Top 10 RV Starter Kit Boxes Available on the Market

38 shares When you’re new to RVing, the sheer number of must have RV accessories you need to buy can be overwhelming. While there are…

When you’re new to RVing, the sheer number of must have RV accessories you need to buy can be overwhelming. While there are plenty of resources online to show you everything you need, an RV starter kit is a great alternative to buying everything individually.

We get it: new RV owners just want to hit the road as soon as possible to start enjoying the reasons they bought an RV in the first place. So this buying guide is designed to help you identify the best starter kit for your RV lifestyle so you can get your first road trip underway as quickly and safely as possible.

What is an RV Starter Kit Box?

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RV starter kits contain everything RV owners need when they are brand new to the world of RV camping. We’re talking basic RV camping accessories here, not the nice-to-haves like a vacuum cleaner, a shower caddy, a portable radio, and accessories to help you wirelessly hook up to satellite TV.

In essence, it’s a box that contains everything RVers must have to take care of their basic needs. Getting all of your RV preparation items in one convenient place is the best way to set yourself up for a successful camping trip.

What To Look For In an RV Starter Kit Box

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The basics! It really is that simple, but if you’re new to the RV world, how do you know what the best travel trailer accessories are, or the must-have 5th wheel accessories you should grab? We’re here to tell you the answer!

Here’s our quick list of the RV accessories that all RV starter kits should include:

  • RV Sewer hose
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Potable water hose
  • RV-friendly toilet paper
  • Power extension cord
  • Leveling blocks
  • Disposable gloves

Beyond that, here are some useful resources to help you learn what else you might need before heading to your first RV park:

That gives you a lot of RV gadgets and multi-task appliances to work with, but don’t worry! All RVers add RV parts over time, so don’t feel like you need everything from these lists right away.

Our Top 10 RV Starter Kits

Many of these RV starter kits go beyond those basic RV accessories we mentioned above. That’s why they’ve made our list of the top 10 RV starter kits available on the market today!

  1. Valterra RV Starter Kit in a Bucket

    Valterra makes some of the best RV starter kits in general, but we start with this one because it arrives fully contained in a bucket and everything goes back into the bucket between uses. This starter kit contains:

    • One 20-foot sewer hose with a straight hose adapter
    • One lead-free water pressure regulator
    • One 25-foot drinking water hose
    • One 30/15 amp electrical adapter
    • Two rolls of toilet paper
    • Four toilet treatments for your black tank
    • Disposable gloves for working around your dump outlet

    It's got everything new RVers need to get started and it's available at a very reasonable price.

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  2. RV Essentials Starter Bundle

    Camping World's RV Essentials Starter Bundle combines some really excellent RV accessories from various quality manufacturers. Here's a quick overview of everything included in this starter kit:

    • Two universal RV stabilizers
    • One set of 10 RV leveling blocks
    • One TastePURE water filter
    • One 25-foot drinking water white hose
    • One Bio-Pak Natural Enzyme Deodorizer

    Let's talk a little more about each of these items.

    Universal RV stabilizers work to reduce wobbling and rattling when your RV is parked in a campground. They are compatible with travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and pop-up campers.

    They feature lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with a blue ratchet strap that helps you stabilize your coach in minutes. These stabilizers work with RV frames from 14 to 28 inches high and each stabilizer offers a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

    The Fasten heavy-duty leveling blocks come as a stack of 10 blocks with dimensions of 8.5" x 8.5" x 1". They allow you to stack as many or as few as needed to level your RV, but they are made for single wheels only.

    The blocks are made of durable molded plastic that won't rot like wooden blocks will. When you're done using them the blocks stack up and secure together with an included detachable carry handle. When you're ready to store them, they measure 10.5" H x 8.5" L x 8.5" W.

    The TastePURE Carbon/KDF water filter reduces odors, chlorine, and sediments in your RV's drinking water while also improving the taste. It comes with a flexible hose connector that makes it easy to attach to the nearest connection.

    It features a durable carbon filter complete with a 100-micron fiber barrier. The KDF inside the filtration elements works to prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria inside the filter when it's not being used. The filter also comes with CSA low-lead-content certified fittings and it's easy to install with no assembly required.

    The Valterra AquaFresh high-pressure water hose comes with high-flow fittings and is designed for high-pressure RV water systems. It's rated to handle up to 120 PSI and comes with a hose gripper that makes it easy to twist on and off. Each hose is also constructed with NSF-listed materials to guarantee your water is safe for human and pet consumption.

    The Walex Bio-Pak Natural Enzyme Deodorizer, Paper, and Waste Digester packets go into your black tank to break down toilet tissue in 24 hours. It's a formaldehyde-free formula that also breaks down waste to keep your black tank sensors clear, lubricate your dump valves, and reduce odors. The resealable pouch includes 10 Bio-Pak packets that you simply drop into your toilet to eliminate occasional flushing and RV toilet issues.

