12 Unbelievable Unimog Campers to Fuel Your Off-Road Fantasies

Check this out! We’ve gathered a list of 11 incredible Unimog campers – some have been professionally converted, while some have been kitted out DIY.

unimog camper parked on the snow

Do you dream of exploring the backcountry and staying off-grid for long stretches of time? Then you have to take a look at these Unimog campers.

With twistable vehicle frames, portal axles, small turning circles, and tire pressure control systems, Unimog trucks make for the ultimate expedition vehicles.

Their beastly off-road capabilities are legendary. Unimogs are well-known for handling the roughest terrain, including remote deserts, wild rivers, and rugged mountains.

Some models, like the U 430, come with a VarioPilot changeable steering system. This system lets you drive the vehicle from a left or right-hand drive position, so traveling overseas is no problem. Switching sides only takes 30 seconds.

Off-roading enthusiasts and professional conversion companies alike have been turning them into luxurious RVs to marry the spirit of adventure with the comforts of home.

Ready to fantasize about going on your dream overlanding adventures? We’ve gathered a list of 11 incredible Unimog campers – some have been professionally converted, while some have been kitted out DIY.

Check them out!

1. SLRV Unimog U 430/U 530

unimog camper parked outdoors with trees on the background

The SLRV conversion of the Unimog U 430/U 530 is a compact but extremely tough and capable off-road expedition camper with a comfortable interior. It comes with portal axles, diff locks, and a tire inflation system, offering a comfy ride on the roughest terrain.

interior of a unimog camper

The interior is modern and bright–when you step inside, you forget you’re in the wilderness. The conversion features a double bed, lounge area, kitchen, full-size wardrobe, and a large dry bath. The roomy kitchen has a sink, fridge, microwave, oven, and induction stove.

The lounge is just behind the cab and features a U-shaped plush couch that seats five adults, a flat-screen TV, and a collapsable table in the middle. The bed is just above the lounge – it lowers on an electric lift. The bathroom is at the back of the vehicle and has a toilet, shower room, sink, and wardrobe.

interior of a unimog camper showing the dining area

SLRV is a family-run expedition vehicle motorhome manufacturer based in Queensland, Australia. They build standard campers, as well as custom ones.

2. Annika and Flo’s U 1300L Unimog

white unimog camper parked on the side of the road overlooking the beautiful sunset

Annika and Flo own a 1986 U 1300L Unimog formerly used as an ambulance by the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. But they’re not new to the off-road life—they’ve traveled extensively on an Opel 4×4 car and an ex-firetruck.

During the pandemic, they bought the Unimog in 2020 and converted it into a camper to travel the world on and off-road with their little dogs Nico and Gaia.

white unimog camper parked on the desert

Their camper’s floor plan includes a kitchen, a small dry bath, a dining area, and a pull-out bed. The kitchen has a three-burner stove, a stainless sink, a fridge, and lots of practical storage. The platform bed at the back of the vehicle can be reduced in size to offer more living space during the day.

Annika and Flo also built a handy side awning out of a tarp, so they can spend time relaxing outdoors – this comes in especially handy when they choose a beach as a camping spot.

unimog camper interior showing the kitchen area

So far, Annika and Flo have traveled through the Tunisian desert, Romania, Hungary, and the Balkan countries – including Greece, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have no intention of stopping – and who could, on this beast?

Want to follow their travels? Find them on Instagram as @thesaharatouch.

3. Unimog TenereX

unimog camper parked outdoors

The TenereX was born from a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Truck, Hellgeth Engineering, and KRUG EXPEDITION. The three companies worked together to produce a robust, reliable, and comfortable off-road camper that can go off the beaten track.

The Unimog TenereX is built on a U 4023 base with a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8×8 chassis, which can climb the steepest tracks. The engine is located at the vehicle’s center, allowing for superior weight distribution.

interior of a unimog camper showing the kitchen, dining and bed area

Inside the TenereX is a large kitchen with a large sink, fridge, freezer, and induction hob. In front of it is a dinette that turns into a second bed. Next to it, there’s a generous wet bath. At the back of the truck, there’s a platform double bed with storage underneath. The furniture is made of wood and white paneling, offering a nice contrast and a Scandi vibe.

