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If you think van life looks like a lot of fun, but aren’t quite ready to buy your own camping van, you might want to try out one of these campervan rental companies. This way, you can try out a variety of vans before committing to a particular make, model or build. These camper van rentals range from Sprinter vans, to Ford Transits, to Nissan NV 200s, to Sportsmobiles, to vintage VW surfer vans.

When you rent a campervan, you can also see which components you like the best if you ever do a van conversion yourself, like hot water, shower, solar panels, etc.

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It’s amazing how many of these campervan rental companies are popping across the United States, responding to this van life trend.

Here are some of the top campervan rental companies across the United States.

1. Jucy USA

Get a campervan rental for your next van life journey

C: Jucy USA

Jucy USA started out in Auckland, New Zealand and recently brought its campervans to the United States. Their signature green-and-purple vans come in two types, the Jucy Trailblazer and the Jucy Wavefarer. Both are standard minivans, but the Trailblazer comes with a pop-up that can sleep an additional two people.

The vans come with a gas stove, fridge, sink, water tanks and storage space.

Locations: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Rates: Vary, but a quick search showed a range between $45-50 per day.

2. Escape Campervans

EscapeCamperVanRental are brightly colored camping vans. this one is in Joshua Tree National park


Escape campervans is a campervan rental company with ten locations across the United States. They have two campervans you can choose from, the Ford E-150, their bigger model, and the Dodge Caravan. All these camping vans are hand-painted by artists in Los Angeles in bright, vivid colors, so renting this van and going stealth is a no-no. Every van comes fully stocked with bedding, a 2-burner stove, a sink with running water, refrigerator, cooking and eating utensils and picnic chairs.

Locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, New York, or Miami.

Rates: The rates are not published online as they are constantly changing depending on the time of year and where you rent your van. Head to their website for a quote.

3. Lost Campers

LostCampers Van rental lets you rent a campervan and try it out

Photo courtesy of Lost Campers

Lost Campers USA is a budget van rental company which prices campervans similar to car rentals. You can get a camping van here for just $30 per day if you book at the right time of year. These vans are the way to go if you want to do stealth camping, as they have no art or signage. The vans come with a mattress and bedding, storage area, side awning, kitchen utensils, propane stove, ice cooler and picnic table with two chairs.

Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Seattle

Rates: The rates do change on a regular basis, but I’ve seen them as low as $30 per day.


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4. Venture Vans

Venture vans are sprinter campervans available for rent out of Jackson, Wyoming

Venture vans are only available to rent out of Jackson, Wyoming, but with all the national parks around there like the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, it’s worth the trip to rent a campervan for a few days. These are luxury Sprinter camping vans with an 8-foot tall ceiling, sink, refrigerator, two-burner range, outdoor shower, toilet and pop-top, which can become one of two full-sized beds. The vans also come completely outfitted with linens, kitchenware and camping gear.

Location: Jackson, Wyoming

Rates: $250 per day, but rates may vary

5. Wander Vans

This camping van is from Wander Vans, and can be rented out of Boise or Salt Lake City

Wandervans are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The large van can sleep four people, and the medium and smalls sleep two. The company started in Boise and wants to help people get away from city life and wander around in the outdoors, and say their vans are somewhere between sleeping on the ground and renting a cumbersome RV. These campervan rentals are really cute inside, and if you fall in love, the company also offers full van conversionsThe vans come with everything you’ll need for a trip in the wild outdoors, from kitchens to bedding.

Locations: Boise and Salt Lake City

COUPON: Enter WAYWARD upon checkout to get 5% off.

Rates: $95-$130 per day.

6. Vintage Surfari Wagons

Vanagon campervan rentals let you experience the nostalgia of the 1970s

If your dream is to head out in a vintage van a la 1970s surfer, this campervan rental company is right for you. Vintage Surfari Wagons  rents out a variety of nostalgic campers, from a Vanagon, to an Eurovan, to the good old Volkswagon camper van. These are super cute, refurbished campers that will let you live out your van life surfer dreams.

Location: Los Angeles, some one-way trips available to/from San Francisco and Las Vegas

Rates: $139-$195 per day

7. sCAMPer Vans

scampervanrental is a campervan rental company based in Atlanta

If you haven’t seen a Nissan NV 200 camper van, now is your chance. I just love how these compact cargo vans are small and get awesome gas mileage (25-30mpg) while also having the space to build into a camper. There’s a pop-top roof that can be made into a bed or simply to provide standing room when you’re working over the stove.

Scampervans are decked out inside with a Mexican fiesta theme, can sleep up to four people.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

COUPON: Enter WAYWARD upon checkout to get 5% off

Rates: $99 per day

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8. Tonto Trails

TontoTrails rugged outdoor camping van for off-road adventures


If you need a super serious camping van for off-road and boondocking adventures, then you might want to check out Tonto Trails campervan rentals. They specialize in off-road luxury vehicles the Sportsmobile 4×4 rental and the Tiger, which is an RV based on a 4×4 Chevy 1-ton chassis.

These vans can plow through water, go over rocks, and bump along uneven terrain. Truly looks like fun for exploring the mountains of Colorado.

Location: Durango, Colorado

Rates: $2,500 weekly

9. Roamerica campervan rental

Camping van rentals in Oregon make an awesome getaway

Photo by @this.is.mike

This recreational Ford Econoline Sportsmobile campervan rental company Roamerica Rentals will rent you a van ready for any type of weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest. These vans have racks to carry bikes, snowboards, skis, fishing poles, anything you might need for an outdoor adventure. The vans can sleep four and are fully equipped with a full kitchen, camp gear and linens.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Rates: $200-$275 per night

10. Trekker Vans

TrekkerVan is a new camping van rental company based in San Francisco

C: Trekker vans

Trekker Vans are a fleet of 2016 or newer Ford Transit campervans. The company website says these are “modern, functional and capable full-sized vans that are a step forward from other vans. The Transits are easier to drive, safer, more efficient and have more interior space than their predecessors.”

The minimum rental for these vans is three days and sleep up to five people. The company just launched summer of 2017, and hopes to help people explore the amazing national parks in California.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Rates: $75 per day

11. Camper Travel, USA

These campervan rental companies will help you test out the van life before you buy

This is a workhorse of a camper rental company, which locations spanning the globe and a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Not only are there campervan rentals here, there are RV rentals as well, so something for any budget.

Camper Travel, USA partners with campervan and RV rental companies and is able to display vans from a wide variety of companies. This provides you a one-stop shop where you can compare rigs and prices.

This might be one of the best companies to rent from as you can see vans and RVs in many locations at a wide variety of price points.

Location: Many, check website

Rates: Vary, check website


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