Episode 25: How One Woman’s Camping Invention got on ABC’s Shark Tank

20 shares When Kressa Peterson was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had to undergo a double mastectomy. To help her heal and find herself again,…

Kressa and Mark

When Kressa Peterson was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had to undergo a double mastectomy. To help her heal and find herself again, Kressa started doing dirty, muddy Spartan races. What she soon discovered was that there was no easy way to shower when traveling to these races in her Land Cruiser, which she also used for sleeping and camping.

Hence, the Shower Toga was born!

Kressa started using her Shower Toga in a parking lot when she finished running a race, and people started asking her for one, too. The Shower Toga wraps around your body and let’s you shower in a public area. It hangs around your neck and has holes so you can scrub away and nobody is the wiser.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how she invented Shower Toga and how Kressa eventually got on ABC’s Shark Tank, a herculean feat!

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What We Cover in Episode 25 of The Wayward Home Podcast

  • Kressa’s experience with camping and nomad life
  • How she fought for 16 months to get a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank with Mark Cuban
  • How to use a Shower Toga and how the Shower Toga can also double as a space blanket to keep warm in an emergency
  • Why Kressa donated hundreds of Shower Togas to hospitals during the pandemic, and her quest to give shower togas to women in the military
  • How to manage a retail business on the road – Kressa started out living in a trailer while she started her first business

About Kressa Peterson and Shower Toga

Kressa and Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank

Kressa Peterson is a lifelong adventurer. From the age of 3 she was backcountry hiking for weeks on end with her brother and father. Her love for the great outdoors, and the freedom that comes with it, continued into her adult years. 4 years ago

Kressa invented a product called Shower Toga and Shower Toga plus for changing and showering in public. This initially was an invention she created only for herself to fulfill a need she had when adventuring and racing Spartan Races after her breast cancer diagnosis.

During this time Kressa, and he husband Tony, were traveling all over the country in a Toyota Landcruiser and sometimes pulling a small pop up camper depending upon location. Kressa eventually had so many people asking her to make them a Shower Toga that she started a Kickstarter to raise money for a patent and her first production.

She eventually made it on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank and closed a deal with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. She, and her husband, purchased a fifth wheel and a dually truck so she could have room for inventory. They travel extensively seeing the country and promoting Shower Toga.

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