11) Hanging shower caddy and bath organizer

This hanging shower caddy is a great RV organization tip for your motorhome's shower.

Use it to store shampoo and conditioner, body wash, washcloths and bars of soap.

This shower caddy is also quick-dry and easy transportable between your RV shower and a campground shower facilities.

Make sure you have the right type of shower curtain rod before you buy.

12) A car seat organizer for your tow vehicle

If you're towing a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel RV around, you'll want to keep your towing vehicle just as organized as your RV.

This car seat organizer keeps books, magazines and tablets off the floor.

These organizers are specially designed with touch-screen tablet holders with slits for headphones, so little ones in the back seat stay entertained without making a massive mess.

13) Undershelf baskets to add more storage space to your RV

Just like the clamp-on drawer we showed you above, these under shelf baskets help provide space for those items that can't seem to find a home in your RV.

These shelves are super easy to install and help you organize your RV. You simply slide it onto any shelf and it holds.

Use these handy shelves to store napkins, dish towels, dinnerware or batheroom accessories.

This RV organization hack just made your RV neater!

14) Tiny clip-on baskets for just $4

Use these teeny tiny baskets to add a little RV organization to your kitchen, bathroom, or other odds and ends you can't seem to find a home for.

They're made of durable wire construction.

These baskets easily clip to existing wire shelves in pantries or closets - you don't need any harware to use them.

15) Vacuum bags for storing stuff under your RV bed

One amazing RV organization tip is to use the space underneath your bed for storage! My parents use the space underneath their bed for wine bottles and other kitchen utensils they don't use very often.

These vacuum bags zip your clothes up nice and tight when you're not wearing them. This is a great way to store seasonal clothes or squishy items you don't use quite as often.

You'll get five medium-size bags to help organize your RV bedroom - each bag can fit 8-10 sweaters. You can also use them to store pillows, towels, and anything else soft you can think of.

16) Pop-up mesh laundry hamper

Another RV organization hack for your camper is one of these mesh pop-up hampers.

You'll get two portable hampers about the size of an extra-large backpack that can be folded down when not in use.

Handles are made of woven tape which offer sound support for a full bag. These are great for carrying your clothes to a laundromat or storing dirty clothes in your camper bedroom.

Side pockets give you storage for detergent, dryer sheets or delicates.

17) Wall-mounted bathroom organizer

A super cool RV organization tip for your bathroom is this wall-mounted bathroom organizer.

You'll have room for 9 ordinary toothbrushes or 6 electric toothbrushes with this organizer. Four storage compartments can organize all tooth brush, toothpaste, combs, razors, eyebrow trimmers, facial cleansers, etc.

Installation is easy - you just have to press an adhesive strip to a clean wall and you're good to go.

Say hello to an amazingly organized RV bathroom!

This book will help you get a handle on RV organization:

Do you need some help getting your RV organized? Check out this book, Create Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage in your RVwritten by full-time RVer Ashley Mann of RV Inspiration.

This full color, 36-page ebook in PDF format includes 75+ color photos and over 60 ideas for storing and organizing. 

Ashley wrote this book because she couldn’t find any comprehensive and creative guides to RV organization. She wants to help you find even more storage ideas for your motorhome.

In this Create Space from Thin Air, you’ll also get:

You’ll find all sorts of ideas for making use of vertical space, finding and utilizing empty space, and modifying furniture to create even more storage.

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  1. Bloggin Brandi says

    Love that a lot of these utilize vertical space or even spaces like the drawer that folds out. So many small spaces we take for granted. Still customizing some of mine. Always looking for new ideas. Moved on to the bedroom and cabinets to try and see what can go or stay. Constantly trying to downsize on each trip before we move again.

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