6 Dreamy A-Frame Tiny House Plans

In this article, I’ll share the best available A-frame tiny house plans, along with the pros & cons to help you decide if building one is right for you.

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Imagine a timeless, charming cabin that can perfectly fit on the coast or in the mountains. Did you picture an A-frame tiny home? Since my childhood, I have loved this classic style.

Now, I live in a tiny home on wheels, but my love for A-frame tiny homes remains strong. Their iconic look exudes simplicity. It’s no wonder there’s such a strong resurgence of this architectural style during the height of the tiny living movement. 

Feeling smitten? Build your own with A-frame tiny house plans.

Similar to picking the best tiny house on wheels floor plan, a crucial first step is determining your needs and top priorities before you can choose your dream A-frame tiny house plans.

However, one big difference between these small home styles is the A-frame’s signature sloped interior walls. This dramatically affects furniture placement, built-in storage, and decor options.

In this article, I’ll share the best available A-frame tiny house plans, along with the pros & cons to help you decide if building one is right for you.

Top 6 A-Frame Tiny House Plans

1) Deek Diedricksen’s Transforming A-Frame Tiny House Plans

  • Plans Price: $29.95
  • Size: 100 square feet
  • Approximate DIY Cost to Build: $700-1200

Deek Diedricksen is the creator behind the most well-known A-frame tiny house plans. His cabin continually dazzles major media design outlets. I get it. Anything that transforms is genuinely the stuff of childhood fantasies. 

Intimately commune with nature in this darling getaway A-frame tiny home. An entire side wall opens up, creating a covered patio or semi-outdoor sleeping option. Doesn’t everyone want to escape to the woods in a small space that brings the outdoors in? 

Even better, these A-frame tiny house plans are ideally suited for the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. This design is incredibly simple to build and affordable too. The original cost is just $1200. However, with the use of salvaged materials, it can be built for as little as $700.

Curious what it feels like inside a completed model? Good news. You can experience the transforming A-frame in-person via available vacation rentals on Airbnb and Hipcamp.

Learn more about Deek’s transforming A-frame cabin here.

2) Alexis A-Frame Tiny House Plans

Alexis A frame tiny house plans
  • Plans Price: $290
  • Size: 306 square feet
  • Approximate DIY Cost to Build: $11,500

My dream come true. A-frame tiny house plans named after me! But there’s much more to love about the Alexis A-frame tiny house plans. A dreamy wall of windows floods the space with light. Also, like classic A-frame tiny home designs, the Alexis is open and airy with almost no interior walls. 

The overall effect is a cozy cabin vibe that feels bigger than it really is. 

One downfall A-frame tiny homes is often wasted space along the bottom wall section. The Alexis solves this problem.

Though it’s not standing height next to the sloped walls, this area is utilized for storage. Built-in open and closed cabinets efficiently maximize the ground floor without creating a cluttered look. The lofted bedroom also helps.

Do you want to build your own Alexis A frame tiny house? Good news. The A-frame tiny house plans come with a step by step construction guide. Learn more here.

3) Megan A-Frame Tiny House Plans

Megan A frame tiny house plans
  • Plans Price: $690
  • Size: 488 square feet
  • Approximate DIY Cost to Build: $33,400

Do you need a family-size tiny home? The two-bedroom Megan A-frame tiny house plans might be right for you. Enjoy the features suitable for full-time living with efficient use of space.

A spacious great room provides lounging and dining space. However, there are no open vaulted ceilings.

I love the flexibility of Megan’s bonus room. While the plans label this as a winter garden room, it could easily be used as a mudroom or home office. 

Megan’s layout includes non-sloped interior walls inside the A-frame. This is ideal for hanging artwork, mounting a TV, and creating easy access storage. 

Get your copy of the Megan A-frame tiny house plans here.

4) A-Frame Weekender

Weekender A Frame tiny house plans
  • Plans Price: $199
  • Size: 415 square feet
  • Approximate Pro Cost to Build: $63,495

A new company has burst on the small space scene with a fresh take on A-frame tiny house cabins. Den offers a variety of light-filled A-frame tiny house plans that all bring the outdoors in.

Each combines “Japanese craftsmanship, sleek Scandinavian aesthetics, and the warmth of California modern design.” That aesthetic is evident in their A Frame Weekender tiny house plans.

