This Stunning Shipping Container Combines a Cold Plunge, Sauna, and Hot Tub

The first of its kind, the SaunaPlunge Container has been designed by Backcountry Containers to be installed in hotels, gyms or your backyard. Check it out!

saunaplunge container on a snowy day

Ever dreamed of having a mini spa in your backyard? Now you can. Tiny home manufacturer Backcountry Containers launches the SaunaPlunge Container.

The Home Spa Social Media Trend

With over 1.6 billion views on TikTok and Joe Rogan endorsing the trend, it’s safe to say that #coldplunge is all the rage at the moment. But NYTimes bestselling author and family physician Dr Mark Hyman says a hot tub or sauna session can deliver the same health benefits.

Whether you love the thrill of a gasp-inducing dip in 50-degree water or you prefer relaxing in a sauna or hot tub, the SaunaPlunge Container’s got you covered. It’s a mini wellness center neatly packaged in a plug-and-play 20ft shipping container.

The first of its kind, the SaunaPlunge Container, was designed by Backcountry Containers to be installed in hotels, gyms, or backyards. It’s currently for sale for $49,500.

Backcountry Containers produces standard and customizable container homes and pools from recycled shipping containers. You probably saw its creations on popular HGTV shows “Tiny House, Big Living” or “Containables.”

The Cold Plunge/Hot Tub

saunaplunge showing the swimming pool inside
Photo Credit: Backcountry Containers

The SaunaPlunge features a 7ft by 10ft pool that you can use as a cold plunge, hot tub, or swimming pool. Innovative technology allows it to maintain the desired temperature efficiently.

It uses a 125k BTU propane heater and a 30k BTU inverter-style heater/chiller. These work together to raise and lower the water temperature, which can reach up to 104 degrees.

Inside the pool, there’s an L-shaped bench on which you can relax. If it’s raining or snowing, you can shelter under the covered area above the bench located by the sauna room.

The best part? The pool can fit up to six adults. You can endure a teeth-shattering cold plunge or unwind in the hot tub with your buddies.

The Sauna Room

saunaplunge interior showing the seats
Photo Credit: Backcountry Containers

The sauna room is 7ft by 7ft and can seat up to four adults. An 8kw Harvia electric sauna heater raises the temperature inside.

The interior design is inspired by traditional Scandinavian saunas. It features cedar tongue and groove walls and ceiling, stone-style tile flooring, and panoramic windows.

There’s also a Bluetooth stereo you can use to listen to podcasts, guided meditations, or plain old music.


door of the saunaplunge container
Photo Credit: Backcountry Containers

The SaunaPlunge Container is a modular unit that maximizes space and is easy to assemble. Because it’s plug-and-play, you can add it to your backyard or garden yourself.

The SaunaPlunge Container is built out of a 20ft container, which measures 20ft by 8ft. Backcountry Containers recommend building a concrete slab or concrete piers to support the full weight of the filled pool. In some cases, a flat and level compacted gravel pad can work, though.

The Backcountry Containers team can help you figure out the prep before you place an order. They ship anywhere in the United States and beyond.

So what do you think? Would you like to have a SaunaPlunge Container on your property?

window of the saunaplunge container
Photo Credit: Backcountry Containers

We love it. It brings the luxury and health benefits of a small spa to your home. We think we could all do with relaxing in a hot tub – or sauna – and rejuvenating in a cold plunge after a hard day’s work.

Experts believe lowering and raising body temperature helps with anxiety, boosts heart health and circulation, relaxes the muscles, improves sleep, and fires up our immune system. Sign us up!

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