The Best RV Pet Temperature Monitors to Keep an Eye on Fido

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More and more RVers are choosing to head out on the road with their pets in tow. Whether you’re bringing a dog or a cat, you’ll need a way to make sure they are safe and comfortable inside your RV.

That’s where the best RV pet temperature monitor comes in.

With these handy devices, you simply put the RV temperature monitor inside your rig, download an app, and keep your eye on stats like temperature and humidity wherever you are.

This gives you the freedom and flexibility to run errands, get groceries or grab a bite to eat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pick the best RV pet temperature monitor and things to look for.

Keep in mind that there are two main types of RV temperature monitors: cellular and WiFi.

  • Cellular units are more expensive and require a subscription, but aren’t dependent on wireless, which is less reliable.
  • Wi-Fi pet temperatures monitors are cheaper and run either off your own hotspot, or campground WiFi.

Before we get started jumping into the nitty gritty of each RV temperature monitor, here are our top three picks:

Temp Stick Wireless Remote Sensor
Temp Stick Wireless Remote Sensor

This accurate temp and humidity monitor boasts a 1 year battery, no subscription fees and unlimited history.

  • No subscriptions or fees
  • Supports up to 10 users
  • Easy set up
Nimble Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Nimble Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The Nimble pet temperature monitors runs on Verizon 4G, making sure you can track temp/humidity anywhere you get cell signal.

  • Temperature, power loss, low battery and network alerts
  • Easy to install/set up
  • Built-in battery
La Crosse Wireless Monitor System
La Crosse Wireless Monitor System

This is the cheapest device we could find, and while it gets mixed reviews, it works well for the wallet. However, you’ll have to pay a low cost subscription to use it.

  • WiFi data
  • Lowest cost
  • Detachable probe for temp and humidity

The 6 Best RV Pet Temperature Monitors We Could Find

Nimble RV Temperature Monitoring System (Cellular)

best RV pet temperature monitor


  • Cellular connection, subscription required
  • Small, easy, peel-and-stick backing to attach temperature monitor anywhere inside your RV
  • Email/SMS alerts when falls above/below set limit
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Temperature, power loss, low battery and network alerts

All it takes are a few simple steps to get this Nimble RV temperature monitor up and running. You just attach the sensor anywhere in your RV using peel-and-stick tape, download the mobile app, and set up your account.

Then, you’re good to monitor your pet from anywhere without relying on campground WiFi or your own hotspot.

The Nimble best RV pet temperature monitor takes readings every second so you know your dog or cat is safe and comfortable. The Nimble RV temperature monitor also keeps track of humidity levels.

Since this RV pet temperature monitor has an inbuilt Verizon 4G cellular network, you’ll need an active monthly subscription to get notified on the temperature levels anytime you leave your dog in the RV or at home. 

Monthly subscriptions cost around $15-$20. The good news is you can stop your subscription at any time if you’re on the monthly plan.

You can set a temperature limit for your RV and you’ll get an update straight to your smartphone anytime it falls below the pre-set mark. This feature is not only easy to tweak but also works on all Apple and Android devices.

We love that even when the power goes off inside your RV, the Nimble’s in-built rechargeable battery will still keep the RV temperature monitor online for two days!

Alongside that, the monitor runs on power-saving mode when the battery is about to die. You can install it anywhere you like on your RV since it’s compact and doesn’t weigh much.

  • Compact and easy to attach to inside of RV
  • Relies on cellular data – more reliable than campground WiFi
  • Easy set up
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Monitors not only temp and humidity, but power loss, network errors and low battery
  • Expensive
  • Requires monthly service free

See the Nimble RV pet temperature monitor on Amazon.

Marcell Best RV Pet Temperature Monitor (Cellular)

rv pet temperature monitor

Or buy directly from Marcell with this $20 off coupon: Wayward20


  • 4G cellular connection, monthly subscription required
  • Instant alert notifications via text, email, or phone call
  • Monitors temperature, humidity and power loss
  • Integrated lithium battery than can operate 48 hours in case of power loss
  • Simple, easy to use app

The Marcell RV temperature monitor requires a subscription to use, but they start as low as $8 per month or $99 for the entire year.

This RV temperature monitoring system takes readings of both temperature and humidity, and also sends you an alert in case of power loss.

