20 Innovative Campervan Conversion Kits for Your DIY Van

3564 shares A campervan conversion kit can make your van life dreams come true faster than you might think is possible. While it could take…

A campervan conversion kit can make your van life dreams come true faster than you might think is possible. While it could take many months or even years to build out a van on nights and weekends, a campervan conversion kit can get you a camper within weeks.

One easy idea is to install an Adventure Wagon Interior Kit and add on Flatline components like a bed, sink and cabinets.

Nowadays, there are interior kits for all types of vans, including Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits and Dodge Promasters.

Here are the best campervan kits for a DIY install we could find.

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Adventure Wagon Interior Kits

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit
  • Cost: Starting at $13,500
  • What They Offer: Full interior kits, including complete wiring harness, insulation, ceiling fan, L-track, wall and ceiling panels, molded trim and wall and ceiling bracers
Woman and man standing in a van with Adventure Wagon interior camper van conversion kit
Touring Adventure Wagon headquarters

We had the chance to visit Adventure Wagon just outside Portland, Oregon, and were really impressed by what they offer.

Their high-quality interior kits make your van livable in a few weekends if you’re a DIYer, and a few days if you get the kit installed. If you live or are traveling near Portland, you can take your van right to their facility and Adventure Wagon will install the interior kit in just 5 days.

These camper van conversion kits can be made to fit with the Flarespace bed system, which allows you to sleep sideways.

Or, you can use the Adventure Wagon L-track system to create a van bed that suits you best. This can either be the MOAB bed, which you can raise and lower depending on your needs, or MONK beds, which are bunk beds. You can even install TWO Moab beds to create a queen-bed bunk system.

You can choose between four fabric colors for your interior wall paneling, or order the kit with bare plywood if you want to paint or add your own material.

We think the Adventure Wagon interior kit is a great jumping-off point for van life if you have a Transit or Sprinter. The L-track system lets you add on other products easily, like kitchen units or cabinetry.

Adventure Wagon also sells soft upper cabinets, MOAB beds and MONK beds.

Esplori Lightweight Van Interior Kit

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Cost: $13,000-$18,000 depending on DIY or professional install
  • What They Offer: Lightweight aluminum panels, fan, reinforced L-track, lights, wiring panel, insulation and soundproofing
Photo: Esplori

The newest campervan conversion kit we’re super excited about is by the van conversion company Esplori, located in Bend, Oregon.

Esplori’s mission is to create lightweight campervan conversions, perfect for off-roading and keeping that gas mileage number down.

These complete campervan interior kits use aluminum and are 40% lighter than using traditional materials. The wall and ceiling panels are powder-coated, which has no which has not VOC off-gas.

Powder-coated aluminum holds up better than carpet or wood in an automotive setting and provides a streamlined look. Aluminum is also super easy to clean.

There are three options for the Esplori aluminum interior kit: A DIY installation, assisted DIY, and a professional install at Esplori headquarters.

This is the first aluminum kit we’ve seen and if you’re looking for a lightweight van build, it’s something to check out.

Flarespace Bed Systems

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, VW Crafter, Nissan NV and Ford E-Series
  • Cost: Starting at $2,000
  • What They Offer: Fiberglass flares to sleep sideways, trim rings, interior finishing kits, bed systems and interior paneling
Man standing next to van with Flarespace bed camper van kit
Standing next to a Flarespace flare bump-out

The first project we did on our new Sprinter van conversion was adding Flarespace flares to the rear panels. Flarespace flares allow us to sleep sideways, especially important for a smaller van like our 144′ wheelbase.

This campervan conversion kit frees up tons more space inside a van!

You can either DIY the Flarespace install or take it to a custom installer. We chose DIY our project. We took the flares to an auto body shop for paint matching, cut holes in the van and glued in the flares.

We then used the interior trim rings and interior finish kit to round out the look. The Flarespace flare system is a top-notch product that we highly recommend. We couldn’t be happier.

We also installed their Super Fly Weight Bed System, which is incredibly lightweight – one of our main goals for our build. The panels are a little wobbly so we did add some structural support for a firmer bed, but that’s entirely up to you.

We loved the Flarespace van conversion kit and highly recommend it.

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Roadloft Conversion Kits

  • Van Type: Ford Transits Connect, Nissan NV 200, Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Cost: Starting at $CAD 4,790
  • What They Offer: Slide-out kitchen drawers, bed systems, dinettes
Roadloft minivan kit

Roadloft produces high quality minivan conversion kits out of Quebec, Canada. Their van kits fit the Ford Transits Connect, Nissan NV 200, and Dodge Grand Caravan.

