Tiny house furniture ideas for a cozy space in 2020

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Designing and building tiny houses for comfortable living is like a puzzle. While the pieces can fit together in countless ways, the combination has to be just right to achieve a truly livable space. Tiny house furniture is a crucial part of this equation.

Figuring out what makes the most sense for you and your small space can be challenging. As you consider individual furniture items, you must consider how everything you choose will work together. For instance, do the dimensions of your sofa and table work together in the living area, or does one eat up too much space?

So, due to the overall limited square footage, tiny home space saving furniture is a must. 

A little extra upfront legwork is required to find the perfect items for your layout, as compared to a more traditional home. But it is 100% worth it in the end!

Let’s dig into top considerations and options.

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Tiny home space saving furniture

When it comes to tiny home furniture, compact design is the name of the game.

Say goodbye to items like a full-size dining room table. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. It just needs to be much smaller and possibly transform in some way. 

Maximize the efficiency of your tiny home with multi-functional furniture. 

Ultimately, you want a stylish, cozy space to enjoy daily living functions, like chilling, eating, and sleeping. The goal is to accommodate these needs while minimizing any storage sacrifices. For example, don’t want to have to choose between a plush couch and having enough clothing storage.

In my tiny home, our couch is a prime storage space. Underneath the seating area, it features two deep drawers, perfect for linens and off-season clothes, as well as an open compartment for dog supplies.

Check out even more tiny house storage ideas to maximize your space. 

Custom built-ins for tiny house furniture

The very best way to maximize your tiny home efficiency is through custom built-ins. Firstly, your open floor space is typically between 120 and 400 square feet (excluding any lofts). Then divide that up into the living area, kitchen, and bathroom. 

Each room is now 40-133 square feet each, assuming you have a sleeping loft. Now mentally furnish these spaces. It seems almost ridiculous to imagine how you could fit everything you need into such micro footprints.

With completely custom tiny home space saving furniture, you more easily meet your needs with tailored solutions. 

Tiny home living area with a tiny house couch, space saving shoe storage and fold down table.

That’s what my partner and I did in our 130 square foot tiny home. Every inch maximized via our built-ins, such as our shoe rack. It’s situated in the front corner of the house.

While only 1′ wide by 6′ tall, it can store up to 20 pairs of shoes. Nothing else could work in this little corner.

Further, our most multi-functional, custom tiny house furniture creation is our closet. Impressively, it is used for four additional functions: stairs, seating/storage chest, and bookshelf. You can’t find that in a store! 

Though, there are downsides to built-ins. For starters, furniture building  for a tiny house can require fine carpentry skills. So unless you’re an experienced carpenter, you might want to hire out, which can be more costly than store-bought furniture.  

When it comes to tiny house seating, the expense is two-fold: the structure and the cushions. To give you a better idea, we were just quoted $600 for upholstered, high-density foam cushions for our built-in bench seat couch. Ouch! That’s as much as or up to 3 times more than what’s on the market.

How to find tiny home space saving furniture

Most readily available furniture in physical stores just won’t work in a tiny home. Online shopping is your friend!

Fortunately, there are more options than ever before. Search for “small space furniture” or “small apartment furniture,” many of which will work for a tiny house.

Couple taking advantage of their versatile tiny house furniture.
Photo by Keith Ladzinski Photography

When considering your options, be sure to pay close attention to the dimensions (height, width, and depth). Also, keep in mind how different furniture pieces will fit together in your tiny home. 

It might help to draw it out on graph paper, but don’t forget to do it to scale for an accurate feel for your tiny house furniture layout.

Here’s a look at tiny home furniture options currently available online, by room:

Tiny house furniture for a comfy, space-saving living area

Kitchen and bedroom tiny house furniture

Do not underestimate the importance of comfortable tiny house seating. Seriously. Just think about it; where will you spend most of the time while relaxing at home? Sitting! 

Keep in mind, the more open your floor plan, the more options you have for easy sofa placement. 

Beyond that, consider other possible uses for your tiny house living area, like storage and a desk. Did you know some tiny houses have a separate home office room (which sometimes doubles as a downstairs bedroom)?

Ultimately, you want to make sure you cover all your daily living needs and desires, based on how you plan to use your tiny home.

Tiny house couches

Serta Copenhagen Storage Loveseat $500-$550

Serta Copenhagen Loveseat is a great piece of tiny home space saving furniture.

As discussed above, the best tiny home furniture is compact and multi-functional. The Serta Copenhagen Loveseat tiny house couch fits the bill perfectly. It’s a traditional cushy two-seater with hidden storage, ideal for linens.


Divano Roma Modern Sofa $200-$300

Divano Roma Furniture's loveseat is a modern tiny home seating option.
Looking for a statement piece? The Divano Roma Furniture’s loveseat is a stylish, modern tiny house couch that could bring a sophisticated pop of color to your tiny home living room.  Additionally, it features highly durable linen upholstery. 


HONBAY Sectional Sofa $210-$400

HONBAY Sectional Sofa is an L shaped tiny house couch.

