RV Under Bed Storage Ideas for Your Motorhome or Travel Trailer

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Storing your camping equipment and RV gear efficiently is critical when you’re traveling in a motorhome or travel trailer. That’s why you should be familiar with some of our favorite RV under bed storage ideas. 

Don’t get caught throwing stuff under the bed in a disorganized fashion. You’ll waste time removing what you don’t need to find what you’re looking for. A little organization saves you time and allows you to get back to enjoying RV life. 

So let’s look at some of our favorite RV under bed storage ideas for your motorhome or travel trailer. 

RV Under Bed Storage Ideas

Most RV beds are built with a hydraulic lifting mechanism underneath. This allows you to lift the foot of the bed to access the underneath storage area. Verify that your RV has storage here before finding the right RV storage solutions for you. 

Heavy Duty Bins

heavy duty bins rv under bed storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Let’s start with an under bed storage idea that keeps it simple. I’m a big fan of enclosed bins that will last, but a smaller size is beneficial for the storage areas under most RV beds. They also give you the ability to organize similar supplies together instead of stuffing them all into a larger bin. 

If you like this option, measure your RV’s under bed storage space so you know the best bin size to choose. If your trailer is like mine, you may be able to fit two or three smaller bins into that space. 

This will make it easier to unpack your trailer at the end of a trip, and it will also make it easier to access items while you’re RV camping. Instead of having a collection of loose items, open the appropriate bin and remove what you’re looking for. Bonus points if you label the bins so your guests know what they contain too!

These five-gallon storage bins are my go-to for RV bedroom storage.

Stackable Storage Bins

In many small campers and travel trailers, the potable water holding tank is located under the bed. This limits your storage capacity and creates a conundrum if you’re looking to maximize that space for storage. 

If you find yourself in such a conundrum, a stackable storage bin is the perfect solution. You’ll need to measure the space from the top of your water tank to the top of the bed frame, for starters. 

Then, you’ll need to find a stackable storage bin that’s smaller than that height, but there are plenty of options out there. This gives you a secure place to store smaller items, such as shoes or clothing that can’t fit in your RV’s closet space. I use mine for extra shoes that I use less frequently than my daily walking or hiking kicks.

I use one of these clear stackable storage bins on top of the potable water tank under my RV bed.

Collapsible Storage Cubes

storage cubes
Photo by Camping World

As an alternative to enclosed storage bins, collapsible storage cubes are one of my favorite space saving ideas for under the bed in your RV. They provide more visibility to the items you’ve stored under your bed and they take up less storage space when you don’t need them. 

Storage cubes provide more flexibility than heavy-duty storage bins because they adapt to the size of their contents. If you need to squish them a bit to fit other items around them, you’ll have the ability versus being stuck with the dimensions and constraints of a rigid storage bin. 

Check out these cute collapsible storage cubes from Camping World.

Canvas Shoe Pockets

canvas shoe pockets rv under bed storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Shoe storage can be tough in any RV. Some larger fifth wheels have dedicated shoe storage just inside the entry door, but this isn’t common. Most RVers must come up with more creative storage solutions. 

These canvas shoe pockets can be installed anywhere in your RV, but they’re great under your bed. They can be hung on the bed frame to create accessible shoe storage without taking up extra storage space on the floor or in your RV closet. 

Find the dimensions of these canvas shoe pockets to ensure they’ll fit in your RV’s under bed storage area.

Woven Storage Baskets

woven storage baskets
Photo by Camping World

Woven storage baskets are another useful RV under bed storage idea because they’re usually designed to fit together side-by-side neatly or stack together when not in use. A set of baskets will allow you to organize like items together and keep them accessible from the moment you lift the bed. Plus, they’re a lot easier on the eyes than plastic bins.

One important feature to look for in woven storage baskets is built-in handles. This makes them much easier to carry and allows them to serve the dual purpose of being helpful when loading and unloading your RV seasonally.

See if this set of woven RV storage baskets is right for under your RV’s bed.

Build Your Own Partitions

build your own partitions
Photo by HGTV via Pinterest

This idea might take a little more work, but it sure looks nice. This great RV storage idea was manufactured by Airstream, believe it or not, but it’s a great inspiration for a DIY project on your own RV. 

Building partitions into your RV’s under bed storage area allows you to keep your belongings organized without needing collapsible or enclosed storage bins. It may take a little more work up front, but you’ll have a customized storage solution, unlike many others. 

