Van Conversion Kits: 8 Simple Ways to Build the Perfect Campervan

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If you’re thinking about hopping on the van life bandwagon, you’re probably wondering what it takes to build out some of the best vans to live in.

A DIY campervan conversion costs way less than hiring a company to build out a van, but what if you’re not handy? That’s where van conversion kits come in.

A campervan conversion kit is part custom build and part DIY campervan.

You buy a van conversion kit from a company that includes things like the campervan bed framing, kitchen, pull-out drawers, etc., then you do the installation on your own. In some cases, the company does the installation for you, and you pick it up from the factory.

Van conversion kits can run anywhere from $4,000-$20,000, or you can just buy one component, like a campervan kitchen.

This is way cheaper than a custom camper van build, which can go well over $100,000. To boot, a campervan conversion kit can be used on vehicles that aren’t cargo vans, like minivans, or to build an SUV camper.

Van conversion kits for a campervan strike a happy medium between a custom build and a DIY project. Check out these top campervan conversion kits so you can start living the van life right now.

1) Wayfarer Van Conversion Kits

The platform bed and kitchen area in a Wayfarer vans conversion kit
Photo: Wayfarer Vans
  • Van Type: Ram Promaster City Cargo, Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado or Reno, Nevada
  • Cost: $5,000-$11,000

Wayfarer offers van conversion kits for Ford Transits, Dodge Promasters and Ram Promaster City vans.

Most of these camper van conversion kits need to be installed for free at one of Wayfarer’s locations, either in Colorado or Reno as they are too large to ship.

If you’re getting the smaller camper van kit for a Ram Promaster City, Wayfarer will ship the kit for $750, or provide free installation.

What’s cool about Wayfarer is they can help you find a van to convert, and you can finance any of the van conversion kits through the dealer.

Here’s what you’ll get with Wayfarer Promaster and Ford Transit camper van conversion kits:

Wayfarer works on camper van kits for the 136″ and 159″ wheelbase Promasters and the 148″ wheelbase Ford Transit.

What you’ll get is almost the same with each van conversion kit:

  • Flooring
  • Integrated cargo management tracks
  • Wall and ceiling paneling with 100% wool insulation
  • Perimeter shelving
  • A kitchen galley with 5 gallon fresh and grey water tanks
  • Sink and hand pump
  • Bed platform that measures 54″ wide x 6’1″ long with cushions
  • Boot Box
  • Privacy Paneling

Considering you get all this around $10,000 – it’s not a bad deal! These vans new run about $42,000-ish, so one of these van conversion kits gets you a working campervan for a little over $50,000.

You also get to choose your own fabrics and any add-ons you want, like a deluxe RV vent fan, wheel well storage box or hideaway table, among others.

Here’s what comes with the Ram Promaster City Camper Van Conversion Kit:

Wally Dodge City Cargo Van Conversion Kit with Teal Bed and folding table
The Wally van conversion kit comes with cargo boxes that also double as a bed and seating area

If you’re converting a Dodge City Cargo van, your van conversion kit will be a little over $5,000. You can either install it on your own or bring it into the Wayfarer shop for free installation.

This kit includes durable insulating panels, a sturdy table that folds up against the wall, flooring, and camper boxes with cushions. At night, these cushioned camper boxes turn into your bed.

You can also purchase each component separately, then install it yourself.

Click here to learn more about Wayfarer vans.

2) AdventureWagon Campervan Conversion Kit

Interior of a Sprinter van conversion kit with a platform bed and upper storage shelves
Photo: Adventure Wagon
  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit
  • Cost: Starting at $12,500
  • Location: Portland, Oregon

Adventure Wagon offers van conversion kits for both the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit campervans. Both of them start at the same price and offer similar amenities like wiring, ventilation, insulation, upholstered interior panels.

The Sprinter van conversion kit differs in that you can sleep sideways with Flarespace Flares and wider rear window panels.

These modular van conversion kits are meant to be installed by a van DIYer in a few weekends or by a professional shop.

You can choose between a variety of options and upgrades on these campervan conversion kits, such as a cockpit headliner, ceiling light panel, fan kit and additional sleeping options, such as a MOAB Bed, Monk Bunks, Mule Bags, etc.

What’s cool about Adventure Wagon’s is that they have a team of Certified Adventure Wagon Installers who can add things like galleys, cabinets, solar systems and water systems.

