12 Amazing Prefab Tiny Houses for Sale

Are you in the market for a stylish, well-made tiny house? Then don’t overlook prefab tiny houses for sale—taking affordability and sustainability to a new…

Floating Koda series prefab tiny home

Are you in the market for a stylish, well-made tiny house? Then don’t overlook prefab tiny houses for sale—taking affordability and sustainability to a new level. While they are built quickly, the construction waste is minimal, and the overall environmental impact is very low. 

Interestingly, prefab tiny houses come in a wide array of styles and sizes. They are factory-built in a controlled environment using innovative technology and materials. Because of thishigh-end quality is achieved at much lower costs than site-built homes. 

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Prefab is pushing the boundaries of home construction, shaping the future of housing. The tiny house movement is no exception. 

With the inconvenient legal obstacles facing tiny homes, looking to an option with less red tape is very appealing. Typically, prefab tiny homes easily meet local code requirements.

If you’re looking for a completely custom tiny home, then you might be disappointed. Though, if open to less floor plan options, you will love the budget-conscious prices. What’s more, prefab tiny homes can be easily be shipped and assembled. 

The best part? Unlike many tiny houses on wheels, financing is readily available for prefab tiny homes.

Enjoy exploring this list of 12 simply charming prefab tiny houses.

1) Full – Plús Hús Prefab Tiny House

Cost: $49,000

Size: 320 sqft

Ships to: US

What happens when you mix Icelandic design and American manufacturing? A net-zero ready prefab tiny home. Plús Hús created this modern ADU (accessory dwelling unit) as an answer to the outrageous cost of living across California. The state has lowered restrictions to ADUs. Further, they mandated their acceptance statewide. 

Plús Hús models are the epitome of the best prefab has to offer—beautiful, affordable, and made with cutting-edge technology. 

Each prefab tiny house is sustainably made with net-zero mnmMOD panels, fully recyclable and with made with 30% recycled materials. Importantly, they are 40% more efficient than a traditionally-built home! No off-gassing, bug, mold, or fire worries. 

The Full model includes a kitchen and bathroom to complete the studio apartment vibe in a simple, detached ADU form. You’ll need a backyard with room for a 16’X20′ structure. If you live in California, Plús Hús offers help with permitting, site prep and assembly for an additional cost of $60,000 to $90,000, depending on local requirements.

Learn more about Plús Hús.

2) Loft – Homm Space

Homm Space prefab tiny home

Cost: $66,000

Size: 314 sqft

Ships to: Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany

Ready to move to Europe? The Loft by Homm Space prefab tiny house will definitely entice you. After making your order, it will be move-in ready in just 12 weeks. Of course, like most of these prefab options, you need to provide the land. One minor hiccup in your ex-Pat lifestyle planning.

The Loft is a beautiful, modern design. Unlike other options on the market, it is more than just a great room. It truly lives large. Enjoy an airy living room area, galley kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom, and a lofted bedroom. Large windows bring in lots of light while the terrace almost doubles the living space. 

This smart house controls high-efficiency lighting, ventilation, and heating systems. It includes the carbon floor heating under the oak flooring. Who doesn’t love toasty feet on a cold day?

Learn more about Homm Space.

Love this look? Check out these shipping container home builders for your dream home!

3) Hiatus Home– Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes and Tiny Smart House collab

Hiatus Home prefab collaboration smart tiny home

Cost: $249,000

Size: 500 sqft

Ships to: Bend, OR and across USA (through Tiny Smart House)

Hello gorgeous! The Hiatus is a prefab tiny home with big style and a spacious layout. Perhaps the best part, the price includes the land. In fact, The Hiatus is a cottage-style community with shared amenities, including winding walking paths, two ponds, wooded landscaping, green activity space, and fire pits.

The more expensive house cost is almost half the cost of the median house in Bend, Oregon. But the sophisticated vibe of this prefab tiny house stems from the high-end finishes and fixtures. It also utilizes multi-functional, space-saving features like storage-integrated stairs. At 12′ wide, the open floor space provides ample space for your at-home yoga practice or a dinner party.

