7 Must-See Tiny House Kits Under $10,000

Let’s take a look at seven must-see tiny house kits under $10,000. Whether you like the classic cabin look or modern cottage vibes, there’s something for everyone!

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Searching for simple ways to build your own quality tiny home? Tiny house kits under $10,000 might be an ideal solution for you. 

The most significant advantage of utilizing a kit versus building a tiny house from scratch is all the time you’ll save—no need to source all the materials yourself. Tiny house kits come with all the core materials to complete a dried-in shell. Also, save time cutting and re-cutting lumber. 

Tiny house kits come with precut lumber, reducing the labor needed and eliminating critical errors. 

With a kit comes instructional guidance from color-coded and numbered materials to complete assembly guides.

Tiny house kits under $10,000, compared to cheaper options, come with more square footage. When it comes to tiny home design, even an extra 20 square feet can make a huge difference when it comes to layout options, room size, and storage capability. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget.

Let’s take a look at seven must-see tiny house kits under $10,000. Whether you like the classic cabin look or modern cottage vibes, there’s something for everyone!

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If you want to live in a tiny house but have no idea how to pull it off, check out tiny house expert Alexis Stephens' new book on tiny living. You'll learn:

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I hope this helps with your tiny living dreams!

1. Allwood Arlanda XL tiny house kit 

allwood arlanda tiny house kit under $10,000
Photo courtesy Allwood Outlet
  • Size: 227 square feet
  • Cost: $9,190

Looking for a modern minimalist design when looking at tiny house kits under $10,000? You’ll love the dreamy Allwood Arlanda XL tiny house kit. This timeless urban design is an alternative to classic log cabin-styled structures and is made of beautiful solid Nordic spruce wood. It works well in a variety of surroundings.

Just like the original smaller Arlanda, this XL version can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings. It can be used for a vacation home, guest house, ADU, or home office.

Assembly of this product takes about 5 days with two handy adults. Do-it-yourself directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed.

Don’t have that much in cash? Good news! Allwood offers financing through Lightstream.

Learn more about the Arlanda XL tiny house kit here.

2. Smithhaven tiny house kit under $10,000

Smithhaven tiny house kit under $10,000 with green roof
12×20 Smithaven Four Season Cottage with Insulated Windows and Door
  • Size: approx. 160 square feet, 10’x16’

When it comes to affordable tiny house kits and shed conversions, Jamaica Cottage Shop is a one-stop-shop. The Smithhaven tiny house kit under $10,000 is one of their most charming cottages designs.

Say goodbye to boring boxy shapes. Its asymmetrical, saltbox-style roofline combined with the dormer maximizes the interior head and floor space while creating much visual interest.

You can use the Smithhaven for various purposes and save money by opting for a more basic kit.

But if you want to achieve the comfort of a full-time home, you definitely want to choose the 4-season kit. This option comes complete structural kit, plus a full insulation package for the floor, walls, and roof, as well as an insulated steel door and double-pane, energy-efficient windows. 

Are you an inexperienced builder? You’ll love the included step-by-step instructions. All parts are also clearly numbered, and all fastening hardware is included. Grab a buddy and build this tiny house kit in less than 72 hours. 

Check out the various Smithhaven kit options and add-ons here.

3. Econodome house kit 

Econodome tiny house kit under $10,000 with white roof and tan exterior
Photo: LittleDomes.com
  • Size: approx. 808 square feet, 26’ diameter
  • Cost: $8,800

Have you ever experienced a round structure? There’s something about the organic shape that is grounding. Maybe that feeling is related to ancient human shelters like caves, rounded huts, and tipis. Or it just reminds us of the big spherical nature of our beautiful home planet, Earth. 

Either way, the Econodome kits offer a fresh take on a dome home with triangular roof panels. 

It can feel more of a design challenge because we’re all most used to traditional square or rectangle-sized rooms. Think of the dome home layout like a pie. Each room or living space is like a slice. Econodome provides floorplans showing how the slices combine to create a very livable layout.

These five or ten-sided structures are surprisingly energy-efficient and durable. It’s an aerodynamic shape, engineered to be safe in high winds. Depending on the climate of your property, consider adding Econodome’s optional exterior hurricane panels. These provide substantial protection from flying debris during hurricane-force winds.

Learn more Econodome house kit options here.

4. Dakota tiny house kit under $10,000

Wooden tiny house kit under $10,000
Photo: SolidWoodBuild.com
  • Size: 168 square feet, 15’x13’
  • Cost: $9,495

Looking for an instant tiny cabin? You can build the Dakota tiny house kit in just one-day with step-by-step videos, an easy-to-understand manual, and only basic tools. 

Embrace minimalist living in this simple tongue and groove cabin design.

Or use the Dakota as a vacation getaway. That’s what this customer did, “I built this as a hunting cabin, but it turned into an Airbnb guest cabin instead. It looks very nice and has enough room for a queen-size bed and a little composting toilet with a partition I built for the bathroom.”

The Dakota tiny house kit under $10,000 is made from FSC certified Norway Spruce lumber, well-known for its durability and strength. This smooth milled wood tiny house kit doesn’t require interior finishing. 

