12 Amazingly Affordable Tiny Homes for under $45,000

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Have you been searching for affordable tiny homes for sale? With more high-end styles promoted on HGTV and Instagram than ever before, it can often seem like affordable tiny houses are a thing of the past.

In reality, that’s not exactly true.

Tiny house prices seem to be rapidly rising, but much of that is a result of more homes built by tiny house builders. Their costs include labor, certifications, business insurance, etc.

For the buyer, the big benefit can be the peace of mind of knowing your tiny house is built right. 

But the overall cost from a builder is definitely a stark contrast to DIY tiny house builds that average less than $25,000.

Also, keep in mind, the more custom a professionally built tiny house, the heftier the price tag. That’s especially true of those with fancy transforming features, like what you see on Tiny House Nation. 

With all that said, $60,000 is often a starting price for many turn-key tiny houses. So, where can you find more affordable tiny houses?

The top ways to get affordable tiny homes:

  • Preowned tiny houses
  • Build it yourself (requires extensive time/energy to create a move-in ready home)
  • Select base models from some tiny house builders (no custom work)

Lucky you! I rounded up a list of twelve cheap tiny homes for sale. Keep scrolling to see these sweet deals.

1) Freedom Incredible Affordable Tiny Home

Cost: $25,000
Size: 120 square feet
Location: Newport, TN
Financing: available through builder

At only 16 feet long, the Freedom truly lives large for its extra tiny size, and is the first of many affordable tiny homes on our list.

My favorite part is the spacious living area with room for a counter height table and a space-saving sofa. Also, the loft is built with a dormer for added headspace. 

This incredibly affordable tiny house comes with high-quality features like spray foam insulation, as well as appliances, including a mini-split for heating and AC for keeping your tiny house temperature-controlled.

The affordable $25,000 price tag is especially impressive for this professionally built tiny home.

This is part of the Incredible Tiny Homes’ Freedom Line. Learn more about what’s included and additional size options here.

2) New 24′ KVEC affordable tiny house

An affordable tiny house with red siding and white door parked on a lawn.
This affordable tiny home was build by high school students with licensed instructors.

Cost: $24,500
Size: 192 square feet
Location: Hazard, KY
Financing: needs to be sourced by buyer

Buy this cute 24 foot long affordable tiny home to support a hands-on learning program. It was built by high school students and licensed instructors at the Lee County Area Technology Center, as part of a special grant program. 

“The Building it Forward project, sponsored by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC), is an investment in creating a ‘future story’ for students interested in learning skills for a real-world vocation.

The project is designed to be on-going and sustainable each year. The completed homes are auctioned and the money re-invested to complete a new tiny house each year.”

This low-cost tiny home is ideal for an Airbnb rental or a single person, like a dorm alternative for a college student.

Do homework on the small table in the elevated kitchen. By raising the floor, the builders created deep storage drawers underneath. 

Additional storage is available in the single loft in this affordable tiny house. That puts the sleeping area, with pull-out bed, downstairs (mattress not included). 

Click here to learn more and contact the school.

3) 24′ Custom affordable tiny house

Custom cheap tiny house for sale has siding, shingles and faux stone exterior with porch and double glass doors.
This cheap tiny house for sale would make a great bachelor pad.

Cost: $35,000 OBO
Size: 272 square feet
Location: Ball Ground, GA
Financing: needs to be sourced by buyer

Ready to make the big transition into tiny living? Good news! This charming 272 square foot affordable tiny home is completely move-in ready.

It comes completely furnished with appliances, as well as a surround-sound system and 50″ HD flatscreen TV. 

What’s more, it’s outdoor movie-night ready. This affordable tiny house features outdoor speakers and HDMI cables on the retractable front porch.

But what really gives this tiny home bachelor pad vibes are the additional TVs in the bathroom and sleeping loft!

Is this affordable tiny house right for you? Learn more here.

