12 Tiny House Communities You Can Live In

When you dream of tiny house life, what do you picture? Perhaps you envision a little tree-lined village with tiny homes situated around a big…

two tiny houses parked next to each other in a tiny house community

When you dream of tiny house life, what do you picture? Perhaps you envision a little tree-lined village with tiny homes situated around a big green space with a community garden and an outdoor lounge. It’s a tiny house community where friendly chats with neighbors are commonplace, whether in passing or at the recurring potluck dinners.

If this sounds like an idyllic setting for your future tiny house on wheels, then good news!

There’s a growing list of tiny house communities that fit the bill. Each has its own flair and varying amenities. One thing they all have in common is the idea that your living space extends beyond your personal itsy-bitsy square footage—your “bonus room” is the shared community spaces.

From west to east coast, here are 12 charming tiny house communities you can live in.

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1. Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Community in Waldport, OR

Tiny Houses Parked in a row in one of Oregon's tiny house communities

Imagine living just two blocks away from the beach? Welcome to Tiny Tranquility, a vintage trailer and tiny home community on the Oregon Coast. They offer nightly vacation rentals and long-term site rentals, 43 beautifully landscaped spots across 6 acres.

Affordable yet luxurious ocean side living, yes, please!

Cost: $575/month plus electricity


  • On-site storage space or personal greenhouse space, $75
  • 5,500 square foot dog park
  • Outdoor activity area and nature trail
  • Large game and entertainment room
  • Outdoor covered lounge and grilling area
  • Boat parking available
  • Free WiFi

2. Park Delta Bay Tiny House Community in Isleton, CA

Are you passionate about boating? Then you’ll love living next to a marina in Park Delta Bay. It’s an RV and tiny house community on the banks of San Joaquin River. Enjoy relaxed country living, while only being an hour from big cities, Sacramento and Oakland.

Live here year-round in your tiny home, whether it’s a school bus conversion, RV or tiny house on wheels. Though, one catch: your little abode must be RVIA compliant.

Cost: $650+/month plus electricity and WiFi


  • Community Clubhouse with Game Room and Laundry
  • Swimming pool, tennis court, and volleyball court
  • Dog park
  • Walking trails
  • Picnic tables and BBQ facilities
  • Fishing dock, boat launch nearby, and onsite boat storage

3. Tiny House Block in Mount Laguna, CA

Tiny houses parked in a row in the trees in one of Calfornia's tiny house communities
Photos: Tiny House Block

Do you love sunshine and mountains? Then you’ll love tiny house community living in the Laguna mountains, less than an hour from San Diego. Tiny House Block is a wooded resort with several year-round parking spots, as well 10 short term or long term THOW rentals.

Cost: long-term tiny house rental, $1000+/month OR lot rent, $750/month plus electricity and WiFi


  • On-site restaurant and tavern
  • Laundry room
  • Walking trails
  • Nearby outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and sledding

4. LuxTiny Community in Lakeside, Arizona

The White Mountains are calling, and you must answer. LuxTiny Community is a tiny house community on 6 acres with large lots and a focus on sustainability. Bring your own tiny home or buy one from LuxTiny Manufacturing, beginning at $57k with available financing.

LuxTiny is an affordable, beautiful place to call home or to vacation. Enjoy easy access to lakes and a ski area. Contact them about the opening of Phase 2—Phase 1 is currently full.

Cost: $ $329-379/month plus electricity and WiFi


  • Community garden
  • Walking paths
  • Grilling areas
  • Space for resident private gardens, greenhouses or chicken coops

5. Animas Valley Tiny House Village in Aztec, New Mexico

Tiny houses parked near each other at a tiny house community in New Mexico
Photos: Tiny House Expedition

Do you long for the slow-paced living? That’s just what you can find in the land of enchantment at Animas Valley Village.

It’s an RV park and tiny house community in between the small town of Aztec and the small city of Durango, Colorado.

The tiny house village is surrounded by beautiful spruce and golden cottonwood trees and is only a short stroll to the Animas River. This is a place to unplug and enjoy nature.

