10 Rad Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Conversion Kits & DIY Ideas

911 shares So you’re considering the Dodge Grand Caravan as a vehicle to convert to live the van life. You heard great things about it…

Roadloft's Dodge Grand Caravan conversion kit has platform bed with long drawer storage underneath and table in front

So you’re considering the Dodge Grand Caravan as a vehicle to convert to live the van life. You heard great things about it and it has a reassuring long production history. It seems like the perfect stealth, nimble vehicle to take on road trips.

In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of converting a Dodge Grand Caravan camper and we’ll show you the best conversion kits and DIY ideas we could find.

Why Choose The Dodge Grand Caravan As A Camper?

There are many reasons why Dodge Grand Caravan camper conversions are great. Here are the main ones:

  • The rear seats fold down completely, so you can install a bed without taking them out.
  • The big hatchback door offers full access to the interior for the conversion.
  • From outside, it looks just like any minivan, making it great for stealth camping.
  • You can fit up to 7 people in it when empty.
  • It’s easy to maintain and find parts for, as it’s very popular.
  • The interior is long, so there’s plenty of legroom for a bed.
  • It has good resale value.

We should mention the cons, too.

  • The Dodge is extremely well-liked, which means it’s often in high demand. For this reason, it can be hard to find a recent one for sale.
  • Finally, some say the fuel economy isn’t fantastic.

4 Amazing Dodge Grand Caravan Conversion Kits

Ok, ready to get inspired? Let’s look at some professional conversion kits first.

These are great for anyone who wants to buy some durable and solid furniture, without wondering if things will stay put.

No need to build anything out of ply. Just slide the kit into the minivan and screw some bits together. The installation is quick and easy and you can take the kit out anytime you like.

Beware, though: you may have to join a waiting list to buy one. Generally, the units are built to order.

Below are the best Dodge Grand Caravan conversion kits we could find on the market.

Oasis Campervans’ Classic Dodge Grand Caravan Conversion Kit

Dodge Grand Caravan camper conversion kit by Oasis Campervans has platform bed in center of van and wooden countertop with built in drawer and fold up counter space at rear of van
Photo Credit: Oasis Campervans

From $11,300

The conversion kit by Oasis Campervans is modern, tidy, and practical. It comes with a full kitchen, which you install in the back. There’s a sink, countertop, fold-out table, and drawer.

Inside, there’s a bedroom that turns into a living room. The bed platform hosts a memory foam mattress, which folds out of the way during the day.

The platform converts into a worktable with an articulating leg. Under the furniture, there are 5 storage areas.

Included in the price, you also get custom-made curtains. For the cabinets, you can choose between maple, cherry, and walnut.

You can also add a lot of accessories to the kit, such as a table, a stove, a fridge-freezer, solar panels, and more.

Find out more on the Oasis Campervans website.

Roadloft’s Minivan Dodge Grand Caravan Conversion Kit

Roadloft's Dodge Grand Caravan conversion kit has platform bed with long drawer storage underneath and table in front
Photo Credit: Roadloft

From $4,490 CAD

If you’re tall, the Roadloft Dodge Grand Caravan conversion kit is for you.

It makes the most of the interior space by using all of it for the bed platform. The kitchen is hidden underneath it and slides out at the rear of the vehicle. This allows you to have more sitting space inside, too.

The whole kit is built in modules, which means it’s very easy to install and take out.

The kitchen features a retractable sink and integrated cutting board. If you remove the rear seats, there’s space for a cooler, plus room for storing gear under the sink.

You can order the kit to be delivered at home already assembled, or pick it up at the production center in Quebec City. The installation only takes 5 minutes and a flat screwdriver.

To get $100 off your Roadloft order, use the coupon code TWH100.

You can read the full details on the Roadloft website.

InstaCamper Box

Photo Credit: InstaCamper Box

From: $2,635

Want to keep the passenger seats ready to use on your van? Then the Grand Teton box by InstaCamper Box could be the right conversion kit for you.

The Grand Teton features four drawers, a sectional mattress, a stainless steel sink, a faucet with a 12V pump, a 4gal water container, and windscreen for the camping gas stove included. You can even fit a portable toilet in one of the storage compartments, if you like.