One of the big draws to tiny house living is the flexibility it provides. So why not embrace flexible design with a couple of choice convertible options?

The small-space friendly HONBAY Sectional Sofa is reversible, with a movable, independent ottoman. This can also be used as additional tiny house seating.


Novogratz Leyla Loveseat $200-$300

This tiny house seating can be maneuvered into four different functions.

What’s your lounge style? The short and sweet Novogratz Leyla Loveseat packs a lot of function into an adorable package. Choose between four different configurations with easy fold-down armrests, quickly transforming from cozy loveseat to couch sleeper.

Additionally, you can conveniently store your lounging reading material in the side storage pockets.


Lilola Home Lucca Linen Sectional Sofa $400-$505

 The Lucca Linen Sectional Sofa is an L shaped tiny house couch.

Enjoy maximum cuddly movie watching nights with the Lucca Linen Sectional Sofa. It’s modeled after a retired popular Ikea couch found in many tiny homes. Top features include simple pull-out bed conversion and a large storage chaise.


Tiny house ottomans and side tables

Complete your cozy tiny house living room with these multi-functional accessories.

SONGMICS Storage Ottoman $30-$50

The SONGMICS has four different uses, including storage and seating.

Whatever your mood or the occasion, the SONGMICS Storage Ottoman can meet your needs. Not only can you put up your feet, but it can also be used as storage, a coffee table, and an extra seat. Additionally, it’s collapsible, so you can easily stow it away if you need extra space. 


Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table $25-$35

The Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table sets on the couch arm to act as a table.

If space is extra limited in your tiny home, consider this Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table. Its shape is flexible so that it can fit any number of couches. While setting a drink on top of this might seem precarious, the anti-slip silicone base top can help prevent spills.


JOISCOPE Rolling Side Table $30-$45

This tiny home space saving furniture can act as a side table, desk and a shelf.

Looking for a stylish small space friendly side table?

The JOISCOPE Rolling Side Table can easily move around your couch to provide easy snack access. Also, you can use its bottom shelf for book storage, etc.


Tangkula 360° Free Rotating Side Table $130-$150

This tiny home furniture can be rotated and used in four different ways.

Maximize your tiny house living room with this multi-functional table that can double as a nimble desk space or dining table. The Tangkula 360° Free Rotating Side Table can swivel into four different shapes to suit your needs. Its two-tier surfaces allow you to store items while still being able to utilize the upper surface space.


Tiny house furniture for Home Office & Storage

Giantex 7-Tier Bookshelf $50-$75

The Giantex 7-Tier Bookshelf can be used for storage or displaying knick-knacks.

Just because you live in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t have a book collection or some knick-knacks.

Though many bookshelves either don’t work or feel obtrusive in a small space, the Giantex 7-Tier Bookshelf feels open and airy while offering flexible storage and display space. One downside is that it takes up valuable floor space; consider floating shelves as an alternative.


O&K FURNITURE 5-Shelf Corner Bookcase-$50-$150

The O&K FURNITURE 5-Shelf Corner Bookcase allows storage in any corner.

Corners in a tiny house can be tough to utilize. One solid option to maximize the storage potential of these spaces is the O&K FURNITURE 5-Shelf Corner Bookcase.

The right angle in this design is very space-efficient. For added stability, it comes with safety brackets to attach the shelf to the wall.


GreenForest Folding Desk $60-$80

The GreenForest Folding Desk collapses and is easily stored for tiny living.

Do you need a home work space only part-time? If so, the GreenForest Folding Desk might be ideal for you. It folds completely flat to easily stow it away behind your couch.


Southern Enterprises Willingham Wall Mount Folding Desk $100-$160

The wall mount folding desk allows for floor space and storage.

Any opportunity for wall storage is a huge bonus in any tiny home. That’s what makes this slim profile wall mount folding desk such a great home office option. 


Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk $99-$120

This wall mounted tiny house furniture, folds out into a table revealing shelving.

For more multi-function, consider the Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk. It can be used for home office space, crafting, and/or ironing needs.

Also, the inside shelving is completely adjustable. If that wasn’t enough function already, the exterior is chalkboard. Perfect for brainstorming or grocery lists.


Modern Design Folding Computer Desk $250-$350 

The Modern Design Folding Computer Desk is a collapsible tiny home desk.

When you work from home, storage for paperwork and office supplies is essential. But all that can be quite bulky.

The Modern Design Folding Computer Desk provides ample space for all your supplies, and the best part is the desk itself folds over the drawers.


Tangkula Corner Desk $120-$150

The Tangkula Corner Desk is a corner desk with a drawer and a shelf underneath.

Here’s yet another excellent way to utilize an often unusable space. The Tangkula Corner Desk is an efficient computer workstation with storage space, ideal for many tiny homes.


Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Padded Folding Chair $30-$50

HERCULES Series Padded Folding Chair is versatile tiny house seating.

So you found a desk, but now you need a chair. Unfortunately, traditional office chairs likely won’t work in your tiny home. A HERCULES Series Padded Folding Chair is a reliable option.

It can also double as extra tiny house seating, available in two-packs and bamboo.