Cost: $45-50/night with monthly rates available per request


  • Open green space with a small playground
  • Outdoor covered lounge and grilling area
  • Laundry room
  • Community garden and dog park coming soon

6. Escalante Village Tiny House Community in Durango, Colorado

Aerial photograph of a beautiful tiny house community
Escalante Village Rendering

What’s better than riverside living with mountain views, while being in walking distance to a coffee shop and grocery store? Sounds like a dream! Escalante Village is a brand-new tiny house village, scheduled to open this Fall. It’s being impeccably landscaped.

What’s more, the soothing sounds of the Animas River can be heard from each of the 24 tiny home sites, which are just a few steps away from a paved walking/biking path that leads to charming downtown Durango.

Future residents can either rent one of their six lovely long-term rentals or bring their own tiny house on wheels.  One very important note, each THOW must be approved by the city’s Building Department and also requires an architectural design approval by the developer.

Cost: $500 deposit and starting at $500/month tiny house rent and/or $500/month lot lease


  • On-site storage available, $80-100/ month
  • Bike racks
  • 2 movable garden beds/lot
  • Community garden
  • Snow removal
  • Shared recreational area
  • Fiber optic internet

7. Tiny House Leadville in Leadville, Colorado

If you’ve ever spent time in the Rocky Mountains, you know how majestic and addictive they can be—inspiring many relocations. The small mountain town of Leadville is the highest city in the USA, making Tiny House Leadville the highest tiny house community in the country. The neighboring dispensary also provides a new facet to that fun fact.

The little tiny house community hosts a wide-selection of swoon-worthy tiny house rentals, full-time THOW dwellers and a few nightly RV sites.

It’s situated on the edge of downtown and boasts of the short walking distance to numerous shops, restaurants, and bars, including across the street. Perhaps the best part, breathtaking views of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive, both over 14,000 feet.

Cost: $600/month, plus electric


  • Bathhouse and laundry room
  • Discount at a neighboring dispensary
  • Extremely close proximity to trails, lakes, and ski resorts
  • Free WiFi

8. The Hideaway Tiny House Villages, in Azle, Texas and Westline, Missouri

Photos: The Hideaway Tiny House Villages

Torn between on and off-grid living? Make up your mind by visiting the first Hideaway Tiny House Village, just 30 minutes west of Fort Worth. It has 16 lots spread across 25 acres, with forests and grassy fields. Though new spots will be added in the future.

This is a kind of eco-village, emphasizing sustainable practices and shared resources. If you’re interested in a cooperative community setting with frequently shared meals, then a Hideaway Village is a good fit for you.

The Missouri location just opened. It’s 45 minutes south of Kansas City. This tiny house village is only on 5 acres but follows the same close-knit relationship focus and permaculture principles as the Texas location. For either location, good credit and a background check are required.

Cost: $200-450/month


  • Community garden
  • Community kitchen
  • Outdoor seating, fire pits and picnic areas
  • Storm shelter (TX)
  • Dog park (MO)
  • Laundry room
  • WiFi

9. Lake Dallas Tiny Home Community in Lake Dallas, Texas

Map of a tiny house community in Texas
Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Rendering

Looking for a small-town vibe but commuting distance to the big city? Then Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village could be right for you. It’s a quaint tiny house on wheels pocket neighborhood in the Dallas metro area, scheduled to open fall of 2019. Spots are filling up quick—only 13 available!

Each tiny home must meet be built to the IRC Tiny House Appendix Q standard and be tied-down.

Cost: $500-550/month, plus security deposit


  • Laundry room
  • Individual lawns/patio space
  • Community garden
  • Community center (coming in Phase 2)

10. Acony Bell Tiny Home Village in Mills River, North Carolina

Looking for a truly picturesque village setting for your tiny home? Then look no further than Acony Bell Tiny Home Village. It’s located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, in a small happening town yet close to destination-city, Asheville. In fact, the tiny house village feels like a residential neighborhood.

The tiny homes are on large lots, clustered in pockets across a whopping 56 acres. Feeling excited to claim your lot? Good news, Phase 2 just opened.