Keep in mind that no added insulation is included, as well as no electrical or plumbing. You’ll need to source these items yourself. However, guidance is available for some of these critical house necessities on the SolidBuild website.

Learn more about the ins and outs of the Dakota kit here.

5. The Solo 75 A-Frame Kit

A beautiful A frame tilny house kit in the forest
  • Size: 180 square feet
  • Cost: $9,750

Do you swoon over A-frame designs? Build your own A-frame tiny home with Avrame’s wide-range of kits recently made available in the US.

“Our flexible building system kits are designed specifically to make building easy, affordable, and customizable. Before you know it, you can move into a beautifully designed, high-quality A-frame that you can personalize with your very own finishing touches.”

Avrame’s tiniest and least expensive tiny house kit under $10,000 is the Solo. Its vaulted ceilings create an expansive feeling. Further, the bedroom is placed on the main floor to make the most of this light and airy effect.

If you find yourself craving more functional downstairs living space, explore their larger designs with a second-story bedroom. However, that comes with a price tag, double or triple the cost of the Solo. 

Learn more about Avrame’s kits here.

Looking for more A-frame design options? See our list of six dreamy plans!

6. Arched Cabin tiny house kit

Arched cabin cheap tiny house kit with blue siding and glass double doors with white trim.
  • Size: 384 square feet, 16’x24’
  • Cost: $8,850

Arched cabin tiny house kits under $10,000 offer a fresh, curvy take on an A-frame design. Tall ceilings make for a spacious feeling; further, maximize this with a window wall. Available in a wide array of house sizes, choose a low-cost 120-square foot tiny house all way to a 1200-square foot kit. 

With two bedrooms, the 16’ x 24’ kit is ideal for a small family.

It’s an extra-wide tiny home allowing for features like a dining table, stairs, and an open living area. Additionally, you can build in a full second story, which means no ducking or crawling necessary.

For $8,850, this tiny house kit under $10,000 comes with the upgraded package made with DIY builders in mind. The kit includes:

  • A detailed build manual
  • All the necessary structural elements
  • Metal roofing
  • Color-coded fasteners needed for assembly

Also, it comes with a hefty R25 insulation upgrade for the arched walls and fireplace thimble because you must have a wood stove in a cabin! 

All Arched Cabin kits meet the 2015 International Building Code minimum standards of 150 mph wind speeds and 30 PSF (pounds per square foot) snow loads. Importantly, their cabins have been successfully permitted for full-time occupancy in nine states. 

Explore all the available Arched Cabin kit options here.

7. Sonoma tiny house kit

Quaint Sonoma cabin cheap tiny house kit built with wood planking and wooden shutters and window boxes.
Photo: Summerwood
  • Size: approx. 144 square feet, 9’x16’
  • Cost: $9,795

Looking for a subtly hip tiny home? The Sonoma Cabin tiny house kit under $10,000 features a “hip roof.” The gently sloped roofline adds much visual appeal without being overly complicated. It’s also easier to build than a traditional gabled roof. 

Manufacture Summerwood provides sample floor plans to offer ideas on how to make the Sonoma a cozy home. 

Also, create a custom interior design with their DIY planning tools, graph paper download, or the free Floor Planner online drawing tool. 

Like many of the other tiny house kits under $10,000, Summerwood provides detailed assembly instructions, as well as how-to videos. But what sets them apart is their multiple customer support options. Contact their Customer Care Representatives for guidance, online or by phone, during your build.

Looking for more savings? Downsize to the 8’x14’ Sonoma kit to save about $5,000. Explore Summerwood’s various tiny house kits under $10,000 here.

Tiny House Kits FAQ:

How much is a tiny house kit?

The cost of most tiny house kits range from $2,500 to $25,000. Significant price variables come down to size, the included materials, and design features. 

What are the hidden costs of tiny house kits under $10,000?

No matter what tiny house kit you buy, it will not include everything you need to complete the interior, like electrical and plumbing materials and appliances. 

Additionally, you need to plan for a foundation system of some kind. Permitting fees and land costs will apply to permanently sited tiny homes built from kits. However, if you build a tiny house on wheels kit, these factors don’t apply.

What do tiny house kits under $10,000 include?

What’s included in tiny house kits varies by manufacturer. The majority of kits provide all necessary materials to complete a shellexterior wall structure, roofing, siding, insulated floor system, door, and a couple of windows. Sometimes they include wall insulation, wiring, and plumbing. Kit manufacturers typically offer premium upgrades for an additional cost. 

Be sure to read the product description carefully to make sure you know what the basic package includes. Featured promotional photos tend to show premium or custom features.

Find Your Perfect Tiny House Kit

No matter your style preference or building skill level, there’s a tiny house kit for you. Most importantly, the included precut lumber reduces the labor needed and eliminates critical errors. However, kit packages vary greatly. Be sure to do thorough research before purchasing to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What is your favorite tiny house kit under $10,000? Let us know in the comment below.

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I hope this helps with your tiny living dreams!

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