9 Must-See Tiny House Kits Under $10,000 (You Can Build Yourself)

Let’s take a look at seven must-see tiny house kits under $10,000. Whether you like the classic cabin look or modern cottage vibes, there’s something for everyone!

Love the tiny house movement, but working with a tight budget? If you need a tiny home floor plan at an affordable price, these tiny home kits could be the answer!

If you are good with tools, and own a property with plenty of space, a tiny house kit under $10,000 could be a great way to save time on your tiny house build. But if you’ve tried to buy cheap tiny house kits before, you may have noticed that a lot of the sites seem too good to be true. 

If that’s been your experience, we have good news: we recently scoured the internet to find the top tiny house kits! You’ll still want to check local building codes but rest assured, the final product will be great. 

How We Chose These Best Tiny House Kits Under $10,000

Whether you are building a yoga studio, a series of pre-fabricated cabins, a prefab shed, or your own tiny house, the best thing to focus on is quality. After all, spending time securing land loans, and buying building materials from a stranger on the internet is only a great idea when the instructions are clear, and the customer service is on point. 

Here’s how we decided which kit homes could be a great option.

  • The tiny house kit company was still in business.
  • The tiny house kit company was clear about what was and wasn’t included in their tiny house kits.
  • People had actually used the tiny home kit to successfully build a small space (storage shed, tree house, little home, etc.).
  • The tiny home kit company made reference to the importance of checking zoning and adhering to local building codes.
  • The end product was awesome. (Because what good is saving on the overall cost just to end up with an ugly prefab cabin?)

Ready to move on to the best cheap tiny house kits on the market?

Cheap Tiny House Kits at Allwood Outlet

Allwood Outlet is a family-owned business that specializes in eco-friendly millwork and engineered wood products. 

Most of their products come from Scandinavia and the Baltic States, but it appears they do a lot of their business in the USA. And if you have plans to build a fleet of small cabins for the retreat center of your dreams, the Allwood Outlet can deliver wholesale quantities!

Here’s are two tiny house kits under $10,000 you might want to consider from Allwood:

The Allwood Estelle 4 Tiny House Kit

Allwood Estelle tiny house kits under $10,000
  • Size: 148 square feet
  • Cost: $6,950

The Allwood Estelle 4 would make a great home office, guest house, or even tiny home floor plan. But make sure the square footage registers! 148 square feet is going to mean a very small kitchen, even as tiny home designs go!

Still, if you don’t need much space, the Allwood Estelle 4 tiny house kit would make a very cute addition to any backyard. 

Our favorite thing about this tiny house kit for less than 10k (besides that it’s a tiny house kit for less than $10,000!) is the French doors. There is nothing that says “the good life” quite like a soothing breeze and a great view. And because the Allwood Estelle 4 is a tiny house, double doors basically open up one of your exterior walls. 

And haven’t you always dreamed of an indoor/outdoor living room?

Allwood Sommersby

allwood sommersby tiny house kit under $10,000
  • Size: 174 square feet
  • Cost: $8,690

Meet the charming Sommersby, a tiny house kit under $10,000 that quickly became a favorite in the U.K. and France before winning over the U.S. in 2016. Its unique design combines the warmth of a classic cabin with the sleek lines of a modern garden house.

The robust Nordic spruce walls and large windows create a welcoming, light-filled space. Imagine opening the wide double doors to let the fresh spring air dance through your new home office, cozy guest house, or creative retail space.

Putting together the Sommersby is a rewarding weekend project for two adults You’ll have everything you need for a smooth setup, including straightforward instructions and minimal tools. The cabin’s generous space and adaptable style make it a perfect addition to any setting.

Learn more about the Allwood Sommersby.

Prebuilt Cabins and Tiny House Kits at Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop has just about everything when it comes to affordable housing. 

Based out of Jamaica, Vermont, their unique design options include tiny homes on wheels, saltbox homes, log cabins, and more. Seriously, just choose one, add a hot tub and a good book, and you’ll be set for retirement! The only thing we didn’t see were arched cabins. So if you’re looking for arched cabin kits, you may need to go elsewhere.

Short on time or less than handy? Jamaica Cottage Shop even has an inventory selection where you can shop for prefab homes! 

So if turning a wood shed kit into a backyard cottage doesn’t sound like your idea of a great weekend, you can just lay a concrete slab and wait for your small house to arrive in the mail.

If you’re up for a little electrical wiring, though, here’s our favorite tiny house kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop!

Smithhaven Tiny House Kit under $10,000

Smithhaven tiny house kit under $10,000 with green roof
12×20 Smithaven Four Season Cottage with Insulated Windows and Door
  • Size: 10’x16’ (160 square feet)
  • Cost: (shell) $6,737 / (3-season) $10,219 / (4-season) $15,449

When it comes to affordable tiny house kits and shed conversions, Jamaica Cottage Shop is a one-stop-shop. The Smithhaven tiny house kit under $10,000 is one of their most charming cottages designs.