If you love Bend, then your outdoor gear collection is likely sizable. Good news! The Hiatus Home includes a small attached ‘garage’ space for bikes, camping equipment, etc.

Learn more about Hiatus Homes.

 4) Outdoorsman Log Cabin Kit Prefab Tiny House – Conestoga Log Cabins

Outdoorsmen Log Cabin Prefab Tiny House Kit

Cost: $27,900

Size: 424 sqft

Ships to: USA

Looking for something more rugged? Then you’ll dig the Outdoorsman prefab tiny cabin kit by Conestoga Log Cabins. Ideal for country living, or as a dry cabin for rustic fishing getaways. 

It’s made with engineered logs using renewable forest practices. Additionally, the tiny cabin can handle some significant weather, like extreme cold. It meets any local wind or snow load building requirements, as well as local energy code requirements for insulation. 

While lower in cost, your assembly labor is required. Though even a novice DIY-er can take on this project with ease, according to Conestoga Log Cabins, a crew of three people should take about three weeks to assemble. Keep in mind additional time needs to be added for obtaining construction permits, foundation (if required), laying a foundation, running utilities, and staining.

Learn more about Conestoga Log Cabins.

Interested in more DIY tiny house kits? Check out these 5 tiny house kits for under $5,000!

5) Ridgeline 400 Kit – ZipKitHomes

Prefab Tiny Homes Kit Ridgeline 400 by ZipKitHomes

Cost: $49,800

Size: 400 sqft

Ships to: Western US & Western Canada 

The Ridgeline 400 by ZipKitHomes is a simple, sleek prefab tiny house kit. Also, it is a family-friendly model with both a downstairs bedroom and a sleeping loft. Or it could be used for extra storage space.

ZipKitHome uses a panelized system that can be built 3x faster than a typical site-built home with 80% less waste.

Though the construction of their kits is better suited for a general contractor than a DIYer. So plan to price-out quotes for this aspect of your tiny house build.

 Learn more about ZipKitHomes.

Check out the best furniture and appliances for your new tiny home!

6) Abodu 500 – Abodu Prefab Tiny Home for Sale

Prefab tiny home kit Abodu 500

Cost: $199,000

Size: 495 sqft

Ships to: US & Canada 

Do you want a hassle-free prefab tiny house? Then Abodu is for you. Their stunning, Scandinavian inspired standard unit comes with premium features, like quartz counter tops and high-efficiency mini-split AC/heating system. 

The total price includes everything from permitting, build, appliances to complete backyard installation. And, for an additional fee, add curated furniture as well as solar panels and landscaping. It doesn’t get more turnkey than that.

Abodu 500 combines simplicity and functionality for a tiny home that doesn’t compromise on livable space or style. It’s truly swoon-worthy. 

“We pair the latest technology with the industry’s best craftspeople to build backyard homes in our factory to the highest environmental standards. You get a premium product with higher quality materials, at a lower price.”

Learn more about Abodu.

7) Small Prefab Tiny House – Wikkelhouse

Cost: $55,000

Size: 237 sqft

Ships to: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, UK, Scandinavia

When you picture a house made out of cardboard, you probably don’t envision a cutting-edge, sustainable tiny prefab house. Wikkelhouse is defying logic by pioneering a modular, 100% recyclable structure made primarily of high-quality, encased cardboard.  

Twenty-four layers of it are wrapped around a house-shaped mold, bonded by eco-friendly glue. As finishing touches, a waterproof seal and exterior wood paneling are added. Though it seems to be too good to be true, the result is both well-insulated and durable—guaranteed 50-year lifespan.  

Learn more about Wikkelhouse.

8) M Studio – Honomobo

Cost: approx. $45,000

Size: 273 sqft

Ships to: US & Canada

The M Studio by Honomobo is a highly-efficient, steel frame tiny prefab house. The design features an open great room with a separate bathroom and large glass walls bringing in lots of light from the front and back. Because the kitchen space is very minimal, this prefab tiny home for sale is best suited for those who are not a fan of cooking.

