These 11 Mini Truck Campers are Lightweight and Ready for Adventure

88 shares Are you considering getting a mini truck camper to make your outdoor adventures last longer? A small, lightweight camper can be a great…

Mini truck camper with desert background

Are you considering getting a mini truck camper to make your outdoor adventures last longer? A small, lightweight camper can be a great way to make truck camping smoother and more comfortable while keeping your vehicle nimble.

We have selected the 11 cool micro truck campers on the market for you so that you can start window shopping right now.

1. Project M Camper By Four Wheel Campers

Project M mini truck camper
Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

Price: starting at $9,925
Weight: 352-377lbs
Supported vehicles: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2020, Ford Ranger 2019-2020, Chevy Colorado 2015-2020, GMC Canyon 2015-2020

Project M by Four Wheel Campers has to be one of the most versatile small truck campers out there. It can fit on many truck models and can be heavily customized.

It’s made out of an all-aluminum welded frame and features a small window on the driver’s side, a vinyl pop-up liner, insulated sides, and roof, as well as a 13″-wide shelf on each side of the camper.

The roof pops up to offer 6’6″ headroom inside.

Find out more about Project M on the Four Wheel Campers website.

2. AT Habitat Truck Topper By AT Overland Equipment

Price: starting at $10,000
Weight: 340lbs
Supported vehicles: 2019+ Jeep Gladiator, 2019+ Ford Ranger & Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Colorado, Toyota Canyon and more

The AT Habitat Truck Topper is a cross between a truck camper and a rooftop tent.

The frame is built in aluminum, while a rainproof tent finishes off the top.

The sleeping platform hangs off the back of the vehicle, away from the truck’s bed. This allows you to fully use the pickup to cook, sit and get changed. It’s a very clever design feature.

The cantilever bed loading capacity is 600lbs.

There’s also a built-in awning, a mattress, and interior carpeting. There’s plenty of options to choose from, if this basic set-up isn’t for you.

Look at the camper in more detail on the AT Overland Equipment website.

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3. GFC Platform Campers

Photo Credit: Go Fast Campers

Price: starting at $6,950
Weight: from 275lbs
Supported vehicles: 1995+ Toyota Tacoma, 2019+ Jeep Gladiator, 2019+ Ford Ranger, 1998-2012 Ranger, 2015+ Colorado, 2015+ Canyon, 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra, 2005+ Nissan Frontier

GFC has developed an innovative camper that allows you to keep your truck and upgrade its stowage capacity while the camper sits happily on top of it.

The truck bed stays unchanged, while the sleeping area is mounted on top of the roof.

The flip-up sides allow you to access your truck bed from any side, while the camper structure creates extra vertical space to haul your gear.

You can leave the camper on at all times to haul extra gear, leaving it safely in any parking lot. Or you can remove the flip-up sides, if they are an inconvenience.

Find out more on the Go Fast Campers website.

4. The Drifter Mini Truck Camper

Price: starting at $7,250
Weight: 315lbs
Supported vehicles: Toyota Tacoma, 2015+ Chevy Colorado, 2005+ Nissan Frontier, 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra, 2020+ Jeep Gladiator, 2019+ Ford Ranger

The Drifter by Vagabond Outdoors is a rugged and minimalistic small truck camper for those who wish to venture on rough terrain.

The design is simple. There’s a sleeping platform that pops up over the truck’s roof, while the shell sits on the truck’s bed.

The Drifter comes with a waterproof tent, a two-piece mattress, interior insulation and lights.

Find out more on the Vagabond Outdoors website.

5. Alaskan Truck Camper Cabover

Price: starting at $30,499
Weight: 1,390lbs
Supported vehicles: any mid-size and full-size trucks

For something a little different, you could opt for an Alaskan Truck Camper Cabover.

It weighs a bit more than the other mini truck campers that we’ve looked at, but it collapses down to stay nimble on the road.

This is a home-away-from-home, so the price is quite a bit higher, but if you’re looking for maximum comfort while camping, this camper may be worth the investment.

Among the features, you’ll find a kitchen with refrigerator, cooker and sink, many drawers, two benches, a comfortable double bed on a fixed platform and more.

This is truly a mini RV that folds down for traveling.

Learn more about this mini truck camper on the Alaskan Campers website.

6. Snap! Treehouse Mini Truck Camper

Snap! Treehouse Mini-Truck Camper
Photo: Snap! Outfitters

Price: starting at $10,500
Weight: 340lbs
Supported vehicles: fits any truck bed that’s 5ft+ long

The Treehouse is made of an all-aluminium shell. It has two slide access doors on both sides of the cab, while the sleeping platform is located above the roof.

