Rent a Camper Trailer: Top Tips and $40 Off!

Here are our best tips for finding a camper trailer rental, companies to try and tips for driving a camping trailer for rent.

Car hauling an A liner camping trailer rental outdoors

Are you looking to rent a camper trailer for outdoor adventures? This type of rig is a great pick as it’s usually much cheaper than larger RV rentals.

Peer-to-peer rental companies like Outdoorsy or RV Share make renting a camper trailer a breeze.

Plus, if you’re thinking about buying a camper trailer in the future, renting one first makes a lot of sense. You can see what it’s like to tow the trailer, drive it and park it. You’ll know which amenities you can and can’t live without.

There’s a huge variety of camping trailers for rent out there: from small travel trailers and pop-up campers to fifth wheels and toy haulers.  All you have to do is pick your favorite model and enjoy an epic camping trip on it.

Just imagine boondocking in your cool small trailer rental in front of an amazing beach, by lush woods or in the desert. Watch the sunset from your comfy bed after enjoying a hot cooked meal prepared in the kitchenette.

Sounds special, doesn’t it?

How to Rent a Camper Trailer on Outdoorsy [$40 Off]

Outdoorsy is one of our favorite camper trailer rental companies. This is like an Airbnb for trailer rentals – owners put their own rigs up for rent. Just keep in mind that each owner has different rules, like cancellation policy, price, whether they deliver, etc.

Be sure to read the fine print of each ad closely before renting a camper trailer.

We love that Outdoorsy includes $1 insurance coverage for owner, renter and vehicle. You’ll also get 24/7 roadside assistance, 24/7 support and ease of rental.

It’s really easy to browse for a camper trailer rental near you on Outdoorsy. Be sure to use the coupon code “wayward40” for $40 off your rental!

Once you hit the home page, just scroll down until you see Trailers, and click on that. Or just click this link to be taken to a page with camping trailers for rent near you:

Selecting a camper trailer rental on the Outdoorsy website
Click on Trailers

The other method for finding a camper trailer for rent is to search by location and date. Just make sure towable is selected so you’re only looking at camper trailer rentals:

Click Towable when searching for a camper trailer for rent on Outdoosy

Keep in mind that the price for a camper trailer rental will vary based on city, time of the year, and the mileage.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of extra money on miles, you may want to consider flying or driving to a destination, then renting a camper trailer there.

Click here to browse camper trailer rentals on Outdoorsy. Be sure to enter the code “wayward40” when you check out for $40 off!

What does it cost to rent a camping trailer?

Renting a camping trailer can go from as little as $55 per night to $200+ per night, depending on the type of trailer you choose, the time of year and the area in which you rent.

You can rent for a weekend, a week or a month. So even if you have a limited budget, you can have a bit of a taste by renting just for a weekend.

Renting on the website Outdoorsy is super easy – just choose which trailer you like in your area and book your dates.

It’s like Airbnb for travel trailer rentals: you rent from trailer owners, so you can be sure the vehicle is well looked after and loved.

Use the coupon code “wayward40” to get $40 off your camper trailer rental! Click here to book a camper trailer on Outdoorsy.

There are trailers of all sizes – from cozy and compact to huge and luxurious. Make sure to check the tow weight before getting too excited about some of the beasts you’ll find on Outdoorsy.

You can choose from a variety of super cool add-ons for a daily fee: a drone, camping chairs, a hammock, a generator or awnings. Among the add-ons, sometimes you’ll see a delivery option.

When this is available, you can get the camping trailer for rent delivered to you within 30-60 miles from its location.

Keep in mind that mileage is a huge factor. Sometimes when you rent a camper trailer, mileage is unlimited. Other times, you only get 100 miles per day and have to pay extra for more. Read the fine print before you click “book!

Why you might want to try out a camping trailer rental

Airstream camping trailer rental parked in the woods
This Airstream camping trailer rental is available in San Francisco. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Renting a camping trailer is a lot of fun: you can get a good feel for what driving a trailer is like and test the living space on board.