Check out this creative RV under bed on Pinterest.

Zippered Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are more useful than you might think as an RVer. For the area under your RV’s bed, they’re great for storing loose items that don’t have a home elsewhere. They can also be used alongside heavy-duty bins or collapsible cubes if you have nooks and crannies to fill in order to fit all your accessories inside your RV. 

As a bonus, there are plenty of other uses for packing cubes in an RV and for other forms of travel. I use mine for storing socks and undergarments in my RV closet space and repurpose them in my travel pack on international trips. 

Discover this set of eight packing cubes for storing stuff under your RV’s bed.

Vacuum Sealed Packaging

Many RVers store extra bedding under the bed in their RV bedroom. Depending on the size of your RV, extra sheets can take up a lot of space. This is especially true in larger travel trailers and fifth wheels with bunks or convertible dinette beds. 

There’s perhaps no better way to fit all of your RV bedding into a small space and free up other storage areas than to use vacuum-sealed packaging. You’ll need a hand pump if the vacuum bags you buy doesn’t come with one. Like packing cubes, vacuum packaging can be very handy for other forms of travel beyond RVing.

Here’s some vacuum sealed packaging you can use for RV under bed storage.

Scribble Totes

scribble totes
Photo by Camping World

Scribble totes are simply another form of open packing cubes, but they’re a little fancier. They give you a great way to store gear under your RV’s bed and also make it easy to pack up for a beach day or another outing and take these totes out of your RV bedroom.

They’re also a little more durable than your average packing cubes and can serve in other areas too, such as your RV closet, under the bathroom sink, or under your RV bunk beds.

Check out these Coastal Collection scribble totes from Camping World.

Rope Cord Baskets

rope cord baskets
Photo by Camping World

This three-piece basket set features hinged lids for easy access and keeps the contents protected while you’re in transit. The taupe is a nice touch and a stark contrast from some of the other more vibrant storage ideas on this list. 

The baskets come with handles to aid in loading and unloading your RV too. The rope cord material is also soft enough to avoid scratching or scuffing the linoleum used for the floors in most RV bedrooms.

Here are some of our favorite rope cord baskets.

Expandable Footlocker

This expandable footlocker gives you dedicated enclosed storage in your RV bedroom for your camping shoe collection. If you’re anything like me, you tend to overpack on shoes you’ll want for everyday wear, hiking, running, and other uses. 

If you travel with a family of four, each of you will have your own shoe compartment. And the footlocker zips closed to keep everything secure while you’re traveling. Like many great RV accessories, it doesn’t have to be used exclusively for shoes and can serve multiple purposes.

See if this expandable footlocker is right for your RV.

SmartCube Under Bed Storage Bags

If you have a larger RV bed with completely open storage underneath, you may be able to fit two or three of these rectangular storage bags. They measure 39 inches long by 18 inches wide and expand up to 6 inches tall. 

They’re great for RV bedding, towels, extra clothing, and even indoor RV games. They also zip shut to provide secure underbed storage if you like to traverse off-road terrain in your equipped motorhome. 

Find the full specs and features for these under bed storage bags.

Adjustable Tension Rod Shelf

Not many RVers consider adding a shelf under their bed, but that’s exactly what this tension rod shelf allows you to do. It can add a second layer to this small space and adjusts to fit spaces up to 75 inches across. 

That allows it to fit most RV queen bed frames, but it can adjust to smaller bunk compartment spaces as well. Plus, it’s easy to install just like a tension rod for an RV bathroom shower curtain and it supports up to 44 pounds. 

Discover if this is the right RV under bed storage idea for you. 

Storage Ottomans

storage ottomans rv under bed storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Most RVers recognize the value of a dual-purpose piece of RV decor or camping gear. That’s exactly what we have here in this storage ottoman. Not only can it fit under your RV’s bed (check the dimensions to ensure it fits with your RV), but it can also double as a footrest when you’re lounging on your sofa. 

This model comes with a cushioned top for comfort on your heels and the lid removes for quick access to the enclosed storage space. There are also two stretchy pockets in front for storing smaller items like books, electronics, or magazines. As a bonus, this particular model is foldable so it lies flat when you aren’t using it. 

See if this storage ottoman will fit in your RV’s under bed storage space.

