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You may have bought your RV for a trip of a lifetime, and now its sitting in your driveway or in storage. Or maybe you live in your RV and need some extra cash. The good news is there’s an easy way to turn your RV into a camper rental which can generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

Sarah Grant, of Fostoria, Ohio, purchased her motorhome strictly as an RV rental. Within the first year, she generated about $50,000 on RVshare.

Tom and his fiance Marcie purchased an RV in October of 2016. They, however, had less time than expected to travel. After deep consideration about sharing their beautiful new Class C, they listed on RVshare in January of 2017 as a camper rental. Within a week, they had $11,000 of requests.

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Within one year, they’ve made enough on RVshare to purchase two other RVs that are also listed on RVshare!

Almost nine million American families own an RV. However, on average, an RV sits in an owner’s driveway 50 of 52 weeks per year — incurring payment and maintenance expenses.

Renting your RV on RVshare offers every RV owner the opportunity to generate as much income as preferred — for some that means just enough to cover monthly costs and for others, it means a substantial means of living.

The risks of renting out your RV as a camper rental

There are camper rentals of all shapes and sizes on RVshare, some are just $50 per day

Putting an RV out there for anyone to use as a motorhome rental isn’t the easiest thing in the world. What if it gets damaged?

According to RVshare, rental insurance is offered to owners of RV rentals at no cost. There aren’t any start-up costs, access fees, monthly premiums, or anything like that. It’s just a service provided to owners for free for listing and booking.


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For RV rentals with RVshare Rental Insurance activated, owners are provided $500,000 in liability coverage as well as comprehensive and collision coverage for the value of their RV up to $200,000. Owners also have the ability to transition to a program offering up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage.

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“We get into an email dialogue with all of our potential renters first, finding out where they’re going and who is traveling,” said Tom. “We found that when people are spending the money they are they take care of it like it’s their own. We haven’t had any major issues coming back. Everyone we’ve communicated with and crossed paths with is wonderful.”

RVshare listers Doug and Becky Dempsey have had similar experiences with their RV rentals. “I think its no different than having family or friends come into town and stay in your house in a guest bedroom,” said Doug. “Everybody has been really respectful of our property. I know when I personally rent a hotel room or a house on the beach I treat it with more respect than something I would own because its someone else’s and I’m respectful of that. I’ve found its reciprocated 10-fold by the people who have rented our RV.”

How to get a motorhome rental if you’re planning to travel

If you're traveling, RVshare can help reduct the costs of owning your own camper

RVshare isn’t just for RV owners, but for people who want to travel in an RV without owning one of their own.

“RV ownership involves more than maintenance than most expect,” said Gaby Cuda with RVShare. “Plus, most families don’t use their RV nearly as much as anticipated. RVshare provides those interested in RV travel but either don’t want to purchase or don’t have the means to buy their own.”

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It is possible to get a camper rental if you want to do an extended trip as well. Tom and Marcie rent out their RVs nightly, weekly and monthly, so it is possible to take that dream trip to Alaska and stay awhile if you don’t want to buy and deal with your own motorhome.

RVshare has a wide variety of RVs to pick from. Renters can get a Class A motorhome, Class B motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, pop-up trailer, truck camper or a wheelchair accessible camper rental.

Plus, traveling with your family in a motorhome rental is economical. On average, you can save up to 57% on vacation costs compared to other forms of travel.

Browsing the website, there are camper rentals as cheap as $45 per night. Just depends on how much space you’ll need, and how fancy of a motorhome rental you want for your trip.

Turning RVShare into an at-home RV rental business

Tom and Marcie have had so much success renting out their RV on RVshare that its now a separate business. They opened a business account, where they track expenses and income from their RV rentals.

“We ask $250 per night, $1500 dollars per week, $6,000 for the month,” said Tom. “We’ve had it go out 2 weeks by one person, shortest one was a 3-day stay.”

The couple who started RVshare, Mark Jenney and his wife, hoped to create an environment where owners could make some cash renting out their RV, and travelers could get their hands on some great deals by renting a privately-owned RV.

Mark and his then-fiancee had planned to honeymoon across the country in their RV. So, they did the research, purchased the RV, planned the voyage and experienced the trip of a lifetime.

Once home and settled into married life, Mark and his wife looked out at their driveway — now accessorized with a huge motorhome — and thought, “Well, now what do we do with this thing?”

After relaying this story, Mark and a few friends thought there had to be someplace to list the RV online to rent out. And there wasn’t.

Being the eternal entrepreneurs, Mark and his friends, founded RVshare.

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