Cost: $500+/month


  • Clubhouse with laundry room
  • Community garden
  • Edible landscaping
  • Stocked fire pits and outdoor seating
  • Walking/biking paths
  • WiFi
  • Vacation rental management available

11. Cedar Springs Tiny Village in New Paris, Ohio

A tiny house parked near a lake in a tiny house village
Photos: Cedar Springs Tiny Village

Cedar Springs Tiny Village is a brand-new lakeside tiny house community. It’s a commuter’s dream, only 40 minutes from Dayton and within 1.5 hours of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis. When home from work enjoy the vacation vibes in the village and nearby.

Take a short walk to Natural Springs Resort, offers passes to access the pool, beach, fishing, and scuba diving.

Cost: $450/month –get 3 months free with reservation and $1,000 deposit.


  • Lake access
  • Community building
  • Community garden
  • Lawn care
  • Walking/biking path
  • WiFi

12. Circle Pond Tiny House Community in Florida

Tiny houses parked near a lake in a tiny house community in Florida

It’s all about that sunshine at the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community. Lounge around the 2-acre lake or take a short drive to a Gulf Coast beach. This beautifully landscaped, permaculture focused community is located just outside Tampa.

Cost: $450/month


  • Community garden
  • Lake access
Loving the idea of Florida? Check out: These Perfect Tiny Houses for Sale in Florida

What community do you want to live in? Let us know in the comments below.

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  14. The Tiny Home communities would be more appealing if we couldn’t see the neighbors. Trees and space. We will need to be on the porch expanding our living space and would like some privacy.
    Thanks, Karen

  15. I’m looking for Tiny Home communities where the weather is nice and their is a shared sense of community. Perhaps Farmers Markets, Community Gardens, walking paths, places to swim…..

  16. Barbara Bennewitz says:

    help, I am currently buying my own tiny home and I am having a very hard time finding a village or community to join year round .I need it to be safe not a homeless haven.I am looking in fl., tenn.,mo.,tx or even oh.I am retired ,nochildren and no grandchildren .I love to garden and would like to have a few chickens for fresh eggs .Please help

    1. Take a look at Village Farm in Austin. It’s described as an agrihood community, meaning, the tiny homes are centered around an organic farm. Residents have an opportunity to volunteer on the Farm. It’s a pretty cool concept. I’m thinking about it myself.

  17. Bob Rynkowski says:

    Are there any tiny houses that are on a foundation with water sewer and electric hook ups that can be used for permanent residency, especially for seniors over 55.

  18. Darlene Hennick says:

    I am specifically looking to buy or rent to own tiny house in Florida. I was approved for a loan of 50,000

    It looks as if rent to own may be a better option. It doesn’t need furniture. I am looking for small kitchen with a normal sized frige. Also would like a bdrm on ground floor and possible storage loft area. Washer and dryer I would also like.

    I can look into creating a tiny home, then look for a lot to place on.

  19. What do you think of The Simple Life in Flat Rock, NC…

    Also Dwell.com Tiny Homes

    Thank You
    Happy Easter

    1. There are a lot of RV on the lot where tinys are welcome and I hear the rent raises regularly. Best to visit and talk to people who live there already.

  20. Debbie Riggs says:

    Looking for a place to put our tiny home on …. We have built a 10/22 tiny home … On wheels …and we need a place to put it …. We have been looking for land to buy …but nothing is there no water no electricity or sewer…. So if anyone can help us that would be awesome…. Even if we rent a spot that would take the stress off of us … Knowing that we would have a place where we can live in our forever tiny home …. Thank you Debbie Riggs

  21. Jean Parris says:

    Do you know of any tiny house developments on the East Coast New York Connecticut New Hampshire, upstate New York Poconos, Pennsylvania mountains?

  22. Those rents are generally too high. More communities should be developed with just the basics in rural areas where rent could be at $300/month. If that were available the tiny home community might take off.

  23. I absolutely love this concept and wish there were a lot more of them on the East coast and not necessarily resort areas but near to suburban areas.

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