Titan Vans’ Rad Custom Conversions Come with Crystal-Clear Pricing

Interested in a custom conversion for your Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit? If you’re like me, complicated pricing puts you off. Check out Titan Vans’ transparent offering.

Titan Vans Metis

Titan Vans, based in Boulder, Colorado, offers stunning campervan conversions that are rugged and modular, ready for off-road adventures and either full or part-time van life.

These vans are beautiful and sleek, built by a team of outdoors people who not only love van life but also live it. The team consists of skiers, climbers, mountain bikers and lifelong campers, so they understand the need to get out into the great outdoors to find that perfect, remote campsite.

What we love about these van conversions is this:

  • The pricing is completely transparent
  • Components are manufactured in-house, which means they are higher quality and durable
  • Titan Vans offers a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on ANY component in a van build

Let’s take a look at Titan Vans, what this company offers, and why you might consider them for your van build.

What are Titan Van Conversions All About?

Titan Vans conversion interview with swivel seats and kitchen unit
Photo credit: Titan Vans

Titan Vans keeps things simple by offering four models of campervan conversion from which you can choose. These price points don’t include the van, which is either a Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit.

  • Classic – starting at $44,995
  • Kronos – starting at $69,995
  • Metis – starting at $74,995
  • Ultra – starting at $88,995

The Titan Vans pricing model is 100% transparent. Head to the interactive build form page, pick your favorite base model and add and remove options to see the price increase or decrease. 

The 3D plan of your build will change based on what you select, so you can easily visualize where the options will be fitted and what they look like. 

This free resource is super helpful because you can understand the pricing and design your unique floor plan before you get in touch. Going through this interactive builder makes it easy to see why custom campervans get so expensive!

The builds are based on four modular designs, which you can customize with a huge variety of options, like a fold-away seat, a second lower platform bed and Starlink satellite internet.

Could Titan Vans be the most price-transparent custom conversion company out there?

Let’s look at the four models in more detail.

Titans Vans Classic: Sprinter 144” and 170”, Transit 148” and 148” EL

bed inside a Titan Vans Classic
Photo credit: Titan Vans

The Titan Vans Classic model seats up to seven people and sleeps up to four. This floor plan is perfect for people who want to keep their build simple and minimalistic, with plenty of space to carry large gear. 

The Classic features a bi-slide aluminum platform bed at the back, wheel well cabinets, a recessed floor L-track, vinyl ceiling, tweed walls, upholstery, and marine-grade flooring. 

The base package also includes:

  • A rooftop fan
  • A Webasto furnace
  • A 330-watt solar panel with a dedicated power system
  • A water tank, pump and rear spray-down shower
  • A water tank heater pad
  • An exterior porch light
  • Front, passenger and driver-side awning windows
  • A fixed-glass slider door window.

So if you choose this package without adding any extras, you will end up with a camper van with a comfy bed at the back and storage underneath, plumbing, and an electrical system. There’s still plenty of room between the front seats and the bed. You can use it however you like.

Titan Vans Classic
Photo credit: Titan Vans

Among the options, there are:

  • A galley
  • A lower bed platform
  • A pop-top or rooftop tent
  • A 2-person bench seat
  • Swivel seats
  • A marine table
  • Storage like cabinets and shelves
  • A cassette toilet
  • A gray water system
  • A water heater
  • A bigger battery pack
  • AC
  • A roof rack
  • An awning
  • And more.

Titan Vans Kronos: Sprinter 144” and 170”

bed and kitchen galley unit inside a Titans Van
Photo credit: Titan Vans

The Kronos model seats and sleeps two. It’s ideal for adventurous couples who need a lot of storage options so they can live on board full-time.

The Kronos features a platform bed with storage and drawers underneath, a fixed galley, and overhead storage.

The base package also includes:

  • A fridge/freezer
  • An induction cooktop
  • A cassette toilet
  • A gray water system
  • All the standard features are included in the Classic package.

If you choose the Kronos base package, you end up with a fully functional home on wheels, which can take you off-grid. You’ll be able to cook and go to the toilet inside the van when it’s cold or rainy and all your stuff will be neatly organized in the drawers and cabinets.

swivel seats, kitchen unit and bed system with storage
Photo credit: Titan Vans

Options include:

  • A microwave
  • Swivel seats
  • A marine table
  • Shelves
  • An awning
  • Crossbars
  • A pop-top or rooftop tent
  • And more.

Titan Vans Metis: Sprinter 144” and 170”, Transit 148”

Titan Vans Metis
Photo credit: Titan Vans

The Metis model sleeps and seats up to 4 people. With a dinette, more storage solutions, and a Murphy bed in the back, this build meets the needs of an adventurous family. 

The Metis has a galley, a couch with a table, a Murphy bed, a set of drawers, overhead cabinets, and shelves.

The base package also includes:

  • A driver-extended depth flare
  • A passenger regular flare and slider window
  • Overhead lighting
  • A fold-down exterior table
  • All the standard features included in the Kronos package.
sink with a folding table inside a Titan Vans camper
Photo credit: Titan Vans

The Metis is a family-friendly conversion that allows you to stay off-grid for a decent amount of time. The kitchen is accessible from the outside, so you can cook outdoors. Plus, thanks to the Murphy bed, you can fit motorcycles or bikes in the back.

Here are some of the options:

  • Swivel seats
  • 2-person folding bed seat
  • A lower bed platform
  • Side steps
  • A passenger-side double box
  • A vertical bike carrier
  • Starlink satellite internet
  • And more.

Titan Vans Ultra – Sprinter 144” and 170”

Titan Vans Ultra
Photo credit: Titan Vans

The Ultra floor plan seats and sleeps up to four people and features a shower room. It’s a great rig for going skiing as a couple or family.

The floor plan features a bi-slide aluminum platform bed, an indoor shower, a couch with a table, overhead cabinets, and a galley.

The base package also includes all the Metis standard features. 

This floor plan is more crowded, but it fits the extra comfort of having a shower stall. If you plan to spend a lot of time in cold areas and don’t want to shower at truck stops or gyms, an indoor shower is essential.

As for options, there are:

  • Swivel seats
  • 2-person folding bed seat
  • A lower bed platform
  • A premium sound package
  • Starlink satellite internet
  • A back-country offroad package
  • An extended-range fuel tank
  • A storm chaser lighting package
  • An off-road recovery package
  • And more.
Under bed storage in the Titan Vans ultra
Photo credit: Titan Vans

Titan Vans also sells pre-built and pre-loved vans, so you can save time (and money) by skipping buying the vehicles and waiting for a build spot. It’s worth checking what they have on offer to see if it fits your requirements. 

So what do you think? Is Titan Vans the solution to a price-transparent custom build? 

closeup of a kitchen and windows inside a Titan Vans conversion
Photo credit: Titan Vans

We think so. Their build form shows exactly what every dollar you spend will go towards. The interactive 3D plan allows you to see where each option is fitted. So you know exactly what your custom rig will look like and how much it will cost before you get in touch. 

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