Episode 40: Powering Up Your Van Life: The Simplest DIY Electrical System for Campervans

Are you ready to power up your camper van adventures? I am super excited to be sharing a really simple solution to campervan electrical systems,…

Are you ready to power up your camper van adventures? I am super excited to be sharing a really simple solution to campervan electrical systems, something that stymies lots of DIY van builders.

Join us for a chat with  Gregory Keith, founder of Campervan HQ and author of the Sprinter RV Conversion Source Book. We shine a light on the innovative EcoFlow Power Kit – a game changer that’s redefining the DIY van life experience.

Ever wondered about the common pitfalls of wiring a van system? We’ve got you covered. Gregory and I dissect the dangers of improper cable fusing, crimping, and the risk of incorrectly vented propane appliances – illuminating the potential hazards that come with van conversion. We also put the spotlight on different battery sizes, discussing the pros and cons of the five-kilowatt battery and four lithium batteries, and the importance of keeping lithium batteries warm.

We don’t just stop at identifying potential issues, we provide solutions. Discover how the EcoFlow Power Kit simplifies the process of installing an electrical system in your van. Learn about its power hub which consolidates five components into one compact box and how it comes with pre-provided cabling, reducing the need for a multitude of other components. Gregory shares valuable insights on how to select the right battery system for your van and how to calculate your power needs. Let’s power your camper van adventures together.

Remember to use the coupon code WAYWARD 10 to get 10% off an EcoFlow Power Kit if you spend over $4,000.

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What We Discuss in Episode 40 of The Wayward Home Podcast:

Ecoflow Power Kit in a campervan
  • Gregory Keith describes the Ecoflow Power Kits, specifically the Independence Kit, which includes the power hub, power kit console, AC DC panel, and battery. He explains that the power hub combines multiple components into one box, making it a compact and plug-and-play system.
  • Gregory Keith discusses the advantages of the Ecoflow Power Kits over portable power stations, including a more powerful inverter, larger battery capacity, and longer battery life. He also mentions that the Ecoflow Power Kits simplify the process of figuring out the right components and tools needed for a DIY electrical system.
  • Gregory Keith discusses common electrical mistakes made by DIYers and converters, including improper fusing, wrong wire usage, and poorly put-together systems.
  • Keith explains the build process for the EcoFlow power system, including the placement of components like the power hub, power kit console, and distribution panel.
  • Keith compares the weight and size of the EcoFlow power system’s batteries to those of other popular batteries like the Battleborn batteries, and highlights the EcoFlow’s built-in automatic heating feature.
  • Keith explains the benefits of 48 volt systems, including thinner wiring and reduced weight, and how the EcoFlow power kit simplifies the process of using mixed voltage systems.
  • Gregory Keith shares advice and resources for those doing their first van build with Ecoflow power kits.

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