You don’t need to pay yearly insurance, store the trailer when you don’t use it or maintain its systems – you just enjoy your camping trip and hand the trailer back in once you’re done. Then you can just forget all about it and post those cool #TravelTrailer shots on Instagram.

Compared to camping in a tent or in your car, a camping trailer offers quite a few advantages. The obvious one is the comforts available – cooking in a kitchenette with a double burner and counter space, sleeping on a soft mattress and showering in your own bathroom are all real game-changers.

Related: Learn how to rent out your own RV on Outdoorsy or RVShare!

Camping in a camping trailer for rent makes you more independent – you have enough water and electricity to get off-grid for a few days, so you can explore those stunning remote places for longer.

You can also take more stuff with you, including your favorite adventure gear, whether it’s your surfboard, mountain bike or skis.

Renting a travel trailer rather than owning means you can probably go for something a little bigger than what you’d buy. You can test drive some massive fifth wheels or toy haulers and enjoy their luxury without the hassle of buying and looking after them.

If you’re considering investing in a camping trailer, you can’t miss the opportunity of renting one and finding out if it’s the right fit for your camping style. Maybe you prefer to go backpacking, or maybe you need more space than you thought.

Tips for driving a travel trailer rental

Winnebago Travel Trailer Rental
You can rent this lightweight Winnebago Mini travel trailer in Los Angeles. See it now on Outdoorsy.

Driving a travel trailer rental isn’t difficult. Connecting the tow bar to the tow hitch may be the most challenging bit if you’ve never done it before. Most owners will give you a hand hitching up, anyway.

When you start driving your camping trailer rental forward, you can drive pretty much as you always do, but you’ll need to pay more attention to your width and height. Always brake earlier and more gently than you would if you were just driving a car. Take bends as wide as possible and avoid 90-degree turns.

Make sure the load is well-distributed on the camping trailer rental and don’t go too fast to avoid swaying (when the trailer wiggles back and forth). Avoid driving in high winds, especially if the trailer has a lot of windage.

Going up hills isn’t a problem as long as you keep the revs up and aren’t towing a trailer that’s too heavy for your vehicle. Going downhill can be a little more dangerous. Brake very early and slowly and consider engine braking if your towing vehicle allows for it.

How to back up a camping trailer for rent

Reversing is slightly more difficult, but once you do it a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it. The most important thing to remember is that a trailer pivots in the opposite direction to its towing vehicle.

To reverse a trailer, you need to slowly reverse your car in the opposite direction in which you want the trailer to go.

Once the trailer swings, straighten your wheels and drive backward, then again turn the wheels to steer in the opposite direction (opposite to the first direction in which you steered). Then reverse in a straight line to complete the maneuver.

It’s best to have someone help you judge distances the first time you reverse into a camping spot or parking space. If you’re worried about maneuvering a big trailer rental, opt for a smaller, lighter trailer that you can move by hand.

These usually have handles on the back for pushing it where you like and they’re easier to tow. It’s also helpful to ask for tips to the owner or dealer when you pick up your camping trailer rental.

And if you’re super nervous about driving a trailer, you could opt for a pick-up in a campground, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy your holiday.

What to bring when renting a camping trailer

Teardrop travel trailer rental parked in a forest in Washington State
You can rent this adorable teardrop travel trailer in Seattle. See it on Outdoorsy.

When you’ve booked your camping trailer rental, it’s time to pack. Here’s what we suggest you bring with you:

  • Clothes and PJs
  • Food, drinks and condiments
  • Bed sheets or sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Earplugs – especially if you’re planning on stopping at a busy campground
  • Wet wipes
  • Camping plates and mugs – although some rentals include these
  • Torch – to walk to the campground’s toilets or around camp after dark
  • Camping chairs and table (if not included in the rental)
  • Battery bank for your phone – especially if you’re going off-grid
  • Board games and books
  • Reading light
  • Insect repellant and mosquito coils
  • Campfire wood and tinder
  • Any gear you can fit, like bikes or surfboards

Make sure to check the amenities of your trailer rental well before you set off. Depending on the trailer’s layout, you may need to bring a portable toilet, a camping stove or a cool box.

