Episode 64: Taxes for Nomads: Tips from the Tax Queen

Making money on the road is a hot topic, but how to pay taxes as a nomad is talked about a lot less. Our guest on this episode of the Wayward Home Podcasts breaks it down so that we can be better prepared when tax time comes around.

Running a business on the road as a digital nomad can be incredibly rewarding, but also confusing when it comes tax time. Our guest today, Heather Ryan aka The Tax Queen, breaks down key tax tips for nomadic entrepreneurs.

Heather discusses making the leap from full-time RVer to international traveler, all while running her own business. She explains crucial mistakes that nomadic business owners often make when first getting started, like not tracking expenses properly or failing to open a separate business bank account.

Heather shares surprising write-offs she’s seen clients attempt, clarifies rules around deducting travel expenses for content creators, and offers advice on business entity structures. She also provides suggestions for affordable bookkeeping software to use.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or solopreneur, this episode sheds light on handling finances and taxes for your nomadic enterprise. Tune in to pick up Heather’s best tips!

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What We Discuss in Episode 64 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

  • Heather went from full-time RVer to international traveler while running her tax services business remotely
  • Heather shares common mistakes for new nomadic business owners include not tracking expenses properly and failing to open a separate business bank account
  • We learn about surprising write-offs Heather has seen clients attempt include free products received as an influencer – these count as taxable income
  • Heather offers tips on legit tax deductions for content creators and travelers
  • Her online tax course for nomads covers business entity choices, banking, expenses, self-employment taxes, and more

About Heather Ryan:

Heather is the owner of Tax Queen, a tax firm supporting entrepreneurs an digital nomads. As a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent, she supports her clients year-round with tax preparation and tax planning. She’s been traveling both in an RV across North America, and overseas with her husband since September 2016.

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