17 Off-Road Vans for Epic Overlanding Adventures (Get Off Grid!)

An off-road adventure van is perfect for exploring dirt roads to find a boondocking spot in the middle of nowhere. We couldn’t live without our off-road van. Here are top picks and DIY tips.

4x4 camper van for sale parked on the edge of a desert precipice

Do you want an off-road campervan so you can explore off-the-beaten paths for relaxing, hiking or maybe even mountain biking?

We get it!

We’ve been traveling in a DIY 2021 Sprinter van for a couple of years now, and have beefed up our own 4×4 campervan to tackle even rougher terrain. We added large BF Goodrich K02All Terrain Tires and upgraded our suspension using a Van Compass kit.

Our off road campervan in the Alabama Hills

To satisfy your craving for off-road adventures, we’ve compiled this list of the best off-road campervans on the market.

Storyteller Overland “Beast Mode” – Most Interior Flexibility

4x4 camper van for sale parked in the desert with woman hanging out passenger side
Photo courtesy Storyteller Overland
  • Price: $218,620
  • Van: Sprinter 4×4 144″ Chassis
  • Features: 103sq ft garage, Murphy style bed, lounge converting into a bed, generous galley, swivel front seats
  • Water and toilet: 21-gallon freshwater tank, FlexSpace™ Concealed Shower Pan, portable toilet, water heating system
  • Power: M-Power™ 12kWh Energy Storage System , 90W solar panel expandable up to 600W, 3200W inverter with 6400W peak
  • Climate: diesel heater and air conditioner.

We’re totally in love with Storyteller Overland’s “Beast Mode” 4×4 camper van. This rugged Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van is ready to go anywhere, with a KC Highlights Extreme Lighting Package, Boost MODE M-Power Extender System and Agile Ride Improvement Package.

All those fancy terms mean you’ll have the lighting, power resources and suspension package to tackle bumpy, rocky dirt roads.

Storyteller Overland 4x4 camper van with second row seating, kitchen and bed
Photo courtesy Storyteller Overland

One thing that stands out about the Storyteller Overland 4×4 camper van is the air conditioner and diesel heating system. The solar power and battery bank is powerful enough to keep that air conditioner running all night – super handy if you’re in a hot climate.

Sleep sideways in a modular bed that changes into a work table as you see fit. Store bulky gear, such as bikes, beneath the campervan bed, which is also where you’ll find your 21-gallon freshwater tank. This comes in handy if you plan to shower on the van, which is not permanent – you need to set up the FlexSpace™ Concealed Shower Pan.

You’ll also get a sink, induction cooktop and fridge in this van build.

A GrooveLounge convertible sofa bed means you can sleep another person in the van, but we wish this was a cozy couch for daytime lounging instead.

If you don’t want to pay big bucks for the Beast, there are also Classic and Stealth vans for a little less.

Learn more about Storyteller Overland’s BEAST Mode vans.

Winnebago Revel 4×4 Camper Van (Best with a Bathroom!)

The Winnebago Revel 4x4 camper van for sale is a rugged lifted rig.
Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted.
  • Price: $210,202
  • Van: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144″ Chassis
  • Features: dinette, full galley, power lift bed, side awning
  • Water and toilet: 21 gallon fresh water and grey water tanks, hot water heater, wet bath with cassette toilet
  • Power: one 320-amp hour LiFePO4
  • Climate: Hydronic Heating System with optional choice for AC unit.

The Winnebago Revel is a close competitor with Storyteller Overland’s vans. The main difference between the two is the Winnebago is a Class B RV with an enclosed toilet and shower.

This van is the clear choice for someone wanting a campervan with a bathroom. However, it does take a lot of space in the Sprinter van, making it not as roomy and open.

Winnebago Revel 4x4 camper van for sale interior with jumpseat, kitchen and bed
Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted.

Another unique part of the Winnebago Sprinter camper van is the power lift bed. You can totally lift the bed up to the ceiling during the day for an open space and easier access to your van’s “garage.”

Like the Storyteller, the Winnebago Revel comes with a full kitchen with sink, induction cooktop and fridge.

There’s a bench seat behind the driver’s seat with seatbelts and a swivel table for working or dining. Both front chairs also swivel for a hang out space inside the van.