Each conversion includes a platform bed and two slide-out kitchen drawers. You can cook out of the rain and sun, as the kitchen fits perfectly under your tailgate. The platform bed can be turned into two benches and a table, which is super helpful on those rainy days when you just want to relax and be cozy. The platform hides a decent amount of storage for gear and water tanks.

The whole camper folds down into a box, which you can store behind the passenger seats, should you need to travel with friends.

The kits are fully removable and can be installed in just five minutes with a single flat screwdriver, which is rad. This means you can use your vehicle as a car whenever you need to, and pop the camper back in when you’re ready for an adventure.

American orders take 2-3 days to process and 15 days to be delivered. Availability of the kits changes based on demand. By the way – Roadloft also make kits for SUVs.

To get $100 off your Roadloft order, use the coupon code TWH100.

Flatline Van Company Conversion Kits

Man and woman inside a campervan with a conversion kit
Touring Flatline headquarters

Flatline Van Company’s goal is to give you a toolkit to help you build out a van yourself using quality products. You can easily mount any of their components in conjunction with the Adventure Wagon interior kit. Or, you can build your own brackets and attachments.

You’ll find 24″ and 48″ van kitchen units , bed systems that go with Flarespace flares or without, storage and wheel well cubbies, cabinetry and headliner shelves.

Flatline compares themselves a little bit to Ikea – where you can pick products that match and create a finished interior.

While many companies struggle with shipping and delays, Flatline is dedicated to keeping its website up to date. If you see the item available online, it is in stock and will be shipped within a few days.

If you’re also looking to upgrade your van’s interior, Flatline also offers a variety of roof racks, awnings and ladders.

We loved touring this van conversion kit company just outside Portland, Oregon and were impressed with their plug-and-play products for campervans.

Titan Vans TIMBER Camper Van Conversion

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit
  • Cost: $24,000+
  • What They Offer: Full camper with integrated fresh and gray water tanks, kitchen, shelves, complete off-grid electrical system
The TIMBER Camper Van Conversion By Titan Vans

Titan Vans have launched their very own full camper conversion kit. It features a kitchen, platform bed, overhead shelves and cabinets, a complete off-grid electrical system with solar charging and integrated fresh and gray water tanks. You can also add upgrades such as a heater or a fridge to make your home on wheels extra cozy.

The kit isn’t cheap, but the price includes the installation by Titan Vans. It will soon be available for DIY installation, too. The guys are putting together a list of approved van builders and a thorough set of instructions.

Titan Vans DIY Kids also produce kitchen units, upper cabinetry, water systems, heating, additional seating and accessories. You can purchase one or more of these and install them yourself. That’s is a much cheaper option than getting the full camper.

We used a couple of products from Titan Vans DIY Kits in our Sprinter van build and they’ve really helped us with our interior. The paper templates for the interior wall panels came in handy, as did the structural assembly for Sprinters, which helped us line up the wall and ceiling panels.

Serg Supply

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit
  • Cost: $785+
  • What They Offer: Interior components, such as kitchen units, bench seats, flooring, overhead storage, wheel well storage cabinets and more
Serg Supply universal kitchen galley

Serg Supply is based in Rocklin, CA, and manufactures ceiling kits, cabinetry, kitchen pods, and accessories. Something that sets these guys apart is that they also sell flooring, wall, and ceiling kits. These are designed to fit to your van’s factory holes, which makes carrying your conversion out a whole lot easier. You can even purchase insulation and sound-deadening kits!

Worried about the wheel wells? Serg Supply manufactures storage that goes around them, which comes complete with a sleeping platform.

Serg Supply also makes modular units you can place wherever you like in your van. Take a look at their universal kitchen galley to go on the driver’s side of your Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, or Mercedes Sprinter. Pick and choose the units to create the perfect campervan floorplan. If you’re still working out what that looks like, you can invest in buying the essentials first and then order more units once you’ve tested your camper.

If you want to take your build even further, Serg Supply sells heating and AC systems, full pre-programmed electrical systems, shower enclosures, and more.

Some DIY skills are needed to install most of their units; however, the alternative would be to build everything from scratch.

