Episode 34: Expert Insights into Campervan Conversion Companies and Van Life Market Trends with David Lewis of ExploreVanX

Are you captivated by the van life movement and eager to get your OWN campervan? In this episode of The Wayward Home podcast, we bring…

Are you captivated by the van life movement and eager to get your OWN campervan? In this episode of The Wayward Home podcast, we bring you an insightful conversation with the CEO of ExploreVanX, a company dedicated to connecting people like you with businesses in the van life community to help create the perfect adventure vehicles and get the van of your dreams.

You’ll learn about finding trustworthy van builders and even get the lowdown on the growing demand for used vans like the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit Trail. Plus, we’ll dive into the fun and diverse van life events popping up all over.

We talk about the difference between production line vans and custom builds and get a glimpse into ExploreVanX’s future plans.

This interview was first recorded for the Van Life Virtual Summit, by The Wayward Home and Project Van Life.

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What We Cover in Episode 34 of The Wayward Home Podcast

In this podcast episode, David Lewis, CEO of Explore Van X talks about the company’s mission to connect people with businesses in the van life community to help them build adventure vehicles. He discusses the importance of finding reputable van builders and offers recommendations based on location and goals. Here are more points touched on in this episode of The Wayward Home podcast:

  • How to find reputable van builders
  • The different options for van builds, including start-to-finish and piece-together jobs, as well as DIY options.
  • Predictions about the van life trend, including a potential increase in used van sales due to the mass production of new vans in recent years.
  • The future of the used van market and how Explore Van X can help people find builders and avoid long waitlists.
  • David compares the driving experience of the Transit Trail and the Sprinter, and discusses how the Transit Trail’s off-road edition and warranty could be a game changer.
  • The increase in van life events across the country and the company’s efforts to create a master list of events.
  • The diversity of people interested in van life, including business owners, families, and weekend warriors, and the trend towards smaller, more flexible vehicles over larger RVs.
  • Kristin’s view of the vanlife community, the trend towards living with less stuff and more adventure, and the care for the planet and nature.

About David Lewis with ExploreVanX

David Lewis is from Charleston South Carolina. He took over Explorevanx in 2021 with his partners Scott Starkey and Kyle Butslov. David is an avid adventurer that traveled full time from 2017 to 2019. He enjoys connecting with new people, action sports, hiking and hanging with his son Summit.

David has an extensive background in automotive, marketing, and sales. He translated these skills to develop VanX into what it has become today.

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