These Stunning Timber Van Kits Get You a Pro Camper for Less Than $25K

We’ll show you how to get the equivalent of a full camper van interior installed professionally for less than $25,000.

Want to convert your van into a camper but don’t care for spending months planning and working on our own build? The TIMBER Camper Van Conversion by TIMBER Van Kits comes with a kitchen, a king size bed, flooring, insulation, plumbing, and an electrical system – all for under $25,000. 

Could this be the ultimate budget professional camper van conversion?

TIMBER Van Kits Timber one of the leading van conversion companies in America, based in Boulder, Colorado. They launched the sister company to provide a solution for campers who don’t want to carry out a time-consuming DIY conversion but can’t afford a professional van build. Prices for these often go well over $50,000, making them cost-prohibitive for many people.

The Standard Options for the TIMBER Camper Van Conversion 

TIMBER Van Kits builds and installs these full conversion kits for the Mercedes Sprinter, Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit vans. 

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The standard kit, which is called TIMBER Camper Van Conversion, features a kitchen with sink and faucet, a retractable and removable Bi-Slide bed, a spray-down shower and cabinetry. 

The guys at TIMBER Van Kits also install flooring, paneling and insulation, plumbing, and an electrical system

For under $25,000, you get a fully-functional camper van that’s ready to hit the road. That’s pretty impressive, huh?

The Upgrades for Your Timber Van Kit

You can upgrade the kit by adding a bigger power system, a higher-spec finish, windows, a 4.6 cubic feet fridge/freezer, a ceiling fan and a heater. 

Having these as options means you don’t have to add anything you don’t need to the build.

The Interior of the TIMBER Camper Van Conversion

the cabinetry inside a timber van kit

This build offers a simple and practical interior with all the comforts you need to live the van life. 

Let’s take a closer look at the standard features.

The campervan’s kitchen is located on the left hand side of the van, in front of the sliding door. It features a decent counter space with a sink and a space for a fridge/freezer. You need to use a portable gas or induction stove to cook. The sink drains into two 6-gallon gray water tanks. All plumbing is connected to a 22-gallon fresh water tank located in the back via an electric pump. 

The bed is at the rear of the vehicle and can be configured in different ways, depending on how much space you need in the van. You can remove it fully if you need to carry something tall, like a motorcycle.

You can keep it in stowed mode, which allows you to easily access the storage cabinets in the garage, or you can pull on a telescopic slide-out panel to make it bigger. When fully deployed, it’s as big as a king size bed. We think that’s a pretty neat design, as it’s versatile and suitable for taller people.

The garage and electrical area of the Timber van kit

By the bed there are overhead cabinets, 2 USB ports, a switch for some LED lights and a 120V outlet. If you add windows to your configuration, there will also be two awning windows with bug screens on either side of the bed.

At the back of the van there’s additional storage, the 22-gallon water tank with a sight slot for checking the water level and a spray-down shower with an 86″ braided stainless steel shower hose. This is super useful for rinsing any muddy gear or showering off the back, when the weather allows it. 

TIMBER Van Kits use 1/4″ Baltic birch panels and 30mm thick advanced, thermal-acoustic, D-Mat synthetic insulation to insulate the cabin. The flooring is made out of 1/2 inch marine-grade plywood, covered with an aerospace grade, one-piece, coin-dot vinyl. That’s pretty good for a budget build, in our opinion.

Finally, you can either add your own upholstery to decorate the interior as you like or opt for their tweed upholstery and a satin clear oil finish for the cabinetry.

Installation Options and Prices

Twenty-five thousand dollars is already pretty darn cheap for a full conversion, but you can cut the price down by another $8,500 by choosing to install the kit yourself. The DIY kit from Timber starts from $15,995, while the full installation by TIMBER Van Kits starts from $24,575.

A 3d image showing the entire timber van conversion kit

The DIY kit isn’t available just yet, but should be released in early 2024. If you don’t live in Colorado, you will also be able to get the installation done by an approved builder closer to you in the near future.

For now, the kit is available for these models:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 144″ High Roof (2007 onwards)
  • Ford Transit 148″ High Roof
  • Ram ProMaster 136″ High Roof.

Ordering a kit is easy. Simply choose your favorite options and fill out a form to request your build. Pay half the price of the kit to secure your spot. Once you make the payment, the guys will be in touch to schedule your build.

So what do you think? Is this low-cost conversion kit the perfect solution for van lifers on a budget who don’t want to build their own DIY conversion from scratch?

Overall, we think this kit is great value for money. You’d struggle to find a professionally-installed conversion for a big cargo van for $25,000. And if you bought every piece of gear plus all the materials and tools yourself, you’d probably end up spending close to $16,000.

The advantage of buying the DIY campervan conversion kit over going solo is that it’s all planned and measured out for you. So if you like the floor plan, this is a huge advantage – it will save you a ton of time (and mistakes!).

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