Learn more about the Winnebago Revel.

Jayco Terrain

Jayco Terrain off-road van
Jayco Terrain
  • Price: $201,000
  • Van: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144″ Chassis
  • Features: power lift bed, full kitchen with pantry, dinette with flip-up table, swivel front seats, on.board air compressor, 5,000-lb rear hitch
  • Water and toilet: cassette toilet, wet bath, heated water pump
  • Power: 200-watts of solar panels, lithium batteries, 3500-watt inverter
  • Climate: AC unit.

The Jayco Terrain is the newest off-road campervan on the market, built on the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 144WB chassis. It’s outfitted with the JRide® ride and handling package meant to make off-roading a bit easier.

The Jayco Class B RV offers a power-lift bed similar to what’s in the Winnebago Revel, along with a wet bath, full kitchen with pantry and front swivel seats.

This van comes off-road ready with 200 watts of roof mounted solar panels, a 3500-watt inverter, lithium batteries, heated grey water tank and interior mounted fresh water tank.

An onboard air compressor means you can air your tires up and down when needed, which is super cool. You’ll also find a 5,000-lb. rear hitch receiver with 7 pin connector.

Learn more about the Jayco Terrain.

Sportsmobile 4×4 Camper Van (The Original Off-Road Campervan Company)

4x4 camper van conversion by Sportsmobile with rocks in the foreground and trees in the background.
Photo courtesy Spotsmobile
  • Price: Depends on build
  • Van: Ford Cutaway
  • Features: 10,000 lbs towing capacity, Partial Military Wrap Leaf Shackle System, integrated collapsible “penthouse”, sofa-bed and kitchenette, pop-top bed, front swivel seats
  • Water and toilet: /
  • Power: two AGM Deep Cycle Batteries, optional solar panels
  • Climate: AC unit, propane furnace or diesel air heater.

This certainly looks like a serious 4×4 Ford van! The Sportsmobile Classic takes the Ford Cutaway body and molds it with a fiberglass shell, all reinforced with steel. Just looking at it transports you to a sandy desert race or mountain lake.

The integrated pop-top is flush with the van in the “down” position, giving you a streamlined look and low center of gravity for tackling those rocky roads. When the pop-top is up, you’ll have lots of living space and incredible views and air flow.

Choose between a variety of floor plans, or create your own new build with the Sportsmobile Classic camper van. You’ll get a full kitchen unit, convertible sofa bed, a bed up in the pop-top, front swivel seats and plenty of storage.

Sportsmobile has been making van conversions for 50 years, and is a trusted, respected company that knows what it’s doing. It’s a safe bet to pick a 4×4 camper van by Sportsmobile.

You can really make this 4×4 van off-road optional ready with optional suspension upgrades, front and rear performance differentials, a full float rear axle, etc.

Find out more about the Sportsmobile Classic Adventure Van.

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Outside Van’s Custom 4×4 Camper Van

Outside Van 4x4 camper van for sale
Photo: Outside Van
  • Price: $50,000-$175,000, not including the van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: Custom built to fulfill your specific needs, racks and mounts, rooftop tent options, insulation and sound damping
  • Water and toilet: wet bath, full galley, heated water system
  • Power: solar panels, inverter, leisure batteries
  • Climate: heater.

If you’re looking for a hybrid between a classic nomadic van with your chosen comforts and a 4×4 camper van, then this Sprinter 4×4 camper is the real deal. It features most of the luxuries you find on a motorhome but is still rugged and easily maneuverable.

Outside Van is a Sprinter van conversion company that custom builds each van, so you can pick your favorite options – from a fully kitted galley with sink and overhead cabinetry, to a 3-panel bed and bunk beds.

Outside van 4x4 camper interior with kitchen, benches and bed
Photo: Outside Van

You could set this van up just like those you see on YouTube (#VanLife, anyone?), with the added bonus of the four-wheel drive.

You can either give them your own Mercedes Sprinter van or buy one from them; their designers will guide you in deciding on the floorplan and options.

Outside Van 4×4 camper vans for sale are one-off custom conversions, so you can build the campervan of your dreams. If you have a limited budget, they also sell pre-owned vans converted by them from $145,000.

Learn more about Outside Van’s Off-Grid Van.