Get alerts via phone call, SMS or via the mobile app, which is free and easy to use.

Reviewers for the Marcell best RV pet temperature monitor do complain there’s no way to get temperature and humidity in real time unless you pay extra for an update. Each real-time update costs $0.25.

Otherwise, you’ll only get alerts if the temperature/humidity falls above or below the set levels.

We love that the lithium battery in this RV temperature monitor lasts for 48 hours even after a power loss, and that you can set it up so that 9 different devices receive alerts.

  • Affordable monthly subscriptions
  • Monitors humidity, temperature and power loss
  • Easy to use
  • You can view historic temp/humidity data within the app
  • Operates for 48 hours after a power outage
  • Good customer service
  • No real-time reporting unless you want to pay extra
  • Expensive

See the Marcell temperature monitor on Amazon

Or buy directly from Marcell with this $20 off coupon: Wayward20

Temp Stick Wireless Remote RV Temperature and Humidity Monitor (WiFi)

RV temperature monitor


  • WiFi connection
  • 3 year warranty
  • One year battery life
  • Data logging with unlimited history
  • No subscriptions or fees
  • Supports up to 10 users for alerts

The Temp Stick best RV pet temperature monitor tracks anything between -40°F to 140°F and 0-100% humidity. It’s easy to set up, doesn’t require any service fees, and has a battery that lasts one year.

RVers say they use this RV temperature monitoring system connected to a personal hotspot, which you can get cheaply as a pay-as-you-go device.

The Temp Stick RV temperature monitor is an American-made product with support available 7 days per week, a feature that stands out from other monitors.

You’ll also get internet outage alerts if your WiFi goes down for some reason, and the ability to access unlimited historical data with free easy-to-read dashboards and charts.

Many positive reviews are from RVers using the Temp Stick to monitor pets from afar. The device also gets some negative reviews saying it stopped working, but those reviews are few and far between.

Overall, we think this is a solid choice for the best RV pet temperature monitor.

  • One year battery life
  • Ability to get alerts on 10 devices
  • Unlimited historical data with easy-to-read charts
  • Accurately monitors temp and humidity
  • Simple interface for web and app
  • Some say the battery display isn’t always accurate
  • Some difficulty setting up the device

See the Temp Stick on Amazon

LaCrosse RV Temperature Monitoring System (WiFi)

best RV pet temperature monitor


  • WiFi data connection
  • Lowest cost
  • Includes sensor, internet gateway with LAN cable & AC adapter, dry probe
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 140°F
  • Requires $12 per year subscription after first 3-months
  • Includes detachable dry probe

The LaCrosse best RV pet temperature monitor offers a lot of features for a budget price.

This device has temperature probes that use advanced ultrasonic technology to monitor any variations in real-time. 

Although this functionality is somewhat different from that on mainstream devices, it still works perfectly and has all the basic features you’d expect a pet temperature/humidity monitoring system to have. 

The LaCRoss RV temperature monitor comes with an alarm system that operates routinely and sends updates to your phone. 

Using its mobile app, you can calibrate the notification settings to suit your schedule, so you don’t miss out on alerts when you’re away from your RV. 

Anytime the power goes off, this device keeps on running since it has a durable battery that lasts throughout the day and night. The screen displays a digital calendar that shows the exact month, time, date, and day.

You can choose to mount your LaCrosse RV pet temperature monitor on the wall of your RV or place it on a table stand. And since it’s made of dry probe technology, it tracks a wider range than typical monitors in the market. 

Keep in mind that while this device is very affordable, it does get its fair share of negative reviews. However, it also gets a lot of positive reviews, so you’ll have to decide your risk tolerance for this pet temperature monitor.

  • Most affordable
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Alerts for temp, humidity, low battery and lost connection
  • Requires annual fee
  • Some reviewers claim it doesn’t work

See the LaCross RV Pet Temperature Monitor on Amazon

Govee RV Temperature Monitoring System (WiFi)

RV pet temperature monitor


  • WiFi Connection
  • Free, easy-to-use-app
  • 2 years of data stored
  • Push notifications for alarms/alerts
  • Operates only on 2.4Ghz network
  • Low battery alarm
  • 3 months battery life

The Govee best RV pet temperature monitor works both as a thermometer and hygrometer, so you’ll get temperature and humidity level updates at the same time.

