The 10 Most Expensive RVs That Cost More than a House

These RVs are only for the super wealthy, but they’re fun to look at and dream about!

Generally speaking, living in an RV is cheaper than living in a house. The cost of living in a motorhome, including day-to-day expenses and upkeep, is one thing that draws RVers to life on the road.

However, did you know some RVs cost way more than houses and apartments? If you didn’t, you’re in for a treat because, in this article, we’ll look at 10 of the most expensive RVs that cost more than a house.

You’ll be blown away by how expensive some luxurious homes-on-wheels are, so let’s begin!

10.  Airstream Atlas RV

Photo Credit: Airstream

The Airstream Atlas RV is the most affordable RV on this list. However, priced at $310,000, it’s still more expensive than many apartments and houses. 

Built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, this 24-foot RV features extendable sides that create enough space for a Murphy bed. It’s also equipped with an electric awning on the outside.

The Airstream Atlas also has a sleek and elegant kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The couch seats recline, and a table can be placed in front of the sofa to create a neat workspace.

What’s not to like?

9. The SLRV Commander 4×4

Photo Credit: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

If you enjoy off-road driving, you’ll love everything about the SLRV Commander 4×4, valued at $435,000. This RV is based on the MAN TGM 13.290, one of the most capable 4×4 trucks in the world. It can drive off-road because it can twist and turn on bumpy terrain.

The military-grade tires help, too!

The Commander 4×4 has a fully customizable interior, so owners can style their camper how they like it. You can place a bed above the seating area that drops down when you want to sleep or have a fixed bed installed. 

The RV can also have a kitchen, bathroom, seating area, and amenities like dishwashers and washing machines.

8. The UXV-MAX RV Overlander

Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

Compared to the more expensive RVs on our list, the UXV-MAX RV Overlander is a more modest home-on-wheels. It’s more like a small apartment than the mansions we’ll look at shortly.

However, it will still cost a hefty $650,000. Built on a Ford F-750 truck chassis, this large RV is designed for luxury travel. It has a full kitchen, a small seating area, a king-sized platform bed with underneath storage, beautiful granite countertops, and a dishwasher. 

Additional luxury features include a garage for a small vehicle, skylights, LED lighting, and a bathroom. 

7. SLRV Commander 8×8 Expedition

Photo Credit: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

The Commander 8×8 Expedition created by SLRV Expedition is an all-terrain luxury RV that wouldn’t look out of place on the Moon. This $670,000 RV is two stories and is often described as ‘unstoppable,’ and it’s not hard to see why.

It has a monumental design built on a Tatra Phoenix 8×8 platform. One of the neatest features is the retractable floor that can be moved up and down. 

When raised, the roof space creates a hidden bedroom with six single beds. Inside this 40-foot motorhome, you’ll also find a large living area with sofas and TVs, an adjustable second floor, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. 

There’s also a rear garage for storing motorcycles, bikes, and spare tires.

6. MORELO Grand Empire 120 GSO

Photo Credit: Morelo

Next, we have the MORELO Grand Empire 120 GSO. This elegant RV has it all and can be yours for $887,000. 

This RV has two air-suspended seats with heated cushions and adjustable armrests. The seats are super comfy and perfect for long trips.

In the central part of the RV, there’s a spacious lounge fitted with massage chairs, a full kitchen, a 40” TV, a bathroom, and a gorgeous walk-in rain shower. At the back, there’s also a king-sized bedroom and a drop-down bed for your guests.

5. Cami Terra Wind

Cami Terra Wind
Photo courtesy of: Cami

If you love RVing and boating and have a spare $1.2 million, the Cami Terra Wind could be your dream home on wheels. Inside, this luxury RV looks more like a yacht; in fact, it’s a lot more like a yacht than any other RV in the world.

Why’s that? Because this RV is also a boat. Yep, it legit floats!

On land, the Cami Terra Wind can reach speeds of 80 mph, and in freshwater, it reaches 7 knots. It has propellers, two 13-foot pontoons, and an aircraft cockpit with system controls, GPS, and navigational charts.

There’s even a decking area from which you can fish and grill!

4. Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum

Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum
Photo credit: Vario Mobil

Valued at $1.3 million, the Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum is one of the most customizable luxury RVs on the market. Built by German manufacturer VARIOmobil, this motorhome uses the highest-quality materials and is made to the owner’s specifications. 

This build sits on a Mercedes chassis and has a 10.7-litre turbo-diesel 6-cylinder engine that makes 422 bhp. It features a car haulage system that can carry an AMG-GT or other luxury vehicle, and plenty of interior options exist.

Features most buyers opt for include a master bedroom, full kitchen, large seating area, and a luxurious ensuite bathroom.

3. The H3-45 Millennium Luxury Coach

Millennium H3-45
Photo credit: Millennium Luxury Coaches

The H3-45 Millennium Luxury Coach costs approximately $2 million. Judging it based on appearance, that’s a fair price.

This stunning 45ft vehicle is a work of art. The company that produces it says it’s dedicated to craftsmanship, and given the luxury interior, it’s hard to disagree.

Inside this spotless RV, you’ll find heated floors, intelligent control and automation systems, a smart TV, beautiful custom-fabricated quartz countertops, a large kitchen, a bath and a half, a J-lounge, and a stunning master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

You’ll never want to leave!

2. The Furrion Elysium

Furrion Elysium
Photo credit: Furrion

The Furrion Elysium concept RV, valued at $2.5 million, is over-the-top for luxury. We’re actually surprised it’s not in the number one spot on our list.

This truly magnificent RV has the most impressive features, some of which seem almost impossible for an RV. For example, this behemoth vehicle has a hot tub and private helipad.

Inside, you’ll find glamorous fixtures and fittings, a fireplace, three 75-inch TVs, and a master bedroom fit for a king. This humongous RV even has a steam room! 

1. Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior

Marchi Mobile Elemment Superior
Photo credit: Marchi Mobile

Coming in at No.1 is Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior RV. Easily the most luxurious mobile home in the world, this monster RV is valued at a whopping $3 million. 

As you would expect, this top-of-the-line model offers unbeatable comfort, luxury, and technically innovative features. Like something from a Sci-Fi movie, this palace on wheels features a huge kitchen, an enormous king-sized bedroom, a 40” TV, a rain shower, an expandable rooftop deck, and so much more.

As if the luxury furnishings weren’t enough, the rooftop pop-up bar even has heated flooring. Does anyone have $3 million we could borrow? We’re asking for a friend.

There you have it, 10 of the most expensive RVs that cost more than a house. So, which one are you going to buy? We like the EleMMent Palazzo Superior best, so we better start saving!

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