Kia Sedona Camper Conversion: 9 Inspiring Examples and Conversion Kits

This couple uses a converted minivan, Airbnb, and Trusted Housesitters to live a nomadic life and work remotely while traveling the US.

minivan camper conversion with two bikes on back

The Kia Sedona minivan camper version is a great idea for those wanting to start van life on a budget. This small minivan can easily be converted into a camper van, has good gas mileage, and provides a great driving experience.

You might never have considered a Kia Sedona minivan for your camper conversion needs, but we’re here to tell you it could take you on the road trip of your dreams!

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What is a Kia Sedona?

The short answer is that a Kia Sedona is a small van that is less expensive than other luxury vans like the Grand Caravan. If you’re looking to convert a minivan into a camper, you might as well save money and buy a Kia Sedona.

The back seats are easily removable, allowing you to convert the van into a camper van. You will have room to include a bed to sleep on, a small table, and maybe even a small porta potty.

Kia Sedona Camper Conversion Kits

If you’re not sure how to turn your Kia Sedona into a minivan camper, you don’t need to worry. There are multiple kits out there specifically for a Kia Sedona camper conversion.

Roadloft Kia Sedona Camper Conversion Kit

Kia Sedona minivan showing interior conversion kit
Photo: Kia Sedona Conversion by Roadloft

Roadloft does it right with an entire camper conversion kit designed just for your Kia Sedona. They have models compatible with makes between 20o5 through 2021, and even one to fit the 2018-200 “SXL” model.

Their Kia Sedona camper conversion kit comes with a bed platform that includes a mattress, a collapsable table, and drawers underneath with 200lb slides so you can load them up with all the gear.

Once your rear seats are easily removed, the installation takes about 5 minutes, and the only tool you need is a flathead screwdriver. How amazing is that? You could literally be starting van life a few hours after receiving your camper conversion kit!

To get $100 off your Roadloft order, use the coupon code TWH100.

Freeway Camper Conversion Kits for a Kia Sedona

freeway camper conversion kits for kia sedona camper conversion

Freeway Camper Kits has a variety of minivan camper conversion kits available for all different types of minivans. This Nomad Camper Conversion Kit fits right in a Kia Sedona.

This camper conversion kit has two different bed size setup options and is best for someone traveling solo. It has a sink and optional refrigerator in the back, water storage, a gray water container, a folding table, bed-to-bench options, a butane stove, and tons of storage underneath the bed.

You can choose from multiple styles and colors depending on your personal preferences. Additional upgrades include a solar generator and a custom mattress.

Home on Wheels DIY Kit

Home on Wheels Kit

An affordable choice for your Kia Sedona camper conversion is the ‘Home On Wheels Complete DIY Furniture Kit’. Crafted exclusively from plywood, this kit includes a versatile bench bed and dual storage units perfect for stashing cooking essentials, clothing, and more.

Tailored to your needs, it offers a single or extended bed format, making it an excellent fit for lone adventurers or traveling couples alike. The highlight? This entire setup is fully removable and is priced at a modest $1,359 – a small price for turning your Kia Sedona into a home away from home

Compass Universal Camping Kit

Looking to transform your Kia Sedona with a snug bed and ample storage space? Consider the Compass Camper’s Universal Aluminium Car Camper Bed Platform. Priced at a reasonable $779, this solution stands out as a superior alternative to tossing an inflatable mattress in the back. Not only is it sturdier, but it also maximizes your space by offering abundant storage underneath. Besides, the platform is light in weight and a breeze to assemble, making it a worthwhile addition to your Kia Sedona.

DIY Kia Sedona Camper Ideas and Examples

Here are some other great ideas for DIY minivan conversions to get your DIY juices flowing!

Paul’s self-converted 2011 Kia Sedona campervan

Paul decided to convert his 2011 Kia Sedona into a camper van so he could travel the lower 48.

He’s sharing all about his travels on Instagram and YouTube.

The van conversion is documented on his YouTube channel, so you can get some great ideas there for your own DIY minivan camper conversion.

Hayley and Kevin exploring our National Parks

Hayley and Kevin built their own Kia Sedona into a simple campervan conversion that met their adventuring needs. They traveled the country seeing many of our National Parks, although recently have shifted to a life off the road, for the time being.

Minivan Lee – fashionista Kia Sedona van life

If you ever wondered if fashion and van life can go together, Minivan Lee seems to have it figured out!

Minivan Lee is retired and has been living full-time in her self-converted Kia Sedona. She chose a simple “no build” that anyone could do! You can see her full setup on her YouTube channel.

Simply removing the seats and using some totes and collapsible cubes, she’s made a cozy little home that works well for both urban stealth parking and boondocking.

Vanlife Rox with another no-build Kia Sedona Camper

Rox Revenharte started vanlife in a no-build conversion for his Kia Sedona. He only used recycled and repurposed items for the interior. There’s even a mini recording studio inside so he could work from the minivan. He included a battery bank in the console to power his laptop and other electronics.

He opted to leave the seats in the van to utilize the seats for other things. There’s a basic cooler in the back, and has additional storage in the roof box on top of the van.

Rox has since transitioned into a larger shuttle bus van conversion that he’s made into an off-grid party bus.

Ashley and Marcus – world travelers starting with a Kia Sedona

Ashley and Marcus travel the world, but they also traveled from Florida to Utah in their 2007 DIY Kia Sedona camper conversion. They even brought their dog, Bella!

Their simple conversion with a bed platform for two was only meant for a three-week trip, but someone looking to start van life full-time could easily take the first step with a similar build.

Watch their video on how they built their bed platform here.

The Kia Sedona Campervan Conversion Could Be Your Ticket to Van Life!

Summing up, you don’t need a fancy minivan camper conversion to be able to start van life.

Whether you’re in it for the long haul and want to purchase a campervan conversion kit or decide to go with a “no-build” to test the waters, there’s no right or wrong way to complete your minivan conversion.

Let us know if you decide to go with a minivan camper conversion! We’d love to hear your story and any tips you might have for others looking for a simpler, less expensive way to get out and start exploring!

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  1. Very cool lifestyle! I don’t think I’d be able to do it since I have a little guy, but I’m a big fan of living more simply.

    1. Totally! I wrote one story about a couple who lives in a Sprinter van with a baby – amazing!

  2. This is a really cool story. My boyfriend and I have actually thought of transforming a basic van into a home and living in it full-time to save money and pay off our student loans while traveling.

    1. That’s a great idea! There are so many amazing van conversion ideas out there.

      1. Inspirational!! I am just beginning to get my Grand Caravan converted. Goal is to be rent free by August.

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  12. I have been inspired by your article here. Have been wanting this. I have PTSD, not being able to settle down, always wanting to move. Constantly. J will m look into this more before up and leaving “it all behind”…..I would hope this is partly the answer. Along with meds.

  13. Hey Kristin! My boyfriend and I have a ford transit connect and we have kind of converted it to fit our surfing camping lifestyle! But it is very beginner and we are wanting to do it right so it can last a while. We dont have a bunch of money to go to a buissnes to get an instalation set up. We are trying to find a kind soul who would be willing to help us create our dream van for cheap! We are located in San clemente, california! If you know anyone in the area or anyone at all who would want to help us we would be so thankful.

    1. Kristin Hanes says:

      I honestly don’t know anyone who builds vans out for cheap, sadly 🙁 You might be able to hire a local carpenter or electrician, or put out requests in van life forums to see if anyone can help you build. I think there’s even a Van Life California Facebook group. Also, check out this article:

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