Vantopia Vans

  • Van Type: High roof Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit
  • Cost: Starting at $5,950
  • What They Offer: Full modular kits with a bed, dinette, kitchen, and overhead cabinets
A Vantopia Vans Camper

Vantopia Vans make full conversion kits for the high-roof Mercedes Sprinter, the Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit. Each kit comes with a kitchen island, a fold-out tray table, a queen-size bed platform, a mountain rail, two table platforms, cabinets and overhead storage. These kits are exceptional value for money and the end result looks like a professional custom conversion.

You can just buy one of their bed base kits and carry out the rest of the conversion yourself, or create your own camper by adding the components and accessories you need. These include flooring, wall and ceiling paneling, pantry modules and bathrooms. If you’re on the market for a van, too, you can even purchase one of their campervans, which have everything installed, including plumbing and electric.

The kits are modular and easy to install, although you will need some DIY knowledge. However, you can follow along their video instructions.

The guys are based in Costa Mesa, CA, and are happy to show you around one of their campers if you can swing by.

Veritas Vans

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit
  • Cost: Starting at $349
  • What They Offer: Components, such as kitchen units, wall and ceiling panels and cabinets
A Veritas Vans galley unit

Veritas Vans build DIY conversion kits for the Mercedes Sprinter, the Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit. The company’s headquarters are in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Their coolest product is definitely the galley. This features a solid walnut countertop, a sink, lots of soft-close drawers, a cabinet, and a sink. It can fit the Intel B TR 130 or the Isotherm Cruise 130 (neither fridge is included in the price). The unit is made of high-quality Russian birch plywood and comes unvarnished, so you can paint it whatever color you like.

If you’re looking to add a professional-looking kitchen unit or overhead cabinets to your build, consider looking at Veritas Vans.

VanLab Interior Systems

A VanLab conversion kit on a Sprinter
Photo: VanLab

Van Type: Nissan NV 200, Chevy City Express, Mercedes Sprinter 144, Ford Transit LWB
What They Offer:
Full conversion kits with bed, dinette and kitchen to install DIY

VanLab makes fully equipped and wired conversion kits out of Woodland Hills, California. They target van lifers with little to no DIY skills and a decent budget, who want to get on the road fast.

They ship the kit out to your door packed very flat, Ikea style. In the boxes, you will find everything you need to install the conversion but screwdrivers. Simply follow the instructions and use the tools provided by the company to build your van interior in as little as a weekend.

VanLab offer three kits – small, medium and large – to suit different vehicles. Each system is designed to maximize the space of a different van model. They all come with a bed, dinette, cabinets and kitchen. The kitchen surfaces can be customized to fit a refrigerator, cooler, and sink. Depending on the model, the kitchen is either inside the van, next to the bed, or at the back of the vehicle for outdoor cooking.

The kits are made of sustainably-sourced Baltic birch plywood, which is pre-finished. You won’t need to varnish or paint after installing it. Just pack your gear and set off on your adventure.

While their price point isn’t low, their kits are fantastic value for money.

Campervan HQ

Van Type: Any
Cost: Wide variety of prices
What They Offer: Interior & exterior components such as roof racks, ladders, front and rear bumpers, rooftop vents, portable fridges, toilets, beds, wall fabric, flooring, plumbing and windows

Campervan HQ doesn’t sell conversion kits per se, but is a valuable resource if you’re doing your own DIY van build.

You can find all sorts of pieces that complete a beautiful campervan interior, including interior fabrics, flooring, windows, insulation, electrical systems and lights. Campervan HQ sources from companies like Flarespace, Backwoods Adventure Mods, Tourig, Tern Overland, C.R. Laurence, Dometic, Victron and more.

Campervan HQ looks for products that are solid, reliable, high-quality, with innovative design, and supplies over 450 van builders across the U.S.

Wayfarer Van Conversion Kits

wayfarer vans campervan conversion kits interior
  • Van Type: Ram Promaster and Ford Transit
  • Cost: $20,000 base
  • What They Offer: Modular interior with kitchen and bed system

Wayfarer Vans are a little different from other van conversions mentioned in this article. First, they pride themselves on their simple and modular layouts. All furniture inside the van can be moved and reconfigured using only a 9/16-in socket wrench. Additionally, these conversions are installed by their team at their Colorado Springs, CO facility.

Expert installers add your selected layout and features, and you’re on the road in a day or less. They also offer a pickup and delivery program that makes it convenient to get your conversion installed without needing to be in person.

You can either bring Wayfarer your own van, or buy a new one through their dealer partners (and, you can wrap the conversion price into the vehicle loan for one easy payment).