This monitor comes with an LED screen panel and a free mobile application that works on both Android and iOS phones, which gives you access to multiple displays. 

You’ll have to download the “Govee App” on your smartphone to use this RV temperature monitor, launch it using the Alexa voice assistant, and you’re good to go. Using a WiFi connection, you’ll access data from any location and the best part is there are no monthly fees.

The Govee RV pet temperature monitor’s remote access feature covers a range of up to 260 feet and the mobile app is far more user-friendly than most other options in the market. 

When your data depletes or if the signal around your RV is weak, you can get alerts on your phone via Bluetooth. The Govee RV temperature monitor has enough storage space that can last for 2 years or slightly more. 

If you want to use this data to study the temperature and humidity trends in your RV, you can export it from your phone via a CSV format. 

The Govee RV temperature/humidity sensor is one of the most advanced devices that’s widely used by many RVers.

The main downside is that it only works using 2.4Ghz wifi, which some reviewers complained about.

  • The mobile app is free and user-oriented
  • Allows access to multiple displays
  • Push notifications/alerts
  • Very accurate readings
  • Good price for the quality
  • Operates only on 2.4Ghz network
  • Difficult instructions

See the Govee pet temperature monitor on Amazon

SensorPush RV Pet Temperature Monitor

RV temperature monitor


  • 325-foot range via Bluetooth
  • Must buy separate WiFi Gateway for wifi alerts
  • Can be connected to multiple devices
  • 1-2 years of battery life

Same as the Govee monitor, the SensorPush best RV pet temperature monitor also works on Android and iOS devices. It pushes real-time alerts to your phone via a Wi-Fi network. 

Compared to all other options, the SensorPush wireless temperature and humidity monitor has a few features worth giving a shot. 

If you want to get smart data alerts via WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can pair the monitor with the G1 Wireless Gateway—which is usually sold separately. 

Anytime you want to chill outside your RV, the SensorPush RV temperature monitor still allows you to access data within a range of 325 feet. You only need to download the app on your mobile device and allow notifications from your HT1 monitor. 

Another awesome feature on this device is its capacity to pair with multiple devices at the same time. In case the surrounding temperature hits a record high or low, this device will send a warning alert to all the paired devices. 

To avoid any form of buffering, the device has in-built storage space that can hold data for up to 20 days and there’s no limit if you opt to use the mobile app. 

The app allows you to access a report of all previous readings in case you want to take note of the temperature and humidity trends over time.

For accurate results, the SensorPush RV pet temperature monitor uses a responsive temperature/humidity sampling technique that runs repeatedly at one-minute intervals to give you precise data by the moment. 

What you might not like about this particular device is it only works when paired with its proprietary wireless gateway, so it doesn’t sync with hotspot gadgets from other brands. 

Even with this minor downside, this monitor has an easy-to-use mobile app that’s easy to install and powerful coverage if you want to stay outside your RV. 

  • 325-foot Bluetooth range for hanging out outside your RV
  • Pairs with multiple devices
  • Simple mobile app
  • Quick and easy installation
  • WiFi Gateway sold separately

See the SensorPush pet temperature monitor on Amazon

Ubibot RV Temperature Monitor (WiFi)

RV pet temperature monitor


  • WiFi via 2.4Ghz
  • Highly-accurate Swiss-made sensor chips
  • Works in environments -4 ºF to 140 ºF
  • Free 200MB Cloud Storage to store data up to 2 years
  • User-oriented design

With a knack for precision and optimal temperature/humidity monitoring, the Ubibot WS1 RV temperature monitor is a great device if you’re keeping an eye on pets.

By connecting to a 2.4Ghz WiFi signal, this device lets you access data from anywhere via the mobile app or the webpage.

This RV pet temperature monitor is fitted with swiss-made sensors that capture data accurately and push automatic notifications. The cool thing about these sensors is besides temperature and humidity, they also measure ambient light and vibration.

The sensors on the Ubibot RV temperature monitor are designed to work in areas with extreme conditions, say, between -4 ºF to 140 ºF —without getting faulty. 

So long as your device is still on default settings, you can save data up to 2 years on its free 200MB free cloud storage space.  If you want to extract data from the monitor’s internal memory, you can transfer it to your computer using a PDF or CSV file. 