4) Acorn affordable tiny houses

Side view of the acorn affordable tiny home with porch in a grassy field.
Photo credit: Backcountry Tiny Homes

Cost: $29,995
Size: 90 square feet
Location: Vancouver, WA
Financing: available through builder

Be still my heart! The Acorn affordable tiny house is absolutely adorable. It’s also exceptionally tiny, at a mere 90 square feet. Though, you do get an extra 26 square feet from the little front porch, which is large enough for a couple folding chairs.

The big benefit of the compact nature of the Acorn is mobility. If wanderlust is calling you, then it could be a perfect option for your future nomadic life. 

In my personal tiny home travels, I’ve definitely learned how easily dirt can find its way inside. That’s why I greatly appreciate Acorn’s integrated Sweepovac vacuum system. It can easily stretch to clean all corners of the tiny house

Another superb feature that sets this extra-tiny house apart is the generous storage space in the main living area, kitchen, and bathroom.

It’s all expertly laid out to maintain as much openness as possible. The result is an inviting, cozy, road-trip tiny home

Want to save more money? The Acorn cheap tiny house is available as a shell, for a DIY interior build-out. Backcountry Tiny Homes also offers a “turn-key build assist” option–learn how to build and save up to $480.

For more details about this tiny house on wheels, visit their website.

5) Firefly affordable tiny home

Cost: $32,000
Size: 200 square feet
Location: Tavares, FL
Financing: available through builder 

Core Housing Solutions builds affordable tiny homes with low costs in mind. At 25′ long, the Firefly weighs a mere 5,500 pounds.

To achieve this and the below-average tiny house cost, the builders use innovative materials, like NASA engineered metal SIP panels—stronger pound for pound than reinforced concrete.

If you’re not a fan of lofts, you’ll appreciate the downstairs bedroom in the Firefly. It’s actually a separate room with a closet. And for an additional cost, you can maximize your storage space with an under-bed walk-in closet upgrade.

All in all the Firefly is simple yet very practical. With a flush toilet, electric appliances, and cozy one-floor living space, this affordabe tiny home feels like an excellent fit as an affordable retirement home.

To learn, visit the Core Housing Solutions website.

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6) Quaint Cottage

This quaint cottage style cheap tiny home for sale has vertical white siding, a front porch and a bright red front door.
This cheap tiny home for sale is ready to be personalized!

Cost: $41,600
Size: 264 square feet
Location: Duewest, SC
Financing: available through Tiny House Listings

Looking to put down roots? The Quaint Cottage is a certified modular home that’s ready to be delivered to your property. 

Enjoy spreading out in this 12-foot wide affordable tiny home, from the 156 square great room to the spacious, covered front porch.

The open-feeling interior is like a blank canvas. You’ll need to get creative with small-space furniture to bring this space to life and truly make it a home.  

Up for the challenge? Learn more about the Quaint Cottage here.

You’re going to need appliances for this adorable tiny home! Check out our top picks for tiny house appliances.

8) Colorado Themed affordable tiny home

This affordable tiny home has lots of incredible details that make it really special, like the light green subway tile backsplash with herringbone detailing in the kitchen.
We love all of the special details in this affordable tiny home.

Cost: $35,000
Size: 208 square fee
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Financing: owner financing available (5-year loan with minimum $7,000 down)

Rare owner financing opportunity available for this custom-built, Colorado-themed affordable tiny house. It’s an incredible livable home with lots of character, along with practical features like a washer/dryer combo and loft closet. 

Further, every corner of this spacious 26 feet long cheap tiny home is brought to life with decorative features like the mountain mosaic accent wall, acacia hardwood tongue-and-groove flooring, and premium tiled bathroom and kitchen.

What’s the catch? The mini-split AC/heater might leak; though, it does appropriately function otherwise. To learn more about this minor issue and the rest of the tiny house, contact the builder here.