These campervan interiors feature zero to little permanent alteration of your van.

Wayfarer Vans come with scratch-proof flooring, cargo management tracks, ceiling and wall panels with wool insulation, perimeter shelving, dimmable lighting, a kitchen galley with a sink and hand pump faucet, 5-gallon fresh and gray water tanks, boot box, Lagun table, memory foam mattress, bed platform, privacy partition, and privacy paneling for the window areas.

New vans start at $48,000 – $62,000, while used vans are available for a wide range of prices.

You can build your own on their site using a 3D Van Builder tool to get an exact price based on your preferred layouts and features.

Last but not least, you can also choose your own fabrics and any add-ons you want, like a deluxe RV vent fan, wheel well storage box, Propex heater, and GoalZero power system, among others.

Zens Vanz Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

Beautiful wood interior of a Sprinter van conversion kit
Photo: ZensVanz
  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Cost: $18,000-$22,000
  • What They Offer: A full DIY kit with bamboo panels, kitchen, bed panels, upper cabinets and gear drying rack

ZensVanz makes a DIY camper van conversion kit that’s absolutely stunning to look at, with its aluminum exoskeleton and bent bamboo panels.

You install these components into your Mercedes Sprinter camper van using factory holes, no additional drilling needed. The DIY kit can be easily removed as needed to convert your van back into a daily driver.

The ZenVanz van conversion kit includes a kitchen with solid bamboo cabinetry, upper and bedside cabinets, 3-panel bed system, fold-out gear drying rack, slide-out porta potty concealer and an option to add-on bamboo ceiling, door and wall panels.

These are gorgeous camper van conversion kits that will get you on the road in no time.

If you don’t want to put any work into your build, you can also hire ZensVans to do a complete campervan conversion.

RB Components for Camper Vans

  • Van Type: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Mercedes Metris
  • Cost: Wide variety of prices
  • What They Offer: Interior components like cabinetry, water tanks, folding furniture, panel beds, platform beds and storage boxes
sprinter van cabinetry and kitchen inside a campervan

RB Components offers a full range of van camper conversion kits and parts to build out your van’s interior. We ordered a water tank from RB Components that fits in our Sprinter van’s spare tire holder underneath the van.

RB Components offers kitchens, upper cabinetry and bed systems in their camper van kits. They also offer water tanks, plumbing fittings, storage boxes that mount onto your van’s floor or walls; platform beds with built-in storage; and a selection of folding furniture for seating, dining or bed.

RB Components van conversion kits are made from high-quality marine grade plywood, most with aluminum exoskeletons to give them extra strength and rigidity.

You can also buy individual components if you want to customize your build even more — kitchen cabinets only here, or a folding bed frame, for example.

QuQuQ Camping Module

The back of a cargo van showing a camping module van conversion kit
Photo: QuQuQ
  • Van Type: Many
  • Cost: $3,990-$4,990
  • What They Offer: A camper in a box with a bed and kitchen unit

QuQuQ‘s amazing little “van-in-a-box” modules turn your van into a camper with barely any effort. The bed pulls out of the box, which also has several pull-out drawers with a stove, cooler and storage space.

For real, you can turn any van into a camper in just a few minutes with this unique camper van conversion kit.

QuQuQ started in Europe and is now expanding into the United States, and tends to appear at van shows like the Overland Expo and Adventure Van Expo.

QUQUQ Campervan Box extended to show bed and kitchen area
Photo: QUQUQ

The really cool thing about the Ququq boxes is that it can turn almost any type of vehicle into a camper. Just fold down the back and middle seats, put the box in your trunk and spread open the mattress. Ququq’s website shows the box in minivans, larger vans, and even a small Jeep.

Freeway Campervan Conversion Kit

The back hatch of a vehicle raised to show the Freeway Campervan conversion kit
Photo: Freeway Camper Kit
  • Van Type: Minivans and SUVs
  • Cost: $1,500-$6,000 CN
  • What They Offer: Complete DIY camper kits that pop into a van with minimal effort, including bed, kitchen and storage

Freeway Camper Kit is a Canadian company that wants to help get your car on the road – and fast. There are so many campervan conversion kits to choose from on the website, it’s mind-boggling.

You can get a simple bed frame and storage system for $1,500, up to the “Sleeping Giant” conversion kit for $6,000n and it can be installed in 30 minutes. Keep in mind these prices are Canadian dollars, so will be cheaper for U.S. citizens.

