Toyota Sienna Camper: 16 Camper Conversion Ideas

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Toyota Sienna Camper conversion

Living the van life can be exciting and captivating, but not everyone has the cash to buy a new campervan right off the lot. Fortunately, you can get creative and build a camper van out of an existing car. Or, in this case, a Toyota Sienna camper.

The Toyota Sienna is a reliable minivan that makes an excellent shell to create a small campervan. Toyota Sienna campers are fun to use and enable you to travel the country in style without high upfront costs and maintenance. In fact, some people have built a Toyota Sienna camper for just a few hundred bucks!

If you’re interested in making your own DIY campervan, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to show you how to convert a Toyota Sienna for your next van life adventure!

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Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion Kits

Conversion kits provide everything you need to take a standard Sienna and turn it into a campervan that will become the envy of all of your friends and family. Best of all, they only take minutes to install and are removable for maximum versatility.

Here are our top conversion kit companies you can contact to get started: 

Home On Wheels Complete DIY Furniture Kit – Camp N Car

The Home On Wheels is a cost-effective universal kit made out of plywood. It installs in minutes and all you need to fit it is an electric screwdriver.

It features a bunk bed (with the option of a slide-out) and an L-shaped furniture unit positioned at the rear of the vehicle. The furniture unit features eight shelves for storage; half of them are accessible from the back.

This arrangement is ideal for solo travelers or couples who don’t need a big bed. If you’re OK with having a narrow bed (max 4′), this camper allows you to carry a substantial amount of gear and cook inside the car.

Egoe – Nestbox

The rear of an Egoe Nestbox, perfect for a Toyota Sienna camper

Modular elements are typical for camper conversions because they allow you to customize your rig to suit your needs. The Nestbox from Egoe comes in three sizes: compact, medium, and large.

You can pick the equipment for your Toyota Sienna camper, including a cooker, refrigerator, mattress, collapsible sink, and storage. 

The cleverest feature of this kit is the bed: the folding bed frame features extendible slats, so the bed adapts perfectly to the shape of your car and makes the most out of the available space. Genius.

Conversion Kit For Minivan – Vanpackers

Traveling in cold climates? You’ll have to take a look at this kit by Vanpackers, which allows you to set up a small table inside your minivan. The camper consists of a sleeping platform, a rear kitchenette with a slide-out table, water storage and collapsible sink, space for a cooler, and two benches.

The benches sit at the front and back of the van, allowing you to sit and hang out inside. These are tall enough to fit a portable toilet underneath. By one of them, there’s also a table support you can set up on one side of the vehicle. At night, you can extend them to form a platform bed.

InstaCamper Boxes – The Grand Teton

InstaCamper Boxes make conversion kits for minivans, which fit the Toyota Sienna perfectly. To install them, you don’t need to make any modification to your van and you can remove them in minutes. We like the look of the Grand Teton kit, which features four drawers, a sectional mattress, a stainless steel sink, a faucet with a 12V pump, a 4gal water container, and windscreen for the portable gas stove included. You can even fit a portable toilet in the kit. The layout is simple but functional and allows you to keep the passenger seats in place.

InstaCamper Boxes also offer the Arches model, which can be set up as a dinette with a table to eat inside your vehicle.

Check out the InstaCamper Boxes website for more information. Use the coupon code WAYWARD50 to get $50 off a Riverleaf camper kit.

Freeway Camper – Sleeping Giant

The rear of a Freeway Camper Conversion kit perfect for a Toyota Sienna camper

If you want even more choices, Freeway Camper has you covered. You can choose from various conversion kits for a Toyota Sienna camper, including those designed for up to four people. In that case, you get a pop-up tent for the roof so that you can accommodate as many sleepers as possible. 

For those who are a bit extra, the Sleeping Giant is a deluxe kit that works well for a Toyota Sienna camper conversion.

This kit comes with a power supply, built-in sink, folding countertops, camping stove, refrigerator, and folding mattress for two people. Best of all, it has a built-in slide-out feature for easier use. 


Roadloft kit with pull out stove for a Toyota Sienna camper

RoadLoft only comes with one conversion kit, but it’s a doozy. You can buy either the two or four-person model, and you get a convertible bed, a bench with a pop-up table, a slide-out kitchen with stove and fridge, and tons of storage space.

