Lightweight truck camper is off-road ready

(This post is sponsored by Four Wheel Campers) If you’re looking for a hardy rig for your off-road adventures, you might want to check out…

Project M lightweight truck camper with a kayak on top

(This post is sponsored by Four Wheel Campers)

If you’re looking for a hardy rig for your off-road adventures, you might want to check out Four Wheel Campers’ latest lightweight truck camper.

This camper, dubbed “Project M” until it gets a real name, is a unique blend between a pop-up truck camper and a rooftop tent. 

Ringing in at just 425-500 pounds before accessories, this is the most lightweight truck camper out there.

It’s meant for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore those bumpy dirt roads and find true peace and solitude in nature. This pop-up truck camper keeps the truck bed open and free for extra equipment and gear.

“We wanted to offer a product with a lower price point, much lower weight and cross-functional utility,” said Dan Welty, Vice President of Four Wheel Campers. “People want a comfy bed off the ground, a dry place to hang out, and a safe and secure place to store expensive bicycles, surfboards, fishing gear, hunting gear, etc.”

The best part? Project M is an affordable truck camper, starting at $8,995. This is at least $10,000 less than other campers offered by Four Wheel Campers.

This lightweight truck camper is only 37″-39″  tall when down, depending on the size of your truck. It fits on both mid-size and full-size trucks.

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What comes with this lightweight truck camper?

Four Wheel Camper's Project M lightweight camper with pop-up raised
This new lightweight camper is a blend between a rooftop tent and a pop up truck camper

Project M is much different that Four Wheel Campers‘ other campers in that it keeps the truck bed open for whatever you want to put in there.

In the future, Four Wheel Campers may offer modular interior options like drawers and cabinets, or racks for your gear. For now, it will be up to you to build out the interior of this lightweight truck camper.

There is one shelf 13.5″ wide shelf that runs the length of the camper on both sides, perfect for storing smaller items like clothes, cookstoves, food and tools.

Project M was designed and tested for rigorous off-roading. Its aluminum shell exterior can handle all the bumps and jostles of true off-road adventures. 

“We designed and built Project M with younger people in mind,” said Welty.  “However, we have been pleasantly surprised that all ages are responding well.”

“For many different reasons, people are telling us that they have been waiting for this type of product and that it meets their needs perfectly. From the ability to have two large dogs sleep inside on the floor area while two people sleep above in the large bed, to people telling us they want to build-out the interior themselves and this provides the space.”

Here’s what comes with the Project M lightweight truck camper:

  • Water-proof exterior and water-tolerant interior (enables interior spray cleaning)
  • Installs on and off truck via optional jacks (or multiple people) in about 20 minutes
  • Roof pops-up manually in less than two minutes from campsite arrival
  • Roof vent already installed
  • Pre-wired for solar
  • Rugged vinyl side liner
  • All-aluminum welded frame, aluminum siding, and one-piece aluminum roof
  • Fully insulated roof and sides provide comfortable sleeping at or below 30 degrees (no heater)
  • 6’6″ length on the bed – bed size depends on what size truck you have

What’s interesting about a pop-up truck camper is that the pop-up gives you tons of headroom. Ceiling heights do vary by truck but average out at about 6’6″.

This is about 50% more top space than a pop-up campervan, which goes up in a V-shape, limiting headroom.

Options for the “Project M” pop up truck camper

Lighweight camper parked near a lake
This newest lightweight truck camper weighs only 500 pounds

If you want more than what’s already offered with Four Wheel Campers‘ Project M, you can also get a variety of add-ons for your rugged truck camper.

Here’s what you can get: 

  • Full Yakima Roof Rack System Extra Roof Vent
  • Yakima “Tracks Only” on Roof Thermal Pack
  • Bike Rack (Hitch Mount) Mechanical Camper Jacks w/ Extension Plates
  • Board Rack (Jack Bracket Mount) 19 1⁄4” x 26” Small Window (PS)
  • Ski Rack (Roof Mount) 19 1⁄4” x 56” Large Window (PS)
  • Kayak Rack (Roof Mount) 19 1⁄4” x 26” Small Access Door (PS)
  • ARB Awning 19 1⁄4” x 56” Large Access Door (PS)
  • Maxtrax w/ 80/20 Kit on PS Porta Potti
  • Maxtrax w/ 80/20 Kit on DS Clean Waste Portable Toilet w/ Waste Bags
  • Rotopax w/ 80/20 Kit on DS Axe- Shovel Expedition Kit
  • 80/20 Kit on PS Interior Airline Track
  • 80/20 Kit on DS Hitch Steps
  • 80/20 Kit on Both Sides

Conclusion on the Project M pop up truck camper

Pop up truck camper on a dirt road

This versatile and affordable lightweight truck camper is a great way for outdoorsy types to have space and flexibility for adventures.

There’s interior space to store gear like bicycles, surfboards and fishing gear. Or, it’s a great place for a couple of dogs to spend the night.

The large bed is perfect for one or two people, with substantial headroom when the lightweight truck camper is popped up.

Project M is a great truck camper for people who want to build out their own interior. Plus, the camper is easy to take on and off if you want the truck to serve other purposes as well, like your daily work vehicle.

Four Wheel Campers has started taking orders for Project M. You’ll get the camper about 13 weeks later.

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