9 Hardy Hummer Campers that Take Off-Roading to a New Level

Hummer RVs are expensive – no doubt – but we can dream, right? Check out these bad-ass Hummer campers.

Wolf rig hummers parked on a red cliff

Love them or hate them, Hummers are iconic overlanding trucks with impressive off-roading capabilities that most vehicles can’t match.

Justin Love, who worked at a Chevy dealership for seven years as a Used Car Inventory Manager, says the original Hummer – the H1, the civilian version of the Humvee – is the real deal. But, according to Justin, newer versions of the truck are “cheap” imitations of the H1 built by Chevrolet and branded by GM. 

While newer models seemingly can’t rival the legendary H1’s off-roading abilities, these overlanding vehicles still look rad, especially when they get converted into a Hummer camper. So you’ll forgive us if we still drool over them.

Take a look at these nine bad-ass Hummer campers for inspiration.

2024 GMC EV Hummer Camper by Earthcruiser

Earthcruiser's EV hummer camper parked in the mountains
Photo Credit: Earthcruiser.

The latest Hummer EV model is an impressive feat of technology. It sports a 360-degree camera system, underbody cameras, driver-assistance technology for hands-free driving, a powered eTrunk and more.

Earthcruiser built the ultimate green overlanding camper out of it. It features a pop-up roof with a double bed, a kitchenette with a sink and induction cooktop, and a bench with a table. The roof hosts a 605-watt solar panel, which charges the 6-kWh 12-volt lithium battery, allowing you to stay off-grid for up to a week. There is also an indoor/outdoor shower and a flat-pack toilet on board. The official pricing hasn’t been shared yet, but you can now reserve one.

The Patton by Wolf Rigs Hummer Camper (HMMWV)

From: $350,000

Picture credit: Wolf Rigs

If you’re a fan of the older Hummers but you’d prefer a custom conversion, Wolf Rigs turns military-issued HMMWVs into RVs out of Santa Fe, Colorado. The Patton is a custom-designed off-roader with an aluminum camper shell. It features a sleeping space over the cab, a spacious kitchen on both sides of the truck bed, a full-sized shower, and an L-shaped couch. 

Wolf Rigs also improves the mechanics of the Hummer by making a few upgrades, like replacing the drive train. We love how much light the big windows allow into the camper.

2004 Hummer H2 RV by Suboverland

Hummer camper showing bed and shelving inside
Image Credit: Suboverland.

This van-life-inspired Hummer camper build by Suboverland looks practical and neat. It features a platform bed with drawers underneath and storage on the sides. The bed platform slides over the back seats, so you don’t need to remove them.

It’s a simple yet effective setup for campers wanting to sleep in their Hummer while on weekend adventures. We love it!

Suboverland builds Off-Road, Off-Grid, 4X4 adventure vehicles.

The Chummer Hummer RV

Nearly impossible to find

The Chummer RV is the only Hummer Class B motorhome ever built. Its full name is Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition – quite a mouthful. It was manufactured by Chinook RV in 2004 putting together a standard GM one-ton chassis cab and a custom Hummer H2 nose. 

Inside there are a couch that turns into a bed, a dinette, a kitchen and a wet bath. The Chummer RV is one of a kind and pretty much impossible to find these days.

According to Motor Biscuit, a few years ago a Chinook dealer based in Minnesota sold a Chummer for $197,000 within hours of receiving it. 

1994 Hummer H1 RV 

green hummer with camper built on the back
Image Credit: BlueChipCar via BringaTrailer.com

The previous owner converted this civilian 1994 Hummer H1 into a camper by adding a military green aluminum drop-in camper cabin. This is slightly shorter than a standard truck camper shell. It looks rugged and ready for any off-road adventure.

This build features a queen-size bed, two benches, AC, a refrigerator, a water filtration system, and a toilet.

This rig sold for $58,000 on Bring a Trailer in 2023.

2000 Hummer H1 Camper

bright red hummer RV with a white camper on back
Image credit: Cars And Bids.

This 2000 Hummer H1 RV self-conversion grabbed the attention of many motor trade publications a few years ago. It’s easy to see why. The previous owner fit a white slide-in unit made by Callen Campers on the truck bed of the red H1. The cabin houses a double bed, a kitchenette, and storage.

The unique rig sold for $36,500 in 2020. The auction price started at just $6,969 on Cars And Bids.

Ex-DEA Hummer Camper

From: $125,000

The DEA built this bad-ass black Hummer H1 to carry out operations on borders and catch drug dealers, smugglers and illegal immigrants in the mountains. It’s not been built out as a full RV, but it offers the basic comforts you need to spend the night off-grid.

Rather than a built-in bed, this H1 comes with a rooftop tent. Inside, there are shelving, hooks, power outlets and lighting. You could easily fit a kitchen counter, a portable toilet and a couch in it. The price tag is a little high, though.

1991 Military Humvee Camper

Not for sale

Roaming Ventures are currently converting a 1991 Military Humvee into a camper DIY. When they bought the beast last year they had to stop on the way home to fix it – the water pump went out. The guys didn’t give up though – they rebuilt much of the engine and made some upgrades, including new military RunFlat tires. The exterior now looks incredible.

Inside, Roaming Ventures have added windows and a shower stall to the ex-ambulance so far. They have big plans to make the floor plan as comfortable as possible so this Hummer RV can stay off-grid for weeks.

So what did you think? Are Hummers cool or overpriced?

We believe the Hummer is a remarkable adventure vehicle. It’s rugged, spacious enough for camping, and can handle any terrain. If you have the budget for it or are ready to rebuild the engine, you should go for it.

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