If you’d rather eat inside the van, opt for the other conversion kit offered by IstaCamper Boxes – the Arches. This comprises two benches and a table, which turn into a bed. At the rear of the vehicle, there are two drawers which act as a kitchen. This kit is great for those who want to camp in colder climates and need to be able to hang out inside in the early morning and evening.

Both layouts are functional and easy to install, as well as removable.

Check out the InstaCamper Boxes website for more information. Use the coupon code WAYWARD50 to get $50 off a Riverleaf camper kit.

Freeway Camper Kit’s Sleeping Conversion Kit

Minivan camper conversion kit with elements designed for multiple configurations. Table with bench seats and dish storage are displayed.
Photo Credit: Freeway Camper Kit

From $5,699.99

The Sleeping Giant kit is ideal for a Dodge Grand Caravan camper if you don’t need a very long bed and you want to make the most of all the available space inside the minivan. The furniture looks modern and neat.

At the rear, there’s a kitchen with a decent size sink and a big cooler. Fold-out tables offer a platform where you can cook and chop.

Behind them, there are storage shelves in which you can store kitchenware. This unit also opens on the opposite side, just above the bed, to offer a shelf on which to pop your laptop to watch a movie at night.

Inside, the platform bed turns into a dinette, while half of it acts as storage space.

There’s enough room to store a toilet in these units. You could even install it permanently and use it inside the van, as there is space for your legs, too. The price includes a 37L cooler, a foam mattress, grey and fresh water reservoirs, and more.

Want to know more? Head over to the Freeway Camper Kit’s website.

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VanPackers’ Minivan Conversion Kit

Another excellent option available for delivery from Canada is VanPackers minivan conversion kits.

This budget Dodge Grand Caravan camper conversion kit comes with all the features you’d expect from more expensive models.

The kitchen is at the back of the van with a basic sink, counter space, a double burner (included in the price), and a cooler.

Inside, the platform bed, which can be used as a single or double, turns into a dinette. Under the benches, there is a lot of storage space.

If you like, you can add a refrigerator (up to 40L) and curtains to your order. The installation takes less than five minutes and no drill is needed.

If you’d like to know more, check out the VanPackers website.

6 Clever Dodge Grand Caravan Camper DIY Conversion Ideas

If you’d like to save more on your conversion, you could go DIY. This allows you to install only what you really need and upgrade the camper along the way, as and when you want to.

If you’d like to keep the minivan as your main vehicle and use it during the week, you can just lay the seats down down and place standard camping gear inside, without installing anything. No practical skills needed.

If instead you want to go all out with the conversion, you can build every cabinet and shelf to your requirements to make the camper your long-term home on the road.

My Backpacker Life’s DIY Conversion

Photo Credit: mybackpackerlife.com

In 2019, Swedish backpacker Amanda and her boyfriend ended up in Canada. Instead of their usual backpacking set-up, they decided to try the van life out.

They bought a Dodge Grand Caravan and converted it DIY. They lived in it for 3 months, exploring a lot of wild places, which would have been unreachable by public transport.

The couple went all in and took the seats out to install a laminate floor. On top of it, they installed a bed platform. The bed turns into a couch during the day. Alongside the bed, the guys installed shelves.

Instead of building a table, they hung a piece of laminate from the ceiling. This allowed them to stash it away at night.

The kitchen is behind the front seats, in front of the side sliding door. It features a sink and a fold-out table where you can cook, outside of the van. Finally, they placed a cooler between the front seats.

The total cost of this Dodge Grand Caravan camper conversion was $1,000 CAD, including all the kitchenware and accessories. The van cost them only $3,000 CAD, excluding insurance. Once their VISA ended, the couple sold it for $5,000 CAD.

You can read more about the conversion on My Backpacker Life’s blog or her Instagram account.

What’s Up On Earth’s Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Custom Build

Elian has been travelling as a videographer and photographer for 5 years and he spent 3 of them living in his custom build Dodge Grand Caravan camper.

