphone.
  • Data plans are constantly changing, so it is important to keep up with updates on the current most interesting plan options for hotspot or phone users who need a lot of data.

About Cherie and Chris with the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

Chris and Cherie have been full-time nomads by RV and boat since 2006, working remotely the entire time. After fielding so many questions about how they got internet to do so, they founded the Mobile Internet Resource center in 2014 to track the industry and keep the nomadic community educated on this always-changing topic. 

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