10 Adorable Tiny Homes to Fit Any Budget

Are you in the market for a tiny house? Whether you dream about wheeling around the country in a tiny house on wheels or prefer…

The Craftsman Tiny Home for Sale - Exterior

Are you in the market for a tiny house? Whether you dream about wheeling around the country in a tiny house on wheels or prefer a home on a solid foundation, there’s something for everyone.

When you buy a tiny home from a reputable company, you’ll know it’s built to par. For a tiny house on wheels, that means it’s certified by the RV Industry Association. A tiny house on a foundation will have to follow local building codes.

Here are our favorite tiny homes to spark your imagination. Whether you’re moving into a tiny home or putting one in your backyard for guests, maybe one of these is for you.

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1) K4.10 by Kithaus

KitHaus K4.10 tiny homes for sale
Photo: KitHaus

Kithaus creates modular homes which are delivered to your address flat. They offer four different modules: the K3, K4, K5+K6 and K8+K9. The K4.10 is 191 square feet – although you can opt for a larger size.

It comes with a kitchenette, bathroom with shower and toilet, insulation, and electricity. It’s built out of dual-glazed low-e glass and hardwood into a rectangular shape, which makes it look very modern. It also features a narrow deck and a roof overhang.

While Kithaus recommends you hire their team to build the house, you can opt for a DIY build. They will be able to assist you both remotely and on site.

Discover all the modules on the Kithaus website. They are as big as 491 square feet.

2) Backyard Bedroom by Custom Container Living

custom container living backyard bedroom
Photos: Custom Container Living

Do you love the look of container homes? Custom Container Living builds them in different sizes and styles.

The Backyard Bedroom comes with a bathroom and studio living space. The building is surrounded by a deck and it features a shed roof. Opt for a queen size bed or bunk beds. There are a number of custom options, which allow the company to match the exterior of the tiny home to your requirements.

This floorplan does not have a kitchen, as this is the smallest tiny home in their range. Check out the Custom Container Living website to have a look at other, bigger models.

3) Vista Boho Tiny Home

vista boho escape tiny houses for sale
Photos: Vista Boho, Escape Tiny Houses

This charming house on wheels by Escape Homes comes with a double bed, a large fold-flat couch, a small kitchen, a table, and a separate bathroom with a shower. It looks gorgeous, just like a modern cabin in the woods. While the windows are large, you still get plenty of privacy inside.

It weighs 8,500 pounds, so you need a truck with good towing capability to take it around the country. It features RV hookups and can also be made off-grid. It’s built with stunning craftsmanship, including pre-finished cedar vertical siding on the outside and pine on the inside.

Find out more about the Vista Boho and the full range by Escape Home on their website.

4) The Nugget Tiny Home on Wheels

Exterior shot of the Nugget Tiny House for Sale by Modern Living
Photos: Modern Tiny Living

The Nugget tiny house for sale by Modern Tiny Living is a true feat of tiny house minimalism. This itty bitty tiny house for sale is a micro home in every sense of the word and is 100% off-grid. The Nugget is only 12 feet long and 4,500 pounds, so can be towed by any larger vehicle. 

This tiny home has pine siding, vinyl flooring, hickory butcher block countertops and a composting toilet.

Read more about Modern Tiny Living. The company offers a wide variety of tiny homes for sale.

5) Tumbleweed Roanoke Tiny House

roanoke tumbleweed houses for sale
Photos: Roanoke by Tumbleweed Houses

This has to be the roomiest and coziest mid-range tiny house on the market. It has a big kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, loft, and plenty of storage. You can easily fit a washer/drier in it. It’s 13ft5in high. The tiny hose is available in four options – some come without a loft and one features a bathtub!

Given the dimensions and the amount of furniture inside the building, the dry trailer weighs about 13,300lbs.

Find out more on the Tumbleweed website and discover the other models.

6) Micro House 2.0 by Minim

Minim Tiny House for sale - Exterior
Photos: Minim LLC

This award-winning modern tiny house for sale features a huge room with no walls to maximize space. The Minim base model home is beautifully constructed and can be built to be off-grid or on-grid.

