Ford Transit Camper Conversion Kit: 13 Kits for a DIY Van

485 shares If a Ford Transit seems like it could be the ideal rig for your van life adventures, you might be feeling intimidated by…

Interior of a Ford Transit camper conversion kit

If a Ford Transit seems like it could be the ideal rig for your van life adventures, you might be feeling intimidated by the prospect of converting the thing yourself. The process can take up a lot of your time and not everyone will feel comfortable with the idea of all the hard work involved.

That’s where a DIY Ford Transit camper conversion kit comes in — it’s a relatively affordable way of converting your van using pre-made components that have been designed by experts. You can have a DIY van conversion kit shipped to your door, then install it yourself or hire a professional installer.

We’ve created a list of the best Ford Transit camper conversion kits we could find. Let’s start by looking at the benefits of a Ford Transit van for a DIY build.

Why Choose a Ford Transit for a DIY Conversion?

Ford Transit camper van conversion by Sportsmobile
Photo courtesy Sportsmobile

The Ford Transit cargo van was introduced to the North American market in 2015 and it didn’t take long to become super popular.

More recently, the Ford Transit has become a major player in the van life community. Many folks have chosen to abandon their Sprinter dreams in favor of a van that’s way more affordable, easier to convert, and extremely reliable.

In 2020, the playing field was officially leveled when Ford released an AWD Transit van. This means van dwellers who want the ultimate off-grid adventure machine have an option other than the pricey 4×4 Sprinter van.

Let’s take a look at why the Ford Transit could be a great choice for a DIY conversion:

  • Affordable option. There’s no doubt about it: a Ford Transit will set you back thousands of dollars less than a Sprinter van. Furthermore, a used Ford Transit could be a really affordable way to break into van life.
  • Low maintenance costs. In the event that something goes wrong with your van, you can be safe in the knowledge that a Ford Transit can be worked on by just about any mechanic. Plus, parts are affordable and readily available.
  • Easy to drive. Talk to any Ford Transit van owner and they’ll tell you how well the van handles. Also, a Ford Transit offers a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Maximum headroom. A high-roof Ford Transit has the most interior headroom of any large panel van. That means you’ll have no problems standing up inside your camper van if you’re on the taller side.
  • Square shape. While a Ford Transit isn’t as boxy as a Ram ProMaster, it’s relatively square shape makes it ideal for a DIY conversion kit.

Ford Transit Conversion Kits for a DIY Build

1) California Custom Vans

Ford Transit campervan conversion kit by California Custom Vans
Photo: California Custom Vans

California Custom Vans is located in Oceanside, California and specializes in producing fully customized camper van conversions. These guys will convert pretty much any van you can think of, including Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transits.

Starting at $3,600, the California Custom Vans DIY Ford Transit camper conversion kit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable option that’s quick and easy to install. The bed/bench system is modeled after the company’s popular Ram ProMaster City conversion but can easily fit in a Ford Transit van.

The DIY kit comes in two pieces for easy installation and slides right into your van. After that, it’s simply a case of mounting the pieces to the van’s floor or frame using the included D-rings and hardware.

The L-shaped bench quickly converts to a large bed and there’s more than enough storage space. Plus, every kit comes with an awesome slide-out BBQ drawer which has space for a two-burner camp stove. Made from sustainably sourced maple, the California Custom Vans kit is both rugged and durable, making it a fantastic starting point for your DIY conversion!

2) Adventure Wagon

Ford Transit interior kit by Adventure Wagon
Photo: Adventure Wagon

Based in Portland, Oregon, Adventure Wagon produces some pretty incredible DIY van conversion kits for Sprinters and Ford Transits.

The company’s modular Ford Transit camper conversion kit is really cool and allows you to configure your van conversion in just about any way you can imagine. What’s more, the Adventure Wagon website features an awesome step-by-step guide to installing your conversion kit, that includes detailed video tutorials.

The Adventure Wagon Standard Interior System for a Ford Transit costs $13,500 and includes an A-frame steel support system, insulation panels, and an L-track system for fully to make the conversion fully modular. You’ll also get a plug-n-play electrical system with dimmable LED lights and beautiful wall panels in either bamboo or marine grade plywood.

As you might imagine, Adventure Wagon offers loads of optional add-ons including van heaters and storage solutions. You can also order their MOAB bed platform, which attaches to the L-track and can be moved up and down to create extra storage.

3) Titan Vans TIMBER Camper Van Conversion

TIMBER Camper Van Conversion by Titan Vans

This trusted company specializes in manufacturing durable and serviceable camper van builds that fit High Roof Sprinters, Transits, and ProMasters. Their TIMBER Camper Van Conversion is $24,757 and features a galley, removable Bi-Slide bed, spray-down shower, cabinetry, plumbing, an electrical system with solar and batteries, paneling, flooring and insulation.

