16 Perfect Tiny Houses for Sale in Florida

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As cold weather sets in more and more of the US, the appeal of Florida sunshine grows. Because of that, the state is known for its endless RV parks and tiny home communities. Basically, a paradise for warm weather lovers, from snowbirds to full-time tiny dwellers.

It’s no surprise that it also boasts a wide variety of tiny houses for sale in Florida, both DIY and professionally built options.

If you’re looking to take the leap into tiny home ownership, contemplate whether do-it-yourself building is feasible for you. While you can save tremendously by doing it yourself, it will take months (even years) of your life.

Buying a prefab tiny house or preowned tiny home is much less stressful. Additionally, either option is a great way to save in comparison to a custom-built house.

Enjoy exploring this list of 16 tiny homes for sale in Florida.

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1) The Henderson

Metal exterior tiny home for sale in Florida with a front porch, lots of windows in blue sky Florida
Photos: Movable Roots. This tiny home for sale in Florida is a luxury tiny house on wheels

Cost: $114,999

Size: 330 sqft

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Hello gorgeous! The Henderson by Movable Roots is a high-end luxurious tiny house on wheels for sale in Florida. With one glance at the interior finishes, appliances, and beautifully-designed interior, the price point feels well worth it.

It’s built on a 30’ Movable Roots signature trailer, proving a 2’ extension on either side—34’ total livable space. This extra space makes a full-size bathroom, as well as a downstairs bedroom possible. There’s a lofted bedroom, too.

Read more about this tiny house and Movable Roots’ other flagship models here.

2) Orlando Tiny House for sale in Florida

White, Farm house chic tiny house with a H-shaped roof line for sale in Orlando, Florida
Photos: Amanda Burger

Cost: $60,000 OBO

Size: 280 sqft

Location: Orlando, Florida

Curious about tiny house communities in Florida? This charming home for sale is currently located in Orlando Lakefront Tiny House & RV Park.  Pick up the owner’s lot lease to kill two birds with one stone: home ownership and a place to park.

This tiny house in Florida is 24’ long with high-end finishes and fixtures, like granite counter-tops and charming white subway tile walls. It lives large, thanks to the spacious living area with room for a full-size couch and a dining table that seats up to five. Additionally, the house features two lofts with decorative panels that provide privacy while allowing light to pass through.

Taking all this into account with the generous storage areas, this is a great tiny house for a small family. Learn more here.

3) Firefly Tiny House for sale in Florida

White and blue tiny home on wheels for sale in Florida
Photos: Core Housing Solutions

Cost: $32,000

Size: 200 sqft

Location: Tavares, Florida

Looking for a tiny house on wheels in Florida with a downstairs bedroom? Look no further than the Firefly by Core Housing Solutions. It’s made from NASA-engineered structural insulated panels (SIPs), making it incredibly light-weight at only 5,500 lbs.

Due to the lower cost space-age materials used, the Firefly is one of the most affordable tiny houses on the market. And the best part? The price includes all appliances.

Read more about Core Housing Solutions. They offer a couple of other models, including a 2-bedroom tiny home.

4) Coty Tiny House

Adorable Tiny House with two different height lean-to roof for sale in Florida
Photos: Pete Braud

Cost: $45,000

Size: 150 sqft

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

How cool is the folding porch and awning on this Coty tiny house for sale in Florida? Better yet, French doors open up on both sides to covered porches, expanding the living space by another 4.5 feet. The house comes fully furnished, as well as with all appliances, like 32 ” HD smart TV.

With its compact size and road trip ready details, the Coty just feels ready for adventure!

Learn more about the Coty here.

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5) 34’ RVIA-Certified Tiny Home

Tiny Home with wheels and a back porch
Photos: Tiny House Marketplace

Cost: $96,500

Size: 255 sqft

Location: Brooksville, Florida

This teal tiny house in Florida could make for a dreamy age-in-place home. It’s roomy, bright, and all one floor. What’s more, there’s not much sacrifice when it comes to the appliances, like full-size refrigerator and washer/dryer combo.

This tiny home offers comfortable living space, indoor, and out with its little deck.

Most importantly, it provides peace of mind in turbulent stormy weather. Threaded rods run from roof framing plate through the bottom of the trailer, creating structural stability to prevent racking that can be caused by high winds. 

Learn more here.

 6) Tiny Farmhouse on Wheels          

Tiny farm house on wheels
Photos: Hillary Sanford

Cost: $45,000

Size: 278 sqft

Location: Brooksville, Florida

What’s more charming than farmhouse décor? If you agree, then you will love this cozy tiny home in Florida. It combines rustic wood finishes with warm light colors. This, combined with the whopping ten functioning windows, creates quite a homey effect. 

Storage space is well-provided for with many cabinets, second loft, and darling barn wood closet. You can also accommodate a visitor with the converting sofa bed. 

Available for sale here.

7) The Upper MacKenzie Tiny House in Florida

Exotic looking tiny home on wheels in Florida with bright green paint
Photos: Tiny Kreations

Cost: $55,500

Size: 250 sqft (including lofts)

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

The Upper MacKenzie is the first model home by Tiny Kreations. The exterior style is on the unconventional side, with a distinctive decorative flair that continues into the interior space. Perhaps the top feature of this tiny house in Florida is the amazingly multi-functional staircase.

It includes a slide-out tabletop/desk space, closet with hanging space, and drawers. Click here to explore a 3D view of the Upper MacKenzie.

Is this tiny family-friendly tiny home for sale in Florida right for you? Available for sale here.

8) Inverness Tiny House

Wood and metal tall tiny home on wheels.
Photos: Rochelle Randall

Cost: $55,000

Size: 160 sqft

Location: Inverness, Florida

The Inverness tiny house layout is simple and efficient. For instance, the fold-up counter space in the living area can serve as a dining area or desk. Also, both the loft and bathroom feature well-placed cubby storage that utilizes dead space. 