Say goodbye to boring boxy shapes. Its asymmetrical, saltbox-style roofline combined with the dormer maximizes the interior head and floor space while creating much visual interest.

You can use the Smithhaven for various purposes and save money by opting for a more basic kit.

But if you want to achieve the comfort of a full-time home, you definitely want to choose the 4-season kit. This option comes complete structural kit, plus a full insulation package for the floor, walls, and roof, as well as an insulated steel door and double-pane, energy-efficient windows. 

Are you an inexperienced builder? You’ll love the included step-by-step instructions. All parts are also clearly numbered, and all fastening hardware is included. Grab a buddy and build this tiny house kit in less than 72 hours. 

Check out the various Smithhaven kit options and add-ons here.

Cheap Tiny Home Kits for Less Than 10k at Solid Build!

Love a good storage shed conversion? Then you have to check out the affordable tiny house kits at Solid Build Outdoor Wood Projects! 

The last thing you want is to buy your tiny house kit, only to find you are the first person on Earth to actually assemble it. 

That’s why we love Solid Build. Their website has a ton of pictures of the final product submitted by clients who’ve gone before you and used their tiny home kits to build the small house of their dreams. Our favorite? The Bristhol.

The Bristhol Tiny House Kit

Bristhol tiny house kit under 10k
  • Size: 13×11 (117 square feet)
  • Cost: $7,695

The Bristhol tiny house kit under $10,000 makes a great guest house, home office, or micro studio, that you can build using just a friend and minimal tools. 

This kit includes doors, windows, wood, and hardware, but be advised it does not include a foundation, roofing materials, or paint. 

What kind of foundation do you need for a shed home? You can learn more here.

Dakota Tiny House Kit under $10,000

Wooden tiny house kit under $10,000
Photo: SolidWoodBuild.com
  • Size: 168 square feet, 15’x13’
  • Cost: $9,495

Another tiny house kit for under 10k by SolidWoodBuild.com is this tiny cabin. You can build the Dakota tiny house kit in just one-day with step-by-step videos, an easy-to-understand manual, and only basic tools. 

You can also use the Dakota as a vacation getaway. That’s what this customer did, “I built this as a hunting cabin, but it turned into an Airbnb guest cabin instead. It looks very nice and has enough room for a queen-size bed and a little composting toilet with a partition I built for the bathroom.”

The Dakota tiny house kit under $10,000 is made from FSC certified Norway Spruce lumber, well-known for its durability and strength. This smooth milled wood tiny house kit doesn’t require interior finishing. 

Keep in mind that no added insulation is included, as well as no electrical or plumbing. You’ll need to source these items yourself. However, guidance is available for some of these critical house necessities on the SolidBuild website.

Looking for A-Frame Tiny Home Kits? Try Avrame!

When you envision living on a small footprint, do you spend time picturing a striking A-frame tiny home with large windows? Maybe one made of Western Red Cedar?

If you are looking for a rugged hunting cabin, this company is not for you. Avrame is a tiny house kit company that will help you build that “expensive” lake house.

Don’t believe us? Just check out their Solo 57 A-Frame Tiny Home Kit!

The Solo 75 A-Frame Kit

A beautiful A frame tilny house kit in the forest
  • Size: 20×14 (280 square feet)
  • Cost: $12,625

Fine, we went a TEENSY bit over budget. But take a look at the Avrame Solo 57 A-frame tiny home kit! Are you still mad?

You’ll have to handle the interior finishing, but this steel frame cabin is a luxury home at an affordable price. 

Better yet, this A-frame tiny home kit is designed for a permanent foundation. And having your ground floor connected to the ground, could help you overcome pesky zoning obstacles!

If you find yourself craving more functional downstairs living space, explore their larger designs with a second-story bedroom. However, that comes with a price tag, double or triple the cost of the Solo. 

Summerwood Products: Tiny House Kits for Less Than 10k

Summerwood Products produces just about everything- including tiny home kits for less than $10,000!

If you have an eye for design as well as a price tag, Summerwood could be the best tiny house kit company for you.

With a Summerwood tiny house kit, you’re going to get the expensive-looking wood. So if vinyl siding sounds terrible, and you live for the perfect piece of pine, just keep reading.

The Sonoma Tiny House Kit

Quaint Sonoma cabin cheap tiny house kit built with wood planking and wooden shutters and window boxes.
Photo: Summerwood
  • Size: 7×10 (70 square feet)
  • Cost: $8,895 (pre-assembled)

The Sonoma tiny house kit might not come with a lot of extra storage space, but with great wood and a design made to last a lifetime, it could be the best value!

Like the Sonoma, but want something fancier? Check out the Glen Echo Cabin! 

