8 Cute (and functional) micro campers any car can tow

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Want to go camping on the weekends, but you’re tired of setting up your tent, packing and unpacking all the cooking gear, and sleeping on the ground?

A micro camper may be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Being able to sleep on a comfortable mattress, indoors, can make a huge difference to your camping experience. And if you like, you can even add a few luxuries to your micro camper to make things even easier.

In this article we’ll talk about micro campers, who they are for and what vehicles can tow them. And for some amazing inspiration, we have selected eight micro campers that are equal parts cute and functional.

What are micro campers?

A micro camper, also called mini camper, is a lightweight trailer RV that weighs between 400 and 1,000 pounds; although some more luxurious micro campers can weigh up to 4,000 pounds.

Being so lightweight, a mini camper can be towed by smaller, less powerful vehicles.

There are several manufacturers of micro campers out there; however many are custom made and lots of people build their own DIY.

Micro campers usually have a low profile to keep windage to a minimum.

The facilities inside these little beauties are often basic – they are essentially a trailerable bed that you can take camping or boondocking with ease and through narrow roads.

However, if you can tow something a little on the heavier side (800 to 4,000 pounds), you can buy a model with lots of little built-in luxuries, such as an outdoor shower, a dinette and a kitchenette.

Adding some handy accessories, such as an awning or a propane mount, can make your camping life a lot sweeter.

If you’re still in the shopping phase of finding the perfect camper, take a look at these hard side pop up campers and learn why they might be perfect for you!

8 Cute Micro Campers for Sale

Micro campers have grown in popularity over the past few years, so there are now some super cool models on the market.

Check out these eight cute micro campers for sale. There’s a trailer for every budget and bear in mind that you can buy some of these second hand.

Cool Camp Micro Camper by Runaway

Dry weight: 580 pounds
Price: starting from $4,495

This super lightweight off-road trailer is perfect for anyone who wants to hit the road fast, on a budget, without compromising on quality.

The basic version includes 5,000 BTU AC, a spare tire, a locking entry door, a storage shelf and 110v power connection with a six-outlet strip.

The interior is basic, so you could easily customize it yourself after purchase. The window is right by the door, enabling abundant ventilation. You will also have a great view from your sofa or bed.

Cool Camp offer many accessories, such as a sofa bed, a roof basket, an extra window and two types of awnings.

This little box on wheels is great for anyone that would like to keep things basic and be able to take all their camping gear out of the trailer and use it to transport something else.

Learn more about the Cool Camp on the Runaway website.

Rugged Rhino Micro Camper by Tiny Camper Co

Rugged Rhino micro camper by Tiny Camper Company with spare tire mounted on side
The Rugged Rhino micro camper is perfect for adventures!

Dry weight: 790 pounds
Price: starting from $4,650

The name says it all. The Rugged Rhino is perfect for the adventurous camper who wants to live off-grid with some home comforts. These trailers are custom made and can be adapted to your requirements.

The Rugged Rhino can take you pretty much anywhere.

The interior is stylish with a hard wood floor, a couch bed, two doors (you can add two windows) and a galley at the rear. The exterior is all black, which makes it look even cooler.

Read up more about the Rugged Rhino on the Tiny Camper Co website.

HC1 Micro Camper by Happier Camper

HC1 micro camper by Happier Camper parked along the beach
We love the adorable look of the HC1 micro camper!

Dry weight: 1,100 pounds
Price: starting from $24,950

Love a retro look? Then you need to check out the HC1 travel trailer by Happier Camper. This cute but practical micro camper will get you lots of attention at the campground.

There’s two doors – a side one and a hatchback, but also plenty of windows. This makes the HC1 feel like a tiny van without engine.

The interior is totally customizable, thanks to the Adaptiv modular cubes, such as couch bed, kitchenette, toilet, table and ice box components. You can make this mini camper into a pocket RV with all the luxuries you may need.

The best bit? You can renew your interior any time by moving the units around.

The headroom is more generous than that of other micro campers, so sitting inside at the table is comfortable.

Find out more about these cuties on the Happier Camper website.

Highway Basic Micro Camper by Hiker Trailers

Dry weight: 2,000 pounds
Price: starting from $2,895

If you have a vehicle that can tow a slightly heavier micro camper, you may want to consider getting the Highway Basic by Hiker Trailers. This little trailer combines a vintage design with a modern feel.

The Highway Basic comes with a door and two windows. There is a manual hand-crank roof vent for ventilation. Inside, you’ll find three shelves, vinyl flooring and a 110v power strip.

Need more gear? No problem; you can add as many options as you like. And if you plan on traveling off the beaten track, check out the Extreme Off-road model. This sturdy and well-equipped beauty will take you anywhere.

Learn more about the Highway Basic on the Hiker Trailers website.