Types of Camper Trailers for Rent [Pros & Cons]

There’s a wide variety of camper trailers for rent on Outdoorsy – from small travel trailers and pop-up campers to fifth wheels, Airstreams, and toy haulers

Here are the main kinds of trailers you can hire on the website.

Pop Up Camper Rentals [Tent Camper]

Pop up camper rental with sides folded out
The Turtle, in Aurora, CO
  • Who’s it for: campers who need their comforts, but can’t tow a heavy camper
  • Pros: compact and lightweight for travelling
  • Cons: the build of the sides can be a little flimsy, so old models could leak

Pop up camper rentals, also called tent campers or pop up trailers, are a tent on wheels. The base, which sits on top of the trailer, is typically made out of fiberglass or aluminum. The sides all fold down inside it, while the roof sits on top of it all. The sides can be made out of waterproof fabric or aluminum. 

There are pop up campers for rent of all sizes – some expand to create multiple rooms, while others simply offer more headroom and a sleeping platform.

Tent campers are a great step up from a traditional tent, as they let you travel light, while allowing you to sleep on a mattress. The models with multiple rooms are ideal for families who want to take all the kids on the road.

Browse pop up camper rentals near you. 

Teardrop Camper Rental

Teardrop camper trailer rental parked in a campground
2019 T@B 320 S in Denver, CO
  • Who’s it for: minimalist campers who spend most of their time outdoors
  • Pros: lightweight with a streamlined design
  • Cons: the small size means you can only really use them to sleep in

Teardrop camper rentals are possibly the cutest mini RVs out there. Their characteristic shape is irresistible.

Smaller teardrop camper trailer rentals are extra light, ideal for campers whose vehicle can’t tow heavy loads. Bigger teardrops can even feature a toilet, kitchenette, and dinette. Whatever their size, their construction is fully rigid, made out of fiberglass or aluminum. 

These are solid tiny camping trailer rentals that allow you to have a cozy, homely base to get back to after a long, active day outdoors. Many “pure” teardrop trailers have a rather low roof, which means they don’t offer much headroom, much like a traditional tent.

As long as you plan to camp as a couple and spend most of your time in nature, this is not a problem. If you’d like to bring the kids along, you may have to carry an extra tent.

Browse teardrop camper rentals near you.

Fifth Wheel Trailer Rental

5th wheel camper trailer rental
The Dream Catcher, in San Francisco, CA
  • Who’s it for: campers who like comfort and want to spend time inside their RV
  • Pros: plenty of headroom, amenities and interior space
  • Cons: heavy and not streamlined

Fifth wheel camping trailers for rent are the largest, most luxurious trailers on the market. They are solid, tall trailers that provide a home away from home. Some are extra long, while others feature expandable “rooms” made out of aluminum panels, which you can pull out when you set up camp. They need a fifth-wheel hitch to be towed.

Inside a fifth-wheel camper trailer rental, you’ll typically find a number of bedrooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen, a living room, and more. This is ideal for families who want to bring teenage kids or in-laws along.

They can take a little time to set up, so you’ll want to hire one of these beasts only if you plan to spend a decent amount of time in a certain place. Before booking your rental, make sure to check that you have the correct hitch and that your vehicle has enough towing capacity.

Browse fifth wheel rentals near you.

Toy Hauler Camping Trailer Rentals

Toy hauler camper trailer for rent with awning extended
2017 Forest River Cascade, in Everett, WA
  • Who’s it for: campers who want to take one or more extra vehicles with them
  • Pros: you can set up camp and go explore on another vehicle
  • Cons: extremely heavy and bulky

A toy hauler is an RV rental that features a “garage” at the back of the camper and a ramp-door for access. Toy haulers can be fifth wheels, travel trailers, or motorhomes.