4. Jackson and Kimberley

couple sitting inside a unimog camper

Jackson and Kimberley live in a 1984 U 1700, which used to belong to the Australian military. They hit the jackpot when the vehicle was listed for sale at an auction in Sydney a few years ago.

The truck was in great condition, but the couple pimped it up to turn it into their dream off-road expedition vehicle. They installed hydraulic winches, turbo injectors, a bigger (4-inch) exhaust, beefier 4WD tires, AC, ISRI suspension seats, and a crane.

unimog camper showing its interior parked outdoors

Yes, a crane. It lifts their jet ski and motorbike on and off the vehicle so they can go on rad adventures once they reach their destination. They store these in two slide-out compartments on the truck’s side.

unimog camper parked on a mountain area

Because their toys occupy some of the Unimog space, Jackson added a pop-top roof, creating a huge bedroom on the “upper floor.” This allowed them to fit a high-platform double bed, creating a huge storage space underneath it. On the other side of the vehicle, there’s a big kitchen with a sink.

unimog camper interior showing some storage boxes

The couple can stay off-grid for as long as they like – they fitted a 66-gallon freshwater tank, a 66-gallon diesel tank, lithium batteries delivering 480 amps, and 800 watts of solar. They don’t need to deal with civilization for weeks.

bed area of a unimog camper

Jackson and Kimberley are heading around Australia and Tasmania, following the coastline.

Want to keep up-to-date with their travels? Check out their Instagram account – @yonder.downunder.

5. Mog Home

unimog camper parked on a mountain area

The Mog Home is a Unimog camper manufactured by Ziegler Adventure. It’s built on the capable U 1300L base, which has a 3.9-foot wading depth, a 20-inch ground clearance, and high load capacity.

unimog camper on a wooden bridge overlooking a beautiful mountain

There’s a dinette area at the back with a large table and two benches. The table collapses, so the lifting double bed can be lowered above the benches. A large and modern kitchen occupies the right-hand corner of the vehicle. It has a sink, induction stove, oven, front-opening fridge, long and wide counter space, and lots of cupboards and drawers.

interior of a unimog camper showing the sink area

A dry bath with a shower stall and toilet is in front of the kitchen.

interior of a unimog camper showing the kitchen and dining areas

The Mog Home has a 320-Ah lithium-ion battery pack and a 240-watt solar charging system. It comes with a 60-gallon freshwater tank and a Webasto boiler.

6. EarthCruiser Explorer

unimog camper parked outdoors with trees on the background

The EarthCruiser Explorer is built on a Unimog U 430 – a model with a full fiberglass cabin and doors, a large window, and a more powerful engine – 340 horsepower! – than that of the U 4000 and U 5000 series Unimogs.

The guys at EarthCruiser, an Australian expedition vehicle manufacturer, decided to create extra headroom inside the vehicle by adding a pop-top that expands the whole length of the vehicle. The bed is in the back, elevated on a platform with storage under it.

unimog camper showing the bed area

The kitchen area includes a huge countertop, a sink, a fridge, a freezer, an oven, and an induction stove. In the front of the cab, there’s a dinette on the left and a couch on the right. You can add a toilet as an option.

The Explorer also comes with a side awning; under it, there’s a slide-out grill with a sink for cooking outdoors.

7. Ugur’s Unimog 1300L

unimog camper parked on the snow at daytime

Uğur and his wife Sezen have been living the off-road life for 10 years so far, exploring Europe’s wildest places. They currently travel on a 2000 short-base U 1300L.

The couple travels on their Unimog year-round, driving through snow, sand, and mud. In the winter, they spend half their time indoors – cooking, eating warm meals, and playing board games – and half their time outdoors sitting on their camping chairs by their portable fire pit. When there’s lots of snow around, they tow a trailer with a snowmobile to explore further afield.

unimog camper parked on the snowy land on daytime

In the back of their Unimog, there’s a double bed with a TV. Next to it is a wet bath with running water. In front of the bathroom, there’s a compact full kitchen with a front-opening fridge, sink, and gas cooktop.

In the front, there’s a U-shaped dinette that takes up the whole width of the vehicle. The table swivels, so the couple can sit beside or across from each other.

If you want to follow Uğur and Sezen’s adventures, check out their YouTube channel and Instagram account.

