10 Epic tiny houses for sale in California

Did you know California is a national leader in legal tiny house parking?  A growing number of cities and counties across the state are changing…

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Did you know California is a national leader in legal tiny house parking

A growing number of cities and counties across the state are changing their zoning laws to accommodate tiny houses on wheels. And not a moment too soon! It’s one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. 

You can get a permit to park a tiny house in backyards, in places like LA and Silicon Valley. Slowly but surely, more communities are popping up too.

Not surprisingly, you can choose from an array of tiny homes for sale in California, from custom professional builders and tiny homeowners. 

Just keep in mind, the majority of places where you can legally park require movable tiny houses to meet RV building standards. So homes with certifications help expedite the approval process tremendously.

Confused? Learn more about movable tiny house parking zoning requirements here. Of note, tiny modular homes are widely accepted as accessory dwelling units across the state too.

Ready to find your dream home?

Explore this big list of tiny houses for sale in California.

1) The Paradise tiny house for sale in California

The Paradise tiny house for sale in California parked on the street.

Cost: $75,000
Size: 304 square feet
Location: Gridley, CA

Looking for a family-sized tiny house? The Paradise is one of the beautiful tiny houses for sale in California that tops our list. This house impressively packs in two sleeping lofts with a nursery just off the master bedroom. 

It was built custom by KJE Tiny Homes and is certified by NOAH.

Cooking for a family requires a full-kitchen capability and storage, and this gooseneck tiny house does not sacrifice on either. It also includes sleek granite counter tops with a breakfast bar for dining space. 

The Paradise tiny house has other important design features for families with kids, like a combo washer/dryer and room for a large sofa.

To learn more about The Paradise and to contact the seller, click here.

2) The Evergreen

The Evergreen tiny house, for sale in California has green siding on the top 2/3rds, red brick on the bottom 1/3rd and white door and trim.
The Evergreen tiny home has clever space saving features and storage.

Cost: $50,000 cash ($60k with owner financing and a minimum $15k down payment)
Size: 200 square feet
Location: Wilton, CA

The Evergreen tiny house truly lives large with an efficient yet spacious feeling layout.

Fortunately, the asking price is inclusive of the small space furniture utilized in the living room, which provides for an ample lounge, work, and downstairs sleeping area.

What makes this tiny home truly suitable for full-time living is the cleverly placed storage throughout, from the built-in stair storage to the full-size closet space.

Further, if you love to cook, you’ll appreciate the well thought out kitchen. It includes lots of counter space, as well as an oven hood–critical for proper venting in a small space.

Most importantly for California, this tiny home is certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes.

Interested in learning more about The Evergreen? Contact the seller here.

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3) Off-Grid Prepper’s Paradise tiny home for sale in California

Green off grid cabin tiny home for sale in California, sits on dry ground with trees surrounding.
This rustic cabin is a Prepper’s dream!

Cost: $295,900
Size: 360 square feet
Location: Lookout, CA

Do you want to put down roots and embrace self-sufficient living?

This tiny home on a foundation within the Modoc National Forest is an off-grid prepper’s paradise. 

This rustic cabin is outfitted with propane appliances, wood stove, and a solar power system. It’s situated on a wooded lot that comes with a well and septic system. 

To accommodate your prepping needs, additional storage is available in the on-site and water-tight 45’ long semi-trailer. Also, a 205 gallon water storage tank is located near the cabin.

In light of tumultuous events of the year, this tiny prepper-ready cabin is ideal for long term social distancing. Contact the seller for more details here.

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4) Acorn tiny home for sale in California

Cost: $40,000
Size: 140 square feet
Location: Ojai, CA

If you’re looking to be mobile-ready, you’ll love the Acorn Tiny Home by Humble Handcraft. It’s only 16’ long and off-grid capable with 1000 watts of solar panels, as well as a 3.5kw lithium battery system. 

Every inch of this tiny house is artistically crafted. It’s made from locally sourced sugar pine, contrasted with reclaimed Redwood accents. 

The Acorn tiny house for sale in California is perfect for the minimalist on the move. Is it right for you? Learn more from the seller here.

Want to build your own THOW? Get free plans here!

5) Luxury container home of the future for sale in California

Kitchen view of container tiny home for sale in California.

Cost: $55,000
Size: 160 square feet
Location: Oakland, CA

Tiny Logic created this modern tiny container home to be used as ADU in a California backyard. Its sleek interior design gives it a high-end feel with features like glass tile backsplash and rainwater shower head.