TigerMoth Micro Camper by TAXA Outdoors

Tiger Moth camper set up at a dirt campsite with picnic table to the side and SUV in the back

Dry weight: 1,360 pounds
Price: starting from $23,297

Looking for an adventure micro camper? The rugged TigerMoth can take you off-grid for seven days or more. This cool trailer has a distinctive look and lots of cleverly hidden-away gear.

What makes the TigerMoth stand out is the huge side hatch, which offers amazing views and plenty of ventilation.

Inside, you’ll find a full size bed couch with storage underneath, a pull-out kitchen at the rear, a few cabinets and a small table. There’s even a water tank, USB plugs and lights.

Among the options, there’s a solar power system, an awning, an AC unit, a roof top tent, and more.

Check out all the specs of the TigerMoth on the TAXA Outdoors website.

Scamp ’13 Standard Micro Camper

Scamp 13' Micro camper
Extra cute and with extra headroom – what’s not to love about the scamp?

Dry weight: 1,200-1,500 pounds, depending on the interior layout
Price: available on request

The Scamp ’13 Standard is a micro camper that looks like a miniature classic travel trailer. On top of being extra cute, this camper offers more headroom than the more rugged ones.

You can choose between two floor plans: one that features two bunk beds or one that features a toilet. Both plans include a dinette that converts into a double bed, a galley, a closet and storage cabinets.

The Standard package comes with plenty of great gear, such as a 30amp power converter, a 12 gallon water tank, a stove and sink, an ice box and more.

This is one of the very few micro campers on the market that can sleep a family of four, or has room for a toilet.

Find out more about the Standard 13′ on the Scamp website.

If a bathroom is more important to you than hard walls, check out these pop up campers with bathrooms.

Pika Micro Camper by Timberleaf

Yellow Pika micro camper by Timberleaf in mountainous terrain
The rugged and charming Pika micro camper is ready for adventure!

Dry weight: 1,025
Price: starting from $13,200

The Pika is equal parts adventure RV and charm. The teardrop shape and bright color make it stand out, but what will win you over are the options and ruggedness of this tiny camper.

The Pika comes in three versions: the Classic, which is perfect for the road trip of a lifetime, the All Road, which can go on forest service roads, and the Off Road, which can take you anywhere.

This teardrop camper interior comes with two doors, two windows and a skylight. All models come with a full mattress, four USB power outlets, cabinets, a 100 amp-hour deep cell marine battery, and more.

Want to know more? Check out the Timberleaf website.

If you are interested in more campers built for off-roading, check out these rugged off road campers.

Airstream Bambi Micro Camper

Airstream Bambi micro camper
When it comes to campers, it doesn’t get more iconic than an Airstream.

Dry weight: from 3,000 pounds
Price: starting from $49,900

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, you may want to consider an iconic Airstream Bambi. These are the lightest Airstream trailers out there and they’re between 16 and 22 feet long.

The Bambi 16RB features a wet bath, dinette, galley and double bed. Not bad for a mini camper, right?

And it comes with heating and AC, refrigerator and exterior shower. There’s lots of options you can add on, such as a solar energy system, a retractable awning, and more.

This nimble, shiny micro camper will take you around the US in comfort. The bigger size means you can stay on the road for longer.

Find out more about the Bambi on the Airstream website.

Who are micro campers for?

If you love camping, but cannot put up with sleeping on the ground, having insects crawling into your sleeping bag, and packing up your tent and equipment anymore, then a micro camper could be right for you.

Whether you love wild camping or campground camping, a small trailer RV can be a great base to go explore a National park or a city.

Although, due to the small size, this type of RV is more suitable to couples than to families or groups of friends.

A micro camper is also great for anyone who isn’t confident driving and parking a big motor home or trailer. Mini campers can be maneuvered by hand, so you can place yours in the exact spot you like.

Those who are in a rush to get outdoors at the weekend will love how you can just keep your camping essentials inside your micro camper and it’s always ready to go.

If budget is a big factor in your RV choice, then a micro camper is ideal for you, because campground rates are cheaper for smaller campers and maintenance costs are low, if you go for a basic design.

Consider renting a Micro camper if you are on the fence. Learn all about it here.

What can tow micro campers?

Being so light weight, chances are that your current vehicle can tow a micro camper. A sturdy car, mini van, or SUV will do; even a Mini Cooper can tow a light mini camper.

Check the towing capability of your vehicle and make sure it’s higher than the dry weight of the trailer you want to purchase.

Bear in mind that you may want to put some gear inside the camper and fill up the tanks, so be sure to leave some contingency.

Conclusion on micro campers

Ready to shop for a micro camper? Whether you want to explore America’s wild spaces or travel between cities, there’s a perfect camper for you out there.

A micro camper will allow you to maneuver with ease, keep your current vehicle and spend less on campground fees and maintenance; but most importantly, it will keep your camping experience pure.

However, if you’re hoping to stay on the road for weeks at a time, consider going for something a little bigger, like a bigger trailer or a van – the luxuries they offer will make a big difference in the long-term.

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