The galley kitchen provides extensive storage with several cabinets and open shelving. While it doesn’t have an oven, a portable cooktop and toaster or convection oven would easily fit.  

Overall, this minimalist tiny home for sale in Florida has a lot of built-in functionality with the opportunity for further customization.

Learn more here.

9) Adorable Florida tiny cabin for sale

Interior of tiny house-includes kitchen with island, living area and loft
Photos: Tiny House Marketplace

Cost: $65,000

Size: 360 sqft

Location: Tampa, Florida

Do you love tiny homes but long for more room to really spread out? This tiny house in Tampa is a luxurious 12’x30’. That’s definitely enough room for a home yoga practice if you feel so inclined.

The wide-open space is really felt in the kitchen with a sizable island and small dining room table.  Additionally, the cabin has two sleeping lofts with room for king beds.

While this tiny home for sale in Florida is on a foundation, it can be relatively easily moved with a flatbed truck. To sweeten the deal, the owner is selling practically everything you need to move-in, from furniture and appliances to dishes and decorations.

Learn more here.

10) The Odin

This tiny house has a metal roof and floor to roof windows on the front
Photos: BOXhaus

Cost: $59,000

Size: 240 sqft

Location: Lake Park, Florida

The Odin is a modern tiny home in Florida built by BOXhaus. As the builder put it, “Sleek shapes and clean lines are a staple of Scandinavian design, keeping the structure clean and void of any distracting elements.” It feels like it should be nestled on a snowy mountaintop, or in a hip urban neighborhood.

The interior living space is full of light from the wall of windows in the front and on both sides of the house. Due to the minimal features, like storage space, this tiny house feels well-suited as a vacation home or Airbnb rental. 

Learn more about the Odin here.

11) De Leon Tiny House

Gray and white modern looking tiny home on wheels
Photos: Tiny House Marketplace

Cost: $59,000

Size: 280 sqft

Location: De Leon Springs, Florida

Simply one-of-a-kind. That’s the best way to describe a lovely tiny home in Florida with a raised kitchen. While it can be accessed by climbing just two steps, the elevated space creates room for three large drawers—flexible storage for a wide variety of items. 

Additionally, the design features a large closet under the loft, made extra roomy thanks to the shed roof. The full-size bathtub allows another opportunity for leisurely stretching out.

Can you see yourself living here? Available for sale here. 

12) Lil Cedar Tiny House for sale in Florida

Cost: $57,500

Size: 310 sqft

Location: Babson Park, Florida

The Lil Cedar tiny house is such a cutie!  It’s 26’ long, which allows for a nice long sofa and ample counter space on both sides of the kitchen. One side is multi-purpose, extra prep space, or a seating area.

Additionally, the edge of the counter supports a fold-down ladder, used in conjunction with three storage stairs, to access the loft. The loft bedroom easily fits a queen mattress with room for cabinets and closet space around the head of the bed. 

While Lil Cedar is move-in ready, there is still room for a new homeowner to easily add additional features like a fold-up table in the living area, as well as a mounted TV.

Learn more about the Lil Cedar tiny house.

13) Tiny House for Sale in Lithia, Florida

Cost: $64,000

Size: 204 sqft

Location: Lithia, Florida

Ladders make many uncomfortable, especially when it comes to nighttime bathroom trips. The Lithia tiny house on wheels in Florida solves this issue with a set of standard stairs.

And as you might expect, the storage potential in the staircase has been maximized with cabinet/closet space.

Uniquely, this tiny house features a slightly raised living area, well-suited for a compact Ikea couch. Another charming addition is the loft railing. The decorative wood slates create a sense of safety and privacy while still maintaining an open feel.

Learn more here.

14) The Burg

Tiny home interior with a ladder leads up to a storage loft.
Photos: Tampa Bay Tiny Homes                

Cost: $50,000

Size: 130 sqft

Location: St Petersburg, Florida

The Burg model by Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is charmingly minimalist. In fact, when you picture a classic tiny house on wheels design, it will likely greatly resemble this design.

It has just what you need to for daily living needs and not anything extra. With all the complicated new-fangled tiny designs, there’s something truly refreshing about this 20’ lovely simple space.

Need a little extra space? The Burg is also available on 24’ trailer. Learn more about Tampa Bay Tiny Homes here.

15) Tiny Studio Shell

Wood siding and metal gable roof tiny home on wheels
Photo: Tiny Home Builders

Cost: $17,500

Size: 210 sqft

Location: DeLand, Florida

Not up for completely building your own tiny home but want some hands-on experience? A tiny house shell from Tiny Home Builders might be a great option for you. They offer several styles and sizes. The hard exterior work is done for you and you finish out the interior.

This gives you the ability to customize per your needs and personal style preferences.

 Learn more about all the available options from Tiny Home Builders.

16) The Denali

Cost: $68,500

Size: 360 sqft

Location: Longwood, Florida

The Denali tiny house for sale in Florida may be the ideal retirement home. It practically has a full-size everything, from the bathroom with regular-size bathtub to the kitchen with an eat-at-counter that can accommodate four. Not only is it a spacious, downstairs only design, but it can also be placed and permitted on your own lot.

This is one of Cornerstone Tiny Homes Florida building code-compliant tiny houses on a foundation. Need financing for a house and land? Great news! This model qualifies for traditional mortgages.

Contact Cornerstone Tiny Homes to learn more about their foundation-based models and tiny house lots now available for purchase in Oviedo, Florida. 

Ready to start enjoying the year-round sunshine in a tiny home? Let us know in the comments below!

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