With its downstairs sleeping area, it’s ideal as an in-law suite. Though, its limited storage and living space might make it best suited as an Airbnb.

Learn more about this luxury container home here.

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6) The Cedar Cottage tiny home for sale in California

Wood exterior of the Cedar Cottage tiny home parked on grass.

Cost: $50,000
Size: 240 square feet (including lofts)
Location: Loma Linda, CA

The Cedar Cottage is a darling and very livable tiny home for a couple.

You’ll be amazed at the endless amounts of storage, including 18 closed shelving cabinets and space-saving pull out drawers. And that doesn’t even include the ten open shelving cabinets in the bedroom loft with a built-in closet!

Overall, this tiny home offers comfortable living without much sacrifice. 

For instance, the spacious u-shaped kitchen features full-size appliances.

Also, the multi-purpose living area covers all the bases for couch lounging, extra chairs for entertaining, and small dining table space. 

The Cedar Cottage comes with the furniture (couch, chaise lounge, lamps, barstools) and appliances (including TV), as well as a 5’x5’ shed and used picnic table. That’s a lot of value for the asking price! 

Learn more about this tiny house for sale by owner here.

7) Pacific Coast Traveler tiny house

Cost: $75,000 OBO
Size: 180 square feet
Location: Isleton, CA

The Pacific Coast Traveler tiny house for sale in California offers many conveniences for a new owner. It’s currently located in the Park Delta Bay RV and tiny home community. You can easily take over the lot lease–no need to hunt for a parking spot!

This light-weight tiny house is easily towable, making it well-suited for nomadic life for a single person. It’s also RV certified through the builder, Tiny Smart House.

One of the top highlights of the Pacific Coast Traveler is rich cedar interior walls.

Also, the custom-built pull-out bed provides a downstairs sleeping area. The loft area is only used for additional storage space.

Surprisingly, this first-floor tiny home features a home office space and a full bathtub. This is an efficient design ideal for a traveling worker or digital nomad who enjoys a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

Is the Pacific Coast Traveler right for you? Learn more about it here.

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8) Tiny Red Cabin on wheels for sale in California


Cost: $33,000
Size: 160 square feet (191 sq ft with the lofts)
Location: Mount Shasta, CA

If you’re looking for a non-cookie cutter tiny house design, then you’ll appreciate the Tiny Red Cabin on Wheels. It has a vintage farmhouse feel with the red siding, exposed ceiling beams, and retro-looking appliances.

Charming details can be found everywhere you look in this little home, from the live edge shelving to an inviting bay window. 

This unique tiny house is bargain-priced, in part because it’s not completely finished, making it an ideal opportunity for someone on a budget, open to a hands-on experience. 

Learn more about the Tiny Red Cabin on Wheels and contact the seller here.

9) Namu Haus

View through double doors into kitchen of Namu Haus tiny home for sale in California.
The Namu Haus has a lovely, module Asian/American inspired design.

Cost: $75,000
Size: 160 square feet
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Tiny house swoon! The lovely Namu Haus is inspired by modern American and Asian architecture to create a highly efficient, minimalist home.

“It embraces the principle of living essentially, so that your body and mind come back to the root of what is necessary and to find joy in the small and your immediate surroundings.”

-Namu Haus creators

The Namu Haus is an eco-friendly modular home on wheels built from non-toxic materials, which is well-suited for those with chemical sensitivities. 

The model for sale is a prototype. You can learn more about the Namu Haus tiny houses for sale in California here.

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10) Roanoke tiny house for sale in California

Roanoke tiny home for sale in California parked on brick lot with blue sky in the background.

Cost: $62,000
Size: 139 square feet
Location: Malibu, CA

If you’ve been considering ordering a new Tumbleweed tiny house, here’s an opportunity to buy a practically new model without the 6-month wait. It’s also $6,000 less.

The Roanoke is simple yet inviting with its tall, bold wood grain ceiling. One of the most eye-catching features of the tiny home was added by the current owner, an epic wood slab table/desk.

Learn more about this RVIA certified tiny house by contacting the seller here.

Looking for more tiny houses for sale in California?

If one of the above tiny houses didn’t suit your fancy, not to worry!  Reach out to one of the following builders to commission a custom home, browse their stock model designs, or order a DIY kit:

Did you fall in love with one of the above tiny houses for sale in California? Let us know in the comments.

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