It is a modern A-frame tiny house with two breathtaking walls of glass, creating a 14-foot ceiling. One is off the living area, and the second is the master suite. Unlike other A-frames, the bedroom is on the ground floor. 

Minimalist through and through, the Weekender Tiny House Plans are full of clean lines and sparse on built-in storage. Depending on your vacation or full-time living needs, browse Den’s many plans to find your ideal fit.

5) Dolores A-Frame Tiny House Plans

Dolores A Frame Tiny House Plans
  • Plans Price: $169
  • Size: 183 square feet
  • Approximate DIY Cost to Build: $7,400

Tiny but mighty. That perfectly sums up the Dolores A-frame tiny house plans. Build your own affordable, darling home for the cost of a used car!

At a mere 183 square feet, there’s an impressive amount of storage space. Besides the extensive built-ins in each room, the Dolores includes a small utility room that can fit bicycle and camping gear.

Follow design inspiration from the creator, Pin-up Homes, to add dramatic pops of color throughout the Dolores A-frame tiny home. Not only is it adorable, but it adds contrast from natural wood that creates a sense of depth in an ultra-tiny space. 

Did you fall in love with Dolores? Build your own with the available A-frame tiny house plans.

6) The Duo 100 A-Frame Tiny House Plans

Duo A Frame tiny house parked near a forest
Photo courtesy Avrame
  • Plans Price: only available with kit purchase
  • Size: 400 square feet
  • Kit cost: $16,900-$36,650

If you are serious about building your own A-frame tiny home, Avrame is your one-stop-shop. Choose from a variety of sizes and kit options, from shell only to the works. 

“The AvrameUSA kit is a flexible building system that offers you a customizable building approach that is beautifully affordable and efficient and allows you to add all the personal touches that make it “all your own.”

For maximum livability, my favorite of the Avrame A frame tiny house plans is The Duo. It includes a dormer for extra living space and a loft to create a second bedroom.

Perhaps the best part is how it balances both openness with function. Vaulted ceilings, along with interior walls, provides the best of both worlds of all the featured A-frame designs in this article.

Ready to kickstart your A-frame build? Learn more about Avrame’s kits here.

Looking for more tiny house kit options? See our list of five incredible kits for under $5,000!

Benefits of A-Frame Tiny House Plans

A frame tiny house in the forest
The Weekender A Frame Tiny House Plans sure are adorable.

Why are so many drawn to the A-frame tiny home design? A house with the exterior walls replaced by a giant roof seems ridiculous. But there is a magnetic charm about the symmetrical shape that brings out a child-like wonder but as a grown-up romantic appeal. 

Maybe because A-frames tiny homes look similar to evergreen trees that they feel so right nestled in the forest. And nothing brings out simple living allure quite like a cabin in the woods.

With an architectural style that favors expansive window views, A-frame tiny house plans foster a sense of connection with the outdoors. The abundant natural light also generates household energy savings.

Beyond that, the simplicity of leaning structural poles against each other to form the A shape harkens back to early human dwellings. That makes sense. A-frame construction is relatively straightforward, especially for the less experienced builder. 

Fortunately, there are more A-frame tiny house plans and kits available than ever before.

Durability in the face of harsh weather is another significant benefit of A-frame tiny homes. For cold climates, snow is unable to build upon the steeply sloped roof. However, in warmer climates, the heat rises into the peak, maintaining a cool main floor.

Disadvantages of A-Frame Tiny Homes

For all familiar with tiny house design, you know creativity is the name of the game for maximizing every inch. A-frame tiny homes require just as many creative tiny house storage solutions, but perhaps more custom built-ins. The problem is the lack of vertical interior walls. 

Additionally, the angled walls make decorating a real challenge. You may need to pass on hanging artwork. Instead, embrace accent walls. My advice is to browse Instagram and Pinterest for successful A-frame tiny house decor inspiration. 

Keep in mind that with all that roofspace, replacing it can get pricey. Plan to invest in a durable roofing material, like metal. This will ensure a long-lasting roof without much need for repairs, but the upfront cost is on the high-end.

Find Your Dream A-Frame Tiny House Plans

Ready to build a dreamy A-frame tiny home of your own? Don’t skimp on your planning, which can be quite fun actually. Take a research vacation!

Book a stay in various sized A-frame rentals in scenic locations. Getting a sense of the space in person is a surefire way to figure out the best fit for you.  

Once you determine your size and layout preferences, it’s time to pick your dream A-frame tiny house plans! 

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