This largest kit is suitable for all long-wheelbase minivans, including the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town&Country, Kia Sedona, etc.

The kit comes with a kitchen counter and sink, water pump, batteries, freshwater tank, grey water tank, thermoelectric cooler, foam mattress, and much more.

You get a lot of value for the price and it’s easy to pop this van conversion kit right in the back of your van.

Trail Kitchen Campervan Conversion Kits

Van Kitchen Conversion Kit inside a cargo van
Photo: Trail Kitchens
  • Van Type: Any, includes Jeeps, SUVs, etc
  • Cost: $500+
  • What They Offer: Indoor and outdoor van kitchen units, water systems and wheel well cabinets

Trail Kitchens originally started out with modular kitchens you could easily pop into any van, but recently expanded to offer a variety of van conversion kits.

You can get van kitchens, Jeep kitchens, sinks and showers, stoves and ovens, water systems, showers and wheel well cabinetry.

We love the Campervan Kitchen Pod which starts around $3,000 and includes a marine grade water system, single burner butane stove, a sink and a fridge. You’ll even get cooking gear with this camper van kit!

The Wheel Well Cabinets are also really cool; you can add on a 3-panel bed which quickly converts your van into a sleepable camper.

Love to cook outside? Some of Trail Kitchens van kitchens can be used both inside and outside your van, great for cooking with a view.

This DIY campervan kitchen kit has additional add-on options, including a hot water heater for hot showers and cleanup. This removable kitchen pod has places to organize your utensils and camping gear, all in one place.

This is a simple addition for a DIY campervan.

Infinity Interior Kits

Photo: Infinity Vans
  • Van Type: 144″ and 170″ Sprinter
  • Cost: $12,000+
  • What They Offer: Fully integrated interior kits, including floor, walls, and ceiling

Infinity Vans is based in Santa Rosa, California, and produces complete van conversion kits. They know many campers get excited about doing their own DIY conversion and want to build everything from scratch.

However, most of them take a very long time to complete the build and the conversion ends up costing a lot, due to mistakes and changes of heart. This is where their fully integrated systems come in. They aren’t cheap, but they take a lot of work and guesswork out of the equation.

The Infinity Interior Kits come with a platform bed, dinette, kitchen and overhead cabinets. The modular system includes walls, flooring, ceiling, cabinetry and accessories.

Each element is designed to work with the others – the flooring and walls are designed to accept the wiring, and there are cut-outs for gear such as fans and skylights. The kitchen comes with a plumbing system and has cut-outs for the fridge, sink and cooktop.

The kit is available for the 144″ and the 170″ base Sprinter. Either product is a significant investment for any van lifer. However, the kits are high quality and durable. All you need to do is add a fridge, stove, sink, and fan. If you’re practical, you can easily install them yourself – just follow the installation video.

Thinsulate Kits

Photo: Campervan HQ

The Thinsulate Kits by Campervan HQ are a breeze to use when insulating your van for a DIY conversion. These CNC machine-cut kits provide excellent sound dampening, thermal control, and moisture resistance. The panels are composed of polyester and polypropylene fibers and provides a R Value of 5.2.  Because they don’t absorb any water, you won’t experience any moisture, mold or mildew.

Forget about spending time measuring and cutting each panel – these kits come with a handy visual diagram and numbered cut-outs. Just unpack the kit and get insulating.

All you need to do is test fit each piece and attach them to your van’s walls. With the Thinsulate Kits, you can quickly and effortlessly insulate your van, creating a cozy and efficient space for your conversion project.

What are campervan conversion kits?

Campervan conversion kits are pre-made campers you can install in your van DIY, although a few require a professional installation. They can be as simple as a kitchen box and bed platform you can lash down in the trunk of your truck or full-on conversions with a bed, kitchen, and dinette that require proper installation.

It’s important to know that most kits are compatible with a limited number of vehicles. Make sure you do your research before putting a kit in your shopping cart.

What are campervan conversion kits good for?

They are a great way to get yourself a solid, professionally-made camper without spending a fortune on a custom conversion. The waiting time is often shorter than it is for a full professional conversion, too. Some smaller, less complicated kits can be delivered to your door in a matter of weeks.

You can install most of them DIY and are typically fully removable, which is very handy if you plan to use your vehicle during the week or to resell it. The installation process varies based on the kit. Some don’t require any DIY skills, as they simply strap down to your vehicle.