You can upgrade your camper with a ceiling fan, windows, a fridge, a heater, and more.

The cost includes the installation in Boulder, Colorado. The guys at Titan Vans are in the process of selecting approved installers and on producing a DIY kit version, too.

Aside from the TIMBER Camper Van Conversion, Titan Vans also manufactures simple, effective, and affordable DIY kitchen units, shelving, additional seating, and much more. You can pick and choose these to create a more economical conversion.

4) Flatline Van Co.

Flatline van’s kitchenette and cabinets

Flatline Van Co. is another van life outfitter that offers a ton of components to help you achieve the camper van of your dreams. Although Flatline Van Co. stocks products for Sprinters and Ram ProMasters, they also produce several components that have been specifically designed for a Ford Transit conversion.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, one of our favorite things about this company is that it offers free shipping on all products and you’ll receive your package within a few days!

As well as roof racks, ladders, and van life awnings, Flatline Van Co. sells an awesome wheel well cubby that creates a super cool and convenient storage area. The company also produces beautiful and functional kitchen galleys in a couple of different sizes.

However, our favorite Ford Transit product is the three-panel bed platform. Made from sturdy aluminum and featuring stainless steel side mounting brackets, the Transit bed can be used with the Adventure Wagon L-track system or mounted using the Flatline Van Co. DIY brackets.

You can even buy a comfortable campervan mattress that’s been designed to fit perfectly to the Transit bed.


QuQuQ box is a simple and easy Ford Transit conversion kit

Ququq is a German company that’s been making big strides into the North American market with its modular conversion kit.

If you aren’t a full-time van lifer, committing to a complicated DIY conversion might seem like too much work. That’s where the Ququq Campingbox comes in — this amazing modular camping system will fit nicely in any Ford Transit van and can be removed at any time with the minimum of fuss.

The Ququq Campingbox is a full kitchen with a fold-out bed up top. Featuring an intelligent and sophisticated design, the Campingbox opens up to reveal a neat kitchen setup that includes wash basins, tons of storage, water tanks, and a two-burner cooktop. There’s even dedicated space for your van life cooler.

Best of all, you don’t need tools or DIY knowhow to install and use the Campingbox. The bed simply folds out and is supported by sturdy legs. Not only that, the included foam mattress is said to be about as comfortable as it gets!

6) Trail Kitchens

A kitchen unit is a great part of a Ford Transit campervan conversion kit
Photo: Trail Kitchens

We just love what Truckee, California-based Trail Kitchens produces. If you’re looking for a wide range of thoughtfully designed modular components for your DIY van build, you should definitely check these guys out.

As the name suggests, Trail Kitchens offers a range of lightweight kitchen and plumbing solutions that are easy to integrate into Ford Transit vans. You can choose from a variety of products, but our favorite is the Van Kitchen.

Costing $2,925, this is a complete water and cooking setup with a 14-gallon marine grade water system, stove, and sprayer faucet. The whole thing can be moved outside and, with the optional hot water upgrade, turned into a fantastic outdoor van life shower!

Trail Kitchens also produces elegant storage solutions just for Ford Transits, as well as awesome wheel well cabinets, These are available in multiple configurations for storage, water systems, and battery systems. Plus, the wheel well cabinets can be used as mounting supports for bed panels, which is really handy.

7) VanLab

Van Lab Ford Transit kit interior
Photo: Van Lab

VanLab is a relatively new company that produces a DIY conversion kit that’s one of the best we’ve seen.

At an entirely reasonable price of $8,995, the complete DIY kit for the long wheelbase Ford Transit is flat packed like IKEA furniture and shipped to your door. Plus, it comes with all the tools, hinges, screws, and instructions you’ll need.

In fact, the company claims anyone can install the kit over the course of a weekend, even those with no prior DIY experience!

The VanLab DIY van conversion kit is made from sustainably sourced Baltic birch plywood that comes pre-finished. The kitchen galley is available in different configurations to fit a sink, cooler, and 12-volt fridge, and the company can recommend products that’ll fit perfectly into the cutouts. You’ll also get a queen size bed system, cabinets, and a table.

To round things out, the VanLab kit comes with an integrated wiring loom to make powering your van a breeze. The electrical system includes lighting, fuses, circuit breakers, and a couple of USB chargers.

Use the coupon code FREESHIPWAYWARD to get free shipping on your order, which could save you round $500!

8) Vanaholic

Photo: Vanholic

Based in sunny Southern California, Vanaholic produces a range of lightweight and super durable modular DIY van conversion kits. We’ve been really impressed by what we’ve seen, and if you’re looking for an elegant, no-frills DIY conversion kit this is definitely one to check out.