This kit is another modular design, so you get to pick and choose which elements to buy and install. You can even buy them all and adjust your Toyota Sienna camper layout for each trip. 

To get $100 off your Roadloft order, use the coupon code TWH100.

Trunk Bunk – Camp N Car

The Trunk Bunk is a simple slide-out platform bed made out of plywood. The bed is elevated from the car floor via wooden legs, so there’s space for storage underneath. The platform is fairly low to provide maximum headroom.

This camper also comes as a single bunk, which is ideal for solo campers because it allows them to sit inside their car.

Get a Custom Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion

There are a couple of companies out there working on custom Toyota Sienna campers. These are more expensive than doing a DIY minivan camper, but they’re sleek and ready-to-use.

Sienna Weekender – GTRV

GTRV are a custom conversion company based in Sebastopol, California. They convert full, mid, and mini-size vans into campers professionally.

Their Sienna Weekender camper package features a pop top and a bench, which a folds out to create a second bed.

If you prefer, you can opt for installing the pop top only. You can always build the camper for the interior yourself to save money.

The Weekender package costs $22,550, while the pop-top only is $13,950. Their conversions come with a three-year warranty, which is handy.

If you’re hoping to expand the available space in your Toyota Sienna, this kit will add a whole extra room to it.

Take a look at the pictures of the Sienna Weekender here.

Oasis Custom Toyota Sienna Campers

The interior of the Toyota Sienna camper by Oasis
Photo: Oasis campervans

Although all-in-one conversion kits are simple and easy to use, they are relatively limited. If you want the ultimate Toyota Sienna camper without having to put blood, sweat, and tears into the build, you can get a customized conversion from Oasis. 

Oasis Campervans has been doing custom Toyota Sienna camper conversions for years, and they’ve gotten really good at expediting the build process. Best of all, these jobs are much less than a new van, and you get to dictate how your new rig will look and feel. Oasis can install all kinds of equipment, including: 

  • AC Adapter Plugs
  • Removable Kitchen Table
  • Convertible Work Table
  • Built-In Seating
  • Mini Kitchen w/Fridge
  • Two-Burner Stove

Get the camper van of your dreams without having to spend hours in a workshop sweating over every detail. Best of all, these projects only take a few days, so you can be on the road in no time. 

Contravans Toyota Sienna Conversions

Photo: Contravans

Contravans campervan conversion company works on Toyota Siennas between the years 2004-2020. Due to design changes, the company is not offering conversions on 2021 and newer models.

Here’s a bit of what’s included in a Toyota Sienna camper van by Contravans:

  • Seating for three to five people, depending upon bed setup
  • Bench seat that converts into a bed and sleeps two on a custom memory foam mattress
  • Storage under the bench seat, accessible from the sliding door and on top
  • Kitchen behind the 3rd row seats (Standard & Deluxe Models), which includes 3-gallon fresh and wastewater tanks and storage for a stove, cooking supplies and utensils

You can also choose from a variety of options, like awnings, bike racks, an electrical system, a fridge on a slide-out and roof racks.

DIY Toyota Sienna Camper Ideas

Sometimes, the best way to learn how to do something is to see what other people have done. There is a large Toyota Sienna camper community online, meaning that it’s easy to discover new ideas and tricks on how to pimp your ride. Here are some of the top models we found on YouTube and Instagram. 

Jack Dougherty (and Daughter Maya)

This father-daughter duo built a Toyota Sienna camper together using standard power tools, lumber, and other accessories. This particular camper comes with: 

  • Small Kitchen and Refrigerator
  • Portable Power Station w/ Solar Panel
  • Convertible Couch and Full-Size Bed

Overall, this build only cost about $3,000, which is far less than anyone would pay for a new or used camper van. You can even borrow Jack’s design if you feel inspired to follow his lead. 

Jason Hinch, AKA Timeless Metal Craft

Toyota Sienna Camper conversion
Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion. Photo Credit:

Since Jason is a metalworker by day, it makes sense that his Toyota Sienna camper would be fully-loaded. He posts videos about the build regularly, and so far, it looks legit. Some highlights from this conversion include: 

  • Under-Bed Storage
  • Working Sink and Shower Head
  • Cabin Power Control Panel
  • Mounted TV
  • Convertible Full-Size Bed
  • Spice Rack
  • Stove/Oven Combo

When looking at the various amenities, it’s hard to believe that this Toyota Sienna camper conversion wasn’t professionally-made. We’re getting jealous just looking at it, and it makes us want to start building right now!

