The Best Lightweight Pop Up Truck Campers [By Four Wheel Campers]

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Are you considering the RV lifestyle? Do you like going off-roading and finding pristine places? If so, you might want to consider a pop-up truck camper over a traditional RV.

Pop-up truck campers are more versatile than their motorhome counterparts. These off-road campers can navigate windy, bumpy roads with ease due to their low profile and light weight.

A truck camper by Four Wheel campers has everything a motorhome has, except a huge amount of interior space. But who needs that when you’re boondocking somewhere beautiful?

Pop up truck campers have beds, kitchens, bathrooms, heating and even hot water. They’re perfect for a single or a couple who are into finding those hidden campsites away from the crowds.

One couple, We’re The Russos, went from a Class A, to a Class B, to now a truck camper by Four Wheel Campers. Click here to read why they made the switch to a pop up truck camper.

Want to see a pop-up camper for yourself? If you’re in California, you might want to consider heading over to Four Wheel Campers New Showroom.

What type of pickup do you need for a pop-up truck camper?

Pop-up truck campers fit snugly on a variety of pickup trucks. You can add a truck bed pop up camper to a full-sized pickup like an F-250, or a mid-sized truck like a Toyota Tacoma. There are even truck bed campers for flat-bed pickup trucks.

Truck campers can be fit to short, standard and long pickup truck beds. You can even fit a pop-up truck camper from Four Wheel Campers on a truck with a bed as short as 5′!

Here are a few of the trucks that can carry a pop up truck camper:

  • Fullsize trucks: F150/250, Ram, Chevy/GMC 1500, Tundra, etc with short, standard or long beds
  • Midsize trucks: Tacoma, Frontier, Ranger, Colorado, Canyon, etc with short or long beds
  • Flatbed trucks: 6.5′ and 8′

Why choose a pop up truck camper?

A pop up truck camper by Four Wheel Campers parked on the beach
Photo: Erik Claus/Instagram @go2xplr

Ease of Set-up:

Many people choose a pop-up truck camper due to its ease of set-up. With Four Wheel Campers lightweight campers, it only takes two minutes for one person to pop the roof. There are no electronics that might fail, only human power.

Plus, you can remove a pop-up camper from a pickup truck in about 30 minutes if you need to use the truck for other things.

Off-roading capabilities:

People also love truck bed pop up campers over Class A, B and C motorhomes because they can go places other RVs can’t. That means you can bike, hike, fish or ski far away from other people.

See how this couple uses their overland truck camper to tour Central Asia.

Easy to fix and maintain:

Trucks are much easier to maintain than a traditional RV. If your truck breaks down or has a problem, it will be simple to find a mechanic wherever you are.

Low profile to reduce wind and drag:

Pop-up truck campers are easier to drive than their truck camper counterparts. They fit low over your pickup bed, giving you less wind resistance.

Why you’ll want to consider Four Wheel Campers’ truck bed pop up campers

Four Wheel Truck pop up truck camper with camping chairs, a dog and a view
Photo: Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers has been designing pop up truck campers since 1972. Dave Rowe wanted a way to get off the beaten path in Colorado, so decided to build a hard-sided camper for a pickup truck.

The next step was to design a lightweight truck bed pop up camper made from aluminum.

These pop-up truck campers reduce weight and wind resistance. The welded aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and eliminates water damage to wood. It has the ability to flex like an airplane wing so it can handle brutal mountain and desert roads.

The roof of the pop-up truck camper can handle 1,000 pounds, whether that’s snow or your gear. Larger, complex truck campers have more space and amenities, but Four Wheel Campers can go anywhere.

With its history and experience, Four Wheel Campers is considered the top pop-up camper manufacturer in the world.

Read more about Four Wheel campers here.

The various pop-up truck camper models offered by Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers makes a variety of truck bed pop up campers meant to fit on small, mid-sized or full-sized trucks. You can pick a pre-designed model or work with the company on a custom pop up truck camper.

All of these models are customizable when it comes to interior fabrics and exterior siding to make the pop-up camper uniquely yours. You can also add-on to the base model with extras like mechanical camper jacks, a compressor refrigerator, power roof vent fan, side awning, etc.

Also, for each of these pop up truck camper models, you can choose a custom layout, such as where you want your dinette, kitchen and couch.

Delivery takes around 12 weeks on average, or you can see if a dealer has a camper in stock.

The Raven Pop-up truck camper 

The Raven is a Pop-Up truck camper by Four Wheel Campers
Photo: Four Wheel Campers
  • Price: $19,995.00 
  • Truck size: Full-sized, half-ton or crew cab trucks with a short bed, 5’5″-5’8″. 
  • Truck type examples: Ford F-150 SuperCrew, Tundra CrewMax, Chevy/GMC 1500 Crew Cab, Nissan Titan CrewCab

This lightweight pop up truck camper only weighs 1,040 pounds and is also incredibly low-profile. The thickness of the cab-over part of this camper is only 10″ when down, but when raised, you’ll get 6’6″ of headroom.

You can choose between a variety of floor plans and models depending on what type of truck you have. You’ll also get to pick the fabric and siding you want for your new truck bed pop up camper.

Amazingly, this smaller camper can sleep 2-3 adults. Two on the bed, and one on the couch/bed conversion. 

Don’t want to spend the money on the entire Raven build out? You can order just the shell for $13,295.

Learn more about the Raven camper.

