How to Find the Perfect Airstream Rental Near You [$40 Off Coupon!]

So, you want to find an Airstream rental near you? We don’t blame you! Airstreams are beautiful, well-built, iconic RVs that come in a variety…

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So, you want to find an Airstream rental near you? We don’t blame you!

Airstreams are beautiful, well-built, iconic RVs that come in a variety of sizes, with both drivable and towable versions.

Plus, Airstreams have a super-cool history. Airstream trailers were used for decades to take astronauts to the launch pad at NASA and as comfortable RVs for moving US Airforce officials around the world. It’s no surprise there’s a bit of a cult around these iconic trailers.

Buying one of these beauties is a big investment and the prospect can be daunting. The smallest Airstream trailer model price starts at $38,400 and the biggest at $153,400. Airstream touring coaches can cost as much as $250,000. 

An Airstream rental is a great way to test this type of RV and figure out if it’s the right fit for you and your towing car, 4×4, SUV or pickup truck.

And if Airstreams are completely out of your budget, an Airstream trailer rental a couple of times a year is a great compromise.


Use the coupon code “wayward40” for $40 off your rental.

How to Use Outdoorsy to Find an Airstream Rental in 3 Steps

A really popular way to find an Airstream rental near you is to browse the website Outdoorsy.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental company where owners put their own rigs up for rent.

This means you’ll find Airstreams of all shapes and sizes, years, and conditions. You can even find really cool vintage Airstreams on Outdoorsy!

Here’s how to find an Airstream rental:

  1. When you land on Outdoorsy’s home page, you’ll have to scroll down until you see Trailers, and click on that.
Trailers and RV rentals on Outdoorsy's home page

#2) You’ll see a page with a bunch of trailer rentals near you. To find an Airstream, you’ll then have to click on More Filters.

Arrow pointing to More Filters to Find an Airstream rental

#3) A little box will come up, and at the bottom you’ll see a place to type Airstream.

You’ll need to hit that green Apply button on the bottom right, and after you do that, your screen will populate with Airstream rentals near you!

Some owners offer a delivery service to anywhere between 30 and 60 miles from their home or your destination for an additional fee.

TIP: You can search for an Airstream rental near a national park or attraction you want to visit, fly there, then pick up your Airstream rental or have it delivered.

If you prefer to watch a brief video of finding an Airstream on Outdoosy I put one together here:

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What to look for in an Airstream rental

There are tons of different types of Airstream rentals on the market, from trailers to Class B to driveble RVs.

You’ll have to consider exactly what you want before you rent.

Here are a few tips.

Airstream trailer rental parked in the desert
This Airstream is available rent on Outdoorsy

How big of an Airstream rental do you want?

Think about how many people are going on your trip. Airstream trailer rentals range in size from 16′ to 33′ long and sleep between 2-8. Perfect for a larger family, group of friends, or a couple who likes a lot of space.

You can also rent an Airstream touring coach which looks more like a Class B RV. This is best for a couple or a small family.

Check what’s included with your Airstream trailer rental

When browsing listings on Outdoorsy for your perfect Airstream trailer rental, you’ll want to see what the owners include.

We found one that includes cookware, utensils, camping tent, outdoor propane grill and camping chairs.

Others don’t include anything and you either have to bring your own gear or rent “add-ons”, which we’ll cover next.

Do you want optional add-ons when you rent your Airstream RV?

Some owners offer extras when you rent an Airstream. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see if you want to tack on anything fun.

Add-ons mean you don’t have to bring as much stuff for your Airstream vacation!

Here are a few examples of add-ons:

  • Barbecue $10.00 per day
  • Beach Chairs $5.00 per day
  • Beach Umbrella $10.00 per day
  • Bicycle $20.00 per day
  • Camping Chairs $5.00 per day

Check the Airstream rental’s cancellation policy

Outdoorsy lets owners choose which type of cancellation policy they want for their Airstream RV rental.

Owners can choose between Strict, Flexible and Moderate.

Read more about cancellation policies here so you aren’t surprised after you book.

How many miles are included?

Some people are caught unaware that sometimes, miles cost extra with an Airstream RV rental.

Make sure you ask the owner how many miles are included, if any, and what rate you’ll be billed for extra miles.

Here’s an example of one listing’s mileage policy, to give you an idea:

  • 100 miles free per day
  • You will be charged $0.35 for every mile over per day.