9) Tiny Victorian affordable tiny home

Cost: $44,900
Size: 211 square feet (including sleeping loft)
Location: Pacifica, CA
Financing: available through builder 

How charming is the Tiny Victorian? The 18-foot version is Pacifica Tiny Homes’ budget model. It’s an especially good deal because it comes fully-furnished with RV certification through Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc.

And to protect your investment, the builder also includes a GPS tracker to allow you to track your affordable tiny home at all times.

As you might guess, the design of this Californian built low-cost tiny house was directly inspired by Victorian-style homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The result is a truly inviting home. Inside, the bright pops of color add to an overall cheerful feeling.

Did you fall in love with the Tiny Victorian? Learn more about it and available upgrades here.

Are you loving the idea of tiny living in California? Check out these amazing tiny houses for sale in California!

10) Boulder 16’ affordable tiny house

Front view of steel and wooden sided affordable tiny house on wheels.
This affordable tiny house is artistic, yet functional.

Cost: $39,000
Size: 135 square feet
Location: Boulder, CO

The Boulder is one of the original Rocky Mountain Tiny House creations. This affordable tiny home is a delightfully artistic, yet functional home.

The owner used it as a full-time residence, and later a successful Airbnb rental. It’s now being sold with everything included from Smart TV to the extension cords, even towels, and pans!

Ready to move-in or start your own rental business? Contact the seller here.

11) Tiny House on 10 Acres

Off-grid tiny home with solar panels and attached rainwater catchment system sits on 10 acres in Arizona.
This cheap tiny home for sale is a prepper’s dream!

Cost: $45,000 (owner open to lower all cash price)
Size: 372 square feet
Location: Ash Fork, AZ
Financing: possible owner financing with $25,000 down

Looking for a bug out base camp? Buy this entirely off-grid tiny house on ten acres in the middle of nowhere in northern Arizona.

An extensive solar setup powers the home. And for water needs, it utilizes two 275 gallon tanks for rainwater catchment.

For the right person, this low cost tiny house homestead is a dream come true.

But definitely not for everyone. As the seller points out, while the remote high desert property is beautiful, to access the closest town requires a 35-minute drive on a rocky road. 

Contact the seller for more information here.

Is the off-grid lifestyle right up your alley? Check out this DIYer who built an entirely off grid tiny home!

12) The Alfa affordable tiny home

The modern, Alfa house affordable tiny home has white trim and horizontal wood siding.

Cost: $25,000
Size: 102 square feet
Location: Elizabethtown, PA
Financing: needs to be sourced by buyer

Interested in tiny home community living? Good news! The Alfa affordable tiny house is currently parked at Tiny Estates in southern Pennsylvania.

The buyer has the option to stay in the village, or move to their own property.

The Alfa is a charming, minimalist home with only 102 square feet of living space. It’s ideal for a single resident looking for low-cost, simple living with like-minded neighbors.

Ready to kick-start your tiny life? Learn more about the Alfa, Tiny Estates, and other tiny homes for sale or rent here.

Do you have questions about how to find affordable tiny homes? Leave your questions in the comments and we’ll see if we can help!

Affordable tiny house cost FAQ:

What is the cheapest tiny home?
The cheapest tiny home is one you build yourself. Compared to hiring a builder, you can save up to 30-50% of the overall cost.  Learn how to build your own tiny house and tips for saving money here.

What is the cheapest way to build a tiny house?
The cheapest approach to building a tiny house is to build it from scratch with 100% of your own labor.  With much resourcefulness, it can be done for less than $10,000.

Over an extended period of time, hunt for free and low-cost building materials–leftover new construction materials, deconstructed RV parts from Facebook Marketplace, salvage yard treasure hunting, etc.

The longer your search, the lower your overall build cost will be. Just remember, you’ll always use some new materials, like electrical wiring.

How much does it cost to build a mini home?
The cost to build a tiny house varies considerably based on size, materials used, and level of customization. Of course, labor is also a significant factor.

A typical DIY tiny house build costs approximately $15,000-$45,000. In contrast, a professionally built THOW typically costs $45,000-$125,000.

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