7 Tiny Houses for Sale on Amazon: Buyer Beware?

What can’t you buy on Amazon? Nothing, it appears! Now you can officially buy a tiny house for sale directly from this mega e-commerce marketplace….

Could this tiny house on amazon be too good to be true?

What can’t you buy on Amazon? Nothing, it appears! Now you can officially buy a tiny house for sale directly from this mega e-commerce marketplace.

You can choose from a wide variety of tiny house kits, prefab tiny homes, and fully-furnished tiny homes, right on Amazon.

But is it a good idea to order a tiny house for sale on Amazon?

While shopping on Amazon is incredibly convenient, it can lead to impulsive decision-making. A tiny house is the kind of big-ticket purchase that is meant to be done thoughtfully. 

Not only must you consider if the tiny house design suits your needs, but don’t forget to investigate the quality of the build and whether the builder/manufacturer of the tiny house on Amazon is trustworthy. This is especially important if there any defects, and you need prompt customer service. 

Before you drop $10,000 to $125,000 on an Amazon tiny house for sale, do your due diligence on researching the seller and their product. The last thing you want is to regret a hasty tiny house purchase.

Explore this list of 7 tiny houses for sale on Amazon with vetting tips to help you make an informed purchase.

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1) 20′ Expandable Prefab Container Tiny House for Sale on Amazon

Cost: $35,000 – $40,000, plus shipping
Size: 240 sqft
Seller: Lot LUO

Looking for a modern, off-grid tiny home for sale on Amazon? The Weizhengheng prefab container house is an intriguing option.

This Amazon tiny house gets delivered as a cube that, at a touch of a button, unfolds and expands automatically—the process takes approximately 2 hours. This includes built-in furniture and appliances.

Once set-up, this tiny home for sale on Amazon can run off solar power, with wind power as a supplement, both mounted on the roof.

While the overview is quite appealing, some key product details on this Amazon tiny home for sale are lacking, like dimensions and interior images. For more complete information, I had to review both of the seller’s listings for this container house. Of note, it appears that Lot LUO (the seller) has only responded to questions on one of the listings. 

On the upside, this tiny home manufacturer will provide the client with production pictures, packing-list, and installation instructions. I highly recommend requesting additional information and images before buying this tiny home for sale on Amazon. Lot LUO does provide contact information and a website for further details.

Keep in mind, they are a China-based company, so the English on the listing and site isn’t great. Learn more about the Expandable Container House for sale on Amazon in this Amazon listing, and this other one too. 

2) Timber Frame Post and Beam Vermont Cottage Tiny Home for Sale on Amazon

Cost: $11,500 – $12,000 (free shipping depending on location)
Size: 336 sqft
Seller: Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. 

If you want the hands-on experience of creating your own tiny house, but don’t have any building chops, a DIY kit is an excellent option, like this tiny home for sale on Amazon by Jamaica Cottages.

Jamaica Cottage Shop is well-known in the tiny house community for its affordable post and beam kits.

Currently, three versions of their 16’x20′ Vermont Cottages are for sale on Amazon, featuring different configurations. Each has rustic charm. I love the farmhouse charm of the porch. Can’t you easily imagine one nestled on a picturesque wooded lot?

To see what a completed kit would look like as a furnished home, you need to visit the website, which I recommend for thorough research on any tiny house available on Amazon. 

What’s great about the available tiny cottage options on Amazon is that they each come with color-coded components, step by step instructions and a toll-free tech support line. So, if there are any snags during assembly, you can easily reach someone for help.

Don’t forget to check the fine print on the seller’s profile! In this case, you’ll discover shipping is only free in the continental US if this tiny house for sale on Amazon is delivered to a local business with an available forklift. 

Peruse the Amazon listing for more information.

3) NOMAD Cube Micro Tiny House for Sale on Amazon

Cost: $38,000 – $40,000, plus shipping
Size: 182 sqft
Seller: NOMAD Micro Homes

The NOMAD Cube tiny house for sale on Amazon is compact and cute as a button. Its modern design is the epitome of minimalism—clutter-free with clean lines. The airy open floor plan with abundant natural light and vaulted ceilings make the space in this tiny home for sale on Amazon feel much roomier.

“Larger windows bring the outside in, allowing the [landscape] to be perceived as part of the living space.” 

-Joie Alvaro Kent, NOMAD Micro Homes co-founder

Assembly is required for the Cube Mirco Tiny Home for sale on Amazon. Thanks to the innovative 3D-printed steel frame, it is flat-packed for efficient shipping, along with flooring and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Fortunately, the Amazon listing includes PDFs with a full list of what’s included and what to expect for the installation process.

The CNC manufactured components of the Cube fit perfectly for fast and relatively easy assembly. Per the manufacturer, this Amazon tiny house for sale can be assembled within several days by two people with handyman-level skills.