The fun part of choosing your ideal M Studio is all the impeccably curated styling options. Is your style bright & light, or dark & brooding? Choose from a decent collection of finishes for the tiny house interior and exterior.

The most impressive aspects of this prefab home are the efficiency of minimal design and energy use. It’s designed with an envelope that exceeds local energy code requirements. Also, it’s solar-power ready.

Learn more about Honomobo.

9) Hive 3+ – Hive Haus Prefab Tiny Home

Prefab tiny homes Hive 3+ by Hive Haus

Cost: $43,962

Size: 300 sqft

Ships to: UK and more countries in the future

Calling all busy bees? The Hive 3+ is an adaptable prefab tiny house for you. And when you’re ready to expand your family, just add more habitable modules to your Hive Haus. The honey bee building inspires this unique modular concept with hexagonal honeycomb-like structures.

This design creates beauty through purposeful, functional design. It showcases BAUHAUS design influence and a minimalist approach to architecture where “form follows function.” The hexagons modules fit together without any gaps, creating a very efficient use of space and building materials.

Learn more about Hive Haus.

10) Modern Dwell 16×26 – Kanga Room Systems

Prefab Tiny home Modern Dwelling by Kanga Room Systems

Cost: $76,000-$95,000+

Size: 416 sqft

Ships to: US

Are you looking for something more traditional? The Modern Dwell by Kanga Room Systems has a classic, simple cottage feel. It’s a lovely tiny prefab home, ideal as ADU. The layout is straightforward and cozy with separate sleeping and living areas and a small kitchen.

Do-it-yourself with a pre-cut and panelized kit for a simple, quick onsite installation. Though for Texas orders, full turnkey options are available, meaning delivery, full install including electrical and plumbing and foundation prep.

Learn more about Kanga Room Systems.

11) KODA Series – Kodasema Tiny Prefab Houses

Modern style with glass front prefab tiny home

Cost: $55,000-125,000

Size: 278-417.6 sqft

Ships to: Estonia, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Netherlands,

Living in the KODA house is like living in a work of art. Chic, simple living at its finest, or as they put it, “Minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house.” Each of their four prefab tiny homes showcases clean lines, open-air floor plans, and high ceilings.

Choose from their movable prefab designs, either on land or sea. The KODA Concrete is their flagship model. It’s basically a highly-durable, habitable cube. Though, the wood interior creates a homey yet sleek interior. 

Healthy features include non-toxic materials use, filters to catch airborne dust and allergens, and also a ventilation system with a heat exchanger for up to 95 percent heat recovery of exhaust air. 

The intent behind the Concrete model was to create a viable urban infill housing option. Aided by its integrated foundation system, installation time only takes a day. Imagine installing an entire village on unused vacant land in just a few days, a KODA Village.

The Koda Light is a movable steel enforced timber-frame house. It draws from the award-winning design of the Concrete model but is less than half the weight. As a result, transportation is less cost-prohibitive. The Koda Light Extended is 140 sqft larger, which adds a second, complete bedroom at the back of the house. 

The latest model from Estonia-based Kodasema is the KODA Light Float. As the name implies, it’s a tiny floating home on pontoons. It is made of light-weight materials like plywood and timber and is ideal for waterfront properties from established houseboat communities to any dock where you can get a boat slip. While it isn’t mobile on its own in the water, another boat can tow the Light Float. 

Learn more KODA homes.

12) Cabin – MADi

Cost: $43,000

Size: 396 sqft

Ships to: Worldwide

Who doesn’t love the charm of an A-frame cabin? MADi homes now offer an innovative flat-pack version. Assembly time is less than a day, just 6-7 hours. It folds out into place with the help of the crane and a few sets of hands. MADi handles this process.

Surprisingly, MADi homes are earthquake resistant. Also, you can completely customize the interiors. Each model is a semi-finished shell with appliances, and a wooden stairwell included.

The Cabin is just shy of 400 sqft. It features an open great room downstairs, as well as a large upstairs bedroom. If you desire, you can add a balcony.  

Learn more about MADi homes. 

What style of prefab tiny house appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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