These 10 Genius Gifts Are Perfect for Tiny House Dwellers (Forget Clutter!)

Looking for the perfect gift idea for the tiny house dweller in your life? These are recommendations from someone who lives in a tiny house!

Alaska inside a tiny house

Will you be buying a gift for a tiny home owner this year?

If so, I’m glad I caught you because holiday shopping or any kind of gift-giving must be done very carefully when the recipient lives in a tiny home.

How do I know? I live in a tiny house.

Tiny house dwellers are a different sort when it comes to receiving gifts. We are minimalists and don’t need much. But there are some items you can get someone who lives in a tiny house.

Ready to dive in?

The Best Gifts For People Who Live in Tiny Houses   

Edible Tiny House Gifts 

If you give a tiny home dweller something they can eat or drink, they will love you forever. 

Not only will your gift be delicious, but it will also be highly respectful of their minimalist lifestyle. 

So give a tiny home owner an epic coffee cake or a bottle of wine. It will be a festive present that won’t bog them down with clutter or responsibility. 

See? How easy was that?!

Consumable Tiny Home Gifts

If your favorite tiny home owner is gluten/dairy/sugar-free, edible gifts can be tough.

So what do you buy for people who live in tiny homes who can’t eat (or drink) anything? 

Give consumable tiny house gifts they can’t eat. 

Consumable gifts could be lotions, candles, soaps, incense, essential oils, sage, henna sets, hair dye, facemasks, and really anything that can be used up in a reasonable amount of time.


If the tiny home owner in your life is particularly skittish about clutter, you may want to skip giving a “thing” altogether. Even a consumable thing.

So what are the best tiny house gifts for minimalists?

For those practicing tiny home minimalism, gifting an experience could be the best present you could give this holiday season.

Ice skating, a trip to the movie theater, or a bowling extravaganza, will create holiday memories while reducing consumerism. 

Trust me, if you can think outside the gift box this season, you will greatly reduce a tiny home owner’s holiday stress.

Tiny House Gift Cards

Speaking of stress, you should know that tiny home owners highly value low-stress lives. And we want to reduce your holiday stress this season too!

So if you’re determined to buy a present for someone who lives in a tiny house, know that an easy gift idea like a gift card will do the trick.

Why are gift cards one of the best gifts for tiny home owners? Because they put us in the driver’s seat. 

We know what we need, and we know what we would value most. A holiday gift card will ensure that whatever we buy is (to us) worth the space it will take up in our small home!

Presence instead of Presents

Do you know what tiny home dwellers want more than presents? Presence.

Many of us have chosen the tiny house lifestyle to spend less time at work and more time with the people we love. And that includes you!

So if you are short on time, money, wrapping paper, or emotional bandwidth this holiday season, we’d love to be penciled in for a hike or a long Zoom call. 


The 10 Best Gifts for Tiny House Dwellers

woman leaping inside tiny house
The Wayward Home tiny house writer Alaska Wagoner

If you’re stuck on getting a physical gift for a tiny house dweller, here are some ideas.


Tiny homes are the coziest type of home out there, and nothing will bring the holiday spirit quite like the perfect candle. 

So what is the perfect candle? 

Personally, I’ve recently fallen in love with this white birch candle by Broken Top Candle Company. It smells like a fancy forest. 

This company was founded with the intention of finding the intersection of luxury, affordability, clean living, and family values. 

If there was a candle representing the tiny home movement, this would be it!


You know how pungent cooking broccoli in a traditional house can be, so just imagine what cooking smells do to a tiny home.

That’s why these smell-reducing incense papers make an excellent tiny house present! 

The box is small, the item is consumable, and it’s particularly useful for tiny home living! Plus, this gift doesn’t come with a bunch of packaging. 

See? You’re already becoming a tiny house gift-giving expert!


You’re always trying to save space in a tiny house bathroom, so here’s a tiny house gift idea that will be useful and reduce clutter.

This Damascus Rose Facial Oil by Badger will remove makeup better than anything you’ve tried yet. It’s also a cleanser, and it will leave your face moisturized. I’m obsessed.

This rose facial oil is sustainably made using solar power, comes in a recyclable glass bottle, and is made with organic ingredients. 


Do I need to explain what makes chocolate one of the best tiny house gifts?

I didn’t think so. But let me save you some decision fatigue this holiday season, and suggest you shop small and buy your tiny house gifts from the Theobroma Chocolate Company in Sitka, Alaska.

This handmade chocolate is literally to die for. That’s it. That’s the pitch.


Tiny home owners tend to be creative, so here’s a creative gift idea that won’t stretch your holiday budget and will let your tiny house loved one take their inspiration to the limit: A Canva Pro subscription.

Canva design software allows users to create flyers, social media posts, cards, posters, and more. It offers access to graphics, photos, fonts, and music, and even has AI capabilities. 

Honestly, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this software can do, but it’s very user-friendly, and I promise any design enthusiast will love it!

Books and/or a Kindle!

If you know a tiny home dweller who loves books, consider gifting them books while helping save space. 

How can you create space for books in a tiny house? By giving a tiny home owner a Kindle E-Reader!

Now, yes, this physical item, so it’s a risk. Tell the tiny home owner they can re-gift it back to you if there isn’t space in their tiny house.

And if they already have a Kindle, just get them an Amazon gift card so they can buy books!

Tiny House Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses in a tiny home. They can be used for cleaning, relaxation, cooking, and even medicinally!

Doterra is a popular brand of tiny home essential oils. My favorites are lemon (use on anything stubborn like duct tape residue!), and eucalyptus for a tiny home spa shower.

Fresh Flowers for a Tiny House Dweller

fresh flowers sitting on a table in a tiny house

Fresh flowers make a great tiny house gift! They are festive, bring life into a home, and go away once they’ve been appreciated. 

Flowers are also easily compostable, so you can reduce holiday stress knowing that you gift sustainable tiny house presents.

If you’re celebrating on a budget, Trader Joe’s is famous for their inexpensive flowers that last forever. If you have more to spend, though, UrbanStems is a nationwide flower delivery company with bouquets starting at fifty-five dollars.


Want to help your tiny home friend return to a simpler time? In the past, fruit was a common gift, so why not bring it back? After all, fruit is colorful, seasonal, and delicious!

Pomegranates are a festive fruit that people enjoy but often forget about. They also make inexpensive tiny house gifts! 

Don’t live near your favorite tiny home dweller? You can schedule a fruit delivery through Edible Arrangements. Some of the fruit bouquets even have chocolate-covered pineapple. JUST SAYING.

The Ultimate Tiny House Gift 

Are you ready for the ultimate tiny house gift? Give something you have special access to that would cost someone else time, money, or pain.

If you’re a contractor, for example, you could install a tiny house mailbox. Dental hygienists could offer free teeth cleanings, grandmas could babysit, and if you’re a dog groomer, well, maybe someone’s tiny house poodle could use a trim.

The best tiny house gifts could be right under your nose!

Celebrating Tiny Home Holidays

If you are reading this article, you obviously care about your loved one’s tiny house lifestyle. And honestly, care is what the holidays are all about. 

So on behalf of tiny home dwellers everywhere, thank you for taking the time this holiday season to learn about gift-giving and the tiny home movement. We appreciate you!

Would you like to learn more about the tiny house lifestyle? 

Just use the link below to subscribe to The Wayward Home. Maybe there’s a tiny house in your future?!

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