Tourig 4×4 camper van custom build

Tourig 4x4 camper van for sale with side door open showing interior build out
The Tourig off road van can get you off grid for days or weeks.
  • Price: $30,000-$90,000, not including the van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: Full kitchen, dinette, custom suspension and bumper options
  • Water and toilet: hot water, water tank, portable or stationary shower
  • Power: solar system, lithium batteries, inverter / charger, shore power and solar charging
  • Climate: Hydronic heater and furnace, AC unit.

TouRig, based in Golden, Colorado, builds 4×4 camper vans custom for your adventure. TouRig can add external upgrades like roof rack, bumpers, and custom suspension.

Full interior build outs including heat and hot water, a full kitchen, shower, cassette toilet, solar, lithium battery system, huge water tanks and more to allow you to go overlanding long term.

Choose between a variety of interior finishes, luxury seating options and fabrics for your custom campervan build.

Bed configurations come in a variety of heights to accomodate gear. Custom tailored mattresses are also available. You can save a little cash by buying their prebuilt or pre-owned camper vans.

This is definitely a posh 4×4 camper van for sale!

A full conversion with Tourig takes 6-12 weeks.

Learn more about Tourig 4×4 camper vans.

Nomad Vanz Avocado

The interior of the Nomad Vanz Avocado.
  • Price: prices available on request
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: dinette, full kitchen, gear garage, platform bed, swivel seats
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks, rear outdoor shower
  • Power: lithium batteries, LED lighting
  • Climate: heat package, AC unit.

The Avocado is a luxurious off road camper van by Nomad Vanz. The interior features a full kitchen, a platform bed, swivel seats, a dinette, and a gear garage. You can fit a couple of bikes in it.

The Avocado conversion includes a suspension package, the ultra full frontal PPF package, an awning, a roof rack, a ski rack, a kitchen-in-a-box grill, and much more. We also love the outdoor shower mounted at the back, which comes complete with a shower curtain.

Nomad Vanz convert Sprinters and Transits; they’re located in North Vancouver, Canada but they can work on American vans, too – as long as they’ve been purchased in the USA. A full custom conversion typically takes them three to four months to complete.

Find out more about the Avocado on the Nomad Vanz website.

Entrega Coach 2023 Launch

The Launch 2023 looks like a mini luxury motorhome.
  • Price: $212,250
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: power lift bed, full kitchen, gear garage, wet bath, swivel seats, slide-out countertop
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks, indoor wet bath
  • Power: lithium batteries, 3,500W inverter, 200 watt solar panels
  • Climate: furnace, AC.

The Entrega Coach 2023 Launch is a luxurious Class B RV for adventurous van lifers who love to venture off-road. With a wet bath, AC, furnace, a power lift bed, and a full kitchen, it offers all the comforts you need while out boondocking.

Everything in the van is luxurious – the residential-style furniture, solid surface countertop, and high-quality cabinetry. This makes it quite unique.

Entrega Coach is located in Middelbury, Indiana. You can purchase one of their motorhomes through a dealer.

Want to know more? Check out the Entrega Coach website.

Grit Overland Go Terra

The interior of the Grit Overland Go Terra.
  • Price: $196,000
  • Van: Ford Transit AWD
  • Features: fold-up bed, full kitchen, gear garage, swivel seats, stowaway bench seat, roll-away front seats mattress
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks, indoor wet bath
  • Power: lithium batteries, 330,000W inverter, shore power
  • Climate: air heater, AC.

The Go Terra is a 2023 model by Grit Overland with lots of smart, rather unique features. There’s a bench which acts as a couch and dining seat, which you can fold away to create extra room. The bed folds up and down on the side of the back of the van, so it doesn’t take up space during the day. Underneath it you can store lots of gear. There’s also a second bed in the front, which rolls out of front seats. This van is the perfect vehicle for van lifers who need lots of cargo space during the day.

The Go Terra also comes equipped with an awning, a roof rack, and a side-mounted ladder to the exterior of the van. The powerful energy system allows you to run heating or AC for up to 14 hours.

Grit Overland offer three conversions – the Go Terra, the Go A/T, and the Go Baja. Have a look at their models.

