19 Space-Saving RV Storage Ideas for your Camper Kitchen

51548 shares (Updated April 2023) If you’re looking for some RV storage ideas for your camper kitchen, look no further! Keeping your RV neat and…

12 hacks for your RV kitchen

(Updated April 2023)

If you’re looking for some RV storage ideas for your camper kitchen, look no further! Keeping your RV neat and organized isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are limited cabinets and storage space, especially if you’ve just moved from a full-sized home into a small camper, and it will take some adjustments to get used to the tiny space.

Here are awesome RV gadgets that will keep your RV kitchen neat and organized, so you can find everything you need at a moment’s notice.

These RV storage ideas for your tiny kitchen shore up room inside your RV, and keep everything in its place.

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Looking for RV storage ideas for your pots and pans? Nobody likes pots everywhere, clanging around in cupboards as you drive down the road.

These Magma nesting pots and pans are your solution!

They come recommended by both sailors and RVers. Nesting pots are a great way to keep stuff organized in a tiny RV kitchen, where you don’t have a lot of cupboard space.

This 10-piece set of nesting pots and pans is made out of mirror polish marine-grade stainless steel and is designed for an induction cooktop. However, Magma says you can also use them on gas, electric, ceramic or halogen!

You can store all 10 pieces in less than 1/2 cubic feet of space, which is a great storage idea for your RV kitchen.

To boot, all 10 nesting pots and pans are dishwasher and oven safe.

Collapsible Colanders

Anything collapsible is good when you're living in a tiny space, right? We have several of these collapsible colanders in our sailboat galley. I also use them to proof my sourdough bread by lying a tea towel down.

These collapsible colanders are a great storage idea for your RV kitchen. There’s one for every occasion, whether you’re cooking pasta, or straining a can of beans. When you’re finished cooking, they’ll fit neatly in a cupboard.

When collapsed, these amazing colanders are only two inches high! 

What’s really cool about these colanders are that they’re heat resistant up to 230 degrees, so you can immerse them quickly into boiling water to blanch vegetables, or for freshly-boiled pasta.

This is one of those RV storage ideas you don’t want to miss.

This collapsible dish tub is perfect to store in your camper to maximize space. Use it to wash dishes or store fruits and vegetables.

These dish tubs are BPA free and easily pop to open when needed. When collapsed, this dish tub is only 1.6 inches high, which saves up to 70% in storage space in your motorhome. To boot, there’s a hanging hole so you can hang it in your kitchen so its always within an arm’s reach.

You can’t go wrong with anything collapsible for RV organization.

These little pinch n’ grip oven mitts take up only a tiny bit of space and are perfect for handling the hot edge of a cast iron pot or pulling a baking dish from the oven.

Much better than storing big oven mitts in your small camper kitchen.

I love this RV storage idea, and we personally have these oven finger mitts on our sailboat.

Keeping as much floor space as possible is one of our favorite RV organization tips. RVs are already pretty small on the inside, and you want to maintain that wide open feel.

This over-the-cabinet storage basket is perfect for cleaning supplies, plastic bags, garbage bags, spices, bathing supplies or dry goods. Really anything you think of can fit in this organizer!

Non-absorbent foam backing keeps cabinets from scratching where you mount the wastebasket

Put one of these over-the-cabinet storage baskets in every part of your RV to keep items or trash neatly tucked away.

Anyone living in an RV knows just how important counter space is! You can get a little extra with this amazing RV storage hack.

This solid oak wood board fits right over your camper’s sink to make an extra cutting board or serving space when you’re whipping up a meal. Use it to put bowls and utensils and spices.

This handy dandy organizer will let you store kitchen items behind a cabinet door in your motorhome. Use it for cutting boards, baking sheets, cupcake sheets, you name it.

If you don’t want to mount it inside a cabinet, you can also mount this organizer on the wall. Made out of sturdy stainless steel.

Get those spices off the shelf by adding these spice grippers to the inside of a cupboard or two. Your spices won’t spill or crash into each other while your RV is lurching around, plus, even the spices you rarely use will be easy to find.

Each 10″ by 1″ inch shelf holds five spices – store up to 36 spices!

Instead of pushing your way through a melange of bottles, cheeses, beers and eggs, use this 4-piece fridge and freezer organization set into your RV fridge.

This set can also be used in a freezer or cupboards for RV organization. These bins are lightweight and sturdy, with built-in handle grips.

Are you seeing a trend with collapsable? This collapsable dish rack is easy to pop open and use when you need it, and collapses to flat for RV storage.

This BPA-free dish rack has four compartments for small utensils and one larger compartment for dishes and bowls.

A bonus? You can also use the rack to store fruits and veggies!

If you’re anything like me, you use way too many paper towels, and rolls end up everywhere!

These Camco pop-a-towel holders can be mounted under a cabinet, on a wall or on a cabinet door.

Need to move it somewhere else? You can easily disconnect the paper towels from their holder and carry them around with you!