Made from rugged and lightweight aluminum and polycarbonates, Vanaholic kits won’t rattle and creak when you’re out on the road. Plus, starting at $9,500, these modular systems are surprisingly affordable.

Vanaholic offers four different DIY van conversion kits, all of which fit nicely in Ford Transit vans. The least expensive option features an ingenious foldaway table that converts to a large bed, and also comes with tons of storage, a kitchen, and an electrical setup.

If you want to go all out, the Mojito kit has a rad height-adjustable Queen sized bed as well as an extra convertible bed/table system that converts to one large bed or two singles.

9) Adventure Vehicle Concepts

wall paneling interior kit inside a Ford Transit
Photo: Adventure Vehicle Concepts

The only company on our list to manufacture products solely for Ford Transit vans, Adventure Vehicle Concepts offers full conversions, DIY kits, and professional advice for Ford Transit camper van owners. Seriously, these guys really know what they’re talking about!

If you’re just getting started with your DIY van build, Adventure Vehicle Concepts can provide you with a solid foundation for your dream machine. You can order everything from insulated flooring systems to Baltic birch floor and wall kits.

This company also makes some pretty awesome gear for your van’s exterior, including cargo deck panels and really cool roof racks. In fact, the AVC Transit 148 Extended Roof Rack provides over 10 feet of space for storage, solar panels, or whatever gear mounting.

The roof rack even works as a base for some rooftop tent systems, which could give you a ton of extra sleeping space.


Tourig Ford Transit Campervan with pop top
Photo: Tourig

Although TOURIG specializes in custom builds for Transit vans and Sprinters, the Colorado-based company also offers a wide range of products for a DIY conversion.

If you’re looking for window covers, screens, roof racks, or storage solutions, the folks at TOURIG have got you covered. Not only that, you can order an incredible kitchen galley that’s one of the best we’ve seen.

The TOURIG Airliner Modular Galley features a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction and can be mounted using a modular L-track system or attached to the van walls for a permanent setup. The galley has plenty of storage space and even has a pull-out drawer designed to accommodate a Dometic top-loading fridge.

Another TOURIG product we love is the portable van life shower system, which has been designed for use inside or outside a camper van. Seriously, this is one of the best solutions we’ve seen for staying clean while on the road!

11) Flarespace

Flarespace bed and flares
Flarespace bed and flares

Flarespace is best known for its signature side flares, which many seasoned van lifers have installed in their custom build.

The side flares are pretty easy to install, and provide a surprising amount of extra room inside your van. Plus, you’ll be able to sleep across the width of your camper van which gives you way more living space.

Flarespace also offers loads of accessories for Ford Transit vans, including a wall panel kit, flare trim rings with lights and USB ports, and bed systems designed to work with side flares.

Perhaps the most cost-effective option is to buy the company’s Ultimate Bundle for Ford Transit vans.

Costing $6,094, this is essentially a DIY conversion kit. You’ll get a set of side flares, those awesome trim rings, as well as hardware and a finishing kit. Best of all, the bundle includes a bed system with a 5 inch thick memory foam mattress and all the bedding you’ll need.

12) Happier Camper

Happier camper Adaptiv kit inside a camper van
Adaptiv kit for campervans

This Los Angeles-based company has dreamed up a revolutionary van conversion kit called the Adaptive system. Although the kit isn’t yet available for Ford Transit vans, Happier Camper claims it’ll be ready soon.

We definitely think the Adaptive system might be worth waiting for if you’re looking for a DIY conversion kit. This modular system starts with 1.5 inch honeycomb fiberglass flooring that’s strong and lightweight.

Components can then be snapped into place and secured using D-rings. What’s great is that you can pick and choose from a number of components, including a kitchenette, bunk bed/couch, toilet, and cooler cube. Even better, nothing in the Adaptive system is permanent, so you can move things around, remove them, or add more components if you want.

13) Thinsulate Kits

A Thinsulate Kit installation

Most conversion kits don’t come with insulation – that’s something you usually have to think about yourself. And that can be pretty overwhelming. The guys at Campervan HQ have come up with a super cool product, which will save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration when it comes to insulating your van.

Their Thinsulate Kits for Ford Transits are CNC machine-cut panels made of polyester and polypropylene fibers, so they provide a R Value of 5.2. They make for a great sound dampening, thermal control, and moisture barrier.

No need to waste time measuring and cutting, because these kits come with a visual diagram and numbered cut-outs. Just unpack the kit and get started.

Conclusion on Ford Transit Camper Conversion Kits

We hope you’ve found this article on Ford Transit conversion kits helpful! As we’ve seen, you’ve got plenty of options, ranging from picking and choosing a few modular components to going the whole hog and installing a full DIY conversion kit.

Either way, a Ford Transit camper conversion kit will enable you to start living your Ford Transit camper van dreams in no time!

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