ModVans CV1/X

The exterior of the ModVans CV1/X
  • Price: price available on request
  • Van: Ford Transit 4×4
  • Features: pop top, full kitchen, bench
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks
  • Power: up to 2,100Ah lithium batteries
  • Climate: electric furnace, floor heaters, A/C.

ModVans are based in Ventura, California. They create custom conversions for Ford Transits. Their rigs aim to take you off-road on a smaller, more stable vehicle. Bigger vans are top-heavy, so they’re more difficult to drive in challenging conditions, such as high winds.

The CV1/X features a pop top with a generous double bed, a full kitchen, and a bench seat. All the furniture is fully removable, so you can use the van to transport bulky gear or move home when you need to. The CV1/X is an upgraded version of the CV range, which comes with an extra powerful energy system, designed to allow you to stay in the wilderness for longer. Choose between 1,100Ah (13kwh) or 2,100Ah (26kwh).

If you like this rig but it’s not quite perfect for you, check out the ModVans website. They also build the CV1/M, CV1/MX, and the CV1.

The Thor Motor Coach Sanctuary

The Sanctuary’s rear
  • Price: $172,060
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: full kitchen, dinette, platform bed, swivel front chairs, wet bath
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks
  • Power: 5,500 watts of power, 190-watt solar panel
  • Climate: electric furnace, floor heaters, A/C.

Thor Motor Coach convert vans into Class B RVs. The Sanctuary conversion features a wet bath, a full kitchen, a platform bed, and a dinette. The all-terrain tires, 190-watt solar power, electrical system, and climate control make it suitable for long-term off-road adventures.

The Sanctuary comes in two versions – one with a double bed at the back and a dinette by the front seats and one with a big dinette in the rear, which turns into a double bed.

Check out the details on the Thor Motor Coach website.

El Kapitan Dream Weaver

The First Edition Dream Weaver
  • Price: available on request
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Features: full kitchen, dinette which turns into a platform bed, swivel front chairs,
  • Water and toilet: fresh and grey water tanks, wet bath with cassette toilet, exterior shower
  • Power: 3,000 watt inverter, two 90-watt solar panels, shore power
  • Climate: roof vent, air heater.

The Dream Weaver by El Kapitan comes in four versions to suit different types of travelers. The First Edition features a single-side-facing sofa with a big flip-up table. The Second Edition has a dinette with side-facing sofas and a removable table. The Third Edition has an empty cargo you can use as garage at all times. Finally, the Honeymoon edition features a mini sofa up front with a removable table.

El Kapitan is based in Southern California and has service locations across the state. You can learn more about the Dream Weaver on their website.

Oasis Campervan Toyota Sienna AWD Van Conversion (The Best Off Road Minivan)

Toyota Sienna AWD minivan camper parked with red rocks
Photo courtesy Oasis campervans
  • Price: $11,290, not including cost of van
  • Van: Toyota Sienna AWD
  • Features: Full-size double bed, working kitchen, dinette with swivel table
  • Water and toilet: running water
  • Power: space of a Jackery battery, optional solar system and shore power
  • Climate: /

If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive 4×4 Sprinter van campers, the Toyota Sienna minivan camper is a great AWD option.

Oasis Campervans transforms minivans into small campers that can seek out boondocking spots down dirt roads. Rest easy knowing this AWD van can also go on sand and snow. They offer three conversions: the Classic, the Nomad and the Custom.

These AWD camper van conversions come with a full kitchen with running water, 4×6 foot bed, built-in chair, dining table and privacy curtains.

The interior of the Toyota Sienna AWD camper van conversion by Oasis
Photo courtesy Oasis campervans

Choose between lots of add-ons with these van builds, including AC adaptor plugs, indoor hardwood work table and window screens.

If you want to take this campervan off-grid for longer periods of time, you’ll want to add options such as the solar system, shower power, fridge and power station.

The Toyota Sienna is currently the only AWD minivan campervan on the market. This is a great camper van for sale for the solo traveler, or a couple who doesn’t mind really small spaces.

Find out more about the Oasis Campervan Conversions.

Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 Quigley Camper Van Conversion

Ford Transit Quigley 4x4 camper van conversion by Sportsmobile
Photo courtesy Sportsmobile
  • Price: $61,000-$68,000 for standard build, plus $14,000 for Quigley 4×4 upgrade
  • Van: Ford Transit
  • Features: Custom options such as full kitchen, pop top with bed, storage
  • Water and toilet: /
  • Power: batteries and alternators
  • Climate: /

You can buy a Ford Transit camper van with a 4×4 Quigley upgrade through Sportsmobile. The Quigley 4×4 conversion adds $14,000 to your build.

These off-road camping vans cost less than a Mercedes Sprinter, but with Sportsmobile’s premium build-quality.

The Quigley 4×4 conversion is available on both passenger and cargo Ford Transit vans. The system raises the van 2″, making it perfect for overlanding adventures.

Just like the Sportsmobile Sprinters we talked about above, the Ford Transits are custom builds. You can choose all sorts of layouts and equipment to enhance your van.

Standard equipment includes flooring, insulation, full kitchen, electrical and propane system.

If you don’t absolutely need a 4×4, the 2020 Ford Transits come with an AWD option, which is more affordable.

Learn more about the Ford Transit 4×4 Conversion.

VanDoIt Ford Transit Campervan – AWD and Quigley 4×4

VanDoIt 4x4 Ford Transit camper van parked in the snow
Photo courtesy VanDoIt
  • Price: $48,000-$108,000 for standard build on AWD chassis, plus $13,500 for Quigley 4×4 upgrade
  • Van: Ford Transit
  • Features: Custom options such as full kitchen, pop top with bed, modular Murphy bed, garage, swivel seats and more
  • Water and toilet: hot water heater
  • Power: AGM 300 Amp Hour Power System or Lithium 460 Amp Hour Power System or smart solar system
  • Climate: AC and furnace.

VanDoIt specializes on Ford Transit camper van conversions, which includes both 2020 AWD models and Quigley 4×4 conversions.

This company offers a modular van build system, with an innovative T-track skeleton for optimal flexibility.

You’ll get a hydraulic bed lift, moveable kitchen pod, modular murphy bed, off-grid solar power, shower and removable toilet.

Choose between two packages: the DO Package and the LIV Package.

Interior of a 4x4 camper van for sale with kitchen, fridge and bed
Interior of a VanDoIt 4×4 camper van

The DO model transforms to anything you want it to be, from beds set up for camping to a mobile office during the day. The DO can sleep 8, seat 11 and has an open concept.

The LIV model has a queen bed on a hydraulic bed lift, as well as garage space to store all your outdoor equipment. The LIV sleeps 6 and seats 11. This model is easier to use as more of the components are in place, rather than moveable.

VanDoIt chose to focus on Ford Transit campervans due to the dealership warranty, availability, affordable maitenence costs and repairs and quality.

Learn more about the VanDoIt AWD and 4×4 camper vans for sale.

Sundance Kid 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter by Off Highway Van

4x4 camper van for sale driving on the road shoulder
Photo courtesy Off Highway Van
  • Price: $76,500 for standard package, not including van
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis
  • Features: couch, platform bed, full kitchen, garage area
  • Water and toilet: 2×6 Gallon tanks 
  • Power: 2.5 kWh AGM Battery Pack (220Ah), 180W roof-mounted solar panels
  • Climate: air heater, roof mounted fan.

Off Highway Van produces interesting layouts meant for singles, couples and families wanting to travel in off-road in 4×4 camper vans.

The Sundance Kid layout is no exception. This van comes with a house electrical system, a full kitchen, modular bed and bench system, ventilation fan and a swivel seat on the driver’s side. You’ll also get 180-watts of roof mounted solar panels with the option to add 200 more.

Optional upgrades include reading lights, flip-up counter extension, microwave, roof vent, ladder, etc.

4x4 campervan interior with blue sofa and kitchenette
Photo courtesy Off Highway Van

These 4×4 Sprinter camper vans for sale have lots of customization options if you want to go that route, or just choose a standard build if you want something easy.

Besides the Sundance Kid, Off Highway Van offers lots of other layouts and designs, including one Sprinter that sleeps a family of five! Great for van life with kids. The current build time is six weeks.

Learn more about Off Highway Van’s Sundance Kid.