Almost everything inside his van is made out of wood, including the incredible amount of shelves and cabinets. The platform bed folds into three pieces and turns into a sofa, where you can relax during the day.

At the back, there’s storage cabinets where he stores all the kitchenware and cooks his meals. Elian removes these units and puts them inside the van when he needs the bed, so it can fold down on top of them.

This system makes the most of the space with a removable rear kitchen and a full-length bed. On the roof, there’s a roof box where he stores bigger gear, such as a longboard, camping chairs, and more.

Elian has left one passenger seat in the back, as it folds down completely to disappear under the floor. This allows him to take two passengers on board.

Adventuring With Amanda’s No-build Conversion

Amanda, who lives in an apartment complex and doesn’t have a garage, managed to convert her Dodge Grand Caravan camper with no tools.

She simply bought standard camping gear, magnetic curtains, hanging storage, small bits of furniture, and lots of bungee cords.

Behind the passenger seat, there’s a cooler and a hanging storage. Next to it, there’s a single bed, a bedside table, and an AC unit. The bed is a camping cot with a foam mattress on top. Underneath it, Amanda stores her clothes.

Her dog sleeps next to her in his bed. Under it, there’s a cooler, which Amanda uses to store her dry food.

At the back of the Dodge Grand Caravan camper, she keeps a bucket with a lid, which she uses as a toilet and trash can. Here she also stores her mosquito net and camping gear. Next to these, there’s a shelf unit, in which she stores her kitchenware.

Amanda bought everything off of Amazon or from Ikea. Each item is ultra cheap.

Jo Ann’s No-Build Modular Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Conversion

Jo Ann’s created a budget no-build modular Dodge Grand Caravan camper using pre-made furniture and other bits and bobs she found along the way.

Inside, there’s a single bed, which she assembled using industrial shelving. She put a yoga mat and foam mattress on top, while she stores her clothes, food, and gear in the shelf.

Next to the bed, there’s a bench with storage underneath. On the side of the bed, Jo Ann stores a reclining cushion, which she can use as a chair or lounger anywhere.

She also created more storage inside the van by adding a bedside table, where she keeps a lot of her gear. The cooler is on the passenger seat.

Jo Ann bought everything for her Dodge Grand Caravan camper from Home Depot, Walmart, or Amazon.

Kit Vantastic’s DIY Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Conversion

Kit travels around the USA with her dog in her Dodge Grand Caravan camper. Pippa the greyhound travels on the front seat in her own bed. Next to her, between the seats, there’s a few boxes for storage.

At the back, Kit installed the bed sideways. As she is only 5ft2, she can sleep across the width of the van. She also uses the bed as a couch.

Next to it, there’s some storage where she keeps her toiletries and journals. Kit installed her power controls, plugs, and ports in this area, too.

In the middle of the van, there’s a small refrigerator. At the back, there’s a big slide-out kitchen and some extra storage. It looks spacious and solid.

Next to the kitchen, Kit stores her camping table and chair while she’s on the road. When this gear is outside of the van, another person can sleep here, on the floor, using the extra mattress Kit uses to rest her back when the bed is a couch.

Nick’s DIY Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Conversion

Nick, who is an engineer, converted his Dodge Grand Caravan into a camper for traveling across America with his girlfriend. The bed is a foldable platform that turns into a sofa with lots of storage underneath.

Right next to it, there’s a kitchen area with counterspace, a slide-out table, drawers, and a sink. The bed is as long as a standard double bed.

At the back, the bed lifts up to reveal a big storage area. That’s where Nick keeps all his adventure gear.

Conclusion On Dodge Grand Caravan Camper Conversions

As you can see, there’s lots of people traveling on Dodge Grand Caravan campers out there.

This minivan is perfect for campers who want to spend long weekends and holidays away and for solo travelers, without breaking the bank. There are options for all budgets and abilities: buying a conversion kit, going for a DIY custom build, or fitting out a no-build rig.

Whatever you do, this nimble minivan will take care of you on the road.

If you’d like to look at options for a bigger vehicle, possibly with a full toilet and shower, check out this article.

Not sold on a Dodge Grand Caravan camper? Check out these other great van life vans:

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