Click here to learn more about Adventure Wagon.

3) Contravans Conversion Kits

Two pull out drawers work as an outdoor kitchen and storage for the cargo van conversion kit
Photo: Contra Vans
  • Van Type: Cargo vans, minivans, SUV camper conversion kits, box truck conversion kits
  • Cost: $6,000-$70,000 depending on what you choose
  • Location: Denver, Colorado

Contravans offers van conversion kits for a really wide variety of vans with various levels of customization. That’s why the prices vary so much with this company.

We love that you can get a really affordable turnkey campervan conversion on a Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV200 or Ram Promaster City for anywhere between $7,000-$15,000.

Or Contravans will give you a complete custom build for $50,000 for a large cargo van or up to $70,000 for a box truck.

This is the only van conversion company we’ve seen that provides so many different camper van kits and options.

As an example, if you have a small van, you can choose between six different layout options:

Contravans offers a variety of van conversion kits, such as this bench seat layout
This bench seat layout converts to a bed at night
  • A family camper van build that sleeps up to 5 people
  • A bench seat layout that converts into a bed at night
  • A fixed bed structure with storage drawers that pull out
  • A three-piece bed
  • A single bed

As you can see, the variety of van conversion kits you can find at Contravans seems endless.

If you don’t like one of the turnkey campervan kits you can request an entirely custom build where Contravans will help you build the van of your dreams.

You can also choose from a variety of add-ons such as roof racks, floor mats, awnings, bike racks and more so you get a campervan just for you.

Contra Vans is really flexible with how they do your campervan conversion kit, so just reach out and ask.

If you purchase a van through a dealer, you can add on the conversion kit and have the van shipped right to Contra Vans in Denver, where your van will be finished in a few days. Keep in mind these kits are not meant to be DIY.

Want to learn more about Contravans car conversion kits? Check out this post: These car camper conversion kits will change your life

4) Zen Vans Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

Beautiful wood interior of a Sprinter van conversion kit
Photo: ZensVanz
  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Cost: $18,000-$22,000
  • Location: Portland, Oregon

ZensVans makes a DIY Sprinter van conversion kit that’s absolutely stunning to look at, with its aluminum exoskeleton and bent bamboo panels.

These components are installed in your Mercedes Sprinter camper van using factory holes and can be easily removed as needed to convert your van back into a daily driver

ZensVans van conversion kits come with a kitchen with bamboo cabinetry, upper and bedside cabinets, 3-panel bed system, fold-out gear drying rack, slide out porta potty concealer and an option to add-on bamboo ceiling, door and wall panels.

These are gorgeous camper van conversion kits that will get you on the road in no time.

If you don’t want to put any work into your build, you can also hire ZensVans to do a complete campervan conversion.

Click here to learn more about ZensVans.

5) QuQuQ Camping Module

The back of a cargo van showing a camping module van conversion kit
Photo: QuQuQ
  • Van Type: Many
  • Cost: $3,990-$4,990
  • Location: New U.S. dealer in Clovis, California (brand based in Europe)

QuQuQ‘s amazing little “van-in-a-box” modules turn your van into a camper with barely any effort. The bed pulls out of the box, which also has several pull-out drawers with a stove, cooler and storage space.

For real, you can turn any van into a camper in just a few minutes with this unique camper van conversion kit.

QuQuQ started in Europe and is now expanding into the United States, and tends to appear at van shows like the Overland Expo and Adventure Van Expo.

QUQUQ Campervan Box extended to show bed and kitchen area
Photo: QUQUQ

The really cool thing about the Ququq boxes is that it can turn almost any type of vehicle into a camper. Just fold down the back and middle seats, put the box in your trunk and spread open the mattress. Ququq’s website shows the box in minivans, larger vans, and even a small Jeep.

Learn more about Ququq boxes here.

6) Freeway Campervan Conversion Kit

The back hatch of a vehicle raised to show the Freeway Campervan conversion kit
Photo: Freeway Camper Kit
  • Van Type: Minivans and SUVs
  • Cost: $1,500-$6,000 CN
  • Location: Quebec, Canada

Freeway Camper Kit is a Canadian company that wants to help get your car on the road – and fast. There are so many campervan conversion kits to choose from on the website, it’s mind-boggling.

