Episode 51: When It’s Time to Quit Van Life: Why the Russos Gave it All Up for a House

42 shares How do you know when it’s time to  leave life on the road behind and settle in to a home base? Tune in…

How do you know when it’s time to  leave life on the road behind and settle in to a home base? Tune in as we sit down with the adventurous duo, Joe and Kait Russo, who recently embarked on their journey from being nomadic wanderers to homeowners after six years of traveling full time. They share their experience of what it was like to initially start life on the road, when they realized it was time for them to transition back to a home base, and everything in between.

Joe and Kait take us through what they did to re-adapt to a grounded lifestyle, and share some of the perks of settling down, like enjoying a consistent routine. We hear how the Russos’ nomadic journey has helped them in finding their ideal home base. And they reveal how their new lifestyle has encouraged them to engage with their local community, develop new hobbies,  and even connect with nature in new and fulfilling ways.

The Russos also recount the challenges  of their transition and share invaluable tips on how to maintain the spirit of travel while enjoying the comforts of a home base. They shed light on the importance of traveling smart with a smaller, easy-to-park camper van and share their advice for those contemplating a shift from a nomadic lifestyle. As they emphasize trusting your instincts and embracing life’s transitions, you might find yourself inspired to reimagine your own path, whether that be to start your nomadic journey or settle down after years of travel.

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What We Discuss in Episode 51 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Joe and Kait Russo, of We’re The Russos blog and YouTube channel, join us to talk about their transition to a home base after 6 years of nomadic travel
  • They share what it was like to start their life on the road six years ago, the various types of rigs they traveled in, and how they knew it was time to settle back into a stationary life
  • We hear about the benefits of a home base, from unlimited hot water, a dishwasher, and a bathtub to some of the lifestyle changes like having a routine and building community.
  • Joe and Kait share some of the challenges of the transition, like how to furnish a house from scratch and how they’ve changed their travel style from their home base

About Joe and Kait Russo:

In 2015, Joe and Kait Russo quit their jobs, sold their house, and got rid of most of their possessions in order to live their dream: travel and work for themselves. Since then, they have been traveling in a wide range of adventure based vehicles and are passionate about inspiring others to take risks and pave their own road to fulfillment. They share travel destinations, camper guides, tips and essential gear on their website, YouTube channel and in their book series.

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