They are ideal for a long trip somewhere amazing, where you want to spend some time scouting the surrounding area. You can take a small car, motorbikes, side-by-sides, ATVs or kayaks with you with a toy hauler camper trailer rental

The RV will provide you with good living space and all the comforts you need, while the garage will allow you to go off exploring without much planning. 

You can store any gear in the back of the vehicle, so you can choose to base yourself somewhere convenient to explore multiple cool sites, or set up camp somewhere that offers lots of outdoor activities.

For example, you could take motorbikes to explore the mountains nearby, or bring bikes, kayaks, and SUPs to make the most out of a lake.

Browse toy hauler rentals near you.

Small Travel Trailer

small camping trailer rental parked in a driveway
2017 Custom Tear Drop Trailer in San Diego, CA
  • Who’s it for: minimalist campers who need some comforts, but can’t tow a heavy load
  • Pros: compact, lightweight and streamlined
  • Cons: limited amount of comforts and headroom

Small travel trailer rentals are great mini RVs. The smaller ones are low trailers that carry camping equipment, such as a mobile kitchen and toilet. The bigger ones are small campers with a bed and solid sides. A few even feature a rooftop tent, a dinette and a toilet.

Being smaller than fifth wheels, they are lighter and shorter, which is better for your fuel consumption. Travel trailers come in many sizes, but they are all solidly built. Some have expandable panels to create extra interior room.

Browse travel trailer rentals near you.

Airstream travel trailer rental

woman sitting in front of an Airstream travel trailer rental
2019 Airstream Sport in San Diego, CA
  • Who’s it for: Airstream fans
  • Pros: knowing you’re camping in an Airstream!
  • Cons: limited amount of storage and higher prices

Airstreams are iconic. They don’t go unnoticed. If you’ve always dreamed of doing a road trip on one of these beauties, hiring one can be the most sensible decision. They tend to be quite expensive to purchase. When renting an Airstream, you can almost always be sure that it’s a solid, well-maintained trailer – the owners tend to worship them.

Airstreams are quite light for their size, so they can be towed by many vehicles. Hiring one can be a great way to test one and make up your mind about investing into one. You can even compare them with other camping trailer rentals and decide whether they are worth the extra dollars.

Browse Airstream trailer rentals near you.

Questions and answers about camping trailer rentals

Can you take pets on a camping trailer rental?

Yes and no. Some owners are pet-friendly, others aren’t. Check the trailer description on Outdoorsy to find out whether you can take your pet with you.

What about insurance for renting a camper trailer?

Most trailers on Outdoorsy come with comprehensive insurance up to $500,000. You can also buy damage protection and roadside insurance from Outdoorsy and get trip insurance, in case you have to cancel your booking. Check the bottom of the listing to find out what types of insurance the vehicle is covered by or eligible for.

Do you need to dump the tanks of camping trailer rentals?

Yes, most rentals will require you to dump the tanks before you bring the trailer back.

Can I take a travel trailer rental to a festival?

Some vehicles are marked as festival-friendly, while others aren’t. Make sure to check before booking.

Can I smoke in a camping trailer rental?

Most rentals don’t allow smoking inside the vehicle, but you may get lucky and find one that does.

Is there a cleaning fee for travel trailer rentals?

Yes, most rentals come with a compulsory cleaning fee of $50. Some owners wave the fee if you return the camper in the same condition as it came in.

Ready to get a camping trailer rental?

So are you set on trying out a camping trailer rental? Go for it! It’ll give you a good idea of whether a trailer is right for you.

No matter if you decide to buy a trailer or not, it’ll be a super valuable experience – you can either buy feeling confident in your decision or walk away, relieved you didn’t spend big money on something that doesn’t suit your camping style.

We hope you’ll have a great time renting a trailer for your next outdoor adventures!

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