14 Perfect Gifts for Tiny House Owners

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If you’re wondering what to buy someone with a tiny house, look no further! We know it can be tough figuring out the best gifts for tiny house owners.

One of the huge reasons people participate in the tiny house movement is so they don’t have to deal with loads of stuff!

Gift-giving can be incredibly fulfilling when done from the heart. But no one wants to give something that feels like a burden. The fact is when you have limited space, there isn’t room for random stuff.

Speaking as a tiny house dweller, I genuinely appreciate the value of crafting my home around what I most love and need

So what can you give that is guaranteed to be rewarding giving, and receiving, experience?

If you’re stumped on what to buy someone with a tiny house, we’ve rounded up 14 gift ideas that are certain to please.

1) EchoShow 5

Anything that helps make a tiny house owners’ space more efficient is always appreciated. That’s why multifunctional design is so cherished, from furniture to gadgets.

A compact EchoShow fits the bill beautifully, making it one of the best gifts for tiny house owners. It’s a Swiss army knife of function, fun, and relationship building. I love how it combines the helpfulness of Alexa with home security. 

Best of all, the EchoShow comes equipped with a smart display for making video calls with loved ones. If you can’t be together in-person this holiday season, enjoy time together virtually.

2) Water Painting Board

Let’s face it. It has been a stressful year for everyone. We could all use more ways to relax. As a tiny house owner, simple living has taught me to have a deep appreciation for slowing down and being more present—helps with stress-reduction. And that’s why I’m intrigued by the reusable Buddha Board.

It is a water painting board designed to help users live in the moment. Just dip your bamboo brush in water, paint anything that comes to mind, then watch it slowly disappear as it dries. Then start again. A mindful process to instantly reduce stress. 

Fortunately, this water painting board comes in compact sizes, making it one of the perfect artistic gifts for tiny house owners.

3) Digital Subscription Service

A digital subscription packs a big entertainment punch without taking up any physical space, making this is a wonderful gift for a tiny house owner.

Treat your pal to free month or even a year subscription.

Here are a few ideas of subsriptions if you’re wondering what to buy a tiny house owner:

4) Kindle Paperwhite

Living in a tiny home means you don’t have a lot of space, and no space to lug around a bunch of books.

I’m addicted to my Kindle Paperwhite for ease of use and portability, plus, I’ll never be without a book! A Kindle can be connected to a hotspot signal to download a new book on the go.

Plus, the Kindle Paperwhite, which I own, is backlit and can be read anywhere without disturbing a sleeping partner. I go everywhere with my Kindle, and hope I never have to go without! 

The Kindle Paperwhite is definitely one of our favorite gifts for tiny house owners.

5) Experiences!

One thing tiny house dwellers cherish is experiences—more valuable than things. The best thing about this kind of gift for a tiny home owner? It can be enjoyed together, like a snowmobile excursion. Get creative! A few fun ideas: movie tickets, music festival pass, museum membership, and annual national park pass.

An experience like this of two people skiing is one of the best gifts for tiny house owners
An experience is one of the best gifts for tiny house owners

6) Headlamp

A trusty headlamp is a tiny house staple. Trust me. In our tiny home, we have two hanging by our front door.

These best gifts for tiny house owners come in handy for all kinds of tiny living situations, like when the power unexpectedly goes out because the solar batteries drained or when switching propane tanks at night.

This handy gift is sure to be well-appreciated. Choose from a wide variety of headlamps, all under $50 and many under $25.

7) Vacuum Storage Bags

Fact. Tiny homes can always use more storage space. Vacuum storage bags provide a simple way to effectively store bulky fabric items, like linens and winter clothes. The tiny home owner in your life will appreciate this space-saving gift!

8) Beeswax Food Wraps

The choice to live tiny is often motivated by a desire to reduce one’s environmental footprint by consciously simplifying both home size and consumption habits.

So it’s no surprise that a large number of tiny house dwellers try to live a zero-waste lifestyle. That’s why beeswax food wraps are such a wonderful gift for tiny home owners.

In place of plastic wrap or plastic sandwich bags, use this reusable natural alternative to cover a bowl or wrap-up a snack to-go.

When the beeswax gives out after numerous uses, no need to throw away. It’s compostable or can be used as a fire starter for a tiny wood stove. 

9) Reusable Produce Bags

Here’s a wonderful gift for a tiny home owner who values healthy eating and reducing their carbon footprint. Reusable produce bags eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags with a durable design that can stretch to fit a wide variety of items.

They double as adorable hanging food storage too. 

10) Donation to a Good Cause

Is there a cause important to your tiny house dweller friend? Donate on their behalf, in their name.

This is a gift-giving experience sure to warm both your hearts while making a positive impact.

As a side note, one of my new favorite causes is SquareOne Villages. It’s a nonprofit creating cost-effective tiny home villages for those in need of housing.

11) Hammock

An easily storable hammock is an ideal R&R companion piece for the tiny lifestyle.

As cliché as is sounds, tiny house dwellers love the great outdoors, making a hammock the perfect gift for a tiny home owner.

When you live in under 400 square feet, you are more intimately connected with your surroundings. I love this! For instance, I spend a lot of time relaxing on my tiny home porch, soaking in the sunshine.

12) Portable Power Station

Off-grid tiny house dwellers constantly monitor their power consumption. It’s a necessity when dependent on solar power.

Any opportunity to reduce usage, and consequently the draw on the battery bank, is always welcome. Portable power stations like this Jackery 160 can power and quickly charge smart devices of all kinds, from phones to tablets, which is why it landed on our list of best gifts for tiny house owners.

A little extra power can go a long way!

13) Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is a perfect way for a tiny house dweller to display their most prized photos. This is especially great at a time when photo albums seem to be going by the wayside, as everything is taken in digital. 

A digital picture frame doesn’t take up much space but is a wonderful way to cherish memories. And latest models come with an app that allows you to share photos back and forth with loved ones easily!

14) Gift cards!

A gift card is the ideal, clutter-free gift. Not only do they not contribute to “stuff,” they allow the tiny house dweller to shop for the just-right something that he or she really needs or wants. Here are ideas for the best gift cards to buy for tiny house dwellers:

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