The Top 19 Camper Vans That Sleep 4 – Class B, Custom, & DIY

Want to take your family with you on van life adventures? Yes, there ARE campervans that sleep four. Check them out!

5 Mars RV Imagine that sleeps 4

Class B RVs and converted camper vans are easy to drive, compact, and fuel efficient, but they aren’t super spacious. Many popular designs are only suitable to sleep two people. Yet, there are lots of van lifers traveling with their families (or best buds) on them out there.

You don’t need a ginormous Class A RV with the latest gear installed to set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget that you can spend much of your time outdoors in mild climates. Plus a solid awning can triple the size of your living room. We’re confident you can find the perfect layout for your needs and budget, even if it means making a few compromises.

In this article, we look at the best Class B motorhomes which can sleep 4. Some are professionally-manufactured Class B RVs, some are custom camper van conversions, while others are self-converted panel vans. Many have a dry or wet bath! Whatever your budget and priorities, we’ve got you covered.

Class B RVs That Sleep 4

First, let’s look at some luxurious Class B motorhomes first. We can all dream, right? And looking at these beauties can give you some great ideas for a DIY build.

Ready? Let’s go! Here are our picks in the Class B RVs range.

1) Storyteller Overland Classic Mode 4×4

  • Price:  $175,887
  • ChassisMercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4
  • Beds: Platform double bed + sofa bed
  • Length: 20ft
  • Bathroom: Portable toilet and concealed shower

If you want to venture to remote places with the entire family, the Storyteller Overland Classic Mode is a fantastic option. It packs all the comforts you need in a rugged, 20ft-long, package.

Th floor plan has been designed to maximise the sleeping capacity of the van. There’s a platform bed at the rear, which can take a lot of gear underneath it. The dinette turns into a small double bed, which is perfect for the kids.

There are also a compact galley and a small living space, but you’ll want to make the most of the nice awning it comes with when you’re all hanging out together. Keeping all the beds inside the van allows you all to sleep in a fully insulated space, which is important if you want to venture North.

While there’s no bathroom inside the Storyteller Overland Classic Mode 4×4, it comes with a portable toilet, a concealed shower, and an outdoor shower.

2) Winnebago Solis

Winnebago Solis campervan parked in the mountain area
Photo: Winnebago Solis parked in the mountain area
  • Price:  $152,169+
  • ChassisRAM Promaster
  • Beds: Pop up roof + Murphy bed or couch bed
  • Length: 21ft or 19ft9in
  • Bathroom: Wet bath

This Winnebago Solis is a Class B RV built on a RAM Promaster chassis with a luxurious-looking interior. To add a second bed without compromising the interior living space, the guys at Winnebago added a pop-up bed. This means you can leave the dinette in place at all times – a big win. For a second bed you can choose between a Murphy bed or a couch which turns into a sofa. Both options are located at the rear of the van.

The Solis comes in two floor plans – one that’s 19ft9in long and one that’s 21ft long.

3) Coachmen Cross Trail 20XG

  • Price: $154,083
  • Chassis: Ford Transit
  • Beds: Double bed + sofa bed
  • Length: 24ft 1in
  • Bathroom: Dry bath

The Coachmen Cross Trail 20XG is a class B+ RV which offers a generous shower, an ample kitchenette, a big garage, and lots of storage room throughout. It’s fancy! There are a big double bed at the rear and a dinette, which turns into a small double bed, near the entrance. You’d have to make the bed every night, but surely that’s worth a dry bath, right?

If you like, you can opt for a power bed, so you can add even more storage space to the standard floor plan. The Renogy Empowered State-of-art Hybrid Electrical System extra allows you to run everything, including the AC, from the batteries. That’s pretty awesome, as you’ll be able to go boondocking for days at a time.

4) 5 Mars RV Imagine

  • Price:  CAD $139,900
  • Chassis: Ram ProMaster 1500
  • Beds: Pop top + sofa-bed
  • Length: 19ft5in
  • Bathroom: Portable toilet

For those who need to stick with a smaller vehicle, the 5 Mars RV Imagine is a Class B camper van built on a RAM Promaster 1500. Thanks to the overhead bed, it offers additional sleeping space, so you could fit a family or a group of four friends in it. All four of you can eat at the dinette, which features two swivel seats.

The galley is right next to the dinette, easily accessible while seated. Because the van is quite short, there isn’t a toilet on board, but it comes with a portable toilet.

Beware: 5 Mars RV are based in Canada.

5) ModVans CV1 4×4

ModVans CV1 campervan that sleeps 4 parked outdoors
Photo: ModVans CV1
  • Price:  $139,900
  • Chassis: Ford Transit 4×4
  • Beds: Pop-up section + sofa-bed
  • Length: 18ft
  • Bathroom: Portable toilet

If you’d like to travel light to wild places, but need a big and comfortable sleeping space for four, look no further than the ModVans CV1. It’s built on an 18ft Ford Transit 4×4. The guys at ModVans kept the galley and living space small and simple, while maximizing the size of the two beds. This is a clever design for those who want to spend most of their time outdoors.

The ModVans CV1 also offers lots of safety features, like the automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and active park assist.

6) Roadtrek Zion Slumber

  • Price: $191,786
  • Chassis: Ford Transit 4×4
  • Beds: Popup section + double bed
  • Length: 20ft9in
  • Bathroom: Dry bath

The Roadtrek Zion Slumber is a grand Class B motorhome with all the luxuries you can think of: full shower, AC, furnace, generator, solar panels, outdoor shower, and more. If features a big overhead double bed, which can sleep the tallest of campers. For the second bed, you can choose between a king bed, a twin bed, or a sofa bed. This is definitely the kind of RV you’ll be able to take on long trips.