This magnetic knife strip gets your knives out of a drawer or butcher block and onto the wall for safekeeping.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, this magnetic knife strip features a powerful Neodymium magnet, which will never rust or lose its charge.

We love that this knife strip also comes with six stainless steel hooks for your other kitchen utensils. A great storage idea for your RV kitchen!

If you feel like just don’t have enough cabinet space in your RV kitchen, this storage idea may just be the trick!

This corner cabinet organizer is great for plates, pans, cups and bowls.

You’ll be suprised by just how much more you can fit in your cupboards with the 3-tier corner cabinet organizer.

Sick of hearing your plates rattling as you drive down the road? Camco’s brilliant Stack-a-Plate organizer keeps plates in one place and reduces annoying sounds as you’re heading down the highway.

The Stack-a-Plate is made with non-stick backing and protect plates from breaking.

Organize your RV fridge with these Camco RV Fridge Brace-Holds. The brace holds attach to the top of your refrigerator, which keeps food from sliding and spilling when you’re driving.

The Brace-Holds are super easy to use and keep cartons from moving around and falling over. Keeps your fridge neat and clean!

These flexible and expandable kitchen shelf organizers are a great storage idea for your RV kitchen.

The two shelves can either be stacked or aligned, depending on the size of your RV kitchen cabinets.

Great for organizing plates, cups bottles and cans.

This slide-out cabinet organizer helps you discreetly store pots, pans, baking racks and cooking sheets in your RV kitchen.

Don’t worry about any scratchy sounds – this organizer glides smoothly thanks to an industrial-grade ball bearing glide system.

Have you ever seen one of those kitchen drawers crammed with way too many measuring cups?

This 19-piece nesting measuring cup and spoon set will keep your RV kitchen super organized.

These cups and spoons feature long handles for a secure grip and easy-to-read standard and metric measurements.

BPA free and dishwasher safe.

RV cupboards don’t have all that much room, so putting your dry goods into thin food storage containers is a great way to keep your RV kitchen organized.

This food container set includes five sizes of containers, and each has a spill-proof lid with a pouring spout.

Just getting rid of all those individual boxes and bags of food will help keep your RV kitchen organized.

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  4. Frank Neidenbach says:

    I have a 2016 Salem 27RKSS. Next to the microwave is a blank panel. Nothing behind it. Got a cabinet door and some self closing hinges at Menards. Removed th panel, installed the door, viola, a new roomy cabinet.

    1. Heather Gogal says:

      This article is so full of useful information. Thank you for sharing. I have been camping for years with my husband and two children, recently upgraded to a park model. I can finally take the time to organize it and decorate it the way I want. The links are also so helpful! Happy camping! 🙂

  5. Great list! In our boat galley, we also use a collapsible large salad bowl. We use those fridge organizers to also organize mugs and wine glasses in the cabinet, so they don’t fall all over the place. For anyone who needs/wants a laundry basket, a collapsible one saves space and comes in handy for lugging other bulky items as well.

    1. Great ideas, Theresa – thanks!

      1. Fiona Ludbrook says:

        Am slowly getting together my collapsable kitchen ware and even a bowl for the dog to have his meals and water .
        Already have colander, salad bowls and a collapsable sink.
        Ikea has lots of good rack and space saving storage systems too suitable for RV use, inluding racks to hang to contain stuff by a bed or armchair.
        Magnetic surfaces and attaching magnets is also fantastic.
        Really useful and practical ideas. Thanks!

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  13. self storage says:

    I am actually happy to glance at this blog posts which consists of plenty of valuable information, thanks for providing these statistics.

    1. Tons of wasted space in our Salem, we added so much storage in the kitchen alone. Cheaper to put a blank panel than a door but with such small spaces it’s a shame.
      Thank you for your great ideas!

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  17. Where did you find clear splatter screen behind cooktop. My camper has vinyl sides and this would be great to keep grease from popping on vinyl. Thanks

  18. Marsha Harmon says:

    Sounds like your business has really taken off and hopefully your new formats will also expand what you are doing. I have very much enjoyed all inputs and a very personalized view of your travels. Please continue to help all of us getting started folks. Your new formats are mostly ones that I do not use but you have given certainly plenty of beginning information.
    Thank you very much and good luck to both of you.

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    1. Kristin Hanes says:

      ahh I’m so sorry for the trouble. I actually make it possible for people to close the banner ads that pop up on the bottom of my screen, as well as the video. I can’t make it possible to close the social share widget, sadly.

  20. Alicia Hursley says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome products and hacks. We are new to the RV life and just got everything fixed up in an old rig we bought. We even completed a hardwood floor refinishing in there. But we were definitely underprepared kitchen-wise on our maiden voyage so we can’t wait to take a deeper look at what you shared.

  21. Erich Martirosian says:

    I could use for few years, while I do name change etc

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    Platinum Campers & Off-Road Caravans stock a large range of off-road, all-terrain camper trailers & hybrid campers to fit any budget. Designed in Australia for our tough conditions and backed with a 5-year structural warranty, our campers are ready to join you on your next adventure.

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