It’s a little pricier, but this cabin kit has more square feet of space and more visual interest (like transom windows!) than most cheap tiny house kits. So if you’re into flourishes, this could be the best tiny home kit for you!

Find Affordable Tiny Home Kits at BZB Cabins and Outdoors!

BZB Cabins and Outdoors has been providing cheap tiny house kits and other pre-cut kit essentials for an affordable price since 2013. 

BZB has more than one unique design, so they are a great option if you’re still looking for inspiration for your tiny house build. Whatever you choose, their small cabins are a great way to flex your interior design muscles in a small space for a small price tag, which is good news for the tiny house movement! 

Think a BZB cabin could be a great idea? Here’s our top pick for tiny living!

The Lakeview Cabin Affordable Tiny House Kit

lakeview cabin kit under $10,000
  • Size: 18×13 (209)
  • Cost: $9,990

If you can lay a concrete slab, BZB will send you all the building materials to build your own tiny house on a tight budget. Sure, foundation materials and interior finishing will add to the overall cost, but like many affordable tiny house kits, the lack of an interior wall will keep costs down.

As kit homes go, the Lakeview Cabin can be built with relative ease, provided you adhere to local building codes. Nothing holds up a tiny house kit build quite like spending time arguing with the planning department over arched walls. So make sure you check on the rules and meet the minimum standards required, even if it means the final product will require insulation upgrades.

Arched Cabin Kit Tiny House

Arched cabin cheap tiny house kit with blue siding and glass double doors with white trim.
  • Size: 384 square feet, 16’x24’
  • Cost: $8,850

Arched cabin tiny house kits under $10,000 offer a fresh, curvy take on an A-frame design. Tall ceilings make for a spacious feeling; further, maximize this with a window wall. Available in a wide array of house sizes, choose a low-cost 120-square foot tiny house all way to a 1200-square foot kit. 

With two bedrooms, the 16’ x 24’ kit is ideal for a small family.

It’s an extra-wide tiny home allowing for features like a dining table, stairs, and an open living area. Additionally, you can build in a full second story, which means no ducking or crawling necessary.

For $8,850, this tiny house kit under $10,000 comes with the upgraded package made with DIY builders in mind. The kit includes:

  • A detailed build manual
  • All the necessary structural elements
  • Metal roofing
  • Color-coded fasteners needed for assembly

Also, it comes with a hefty R25 insulation upgrade for the arched walls and fireplace thimble because you must have a wood stove in a cabin! 

All Arched Cabin kits meet the 2015 International Building Code minimum standards of 150 mph wind speeds and 30 PSF (pounds per square foot) snow loads. Importantly, their cabins have been successfully permitted for full-time occupancy in nine states. 

Explore all the available Arched Cabin kit options here.

How to Build a Tiny House With a Tiny Home Kit

Once you’ve fallen in love with the tiny house movement, (and maybe made your peace with a composting toilet!) It will be time for action. After all, a small house is not built by vividly imagining the interior design. 

So here’s what to do if you want to buy one of these affordable tiny house kits to build your own tiny house.

  • Verify local building codes including minimum standards for electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation.
  • Choose a pre-cut kit that provides the best value for your needs.
  • Buy the foundation materials and lay the foundation for your unique design.
  • Order your pre-cut kit.
  • Build your yoga studio/prefab cabin/lake house/storage shed/prefab shed/Western Red Cedar hunting cabin/tiny house, and enjoy your best life!

These kit homes really are the top tiny house kits on the market; especially as far as affordable tiny home kits go! But are you wondering why we didn’t reference The Home Depot? Let’s clear the air.

Does Home Depot Sell Tiny House Kits?

Yes, Home Depot sells tiny house kits. But while they have beautiful natural light, extra storage space, and even an interior wall or two, they won’t be much help if you’re on a super tight budget. Their Rose Cottage costs 32k, and their Getaway Mini comes with a price tag of 33k! 

And we have to ask, what must a tiny house kit include in your mind? 

We ask because The Home Depot tiny home kits are super basic kit homes that only include the steel frame pieces for exterior walls. Well, and the necessary components (like nails, floor plates, floor joists, etc.) to connect them. The foundation materials, interior finishes, electrical wiring, light fixtures, double pane windows, and even your beloved fireplace thimble will need to be sourced independently. 

Sure, The Home Depot tiny house kits are rumored to withstand high mph wind speeds, but honestly, we’re kind of looking for more when it comes to tiny living.

Are Cheap Tiny House Kits Worth It? 

We think so! 

As the tiny house movement grows, we need more small house options, and kit homes are a great way to bring tiny home designs to life while keeping an eye on the price tag.

Would you like support as you explore affordable tiny house kits? Don’t be afraid to lean on the tiny living community. If you need a place to start, our friend, LaMar Alexander and his homesteading YouTube channel will teach you everything you never thought to ask.

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I hope this helps with your tiny living dreams!

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