Families with three kids, take note. The sleeping capacity of this beauty is five!

7) Pleasure-Way Tofino

  • Price: $94,250
  • Chassis: RAM Promaster
  • Beds: Overhead bunk + sofa bed
  • Length: 17ft9in
  • Bathroom: /

The Pleasure-Way Tofino is an innovative, budget-friendly Class B campervan which sleeps 4. Inside, there are a galley, couch, and table – all the essentials for a comfortable camping trip. There’s also an additional sleeping area in the roof, which doubles the van’s sleeping capacity.

The only disadvantage of the Tofino is that there’s no bathroom inside it. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time boondocking on it, you probably won’t need one most of the time. Alternatively, you could carry a portable toilet.

8) Airstream Rangeline

  • Price: $147,570
  • Chassis: RAM Promaster 3500
  • Beds: Sofa bed + optional pop-top
  • Length: 21ft
  • Bathroom: Wet bath

Did you know Airstream don’t build just trailers? They also manufacture rad Class B RVs. The Rangeline is a fantastic, space-efficient camper van which sleeps up to four, thanks to the optional pop-top. The sofa bed at the back of the van folds away to offer storage for camping gear, kayaks, and more. Inside, you’ll also find a wet bath and decent-size galley.

9) Thor Motorcoach Tellaro 20J

  • Price: $140,560
  • Chassis: Ram Promaster
  • Beds: Sofa-bed + optional pop-up section
  • Length: 21ft1in
  • Bathroom: Wet bath

The standard Tellaro 20J floor plan only sleeps two people; however the optional SkyBunk extends its sleeping capacity. The main bed is provided by a rear sofa bed system. Next to it, there are a wet bath and a practical kitchen. By the front swivel seats there’s a bench with a removable table on a swing arm.

Standard features include a furnace, AC, awning, a water heater, and more. It can sit up to six people while traveling, which can be handy. We love the sleek exterior design and the huge living room in the back.

Custom-built Camper Van Conversions That Sleep 4

Next up on our list are professional custom conversions. These are just some of the best companies out there which create builds that sleep up to four people.

10) Momentum Vans

Momentum Vans are based in Washington and convert 144″ and 170″ vans into RVs. Each build is custom-made, so the guys can design your floor plan based on your priorities.

To provide sleeping arrangements for a small family, the guys at Momentum Vans add bunk beds and elevated beds to their builds. Their floor plans also come with bathroom, dinette, awning, outdoor table, couch, wardrobe, and much more.

11) Safe And Sonder Vans

Alli and Lizzie are van builders based in Michigan. They convert Sprinter vans into cozy motorhomes. They recently built a fantastic-looking RV for a family of four: North.

Inside North, there are a platform double bed in the back and two bunk beds in the middle section. Next to the bunk beds, there’s a spacious galley; while at the front there are two swivel seats and a couch. It’s a clever set-up.

12) Outpost Vans

Outpost Vans convert Sprinter, RAM Promasters, and Transit vans into RVs out of Oceanside, California. Their builds are fully customised, so they can design a floor plan which allows to sleep up to five people. To improve the sleeping capacity of a van, Outpost Vans typically add a pop-top.

13) Vanna Vans

Vanna Vans are based in West Fargo, Nevada. They convert Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transits into comfortable homes on wheels. The guys can design custom floor plans and have built campers with double bunk beds at the back before.

Self-converted RVs That Sleep 4

If you’re on a budget, you can also carry out your own DIY conversion. This allows you to truly make the most out of every inch of your van, as you can build all the furniture yourself.

14) Self-converted Family Van With Shower

Espen and Julie converted a van to venture around Europe with their two children. Inside it, there are a Murphy bed and two bunk beds. When the Murphy bed is closed, the back of the van becomes a living room with an L-shaped bench and a long fold-up table. Between the Murphy bed and the bunk beds there’s a wet bath. Ingenious!

15) DIY Conversion With Two Double Beds

The Sanchez family have converted their van to fit their four kids and dog. They liked the idea of sleeping at the back on a platform bed, so they simply built two on top of each other. They spend the day in the front of the van and the night in the back. Simple but effective.

16) DIY Camper Van That Sleeps 5

Lisa and Oliver built an RV which can sleep five people – Ronnie – to tour Europe. Their design features a double Murphy bed and three bunk beds for their kids. While there was no space to fit a bathroom or shower, the couple installed a toilet slide-out drawer under the Murphy bed. Thumbs up!

17) Self-Converted Van Sleeps Two Adults and Two Teens

Mike and Asha converted their RAM Promaster into a home on wheels for their family with a dinette, galley, bathroom, two bunk beds, and a sofa bed. During the day, only one of the bunk beds is set up – the lower one – to act as a couch. At night, the guys lower the second bunk bed and turn the dinette into a double bed. Very versatile.

18) Jennie and James’s 4-person Camper Van With Elevator Bed

Jennie and James are a van-building couple based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They converted this RAM Promaster into an RV which can sleep four adults. It looks incredible! They used a standard floor plan design with a galley, dinette, and wet bath. At the rear, they installed a U-shaped sofa bed and an elevator bed. So there are two double beds in the van. Super clever.

Conclusion on RVs that can sleep 4

Sleeping up to four people on a Class B RV or camper van is possible. It means giving up some luxuries or investing in a pop-up section. Make sure to choose a chassis that’s long enough to fit everything you need in your floor plan.

You can find more ideas for bunk beds and where to buy them in this article.

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