Collapsible InstaCrates

collapsible instacrate
Photo by Camping World

Crate storage can also be highly effective for the storage space under your RV bed. As with most good RV storage solutions, they fold flat when you don’t need them and they open up in seconds when you’re ready to load. 

These Instacrates can be helpful for loading and unloading your RV too. They can also serve another purpose when you arrive and set up your campsite. This particular model features a study lid with four cup holders so it can serve as a small table between your camping chairs. 

Check out this collapsible storage container from Camping World.

Adjustable Shelving

adjustable shelving unit
Photo by Camping World

Depending on the height of the storage compartment under your RV bed, another option is to install an adjustable shelving unit. On this unit, the basket underneath can double as a useful tool for loading and unloading your RV bedroom between trips.

The unit adjusts in height and fits best in spaces that are 18” across or wider. That underneath basket can also be removed to keep the storage area open below the shelf and then the basket can be repurposed elsewhere, like in an RV bedroom closet or under the dinette seats.  

Learn more about this adjustable shelving unit to see if it’ll fit under your RV’s bed.

Tool Bags

tool bags rv under bed storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Every RVer needs to keep certain essential tools on board beyond staples like Command hooks and kitchen utensils. RV tools help you troubleshoot issues on the fly or perform simple maintenance like tightening cabinet pulls or cleaning pet hair from around your RV’s furnace. 

Keeping your tools handy inside requires keeping your RV organized so there’s extra space for them. Your RV’s under bed storage area is a good choice for your tool bag because it’s easily accessible and you won’t be fishing tools out from a pass-through compartment when they’re needed. 

See if this cargo holder is the right tool bag for your RV’s storage space.

Tips for Organizing The Storage Under Your RV Bed

Having great RV storage ideas at your disposal is only half the battle. You’ll also need the right approach to create an organized, efficient storage area under your RV’s bed. 

Here are some of our favorite RV bedroom organization tips: 

  • Organize by type. Organize your items by type – shoes, pet supplies, yoga equipment, etc. Having piles organized by type will help you settle on the right storage containers. 
  • Store useful items. Getting to this storage area simply requires lifting the bed, making it more accessible than other RV storage spaces. Store items here that you’ll need regular access to so you don’t have to fetch them from harder-to-reach locations.
  • Reorganize seasonally. When prepping for spring or winterizing your RV for the season, take the extra time to clean out the storage area under your RV’s bed and reorganize it. Because it mainly stays out of sight, this area can become disorganized and cluttered during the camping season.
  • Protect your holding tank and RV piping. For trailers with the potable water tank under the bed, be careful not to load too much weight on top of the tank, or on any piping running to and from it, to avoid causing tank sagging or damage.
  • Add padding. Limit the potential for damage to your belongings by adding felt carpeting or shelf liners. If you have any old sleeping pads lying around, those can also be handy for padding this area.

How to Make it Easier to Access Your RV Under Bed Storage

Many RV beds are relatively easy to lift when they’re new. But once you add the weight of all your bedding and you’ve used it for a while, it can get more difficult. Some RV mattresses are so heavy that it makes lifting them a pain right from the beginning. 

Even the best RV storage ideas won’t be particularly useful if that new memory foam mattress you added to your RV bedroom makes it nearly impossible to lift your bed to get to your stuff underneath. The good news is that there are solutions to provide easier access to your RV’s under bed storage area. 

The first option is to simply install new gas struts. These struts are designed to provide lift assistance, but they do wear out over time. If your bed seems much more difficult to lift than it once was, this is the best place to start. 

Check with your RV’s manufacturer to find the original equipment manufacturer for those struts. That will help you find a compatible replacement and help you avoid voiding any existing warranties by installing incompatible equipment. 

Another option is to install an upgraded bed lift kit. A bed lift kit comes with heavier-duty struts that provide more lift assistance and better ability to hold the bed up while you pick out whatever you need from the storage area below. 

Most bed lift kits also include beefier mounting plates and all the hardware you need to complete the installation. Once again, however, it’s important to consult your RV’s manufacturer to ensure you install a compatible kit that won’t void any important warranties. 

Conclusion on RV Under Bed Storage Ideas

Hopefully, these storage ideas for under your RV bed help you fit everything you need and keep that storage space organized on your next RV trip. Here are a few more resources to aid in your RV organization endeavors: 

What are your favorite storage ideas for under your RV bed? Share them in the comments below.

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