Another listing we found has unlimited miles included.

Miles could quickly make your Airstream rental more expensive than you anticipated, so make sure you read the fine print!

You can also choose to find an Airstream RV rental near your destination so you save money on miles.

Airstream Rental Pros

If you’re looking to go on a camping adventure, whether it’s through the finest campgrounds or off-grid around America’s stunning wild spaces, an Airstream RV rental is an excellent choice.

Here are a few reasons why an Airstream rental is a great idea.

Airstream trailer rental parked in the woods with the side door open
This adorable Airstream camper is available for rent in California. See it on Outdoorsy.

An Airstream rental has a comfortable interior

We love the spacious interiors of Airstream rentals. Even the smallest Airstream trailers like the Basecamp and the Bambi are super cute and cozy inside.

Every Airstream RV has the comforts of home, like a bathroom, kitchen, bed, lounge area and plenty of storage. The smaller trailers have couches that convert into a bed at night.

Some bigger Airstream rentals can sleep up to eight people, so they’re ideal for family trips. Recent versions of the trailers and touring coaches feature contemporary layouts and decor, making your camping trip feel luxurious.

An Airstream RV rental is lightweight

The aluminum construction means an Airstream rental is generally lightweight, so you can tow the smaller ones with almost any car. Their aerodynamic shape helps reduce windage and keep gas consumption low.

One of the early ads for the Airstream featured French cyclist Alfred Letourneur towing one of their trailers on his bike to demonstrate just how light they are.

It was 1947 when Letourneur towed a 22ft Airstream Liner at Van Nuys Airport, California, and the picture became iconic. 

There’s lots of flexibility with an Airstream rental

There are many different sizes of Airstream trailer rentals. Want to go off-grid? You may want to try an Airstream Basecamp, meant for more rugged boondocking.

Taking your entire family on an adventure? The Airstream Flying Cloud sleeps up to 8.

If you’re looking for a smaller and more nimble ride, try one of Airstream’s Touring Coaches.


Airstream Rental Cons

While an Airstream rental is a beautiful, lightweight and aerodynamic ride, there are some cons to keep in mind as well.

The interior of an Airstream Interstate for rent in Los Angeles
This Airstream International is available for rent in Los Angeles

An Airstream rental doesn’t have slides

Many travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and Class A RVs features slides that give you tons more living space when you’re parked.

Airstreams are always the same width, and some people may not like the smaller interior space.

However, Airstream does offer one vehicle with a slide-out: The Atlas. This is a touring coach that is much smaller than an Airstream travel trailer.

Airstreams are expensive to rent and own

Even if you aren’t going to buy an Airstream, an Airstream trailer rental is still expensive.

When looking on RV rental site Outdoorsy, we found Airstreams in the Los Angeles area hovering around $200-$400 per night, with other trailers ranging from $100-$200.

Airstreams are more expensive to rent because they cost more initially.

An Airstream rental gets really hot in the sun

The aluminum skin of an Airstream rental means it gets really hot when parked directly in the sun.

Parking in shade or partial shade is key to keeping your living area cool on a hot day.

Airstream owners say it’s important to have a good RV air conditioner, which is important if you’re looking at Airstream trailer rentals!

Airstreams don’t have much storage

Another common complaint from Airstream owners is the lack of space in their RV.

Many larger motorhomes or trailers have outdoor storage boxes where you can put tons of gear. A toy hauler has even more room!

Airstreams pretty much only have interior storage, so may not be as good for someone wanting to bring a lot of outdoor toys and equipment.


Remember to use the coupon code “wayward40” for $40 off your Airstream rental from Outdoorsy!

Why Rent an Airstream Rather than Buy?

Why rent? Renting an Airstream trailer rather than buying means you won’t have to deal with all the hassle of ownership, like paying taxes, storing, maintaining and fixing the trailer or coach.

You just pick your Airstream rental up ready to go, have fun camping, clean it up and hand it back in when your vacation is over. Easy.

