6 Ford Transit Camper Vans You Can Buy Right Now

Ford Transit camper vans offer tons of space, comfy seating, and great fuel economy. Plus, they handle really well and are more affordable than Mercedes Sprinters.

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Although Ford Transit camper vans don’t carry the same Instagram-worthy cache of  Mercedes Sprinter conversions, they have been growing in popularity among the vanlife community in recent years. 

Ford Transit camper vans offer tons of space, comfy seating, and great fuel economy. Plus, they handle really well and are more affordable than Mercedes Sprinters.

With all that said, it’s no wonder many van conversion companies create gorgeous Ford Transit camper vans that are ideal for full-time living.

Whether you’re looking for your first camper van, or you’re a seasoned van-dweller who’s thinking of upgrading, this article has everything you need to know about Ford Transit campervans.

We’ve also found 6 gorgeous Ford Transit camper conversions, any of which would look amazing on Instagram!

Ford Transit Campers You Can Buy Right Now

While some people might opt to do a DIY Ford Transit camper, there are a couple you can buy at dealerships, and several you can order as custom van conversions.

1. Coachmen Beyond

Coachman Ford Transit Camper for sale
Photo: Coachman

Although it’s common for Class C motorhomes to be built on a Ford Transit chassis, Coachmen is the only major RV manufacturer to offer a Class B Ford Transit camper.

The Coachmen Beyond is available in 3 different floorplans, all built on a Ford Transit 350 HD, featuring a 3.5L EcoBoost engine, 10-speed transmission, and remote start.

Each of the well-designed campervan layouts maximizes the living space and offer plenty of intelligent storage solutions, as well as a van kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and 2-burner stove.

The 22C layout features a rear lounge area, and the power sofa converts to a comfortable bed at the push of a button. This Ford Transit camper also has a convenient master control panel that allows you to monitor lights, temperature, and other settings via the touchscreen or your phone.

Features like the fully-enclosed bathroom, 24” HDTV, and Truma Combi comfort and hot water system make this Ford Transit camper van feel luxurious, and the option of a sophisticated solar/battery management system means you could live off-grid in maximum comfort in the Coachmen Beyond. 

Learn more about the Coachman Beyond here.

2. Pleasure-Way OnTour Ford Transit Camper

Pleasure Way's OnTour Ford Transit Camper
Photo: Pleasure Way

Pleasure-Way’s Ford Transit camper is built on the Ford 2500 chassis and offers 78″ of headroom, a large rear bed and a van bathroom.

The roomy wet bath is perfect for longer road trips for people not wanting to seek out rest stops. You’ll find a handheld shower head, mirror, rack and ceramic toilet with foot flush.

The fully-equipped kitchen features an induction cooktop, refrigerator, microwave and large stainless steel sink.

Looking to relax after a long day of outdoor adventures? Entertainment systems include a TV with swing mount, Bose speakers, Bluray player and HDTV antennae.

This luxury Ford Transit camper is definitely one to check out – available at dealerships across the U.S.

Learn more about the Pleasure-Way OnTour.

3. Vandoit Ford Transit Camper Conversion

VanDoIt 4x4 Ford Transit camper van parked in the snow
Photo: VanDoIt

Based in Blue Springs, MO, Vandoit specializes in converting Ford Transit RVs for active folks who need to be able to take lots of gear along for the ride.

Vandoit offers 2 different packages for its Ford Transit camper, LIV and DO, and prices range from $48,000 to $108,000 for one of these awesome Ford Transit campers.

The conversion design is based around a modular T-Track skeleton that lines the interior of the van, leaving the customization of the interior up to you.

The super-nifty kitchen pod in this Ford Transit campervan attaches to the T-Track, and can be moved around, depending on where you’ll need it. The LIV package includes a hydraulic bed that can be lifted to provide storage underneath, or create room for another bed. 

The DO package, meanwhile, features an innovative open design, with modular Murphy beds that fold up to create gear space, and lots of attachment points for hooks, shelves, and tie-downs. This package has been designed for those who might need to bring bikes or kayaks on their adventures.

Vandoit offers an abundance of options, including pop-up van showers, 4×4 van conversions, and solar arrays, and with every van sold, they donate a bicycle to someone in need.

These are truly amazing Ford Transit campers that come from a principled company.

Learn more about VanDoIt.

Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 Camper

Ford Transit camper van conversion by Sportsmobile
Photo: Sportsmobile

The folks at Sportsmobile have been in the business of converting vans since 1961, so they really know what they’re doing. Sportsmobile offers a wide range of tried-and-tested features for their conversions, and if you’re looking for an awesome Ford Transit camper, they’ve got you covered.

Sportsmobile offers dozens of configurations for a Ford Transit camper conversion, with a variety of options for seats, beds, windows, and kitchen layouts.

You can also choose from a range of plumbing, heating, and electrical systems that will make your Ford Transit camper the ideal vanlife rig.

One of Sportsmobile’s most popular options is its penthouse pop-top. This supremely-designed pop-top provides a ton of extra space inside the camper, and can be configured to house an extra bed, making it a great option for van-dwelling families.

If you want to design your own Ford Transit camper conversion, Sportsmobile will work with you. They’ve done it all, so your dream layout shouldn’t raise any eyebrows, and getting started is easy with their online design tool. 

Learn more about Sportsmobile.

Colorado Camper Van

Since starting out in a small garage in 2009, this company has exploded in popularity, and now occupies a huge warehouse in Loveland, CO. It’s here that Colorado Camper Van creates some of the coolest Ford Transit camper conversions you’ll ever see.

Starting at $13,290, “Base Camp” is the company’s most affordable campervan conversion. This option provides insulation, flooring, walls and ceiling, LED lighting, and wiring, and is great for those who want plenty of storage for their gear in a space that can be added to in the future.

For a more livable Ford Transit camper conversion, the “Adventuremobile” interior takes things further, providing a kitchen area, slider windows, and a bench seat that converts to a bed. The “Dine and Dash” option is similar, but has a 4-seater dining area at the rear which converts to a comfy bed. Both of these options feature dimmable LED lighting, water tanks, and plenty of storage space.

Starting at $25,625, Colorado Camper Vans’ most expensive conversion is called “The Road West”. This interior is reminiscent of a classic VW camper design, with a rear bench seat that converts to a bed and tons of storage space.

With the addition of the 4-season insulated pop-top option, this awesome Ford Transit camper van conversion will sleep 4 people comfortably.

Learn more about Colorado campervan.

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Tourig Ford Transit Campervan with pop top
Photo: Tourig

In business since 2015, TouRig is one of the newer kids on the block, but this Golden, CO-based company that started in a garage has quickly become one of the most highly-rated camper van conversion companies.

Tourig can do almost anything to design a Ford Transit camper that’ll be the van of your dreams. They offer sleeping options for up to 6 people,custom-tailored campervan mattresses, customized seating arrangements, and thoughtful storage solutions including their exclusive ‘Airliner Storage Cabinets’.

When it comes to exterior options, there are so many that it’ll be hard to choose. You can opt for thermal window tinting, ladders, roof racks, awnings, and more, and it seems that no matter how you’re going to use your Ford Transit camper van, Tourig has you covered.

Tourig has a really cool online store where you can purchase all kinds of van life accessories and goodies. They also offer pre-built vans, too, but these sell like hot cakes and it’s best to sign up for their mailing list if you want to get in on the action.

Learn more about TouRig vans here.

Modvans Ford Transit Camper

Interior of a Modvans Ford Transit RV conversion
Photo: Modvans

The folks behind the Ventura, CA based company, Modvans really love Ford Transits, and they’ve spent years perfecting the design of their Ford Transit camper conversion.

The CV1 is Modvans’ primary offering and is built on a Ford Transit 150 chassis low-roof van. This conversion features a pop-top and has sleeping options both “upstairs” and “downstairs”.

Modvans’ Ford Transit camper conversion features a clean, modern design that is marketed toward families and provides a simple and elegant vanlife solution.

Similar to Vandoit conversions, the Modvans CV1 is based around a modular design that allows all cabinets, seats, and accessories to be removed. 

This awesome Ford Transit camper comes with everything you’ll need, including a stove, fridge, toilet, and LED lighting. Modvans offers an assortment of extras, too, allowing you to customize your van in any number of ways.

Learn more about ModVans.

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So, is a Ford Transit Camper Van Right For You?

When making a decision as large as moving into a camper van full time, it’s always best to have all the facts. So let’s review the basic facts for the Ford Transit camper.