The homes come with a ten foot kitchen to fulfill your cooking dreams and a full-sized projection screen so you can watch movies in style.

These homes nix a loft in favor of a pull-out bed, which is safe and easy. No stairs to possibly tumble down! They’re available for a concrete pad or for a trailer build (+$4,800).

You can even buy the plans of the Micro House 2.0 for $495 and build the house yourself. They estimate that building it DIY will likely cost between $35,000 and $40,000.

More information is available on the Minim website.

7) Keepsake Tiny Home

keepsake farmhouse-style tiny house for sale by tiny heirloom
Photos: Keepsake by Tiny Heirloom

This classic, farmhouse-style tiny house looks incredible. It’s 13ft 6in tall and features a stairwell with incorporated storage that will even house a full-sized 2 in 1 washer/dryer combo. The loft can function as a living room or second bedroom. On the ground floor, there’s a master bedroom, kitchen, table, and bathroom with shower.

The exterior comes in a number of colors and the purchase price includes the trailer.

Look up more models by Tiny Heirloom here.

8) Light-Haus by Wheelhaus

light-haus luxury tiny home for sale by wheelhaus
Photo: Light-Haus by Wheelhaus

Do you dream of living in a modern cabin in the woods? The Light-Haus by Wheelhaus is just that. This luxurious tiny home can sleep up to four people and features 100ft of additional patio space. You can fit two beds or a bed and a large L-shaped sofa, a dining table, a full-sized kitchen and more in it. Beware: the building comes with no furniture inside it.

If your budget stretches further, you can use the Light-Haus as a module and fit two or more together to build a bigger building.

Discover all the details on the Wheelhaus website. The Light-Haus is their most luxurious model, but they offer more modest ones, too.

9) Journey by Tiny Heirloom

journey scandi-inspired tiny home by tiny heirloom for sale
Photos: Journey by Tiny Heirloom

This Scandi-inspired tiny home is functional and sophisticated. It develops over two floors. The lower floor houses a deck, a big kitchen, a drop table, a living room, and a decent bathroom. The loft hosts a bedroom with a queen bed.

The exterior is made of lap siding, shingles and thermally modified wood. Inside you’ll find Ikea furniture and highly-efficient appliances already installed.

Find out more about the Journey on the Tiny Heirloom website.

10) The Sycamore by Mustard Seed

The Sycamore by Mustard Seed as a Park Model or a Modular Tiny Home.
Photos: The Sycamore by Mustard Seed

The Sycamore looks like a classic American home, while retaining a flat roof. It features a front porch with a roof, which makes it possible for you to sit out front in a comfy chair.

Inside, there are a full kitchen, a living room with fireplace, one and a half baths, two bedrooms and a huge double loft. The furniture is classic modern, making it timeless. It’s available as a Park Model or a Modular Tiny Home.

Interested? Check out their website to discover their range.

FAQ on Tiny Houses for Sale:

How much does it cost to buy a tiny house?

Tiny houses for sale really run the gamut when it comes to price. You can buy a used, unfinished tiny house for around $5,000, or a premium, designer tiny home for $100,000. It all depends on what type of amenities you need, and the materials used in construction.

How long do tiny homes last?

Anywhere between 7 and 10 years; however it depends on the quality of the build and materials, as well as the maintenance you put into it.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house?

As we’ve seen above, it’s a lot cheaper to build a tiny house, as you can save on the construction materials and labor. This option also leaves you full freedom on the choice of design, furniture and appliances.

Can you buy a tiny house on Amazon?

Yes, there are lots of tiny houses for sale on Amazon. From cabin kits, to simple garden sitting rooms, to rustic timber-frame cottages, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to buying a tiny home on Amazon. Beware that many of the tiny homes for sale on Amazon are for the shell only – you’ll be responsible for building out the interior.

Can I put a tiny house on my property?

It depends on where you live. Legislation is different in each state. Make sure to read up about it very carefully before looking at tiny homes online. Requirements vary wildly.

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