Bruce Parks Toyota Sienna Camper

Here we have another Toyota Sienna camper conversion that seems like the real deal. Bruce has taken great care and attention to detail to include all of the standard amenities, including a sink, convertible bed, overhead storage, LED lighting, and a roof storage rack. 

What makes Bruce’s rig notable is that each piece is built to be modular, meaning that he can take them out and use the Sienna as a passenger van if necessary.

This setup also means that he can potentially swap new pieces more easily, either for upgrades or to replace damaged parts. 

Pacific Cre Woodworkers

Toyota Sienna camper van with hatch raised to see kitchen area and cooler
Photo: Instagram/Pacific_Cre

As with Jason, these Toyota Sienna camper builders have a leg up on most camper enthusiasts because they are expert craftsmen by day.

The folks at Pacific Cre built a custom Toyota Sienna camper van for a client of theirs, complete with a pull-out sink, refrigerator, cooler, and bed platform with a campervan mattress.

This Toyota Sienna conversion is one of the simplest, but that’s part of the appeal. You can add as many flourishes as you want, or you can go the minimalist route instead. 


Last but certainly not least is this Toyota Sienna custom conversion from RenkLife. This build was extra-special because it was a commissioned project with a few guidelines. 

  • First, the van had to be comfortable for someone six-feet tall (not easy with a minivan conversion). 
  • Second, the kitchen had to be separate from the living quarters. 
  • Finally, the parts had to be modular and removable, just in case the owners want to transfer everything into a new Toyota Sienna camper. 

RenkLife accommodated all of these requests and built a converted Toyota Sienna camper in just three days for a few hundred bucks. The results were stunning, and there are plenty of features and amenities, including a portable toilet with a privacy screen.

Adding any kind of plumbing to a camper conversion is challenging, particularly on such a tight budget. However, a toilet is an excellent addition for any hardcore RVer. 

Josh’s $300 Toyota Sienna Buildout

Josh is from Colorado and managed to spend only $300 to transform his 2012 Sienna into a super stealthy camper. It has to be the cheapest buildout conversion out there. He completed an 8-week road trip on it, so it’s a proven set-up.

Inside Josh’s camper there’a bench, which turns into a bed. Next to the bed/bench, there are shelves for storage and a kitchen counter with storage undearneath. This allows him to eat inside when it’s rainy. Behind the driver’s seat, he stores a table, which he can attach to the bed platform by the trunk to cook and eat outside under the tailgate.

Josh keeps a lot of his gear in the trunk, under the bed. On the roof, there’s a solar panel which provides energy for a fridge and fan. Clever and cheap – the perfect combo for a DIY van conversion!

Joy For Life Toyota Sienna Camper

Mitchell and Bonny created a fantastic camper for their Toyota Sienna, which is perfect for spending lots of time outdoors. The guys installed a kitchen with cabinets and a sink in the trunk. The unit is pretty big, offering plenty of counter space and a sink with fresh and grey water tanks. The area is protected by the tailgate from snow and rain, which is always handy. The coolest things about the kitchen are the color – they painted it bright red – and the fake tiles on the screen.

The kitchen is separated from the rest of the camper by a screen, which features a window to allow more light in. This keeps the bugs out of the “bedroom.” Inside the car, there’s a platform bed with storage undearneath. This is made of two plywood panels.

In the front of the car, where the centre console used to be, Mitchell and Bonny fit a cooler. They keep their dog’s bed on top of it. Outside, they fitted a large awning with an extra side for weather protection; they bought this on Amazon. It looks great.

Bottom Line on Toyota Sienna Campers

Traveling in a Toyota Sienna camper van is lots of fun, particularly if you have all the right amenities. While a camper conversion doesn’t come with every modern luxury (i.e., a shower and toilet), it enables you to get out and explore without spending money on hotel rooms or camping equipment.

Now that you know how to convert your Sienna, we’ll see you on the road!

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