There’s a tiny ladder in the truck bed that allows you to safely climb into bed at night.

On the sleeping deck, you’ll find a double bed with three-inch thick memory foam.

The bed platform folds up during the day, leaving enough headroom for you to walk around, get changed and more.

Opening the Treehouse is fast (10 seconds) and easy, as the opening is aided by hydraulic pistons.

Once the roof is up, you can quickly set up the weatherproof tent. Inside this, you’ll find two USB sockets, one 12v port and two windows. The interior is insulated and carpeted.

Learn more about the Treehouse on the Snap! Outfitters website.

7. OVRLND Custom Pop Top Camper Shell

OVRLND custom pop top camper shell
OVRLND Custom Pop Top Camper Shell. Photo Credit:

Price: starting at $7,600
Weight: 275lbs
Supported vehicles: Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger

The OVRLND Custom Pop Top Camper features an aluminium construction, a 6′-long queen size bed, four windows, a flip-up rear door, a hatch and four windows. It’s a simple, yet functional design.

You can add a lot of options to make the camper even more comfortable. From a vent and an awning mount, to a fold-down counter for the interior.

The shell turns the truck bed into a cosy space where to sit while it rains, get changed, and even cook.

Check out the full range of truck campers by OVRLND Campers on their website.

8. The Camp King Outback Series Camper

Price: starting at $13,500
Weight: 350lbs
Supported vehicles: Chevy Colorado, 2nd and 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra Crew Max, Ford Ranger, Ford F-150 short bed

The Camp King Outback Series Camper may look similar to the other models at first glance.

The cool difference though is in the rooftop tent.

It has an open but sheltered side, which allows you to look outside and chill out, looking at a stunning view, van life style.

The aluminum body extends the truck bed vertically for extra storage.

Three panels offer full access to the vehicle, while the sleeping platform pops up, creating enough headroom to stand up inside the camper.

Find out more about the Camp King on the Sloop Imports website.

9. Hiatus Mini Truck Camper

hiatus mini truck camper
Photo Courtesy: Hiatus Campers

Price: starting at $13,500
Weight: 480lbs
Supported vehicles: any – it’s fully customizable

Is your truck a little rarer than the most common models available on the market?

We have good news. Hiatus Campers offer a truly custom conversion that will fit any model.

This lightweight, streamlined shell holds a decent amount of gear inside.

All doors open to offer full access to the truck bed, anytime.

Inside, there’s a counter with a sink, a bench, a small table, and a double bed. This layout offers plenty of storage space for your gear. Don’t forget your can use the roof rack while on the road.

The furniture can be built to be completely removable, so you can use your truck bed when you need to.

Find out more about this small truck camper on the Hiatus Campers site.

10. Cowboy By Capri Camper

Photo Credit: Capri Campers

Price: starting at $9,995
Weight: 695lbs
Supported vehicles: mid-size and full-size pickups

The interior of the Cowboy shell by Capri Campers is Instagram-worthy.

With wooden panels on the walls, a kitchenette, benches and a collapsable dining table that turns into a bed, you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable on the road.

Even with all of this equipment installed, the camper weighs only 695lbs, making it extremely weight-efficient.

The exterior comes in silver or black and will definitely turn a few heads at the campground.

If you want to camp in your truck with all the comforts of home, this camper probably gives you the best bang for your buck.

Check out all the specs of the Cowboy on the Capri Camper website.

11. Talus VenturePack® Camper

Price: starting at $16,995
Weight: 600lbs
Supported vehicles: Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma

The Talus VenturePack® Camper is the most minimalistic mini truck camper out there.

It’s made for campers who want to go on real expeditions. There is no shell; Talus Expedition Gear make slide-out, rugged furniture that fits in the truck bed.

In it, you’ll find a complete kitchenette with a propane cooker, refrigerator, running water and electric power.

On top of this, there’s a portable restroom with a foot-pressurized solar shower, a collapsible solar panel, and plenty of storage.

You’ll sleep in a rooftop tent, which pops up from the truck bed, extending sideways. This features insulation, a double mattress, and a gear loft.

If you’d rather sleep in a tent on the ground, you can choose the Talus CampPack® Camper, which is essentially the same camper as the VenturePack®, minus the rooftop tent.

Check out the full specs on the Talus Expedition Gear website.

Conclusion On The Best Mini Truck Campers

There are a number of great mini truck campers out there – we couldn’t cover them all. They are all solidly built and some are fully customizable. Choose the one that fits your truck and needs.

Do you feel like you need something a little bigger, after all? Check out this article about the best bigger truck campers.

If instead, you’re already picking out your favorite options, check out these rad truck camper accessories.

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