17 RV Organization Tips for a Small Space

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Living in an RV full-time can sometimes feel cramped and cluttered, especially if you don’t have a good process for organizing your stuff. Your RV can quickly turn into a disaster zone, with clothes strewn all over the couch and possessions pouring from cupboards.  

Does this sound like you? Never fear.

There are tons of RV organization ideas to create a clutter-free space. That's the entire point of going smaller, right?

We've rounded up some of the best RV organization tips so you can get your camper in tip-top shape.

Do you need some help getting your RV organized? Check out this book, Create Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage in your RVwritten by full-time RVer Ashley Mann.

1) Get stuff off surfaces with a swivel drawer

One of our first RV organization tips involves getting clutter off countertops! Having stuff piled everywhere can create a sense of overwhelm that's hard to shake off.

This swivel drawer for RV organization takes care of countertop clutter. Just put your pents, paper and other odds-and-ends into this drawer and swivel it so you can't see the clutter-causing stuff.

This pencil drawer is quick and easy to install with no tools needed. Just clamp it to any surface with a robust steel clamp and thumb screw.

You won't have to drill holes or otherwise deface your RV for this clamp-on swivel drawer.

2) Get a hanging closet organizer for your RV

Taking care of your RV closet is a wonderful way to tackle RV organization.

This hanging closet organizer is made of 100% polyester canvas with heavy-duty fiberboard. That means its strong enough to hold 50 pounds of clothes and shoes!

This hanging closet organizer for an RV is perfect for sweaters, shirts, handbags, shoes and hats. Plus, it features a collapsible design so you can put it away if its not in use.

You'll be happy you followed this RV organization tip when you're looking for your hiking boots or cozy fleece pants for sitting by the fire.

3) Try a folding wall-mounted clothes hanger

Continuing with our RV organization tips for the closet, this folding wall-mounted hanger is a great place to hang shirts or coats. When you're not using it, just fold it up to create more space in your RV.

You can also use this insta-hanger to hang-dry clothes after a wash, or to store heavy outdoor gear, hats or scarves.

This folding hanger only needs 12" of wall space to function and folds flat to a thickness of just 1 1/4″ thick creating a 'Clutter Free Zone'.

This is a great RV organization idea for motorhomes that don't have enough closet space.

4) Bedside storage organizer for books, remotes and magazines

Your RV's bedroom should be your sanctuary, a space you can relax after a long day of hiking or exploring.

That's why RV organization is so important in the place where you rest and sleep. Many motorhome bedrooms are extra small and cramped, which makes organizing an even trickier task.

However, this bedside storage organizer will help. It features pockets for books, magazines, smartphones, remotes, and even a water bottle.

This item is easy to install - you just have to slide the steel frame in between your mattress box spring/bed frame to keep your favorite books close at hand.