Another cool feature on the Unibot WS1 temperature monitor is you can also program it to send you alerts via text or a voice call. You will pay extra for the text messaging service.

Trying to figure out how to integrate your device with the mobile app using the user-manual is a little bit difficult, according to a few reviews.

  • Accurate swiss sensors
  • App notifications, with text alerts for an additional fee
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Free 200MB cloud storage so you can monitor trends
  • Only works on 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Setup and connection can be difficult

See the Ubibot Pet Temperature Monitor on Amazon

Why You Need The Best RV Pet Temperature Monitor

Best RV pet temperature monitor on the wall of this Class A RV
The Marcell pet temperature monitor hanging on the wall of this RV

Installing the best RV pet temperature monitor is a great way to make sure your rig is properly heated or cooled. You can also monitor humidity levels and get an alert if your power goes off for some reason.

These days, most of the best RV temperature monitors in the market push real-time notifications of the temperature and humidity levels straight to your mobile device—so you can instantly be in the loop with how your little “Oscar” or “Rusty” is faring.

The best RV pet temperature monitor can also help you protect your rig. Oftentimes, if an RV gets too hot or cold, certain components inside your motorhome can break.

For example, overheated cables can cause electrical issues. Cold temperatures can burst water pipes that lead to your sink and toilet.

So even if your RV is sitting idle in the garage, monitoring the temperature and humidity levels could save you from pouring money down the drain on costly repairs. 

Most of all, you want to rest easy knowing that your pet is safe anytime you step out of your RV. 

What To Look For In The Best RV Pet Temperature Monitor

Cute cat relaxing on a bed in an RV with the best RV pet temperature monitor

Battery Life

Most of the best RV pet temperature monitors are plug-and-play and come with a USB port, hence all you need to do is connect the device to a power source.

But it would be more useful to purchase one with a built-in battery, just in case the power your RV goes off.

You want to have an RV temperature monitor with a rechargeable battery that’s capable of lasting for a whole day before it runs out.

If the battery’s lifespan begins to drain abnormally, you can replace it to revamp the monitor’s performance. 


The best RV pet temperature monitors usually range in price from around $50 up to $200.

Usually, we found the cheaper ones run off WiFi, and the more expensive ones use a cellular network. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay an extra subscription fee for cellular pet temperature monitors.

There are quite a few RV temperature monitors from different brands that are reliable and on the mid-range budget. 

Data Connection

You need data access to get updates of temperature and humidity levels in your RV while you’re away running other errands.

Some of the best RV pet temperature monitors have antennas for a WiFi connection. So if you have a stable wireless internet connection, you can see the numbers in real-time right from your smartphone.

Keep in mind that many RV temperature monitors that use WiFi only operate on the 2.4Ghz network, not 5G. Some reviewers have a problem with this.

If you’re in an RV park with spotty WiFi, you may want to consider setting up a wireless hotspot you can use in conjunction with your best RV pet temperature monitor.

You can alternatively choose a monitor with an inbuilt cellular connection.

Both work just fine, but you’ll need to subscribe to a data plan for the latter device to operate without a hitch.


You want to gauge a monitor’s ease-of-use and capacity to perform without any major glitches.

One of the most basic features the best RV pet temperature monitors need to have is the capablity to send both high and low trigger notifications in the mobile app.

Further Tips

  1. Sometimes you may lose the connection and miss out on the updates. If this happens persistently, try to install your RV temperature monitor somewhere closer to the WiFi router, or vise versa.
  1. Most sensors use AAA lithium rechargeable batteries which tend to lose their power storage efficiency, over time. It’s best to replace them, say, every three months, to put your monitor’s performance in check. 
  1.  Keep your pet temperature monitor out of reach of pets or kids to avoid any damage.
  1. You can read the tips on the manual guide to have a glimpse of how to maintain your pet temperature monitor. 

Final Thoughts on The Best RV Temperature Monitors

Installing an RV temperature monitor is useful if you’re traveling with a pet and need to run errands, go on a hike or head out to dinner.

You’ll be able to make sure your pet doesn’t get too hot or too cold with alerts straight to your smartphone.

For a cellular pet temperature monitor for your RV, we recommend the Nimble RV pet temperature monitor.

For a wireless device, the Temp Stick temperature monitor.

We this guide helps you find the best pet temperature monitor for RVing. Have fun out there!

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