If this doesn’t describe you and a good friend, you’ll want to consider hiring help, which will likely drive up costs by several thousand dollars. 

Again, for a more complete understanding of this product, visit their website. I found it on NOMAD Micro Homes’ Seller Profile. Remember to ask for more information, like if it’s building code compliant, or any aspect that you need more clarity on. NOMAD Micro Homes does respond to customer questions on Amazon. 

I strongly encourage you to email any tiny house builder/manufacturer directly to request customer references.

Additionally, do a Google search for any reviews and Better Business Bureau complaints. There are always two sides to a story, so follow-up with the company for more details. Be wary if they completely brush off negative reviews, or get angry with you for asking.

For more information about the NOMAD Small House for sale on Amazon, see the Amazon listing.

4) MODS 40′ Container Small House for Sale on Amazon

Cost: $36,000 – $40,000, plus shipping
Size: 336 sqft
Seller: MODS Buildings

Looking for an Amazon little house for sale with no assembly required? The MODS 40′ Container Home for sale on Amazon is practically move-in ready. It comes fully furnished, ready to be plopped down on a prepared concrete foundation. Once delivered, you can easily connect it to water, waste, and electric. 

Personally, I definitely wouldn’t want the stock bunk beds. The tiny bedroom would benefit from an efficient Murphy bed, or perhaps a lofted bed with storage underneath. 

Unlike many other tiny homes for sale on Amazon, this one is built to the International Building Code (IBC). So in most places, it should be able to pass inspection without any issues. To aid in this process, the manufacturer provides licensed engineer stamped plans with photos of the construction. 

As one Amazon reviewer put it, don’t just take their word for it.

Before you buy, “do your homework (pun intended) before spending your hard-earned money. It would really suck to have one of these homes delivered to your site, just to find out it doesn’t meet the State and/or local building codes and ordinances and you can’t set in down, let alone move in. And they won’t let you leave it on the street while you get the issues sorted out.”

Learn more about the MODS container house here.

 5) Allwood Timberline Tiny Cabin Kit on Amazon

Cost: $34,000 –  $40,000(free shipping!)
Size: 483 sqft
Seller: AllwoodOutlet

Not everyone is crazy about climbing a ladder to access a tiny house loft, especially during the middle of the night. The Allwood Timberline Cabin for sale on Amazon has a downstairs bedroom, as well as a loft with room for two double beds. Sounds perfect for limber kids. 

As the largest of Allwood’s log home kits, this is definitely a family-sized Amazon tiny home. It would make an ideal rustic vacation home. To be suitable for full-time living, you would need to add a kitchen and storage solutions. All possible in the ample open space but not included in the kit.

The Timberline Tiny House for sale on Amazon is like a blank canvas with beautiful Nordic Spruce bones, just waiting to be transformed into a beautiful living space. Start collecting your Pinterest ideas now. But remember to budget for the cost of any additions, including windows. 

After looking up the seller’s website, I pleasantly surprised to find that financing is available. It pays to do a little detective work!

Learn more about the Allwood cabin kits here.

6) Sledhaus Prefab Tiny Home for Sale on Amazon

Cost: $125,000 – $150,000(free shipping!)
Size: 572 sqft
Seller: Irontown Homes

Who says you have to compromise luxury in a small space? The stunning Sledhaus combines style, comfort, and livability to achieve a high-quality tiny house for sale on Amazon.

And bonus, it can be used as a legal, permanent residence because it is built the International Residential Code (IRC).

This Amazon tiny home features a full-size everything—bathroom, kitchen with tons of storage, and a downstairs bedroom with a closet. Additionally, the loft can fit two twin beds or even a king. While the builder claims it can sleep up to seven, that would only be advisable for recreational use.

A promising customer sign, the Amazon listing includes contact information and the website.

Browse the Sledhaus Amazon listing here.

7) “Tiny House” for sale on Amazon

Cost: $75,000 – $80,000, plus shipping
Size: unknown
Seller: Sustainable Construction and Development, LLC

The ultimate buyer beware Amazon listing is one with almost no specifics or contact information. 

Sustainable Construction and Development, LLC is selling three tiny houses on wheels, all generically named “Tiny House.” Each is listed for a whopping $75,000. While a few basic features are listed in the product description, the only available images are a few renderings. 

This begs the question, has the builder ever actually built one of these models?

After Googling the seller’s name, I found a Facebook page with a link to the website. My first impression was not good. The featured video on the homepage shows a poorly finished tiny house for sale on Amazon, novice quality.

Not what you’d expect to get from professional craftsman charging $75,000 – $80,000. 

Nothing seems to meet that high-end price point or matches any of the renderings shown on the Amazon tiny home. Maybe those are designs the builder wants to bring to life in the future. But the lack of transparency in the listing raises serious concern. Buy at your own risk.

Check out this lacking Amazon listing for yourself here. 

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