Budget option: Chevy Astro AWD camper van

Chevy Astro AWD camper van conversion
  • Price: $3,000-$8,000 for AWD Chevy Astro van, lift kit and tires
  • Van: Chevy Astro AWD
  • Features: sleeps 2, decent amount of storage, sofa-bed or platform bed, kitchen box
  • Water and toilet: space for a potable toilet and water tanks
  • Power: space for a solar-powered system
  • Climate: ceiling fan.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider the good old Chevy Astro AWD . You can buy a converted one, or convert your own to fit your needs. We’ve taken our Chevy Astro AWD on overlanding routes such as the Senator Highway and Devil’s Highway in Arizona.

You could go totally minimalistic and choose to have a bed plus storage space, or you can add overhead cabinets and other luxuries.

Some Chevy Astro Vans have been converted with a permanent double bed and a small kitchen with sink. Our 4×4 Chevy Astro van has a 3″ lift kit by Journeys Off Road in Prescott, Arizona.

The benefits of a 4×4 camper van

off road 4x4 camper van parked in the desert
Photo courtesy Instagram/WeRollWithIt

Buying an off road van is a big commitment, so before you start window shopping for 4×4 camper vans for sale, let’s look at the positives and negatives of these rugged vans.

Here are the key benefits of 4×4 camper vans explained.

You can go further in a 4×4 van

It goes without saying – a 4×4 camper van will allow you to travel further, to wilder and less-traveled places. No need to stick to popular camping spots. If you seek unspoiled nature and solitude, an adventure van will allow you to find them.

High and low gears allow you to climb and descend hills with ease, something you just won’t get with a 2WD van.

You can take your adventure gear with you

4×4 camper vans are often designed for adventurous people, who prefer to get out in the wilderness and go mountain biking, surfing or rock climbing, rather than setting up a comfortable camp to read a book.

If you chose an off road van, you’ll be able to carry your favorite gear with you. Most 4×4 camper vans are designed to be modular and space-efficient.

Some models can even carry a motorbike!

Interested in travel trailers instead? The best off-road campers to get you deep into nature

4×4 camper vans are easier to maintain than a motorhome or trailer

Most 4×4 camper vans for sale are built with fewer comforts than an RV, fifth wheeler or motorhome. While this might put some people off, it is a considerable advantage – a camper with less complicated systems is easier and cheaper to maintain.

Easy to store

Many off road camper van models are rather compact, which makes them easy to store and park, even in towns and cities. Their maneuverability also helps driving them around in tighter spaces.

Fun driving

When looking for the right camping vehicle, having fun driving isn’t usually a priority, but come on! Driving an off-road camper van on uneven terrain, splashing around in puddles and feeling the gravel move under the wheels is so much fun.

It surely counts for something, right?

The downsides of a 4×4 camper van

Sportsmobile 4x4 camper van parked on rocks in the high desert and forest
Photo courtesy Sportsmobile

While 4×4 camper vans are definitely one of the coolest rides around, there are also some drawbacks to bear in mind when considering a purchase. Let’s look at the main downsides of 4×4 camper vans.

Living space

There isn’t a whole load of living space in an off road van – much of the room is dedicated to carrying gear. If you’re expecting large surroundings, you may want to go with an RV.

A pop-top can give you the appearance of more living space with a bedroom up top a convertible couch below.

They can get expensive

Adding all the bells and whistles to a 4×4 camper van to get it rugged and off-grid ready can be quite expensive. The incredibly rugged camper van by We Roll with It cost $300,000!

It also comes with a variety of comforts, including a galley with microwave and fridge, a hidden electric toilet,  a solar panel, a sofa and more.

However, if you prefer to dedicate more space to your gear, you can order a model with a different floor plan, or a custom model.

Ready to venture further on a 4×4 camper?

If you crave escaping to the wilderness and exploring further, an adventure van may be just right for you. You can set up camp deep into a forest, have fun driving off-road in the mountains or stargaze in the desert.

An offroad camper van will let you access wild places to pursue your favorite adventure hobbies – rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, and more. And while not all models are affordable, you can always go for a Chevy Astro AWD, a Land Rover with a rooftop tent, a DIY conversion of a Sprinter van or a Jeep pop-up camper.

We expect the 4-wheel option for vans to become more popular in the future, as more and more people worry about maneuverability and uphill performance. So the options for 4×4 camper vans are bound to increase.

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