Episode 66: Van Life vs Sailboat Life – The Best of Both Worlds?

Van life and boat life both share the benefits of low cost travel, exploring nature in your tiny home on the road or on the water. In this episode of the Wayward Home Podcast, Eddie Kingswell of the Vanabond Tales, talks about the transition from living in a van to liveaboard sailboat, and breaks down the pros and cons of each.

In this episode of The Wayward Home podcast, host Kristin Hanes interviews Eddie from the Vanabond Tales blog about his experience transitioning from van life to sailboat life.

Eddie and his wife Kelly started out in van life, traveling through South America in a van they purchased, then building out their own van to continue adventures in Mexico. When Covid hit, they got stuck in Australia and decided to check sailboat living off their bucket list.

They ended up falling in love with sail life, purchasing a 29-foot boat in Croatia. Eddie shares the learning curve of sailing as beginners, having to dock repeatedly for 10 days straight to get the hang of maneuvering their new boat.

Kristin and Eddie compare notes on the differences between van life and sail life – the sense of space, costs, finding community, and facing the elements. They agree both lifestyles have their pros and cons, and complement each other well.

Eddie has continued doing some van trips between sailing seasons. He offers advice for van lifers considering switching to sailboats – overcoming fears around storms, seasickness, and learning to sail.

Kristin and Eddie remark on how rewarding it is to be self-sufficient and explore beautiful, remote areas by wind power. Listen in and be inspired to explore the world, whether on the roads or on the waves.

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What We Discuss in Episode 66 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Eddie and his wife Kelly were dedicated van lifers, traveling through South America and Mexico in self-converted vans. When Covid restricted their travel plans, they decided to buy a 29-foot sailboat in Croatia to try sailboat living.
  • As beginners, Eddie and Kelly had to practice docking and maneuvering their new boat for 10 straight days to learn the basics.
  • Eddie compares the differences between van life and sail life – sense of space, costs, finding community, and dealing with storms/elements.
  • A key benefit of sail life is exploring beautiful, extremely remote areas only accessible by boat using wind power.
  • Both lifestyles have advantages and disadvantages that complement each other nicely in Eddie’s experience.

About Eddie Kingswell:

Eddie is the author and creator of The Vanabond Tales, a travel blog focused on slow travel; minimalist travel adventures that are budget-friendly, outdoor-focused, and environmentally conscious. You’ll currently find him and his wife Kelli aboard their boat Whisper sailing the Mediterranean.

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