How much do campervan conversion kits cost?

It varies a lot depending on the number of features and the materials used. The simpler ones can cost as little as a few hundred bucks, while the ones with lots of components can cost up to $25,000. Either way, they are a lot cheaper than an equivalent professional conversion.

If a kit seems costly, stop to think about what quality your DIY build would be and how many times you would need to rebuild stuff that’s not solid enough. Also – do you need to buy any tools? Make a list of everything you’d need to buy in order to create your DIY conversion and compare the final figure with the cost of a similar kit.

What types of components do campervan conversion kits include?

It depends. Kits for bigger vans typically include a bed frame, a kitchen kitchenette, a dinette, overhead cabinets, and a shower. Kits for trucks and minivans often feature just a kitchen box and platform bed. The more expensive the kit, the more components it comes with. You’ll need to find a kit which is the perfect balance between budget and components.

We Hope this Helps you with your DIY Van Build!

Camper van conversion kits are the perfect way to turn your van into a mobile home.

The kits come with everything you need- kitchen units, water systems and wheel well cabinets.

You can choose anything from an expensive interior conversion kit for a Mercedes Sprinter van to a cheaper minivan conversion kit with just a bed frame and pull-out drawers.

These companies offer high-quality kits that can be installed in a campervan in a matter of minutes or days. You won’t have to spend hours and hours watching DIY campervan YouTube videos if you order one of these kits. They’ll help get your campervan on the road even faster so you can start living van life ASAP.

Good luck!

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  1. I personally can not see installing cabinets or the like in my van for living. It is to much extra weight and takes up to much room,where you can lust place everything in plastic tubs and slide them under the bed. This is more economical gas wise.
    When living in a van, expenses and extra space are essential.
    I usually go to the big box stores for recommendations and supplies. . (Home Depot, etc)

    1. My boyfriend said the same thing! He thought these conversion kits looked too heavy. We’ll see what happens with my Chevy Astro!

      1. Please let us know how you made out. I have a Safari van and hope I can go camping soon, but my disability has made it hard, so I’ll wait for your answer. Thanks

      2. Check something like Lightweight Sandwich Plywood. Not sure if there are conversion kits, but you can do your DIY project

    2. I know there are some options for a ultra lightweight plywood. It will cost more, but you can still get functionality you need

  2. george@dontpayfull.com says:

    I am also concerned about all the weight that comes with these conversion kits and the toll they will have on the gas. however, they all look marvelous.

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  9. james w kramer says:

    i worry that the availability of these super premium kits will lead to a socio-economic stratification in the van dweller community with those in sprinters with deluxe conversions looking down their noses at people who have just the basics in an old vehicle. i hope not but you know human nature.

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  15. SANDRA L RICE says:

    How do i find a conversion company (I’m in New England)

    1. If you want to buy a conversion kit, you can buy from any US or CA company.
      In this case, I would say, find what you like. Not what is closer to you. For example, https://van2b.com/ – they are in california and can send it to any state. In most cases, companies have free shipping

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  17. Anna mcclellan says:

    We love looking at van conversions. we are dreaming about making one for ourselves. Wish we could get more pictures.

  18. Rogger Brown says:

    Looking at conversion van is just amazing. Hope to find one some day. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

  19. Steve Hetsler says:

    I saw a popup ad on your site about a list of over 100 camper conversion companies in the US. The add went away and I can’t find the list on your site, although there are articles on smaller list. Please send the list to this e-mail and if you need more info send me a link.

    1. I would like to get it too.

  20. A few of these look really great! Thanks for putting this list together A new kit I’ve seen that also looks really nice is New Way Van Life’s SuperStructure Panel Kit. Have you heard of this one? It looks like a really good starting point for a build.

    1. Kristin Hanes says:

      I haven’t heard of that yet. Thanks for sharing!

  21. What about a Chevy Echo?

  22. AL Fratzke says:

    I have a 2022 Honda Van. I am disabled and my mobility is a power wheelchair. At present I transport my power wheel chair on a carrier that connects to the receiver hitch at the rear of the van. I want to convert this van into a campervan with the wheelchair inside the van when transporting. We are a family of 4, two are teenagers, so the camper has to sleep 4. I am thinking about a slide out kitchen in the rear. I need A/C, heat, sink and water. A porta potty would be nice with an outdoor shower. Is this dream possible? When I do this van conversion, I will leave the van with the van conversion company to do the complete remodel. Thanks.

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