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Tiny home furniture for a space-efficient Bathroom

Tiny house bathrooms require a lot of creativity to accommodate all your grooming and storage needs. In this space, you definitely want to maximize every inch not occupied by the shower and toilet. For instance, you can mount a full-length mirror on the back of a sliding bathroom door, and a fold-down shelf over the toilet for space-efficient counter space.

But what else can you do?

Tangkula Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet $70-$90

Narrow, with ample storage, the Tangkula Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet is perfect tiny home furniture.

For cabinetry in a tiny home, the skinnier, the better. The Tangkula Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet can work well against a bathroom wall and the toilet. It offers storage for toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, etc.


Yaheetech Over The Toilet Cabinet $70-$80

The Yaheetech Over The Toilet Cabinet fits behind your toilet to allow above storage.

It doesn’t get more space-efficient than the Yaheetech Over The Toilet Cabinet. Easily store things like toiletries in a place not customarily utilized.

One potential DIY upgrade: add a mirror to the cabinet door.


Tiny house furniture for the Bedroom

It’s true most tiny houses have at least one lofted bedroom. In those situations, a mattress typically lays on the floor in the middle or to one side. In some cases, closet space or storage bins are also situated in the loft. But this style is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The good news is that we are seeing more and more tiny house designs with downstairs bedrooms. But, it can be tricky to maximize this space with traditional furniture options.  

So it follows that the best solution could be a multi-functional tiny house bed choice.

Bestar Full Wall Bed $1400-$1500 

When the Bestar Lumina bed is closed, it allows access to a mounted desk.

Perhaps the most efficient option is a Murphy bed that often folds up against the wall. When the Bestar Full Wall Bed is stowed away, you can use the simple desk space attached to the bottom of the tiny house bed. The hefty price tag, almost $1,500, is a big downside.


Theo Urban Daybed $300-$390 

Theo Urban Daybed has underneath storage and can be used as tiny home seating.

The Theo Urban Daybed can be used in a separate tiny house bedroom or the living area, as seating. Importantly, it features two large storage drawers, perfect for clothes or bedding.


Tiny home furniture for the Kitchen and Dining space

Every house, no matter the size, needs space for cooking and dining. But of course, tiny home space-saving furniture is a must in every “room.” Look for opportunities to use awkward spaces and multi-functional elements. 

Remember to keep in mind those tiny house appliances.

Slim Rolling Pantry 6-Tier Shelf $40-$50

The slim rolling pantry creates space saving food storage.

Do you have extra space between your refrigerator and the counter? Add a slim rolling pantry to create convenient storage space in your tiny house kitchen.


Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer Rack $20-$35

The magnetic organizer rack attaches to the fridge for space saving tiny house furniture.

Magnets make for convenient kitchen storage, for a simple knife rack or those cute, round spice sets. Another excellent option that utilizes the side of your refrigerator is a magnetic organizer rack. It can hold utensils, paper towels, and food items.


Oropy Wall Mounted Pot Rack $30-$50

The Oropy Wall Mounted Pot Rack has a hanging rack with 12 hooks.

Anytime you can go vertical with storage in a tiny house, you maximize available real estate that’s normally overlooked. The Oropy Wall Mounted Pot Rack, with its strong load capacity, can hold many pots in a small footprint. Even better, you can choose from two installation options to better suit your specific needs.


NEED Fold-Down Wall Mounted Workbench $65-$100

NEED Fold-Down Wall Mounted Workbench can be used in any room you need a table and floor space.

In a tiny house, a desk can double as a dining table. The NEED Fold-Down Wall Mounted Workbench is a simple, multi-functional, small tabletop. Perfect.


Furinno Boyate Special Simple Folding Table $56-$100

This piece of tiny home furniture can be used as a table, desk or collapsed down and stored.

When possible, in your tiny house design, keep it flexible. Your needs shift from day to day. Maybe some days you need a dining table, and others you don’t.

The Furinno Boyate Special Simple Folding Table can be easily stored behind your couch or inside your closet when not in use. And when you need it, fold up one or two sides of this drop-leaf table.


HomVent Wood Kitchen Island Folding Dining Cart with Wheels $100-$150

The island's leaf folds down, the stools tuck under, perfect for tiny home furniture.

If you really enjoy cooking, you will likely appreciate a flexible, extra work space. That’s where a kitchen island comes in.

To get the most bang out of this bonus counter space, why not make it movable and double as a dining table? Consider the HomVent Wood Kitchen Island Folding Dining Cart with Wheels. It features a fold-up leaf and two stools that effortlessly stow inside it.


Tribesigns Movable Folding Dining Table $160-$180

The Tribesigns side table folds out completely with the ability to seat six.

The more functions, the merrier, right? With the Tribesigns Movable Folding Dining Table, it can be stored out of the way when not needed, has storing space for dishes, and can seat up to six people. Importantly, it proves that dinner parties are possible in tiny homes.


Conclusion on the best tiny house furniture

Furnishing your tiny house is an exciting part of tiny house living. Luckily, there are so many modular and multi-functional tiny house furniture ideas out there.

We hope this post has sparked some excitement about putting together a tiny house.

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