Episode 47: How to Design Your Dream Van Layout with Pro Builder Steven Stolp

43 shares Ready to transform your van into a dreamy home on wheels? We’re bringing you something special with Steven Stolp, a pro in campervan…

Ready to transform your van into a dreamy home on wheels? We’re bringing you something special with Steven Stolp, a pro in campervan conversions, who lays out the roadmap to help you envision and create your ideal van space.

In our chat, he unveils the benefits of preplanning your layout,  prioritizing your must-have features, and the unique edge you gain by sketching out your interior design with masking tape. And for those who are on the fence about what they want from their van build, Steven’s got some golden advice, like spending some time in a van to truly comprehend the space.

But it doesn’t stop at planning. As we go deeper into the conversation, we explore the heart of a successful van build – creativity. Steven opens up about the benefits of a modular design and the delicate art of balancing luxury and space, particularly in a 144 wheelbase Sprinter. And he’s got you covered with some common pitfalls to avoid in your build, and top-notch tips on enjoying outdoor showers, even in cold weather.

Whether you’ve been living the van life for years or just starting out, this episode is jam-packed with insights that can help you take your van conversion to the next level.

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What We Discuss in Episode 47 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Our guest, Steven Stolp, talks about how he got his start as a van builder, originally doing custom ambulance builds.
  • Steven talks about how he approaches van design, including how to prioritize features that are most important to you, and a hack to use masking tape to visualize the layout.
  • We learn about common issues to avoid while building a van, such as cabinets that are not mounted properly, water issues from indoor showers, and faulty electrical systems.
  • We hear about some of the most surprising features that Steven has built into clients’ vans, including a bamboo steam room!
  • Steven shares the best ways to bring your creative vision to life through solution-based creativity and how to balance luxury with space and functionality.
  • Steven breaks down the process to work with him on a van build through Sandy Vans, from layout selection to customizable features, to receiving your completed van in as little as two weeks!

About Steven Stolp:

Steven Stolp is the lead van designer for Sandy Vans. Growing up around car enthusiasts, Steven developed a passion for learning through hands-on experience. After serving six honorable years in the United States Navy, he realized that he needed a creative outlet. That’s when he started building furniture and discovered his knack for creating unique storage solutions for small homes. This led him to start his own company, Stolp Solutions.

During his time off from school, Steven took on a summer project and built his first van, the RADBULANCE. It turned out to be a success, and the positive feedback he received inspired him to sell and build more vans. As someone who experiences traveler’s anxiety, he wanted to create something that provided a feeling of home on wheels.

Steven is passionate about building unique vans, and hopes to inspire others to explore the world around them. Check out Sandy Vans, and see what Steven and the team can create for you!

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