If you’re considering buying an Airstream RV, renting is a great way to gauge if this kind of trailer or campervan is for you. You can test anything that may be a concern, such as:

  • Impact on your towing vehicle of choice. Does your car or truck struggle towing a big Airstream trailer rental?
  • Efficiency and gas consumption. Does your vehicle consume a lot more when towing an Airstream? Or is the campervan efficient?
  • Insulation in different climates. Is it too hot or too cold in your home state for an Airstream?
  • Maneuverability. Are you comfortable driving around and parking with a big Airstream trailer behind your car? Or how does the coach fare rounding tight bends and parking in tight spaces?
  • Living space and comfort. Is this model and size adequate to your needs?
  • Tire performance on different terrains. Can the Airstream trailer rental or van go off-road?
  • The ease of setting camp up. Is it quick and easy enough to put the landing gear down or are you looking for a trailer that doesn’t need setting up? 

The best bit?

If you rent through Outdoorsy, you get to speak and meet with real-life owners, who can answer your questions about owning an Airstream – what are the pet peeves, how much is insurance, what yearly maintenance is involved, and so on.

Plus, you can get $40 off your rental with the coupon code “wayward40” if you book an Airstream through peer-to-peer rental company Outdoorsy. See Airstream rentals near you below!


How much does it cost to rent an Airstream?

An Airstream rental generally costs between $90 and $400 per night, depending on the size, location and time of year. You can rent for a weekend, a week and even a month.

If you’re on a budget, go for a smaller model on a week far away from any holidays. 

Remember to see how many miles are included, which amenities are included and which you’ll need to add on.


Is it hard to drive an Airstream rental?

Towing a trailer takes a little practice. However, it’s not rocket science and Airstreams are one of the easier trailer models to tow, thanks to their aerodynamic shape and light weight.

You need to learn to go slow, brake gently and early, reverse and park. Of course, you’ll need to mind the size of the trailer too, but after a few hours, you’ll get an eye for the height, length and width of the vehicle.

Practice makes perfect and cruising on an Airstream rental makes for fast learning. 

Reversing and parking can be challenging, as it can be a little counterintuitive – you need to reverse your car in the opposite direction in which you want the trailer to go.

Try it out in a big empty parking lot or campground with a patient person helping you judge distances on the lookout and you’ll soon get confident.

Make sure to check the listing in detail before booking – some owners require previous towing experience or a compulsory setup fee, especially for bigger models.

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What to bring when renting an Airstream trailer near you

Need help packing? If it’s your first time going on an Airstream RV rental adventure, we have a handy gear list that will help you pack the right stuff. It can be overwhelming.

Here’s our go-to packing list:

  • Clothes and PJs
  • Bed sheets or sleeping bags
  • Towels
  • Pillows
  • Earplugs
  • Toiletries
  • Wet wipes – especially if there’s no bathroom in the trailer
  • Camping plates and mugs
  • Torch and head torches
  • Camping chairs and table
  • Solar shower (if there’s no shower onboard)
  • Insect repellant and mosquito coils
  • Food, drinks and condiments
  • Board games and books or Kindle
  • Battery bank for your phone or tablet
  • Any gear you might want to take, like bikes or surfboards
  • Campfire wood and tinder

Remember to read the listing carefully to check what’s included in the rental. Some owners offer clean bedsheets, basic cookware, camping chairs and towels.

Some smaller Airstreams don’t have a toilet, so you may want to take a portable camping toilet with you.

The listing details may even give you some ideas for extras – if there’s a TV with DVD player on board, you may want to take a couple of your favorite movies with you.

Examples of amazing Airstream rentals

Get inspired for your next Airstream rental adventure with these super cool rentals. We’ve picked some of the best in the USA. Use the coupon code “wayward40” to get $40 off a rental!

2015 Airstream Flying Cloud – Airstream Trailer Rental in Texas

Airstream trailer rental in Texas
This beautiful Airstream trailer is for rent in Texas. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Price: $200 x night / $995 x week
Location: Rockwall, TX
Sleeps: Six

This luxurious Airstream trailer rental in Texas is ideal for a big family who wants to travel in comfort. It features two twin beds, a pull-out couch and a drop-down table.

The Flying Cloud Airstream rental comes with all modern conveniences: two TVs, surround sound system, heating, fans, oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, bathroom with shower and back up camera for easy parking.

Cruising on this luxury Airstream rental is the epitome of glamping. It even comes with a roll-out awning, so you can set up a nice outdoor seating area for eating and chilling out.

You’ll need some experience towing campers to rent this one.

Check out the listing here.