You can get a simple bed frame and storage system for $1,500, up to the “Sleeping Giant” conversion kit for $6,000n and it can be installed in 30 minutes. Keep in mind these prices are Canadian dollars, so will be cheaper for U.S. citizens.

This largest kit is suitable for all long-wheelbase minivans, including the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town&Country, Kia Sedona, etc.

The kit comes with a kitchen counter and sink, water pump, batteries, freshwater tank, grey water tank, thermoelectric cooler, foam mattress, and much more.

You get a lot of value for the price and it’s easy to pop this van conversion kit right in the back of your van.

Click here to learn more about Freeway Camper Kit.

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7) Campervan Kitchen Kit from Trail Kitchens

Van Kitchen Conversion Kit inside a cargo van
Photo: Trail Kitchens
  • Van Type: Any
  • Cost: Starting at $2,665
  • Location: Truckee, California

Trail Kitchens originally started out with modular kitchens you could easily pop into any van, but recently expanded to offer a variety of van conversion kits.

You can a van kitchen, Jeep kitchen, sinks and showers, stoves and ovens, water systems and wheel well cabinetry.

We love the Campervan Kitchen Pod which starts around $3,000 and includes a marine grade water system, single burner butane stove, a sink and a fridge. You’ll even get cooking gear with this camper van kit!

The Wheel Well Cabinets are also really cool; you can add on a 3-panel bed which quickly converts your van into a sleepable camper.

Love to cook outside? Some of Trail Kitchens van kitchens can be used both inside and outside your van, great for cooking with a view.

This DIY campervan kitchen kit has additional add-on options, including a hot water heater for hot showers and cleanup. This removable kitchen pod has places to organize your utensils and camping gear, all in one place.

This is a simple addition for a DIY campervan.

Click here to learn more about Trail Kitchens.

8) Happier Camper Adaptiv Camper Van Conversion Kits

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Cost: Unavailable
  • Location: Los Angeles

L.A-based Happier Camper has developed the Adaptiv System for vans – a modular, lightweight camper van conversion kit that can be installed easily and changed around.

Each item is stackable and slots into the grooves of the 1.5″ thick honeycomb fiberglass floor. You can move around the floor panels to create the perfect interior for your home on wheels.

Some of the Adaptiv components include a table, a bunk bed that turns into a couch, a kitchenette, a toilet, and more.

You can easily mix and match this van conversion kit based on your needs – maybe you’d prefer having two beds than lots of storage, or perhaps you need two coolers for even longer adventures in the wilderness.

The only disadvantage is that if you don’t like the pure white fiberglass floor, you’ll have to find a way to safely mount the Happier Camper components onto your own floor.

Check out the Happier Camper website for more information.

Want more help building out your very own DIY campervan?

*Click the image to learn more about the book!*

sprinter RV conversion sourcebook

If you’re ready to start building your own DIY camper van conversion right now, there’s an amazing 378-page van conversion book that will help you convert your van. And despite the title, this book doesn’t only apply to Sprinter vans. I asked the author this question myself as I bought the book to help me with my Chevy Astro.

The Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook is pure van conversion gold, written by Greg Keith, who is currently on his THIRD Sprinter van conversion. I’d say this guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to camper vans.

Here’s some of what you’ll get from this van conversion guide, which again, applies to any van conversion:

  • An RV plumbing chapter on pipes, fittings, tanks, pumps, water heaters, toilets, you name it
  • How to get internet access in your van
  • The five criteria to think about when insulating your camper van
  • Advice on choosing solar panels
  • How to install blackwater, greywater and freshwater tanks 
  • Fifty pages of information on designing an electrical system and wiring your campervan conversion
  • And soooo much more!

Check out the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook and start working on your van right now.

Remember, so much of this info can also be used on a small camper van, or any type of van, really.  I even bought it to read over for my Chevy Astro van!

Conclusion on campervan conversion kits

If you’re trying to build a DIY campervan but need a little help, these campervan conversion kits are just what you need.

You can choose anything from an expensive interior conversion kit for a Mercedes Sprinter van to a cheaper minivan conversion kit with just a bed frame and pull-out drawers.

These companies offer high-quality kits that can be installed in a campervan in a matter of minutes or days. You won’t have to spend hours and hours watching DIY campervan YouTube videos if you order one of these kits. They’ll help get your campervan on the road even faster.

Happy trails!

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