8. Action Mobil Atacama 4000

unimog camper parked outdoors overlooking a beautiful mountain

The Atacama 4000 is built on a Unimog U 4023 chassis – one of the smaller Unimog bodies. But it packs a punch.

The floor plan includes a compact designer kitchen, a pull-out double bed, a dinette area, and a luxurious bathroom with a separate shower.

unimog camper interior showing the kitchen, dining and bed areas

This Unimog camper comes with underfloor heating, AC, a coffee machine, a heated water system, a fridge, a freezer, a full-length mirror, and many more comforts. Every furniture detail is sleek, and the custom windows make the interior look extra bright.

The Atacama 4000 is powered by four 120-watt solar panels and a 300Ah lithium battery system. It also features an efficient tire pressure control system, which helps keep you safe off-road.

Action Mobil is a custom expedition motor home manufacturer based in Austria.

9. Freedom Mog 2.0

unimog camper showing its beautiful red bed mattresses

The Freedom Mog 2.0 is a professional conversion with a van-life vibe. It features natural pine interior walls and ceiling, a hipster kitchen with a wooden countertop, and bright green upholstery. Very instagrammable!

This is one of the few Unimog campers designed to sleep four people. The floor plan includes a double bed above the cab and an L-shaped couch that turns into a bed in the back. When the second bed is set up, you can still get on and off the vehicle via the tailgate.

red beddings of a unimog camper

In front of the couch, there’s a full kitchen with a fridge-freezer, a big sink, a portable stove, and a microwave. Behind it is a wet bath with a gravity shower, sink, and toilet. There’s lots of storage, including overhead cabinets, throughout the rig.

The Freedom Mog 2.0 is manufactured by Freedom Overland in Dubai and comes with a 400-watt solar power system and 350Ah of lithium batteries.

10. Our Way To Roam

Interior of shuttle bus conversion with bed, cabinets, stove and couch
The interior of Savannah and Drew’s cozy shuttle bus conversion

Savannah and Drew live on a 1987 Mercedes U 1300L with their pooches Mateo and Pablo. We’ve covered one of their builds before on The Wayward Home – they used to travel aboard a shuttle bus conversion.

After three years of living in their cozy bus, they decided to venture off-road. So in 2023, they upgraded to a Unimog and turned it into a cozy home on wheels. They chose an ambulance that used to belong to the German armed forces–after looking at it for a whole year, they got it shipped to the U.S. from Europe.

Their conversion features a platform bed, a kitchen, and a dry bath. The kitchen extends on both sides of the vehicle, offering lots of food-prepping space and plenty of appliances, like an oven and a big front-opening fridge.

Their bathroom design is ingenious – they can use it as a shower stall or slide their portable toilet out of a compartment to use it as a cubicle. Very clever!

Follow Savannah and Drew’s off-road adventures on their Instagram profile, Our Way To Roam, and their YouTube channel.

11. mogX

unimog camper parked on a parking lot

The mogX is a custom conversion of the beastly U 4023. What makes it stand out is the ultra-light carbon sandwich construction cabin.

The interior looks bright and modern. There’s a long, rounded double bed at the back. In front of it, on the right-hand side of the vehicle, there’s a large and sleek kitchen with a sink and an induction cooktop. By the hob, there’s a dinette that sits two.

interior of a unimog camper showing the bed area

There are many drawers under the kitchen and bed structures to store all your gear. The front of the vehicle has a wet bath with a shower.

You can turn the mogX into a mogXL, an overlanding vehicle likely to exceed the 7.49-ton limit,  by adding lots of options.

12. Freedom Unimog

unimog camper parked on the desert at night with lights turned on

The Fredoom Unimog is built on the Unimog 416, and it’s unique – it can sleep up to six people!

The floor plan features an L-shaped couch at the back, which turns into a huge double bed. Part of the couch flips up to float above the huge bed, creating a second double bed. There’s a third double bed above the driving cabin.

unimog camper interior showing the kitchen area

There’s a large kitchen by the couch with a sink, fridge, and portable camping stove. The front of the vehicle has a wet bath with a composting toilet and shower.

The off-grid onboard equipment includes 200-amp hour lithium-ion batteries, AC, 47 gallons of gas, 40 gallons of fresh water, and a 3,000-watt inverter.

unimog camper parked on the desert

The Freedom Unimog is made by Freedom Overland, a conversion company based in Dubai.


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