The Hawk Pop-Up Camper

The Haw Pop-up Camper parked in the desert - design by Four Wheel Campers
Photo: Four Wheel Campers
  • Price: $19,995.00 
  • Truck size: Full Sized trucks with the regular 6’0-6’6″ truck bed. 
  • Truck type examples: Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Slightly heavier than the Raven model, the Hawk is still a lightweight pop up truck camper at only 1,100 pounds. This pop up truck camper can sleep 3-4 adults with two on the queen-sized cabover bed and two on the couch/bed conversion.

With this truck bed pop up camper, you’ll get amenities like a slide-out cabover bed, a fridge, sink, stove, optional furnace, roll over couch and plenty of seating and storage.

There are a few different floor plans to choose from depending on the type of truck you have. And like the other pop up truck campers, you choose the fabric and siding, and you can add options.

For example, if you want a side dinette rather than a couch, the upgrade is about $900.

Learn more about the Hawk pop-up truck camper.

*The Hawk is also available for flat-bed pickups

The Grandby Pop Up Truck Camper

Grandby Pop Up Truck Camper by Four Wheel Campers parked in the desert
Photo: Four Wheel Campers
  • Price: $20,795
  • Size: Full-length, 8′ truck bed
  • Truck type examples: Ford F-250 & F-350, Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500, Chevy/GMC 2500 & 3500

This lightweight pop up truck camper weighs only 1,200 pounds and when down, has an overcab thickness of 10″ in the down position.

The Grandby pop-up camper’s rugged aluminum frame and low profile reduces both vehicle and driver strain, increasing fuel efficiency. This truck camper is meant to keep you out and about for years to come.

With the Grandby, you can choose between several layouts. The rollover couch is the standard layout, with upgrades available like side dinette, front dinette. The flatbed model is more expensive at over $29,000.

You can also buy just the camper shell for $13,995 and build it out yourself.

Learn more about the Grandby truck camper.

*The Grandby is also available for flat-bed pickups.

Swift Model Truck Bed Camper

Swift Pop Up Camper by Four Wheel Campers driving down a forest road
Photo: Four Wheel Campers
  • Price: $19,995.00 
  • Size: Small and mid-sized trucks with a really short 5.0′ bed.
  • Truck type examples: Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab, Ford Ranger Crew Cab, & Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

The lightest of all pop-up truck campers four Four Wheel Campers, the Swift model rings in at only 935 pounds.

This incredibly lightweight truck camper can go anywhere your short-bed pickup can go, which is perfect for boondocking adventures.

The thickness of this camper is only 8 inches above the cab in the down position. Two to three adults can sleep in this truck camper using the bed and the couch/bed conversion.

What’s amazing is your interior headroom is still 6’4″ when popped up, which provides plenty of room to cook, work on your computer or relax.

Learn more about the Swift truck camper by Four Wheel Campers.

Fleet Truck Bed Pop Up Camper Model

Fleet Pop Up Truck Camper driving down a desert road
Photo: Four Wheel Campers
  • Price: $19,995.00 
  • Size: Small and mid-sized trucks with a 6′ bed
  • Truck type examples: Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, & Dodge Dakota.

The Fleet pop-up truck camper by Four Wheel Campers weighs 1,045 pounds and extends only 8 inches over the cab in the down position.

These hardy campers are designed to withstand any bumps and jostles on your off-roading adventures. This camper can comfortably sleep three adults.

Standard features include a 20-gallon water tank, 3 piece portable table, stainless steel kitchen sink with an electric water pump, propane stove, among others.

Some upgrade options include a forced air furnace, front dinette with indoor/outdoor shower, front dinette with table and cassette toilet, etc. There are so many ways to make these pop up truck campers your own.

Read more about the Fleet truck camper.

*The Fleet is also available for flat-bed pickups

Project M super lightweight pop up truck camper

Project M super lightweight pop up truck camper on the back of a pickup with a surfboard on top
  • Price: $9,295
  • Size: Mid-size, Full Size and Gladiator Trucks
  • Truck type examples: Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Nissan Titan, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tundra

If you’re looking for a hardy rig for your off-road adventures, you might want to check out Four Wheel Campers’ latest uber lightweight pop up truck camper.

This truck bed pop up camper, dubbed “Project M” until it gets a real name, is a unique blend between a pop-up truck camper and a rooftop tent. 

Ringing in at just 425-500 pounds before accessories, this is the most lightweight truck camper out there.

It’s meant for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore those bumpy dirt roads and find true peace and solitude in nature. This pop-up truck camper keeps the truck bed open and free for extra equipment and gear.

The base model is pretty basic – it comes with small windows, insulated walls and roof and a shelf down each side of the interior.

You have the option for add-ons like a refrigerator, awning, roof rack, bed mattress and porta pottie.

This pop up truck camper is a great starter rig at a very affordable price point.

Read more about the Project M pop up campers.

Conclusion on pop-up truck campers

A pop-up truck camper is a great way to go if you like to be truly alone in the great outdoors. With these low-profile, stealthy, and streamlined campers, you can sleep in comfort wherever your truck can go.

Many love truck bed pop up campers over traditional RVs because they’re easy to take off-roading and boondocking. Plus, pickup trucks are easier to fix than giant motorhomes if something goes wrong on the road.

Pop-up truck campers, in particular, have better wind resistance than their bulkier counterparts, which means your truck gets better gas mileage.

Want to learn more about truck campers?

Be sure to check out Four Wheel Campers for more information.


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