In 2014 Ford came up with (intentionally or not), another large cargo van option for camper enthusiasts with the Ford Transit. This van simulates the size of Mercedes Sprinter but for a fraction of the cost.

If your van camping dreams include more space with a discounted price, a Ford Transit camper conversion may be the answer for you.

The Ford Transit camper is a large passenger or cargo van that is a great shell for your home on wheels.

Like the Sprinter van, there are varying height options. For full-time van living, a high or medium top Ford Transit camper would be the best choice, unless you’re planning on adding a pop-top for standing up.

For low-roof and medium-roof Ford Transit camper vans, there are Ford 150/250/350 options and for the HR model there are 250/350 options available. This equates to engine power and weight capacities. Depending on what your needs and desires are, this will be something to pay attention to in your search.

The specs and measurements for all Ford Transit vans can be found here. A 2021 Ford Transit van can start at $34,000.

The Positive of a Ford Transit Camper van

Purchasing a large campervan will be a big decision. With any large decision its best to research all your options and the pros and cons of each.

First, we’ll go over the positives of a Ford Transit campervan. 

Ford Transit Camper Vans are Cheaper

As mentioned before, a Ford Transit camper van can be a money saver when considering a large cargo van conversion.

When searching for a used Ford van, converted or not, you will find a significant cost decrease from a Mercedes.

In addition, a Ford Transit camper van conversion is less expensive to maintain and repair. Since the main reason for most to venture into van life is to travel, regular repairs and servicing will be expected and inevitable.

Thus with a Ford camper van, you will have less recurring cost and less upfront cost.

Easy to Drive

The Ford Transit camper is known for very easy driving for such a large vehicle. Steering is noted to be responsive and the van has a tight turning radius.

With a standard V6 engine, it offers decent power for all your van life adventures.

Lots of Space

A large Ford camper van offers endless possibilities for your conversion dreams. Check the specs for exact measurements.

There is easily enough room to comfortably fit a couple, family, and travel pets.

The negatives of a Ford Transit

Now, we’ll go over the negatives of a Ford Transit camper van so you can make an informed choice as to which van to buy for a DIY camper.

Ford Transit camper van parked near a river with a man sitting in a chair nearby
Renting a Ford Transit is a great way to see if you love it. See campervans for rent on Outdoorsy.

Towing capacity

The Ford Transit van conversion does have towing capacity but not as much as similar vans in its class. So if your van life plans involve frequent heavy towing, this may not be the best van for you.

Drivetrain limitations

The 2020 Ford Transit campervan is in the first of its class to have AWD capabilities. The 2019 and earlier versions you will only find 2WD. This can limit some harsh weather and off-grid adventures.

However, you can always turn a Ford Transit into a 4×4 with a Quigley conversion.

DIY Ford Transit Camper Van Conversion versus Custom Conversion

When looking at the numbers, a DIY Ford Transit van conversion will always be cheaper. But it’s not always a black-and-white money decision.

A DIY Ford Transit campervan conversion requires space and time. It’s important to consider all these factors when deciding which way to go.

A professional Ford Transit van conversion can be beautiful but can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a custom build. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options.

A well known Ford Transit conversion company is Sportsmobile. Many professional conversion companies are beginning to work on Ford vans as well as Sprinters.

Another company that does gorgeous Ford Transit camper van custom conversion is Van Life Customs. Their latest Vincent Van-Go van is a jaw-dropper.

Interior of the Vincent Van Go Ford Transit van with bed and kitchen
The Vincent Van-Go Ford Transit campervan by Van Life Customs has a gorgeous interior.

If you find you want to go the DIY route there are a few resources on the internet to help guide you in the process.

If you want something in between DIY and professional conversion, a campervan conversion kit may be a great option for you.

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Conclusion on Ford Transit campervans

If you are looking for a van to live in full time with more than one person and in need of large space, a Ford Transit campervan conversion can be a great option for you. You will find the price to be less upfront and less throughout the miles you put on it for your van adventures.

These vans are easy to drive and reliable, which is a must for long road trips.

The Ford Transit 2019 and older vans will not be the best option if your adventures will often require 4 wheel drive. It may also not be the best if you are in need a van that needs to do heavy towing.

But remember, the newer 2020 Ford Transits will come with an AWD option.

Overall, a Ford Transit is a great option for those looking for a spacious, reliable, and cost-effective van!

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