2018 Airstream Basecamp Rental

Airstream Basecamp Rental in a forest towed by a pickup truck
This Airstream Basecamp Rental is a cute and rugged outdoor trailer. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Price: $125 x night / $700 x week
Location: Flower Mound, TX
Sleeps: Three

Are you a minimalist? Then this Basecamp Airstream rental will be right up your street. This cute small travel trailer is compact at 16ft long and only weighs 2,800lbs. The beautiful brand new interior is super functional. 

There’s a small kitchen with a refrigerator and two sofas plus table that convert into a huge double bed. The ample windows in this Airstream trailer rental allow you to feel close to the wilderness even when you’re inside the RV.

The modern amenities include AC, heating, inside and outside showers and a generator.

Find the full listing here.

2019 Airstream Sport rental in California

Airstream rental in California being towed by a pickup
This brand new Airstream is available for rent in California. See it on Outdoorsy.

Price: $200 x night / $1,455 x week
Location: Napa, CA
Sleeps: Four

If you fancy testing one of the latest, lighter models before buying, this Airstream rental in California is what you’re looking for.

Inside, there’s a toilet with separate shower, a double bed with memory foam mattress, a dinette that converts into a double bed and a fully kitted galley. It comes with AC, heating a a TV. 

The owners have decorated the interior to make it look extra cozy.

Check out the listing here.

1976 Modernized Airstream Rental in Oregon

The interior of an Airstream travel trailer for rent in Oregon
This adorable Airstream travel trailer for rent is in Oregon. See it on Outdoorsy.

Price: $90 x night / $630 x week
Location: Medford, OR
Sleeps: Four

This completely restored Airstream Sovereign rental merges the original ’76 model with an Instagram-worthy #VanLife interior. Plump cushions, a modern nordic-style kitchen with oven, boho decor and warm wood finishes make this Airstream a dream rental. 

Inside, you’ll find a full-size refrigerator, a bathroom with shower, a big dinette that converts into a double bed, plenty of storage in a wardrobe and drawers and a double bed. 

Beware of the compulsory cleaning and setup fees though – they bring the price up by quite a bit.

Look at the listing here.

2020 Airstream Flying Cloud Trailer Rental

SUV towing a large Airstream rental in New Hampshire
You don’t need a huge rig to tow an Airstream. Check out this trailer rental in New Hampshire.

Price: $280 x night / $1,680 x week
Location: Salem, NH
Sleeps: Eight

Wheeew! This is a beast of an Airstream trailer rental. It features four rooms – a double bedroom, a single bedroom, a living room where you can turn the dinette into a big double bed and a bathroom. It’s ideal for a big family or a group of friends going on an epic road trip.

This amazing Airstream RV rental comes with all the comfort you’d expect from such a beast – AC, heating, solar, microwave, TV and more. You can’t really go any bigger, more luxurious or newer than this rental.

If the 2020 Flying Cloud is on your wish list, this is the right trailer to rent in order to figure out how you’d like it and if you really need to get all the options.

Check out the listing here.

1959 Airstream Caravanner Rental

Shiny, vintage Airstream rental parked in the grass
This vintage Airstream rental is available in New Jersey. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Price: $109 x night / $763 x week
Location: Verona, NJ
Sleeps: Four

Look at this renovated stunner of an Airstream trailer rental. The shiny aluminum looks like new and the interior is just adorable. It comes with a pull-out sofa and drop-down table, so it’s ideal for two couples.

There’s an inside shower, a toilet, a stove, a microwave, AC and a heater. The lovely interior and comforts make it a great deal for anyone on a budget.

Read the full listing here.

2014 Airstream Interstate (Touring coach rental)

Beautiful Airstream touring coach rental parked near some trees
This Airstream rental is available in Texas. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Price: $225 x night / $1,418 x week
Location: Spicewood, TX
Sleeps: Two

If you’re considering test driving and camping in an Airstream touring coach, this one is spotless.

The Interstate model is ideal for a couple who like a roomy interior. The seats at the back turn into a double bed. There is a kitchen with oven and refrigerator and a bathroom with separate shower.

The owners have kitted this campervan out with loads of options, such as a TV, solar, satellite, an awning, a backup camera, an inverter and more.

Take a look at the listing here.

Conclusion on the best Airstream rental for a summer trip

If you’re fan of Airstream RVs, renting one is a fabulous way to try them out and see if they’re right for you. And if you’re planning on renting rather than owning an RV, you get to camp in as many models as you like.

Curious about what other types of camping trailers you can rent? Check out the best camping trailer rentals And if you’re more into vans, have a look at these campervans for rent.

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