Episode 58: Nomad Newbie Series – Staying Connected (Online & IRL)

109 shares In this third and final episode of the Nomad Newbie series, we’re diving deep into connections – how to make them, maintain them,…

In this third and final episode of the Nomad Newbie series, we’re diving deep into connections – how to make them, maintain them, and tips for getting connected from anywhere.

First, we cover the ins and outs of maintaining a reliable internet connection while living a nomadic lifestyle with Cherie and Chris of RV Mobile Internet Resource Center. We’ll start by identifying your specific needs, whether you’re looking to casually surf or need a robust solution for those high-bandwidth activities like video conferencing. 

Next, they walk us through all the options, from Starlink and cellular plans, to hotspots (with a dedicated device our your cellphone), routers, signal boosters, and how you can build a redundant system to meet your needs.

The internet isn’t the only connection we’re exploring. We’re going beyond the tech and diving into the social aspects of life on the road. In the latter part of our conversation, we chat with solo traveler Amber Baldwin about how this unique lifestyle opens the door to new friendships and a sense of community.

Whether it’s the spontaneous encounters on the road or the vibrant nomad groups and gatherings, tune in to discover how living nomadically may just make you more connected than your stationary life.So come along and equip yourself with the knowledge to stay connected, both digitally and socially, no matter where the road takes you.

We hope you enjoyed the Nomad Newbie Series, with some of our top tips to help you ditch conventional life to hit the road or the waves.  To hear more of the conversation with our guests, check out these episodes from the archive:

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What We Discuss in Episode 58 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy of the Mobile Internet Resource Center start by discussing the various needs nomads have when it comes to their internet connection. Internet requirements vary based on the nature of your work and activities, from high-bandwidth tasks like video calls to casual internet use for streaming.
  • Building a redundant internet system is essential for reliable connections during critical tasks like video classes or telehealth consultations.
  • Dedicated hotspots offer advantages over using your phone as a hotspot, such as improved performance and multiple device connectivity. Placing your devices near windows and using external antennas can optimize your signal strength in a metal van.
  • Cell boosters, like WeBoost, are useful in specific situations but may not be the best choice for all 4G and 5G devices due to their design limitations.
  • Amber Baldwin, a full-time solo RVer, discusses strategies for finding reliable mobile internet connectivity for nomads, including using apps like Campendium with signal information and reviews to select boondocking spots.
  • She shares her experiences of building a strong sense of community on the road, highlighting the camaraderie among RVers and the ability to be as social or solitary as one prefers.
  • Groups like the Xscapers are a good way to connect with other full-time travelers.

About Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy:

Chris and Cherie have been full-time nomads by RV and boat since 2006, working remotely the entire time. After fielding so many questions about how they got internet to do so, they founded the Mobile Internet Resource center in 2014 to track the industry and keep the nomadic community educated on this always-changing topic. 

About Amber Baldwin:

Amber Baldwin is the founder of Story Chasing, a perpetual solo traveler, videographer, writer, and entrepreneur. She gave up the 9-5 to fulfill a dream of traveling full-time and to inspire, motivate, and teach other wannabe nomads and minimalists to live an alternative lifestyle that is truly rewarding and full of freedom!

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