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  3. Valterra Basic RV Accessory Starter Kit

    Valterra's standard starter kit is one of the most affordable options on our list. If you're a new RV owner or you're just renting an RV that doesn't come with all the essentials, this is a budget-friendly option that includes the following RV accessories:

    • One 15/30 amp RV electrical adapter
    • One 3" x 10' drain hose
    • One 1/2" x 25' water hose
    • Two 2-ounce Dr-Kem tank treatment packets
    • One roll of RV toilet tissue

    As we said, it's a basic option, but it'll get you on the road without having to invest in multiple accessories from different places.

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  4. Camco Premium RV Starter Kit

    Camco's premium starter box works with any type of RV and will help you avoid unexpected gear expenses on the road. It's all the RV basics you need to begin exploring RV parks in your area.

    Here's everything this kit includes:

    • One 25-foot TastePURE drinking water hose
    • One sewer bayonet with a 90-degree elbow
    • One 4-in-1 quick-connect sewer fitting
    • One 10-foot heavy-duty sewer hose assembly
    • One brass water pressure regulator
    • Two rolls of TST RV toilet tissue
    • 10 TST orange drop-in black tank treatments
    • One 15/30 amp power grip electrical adapter

    While you'll eventually look into adding other RV accessories like plastic shoe holders and plastic storage containers for your crock pot leftovers, this basic starter box contains all the essentials for your basic RV needs.

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  5. RV Sanitation Bundle

    While it doesn't come with a complimentary sewer hose like most of these starter kits, this sanitate bundle is meant to serve a different purpose. It's a one-stop solution for your RV cleaning and disinfecting needs.

    Here's what this bundle includes:

    • One 10-pack of KN95 protective respirator face masks
    • One 16-ounce bottle of Camping World hand sanitizer
    • One 32-ounce spray bottle of Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Whether you stock your RV with this bundle for personal use or utilize it to disinfect your RV between rental outings, it's a great bundle to have on hand to keep your RV space clean and comfortable.

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  6. Platinum Starter Kit

    For those of you looking for a truly comprehensive RV starter box, look no further. This option from Valterra might be a little more expensive than the rest, but look at everything it comes with:

    • Two 5/8" x 25' drinking water hoses
    • One 12-pack of Pure Power blue drop-in tank treatments
    • Two 4-packs of Softness RV toilet tissue
    • One 15-foot Slunky red drain hose support
    • Two 10-foot Viper sewer hoses
    • One sewer donut sponge ring
    • One 90-degree sewer elbow fitting
    • One 12-pack of disposable rubber gloves
    • Four RV wheel chocks
    • One 15/30 amp 12-inch electrical adapter cord
    • One 30/50 amp 12-inch electrical adapter cord
    • One 10-pack of leveling blocks with a storage bag
    • One Master Blaster holding tank wand
    • One high-flow hose pressure regulator
    • One quick-fill pigtail and shut off

    Whew! That's quite a bit in one convenient starter package if you're new to RVing. You'll be able to worry about other little accessories like freezer temperature gauges and storage bins later.

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  7. Camco Ultimate RV Starter Kit for Pop-Up Campers

    From Premium to Ultimate, Camco adds a few extra RV accessories in this starter box that's built for pop up towable campers. Once you have the essentials taken care of, you'll be freed up to explore higher-end accessories like a portable solar kit to harness your own electricity when boondocking!

    Here's what Camco includes in this kit:

    • One RhinoFLEX 15-foot clean out hose system
    • One RhinoFlex transparent 90-degree sewer elbow with swivel bayonet fitting
    • One universal 4-in-1 sewer adapter
    • One sewer hose rinse cap with grey ball valve
    • One TastePURE 10-foot potable water hose
    • One plastic water pressure regulator
    • One roll of two-ply TST toilet tissue
    • Three TST orange drop-in tank treatments
    • One 15/30 amp Power Grip electrical adapter

    Once you have all these essentials at your fingertips, you can begin to debate whether you'll access TV and other entertainment options with a traditional RV antenna, a satellite antenna, or via our favorite RV cell phone signal booster, the WeBoost!

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  8. Valterra Standard RV Starter Kit with Pure Power

    Valterra's standard starter kit is all about getting you the essentials without taking too much money out of your wallet. It's all the basics with no frills if you already have other RV tools and you like to bring your own entertainment accessories depending on your personal preferences.

    Here's what you'll get:

    • One roll of RV toilet tissue
    • One 25-foot potable water hose
    • One 30/15 amp electrical adapter
    • Two toilet tank treatments
    • One 10-foot drain hose with a straight hose adapter
    • One bag of disposable RV dump gloves

    The Pure Power inclusion in this starter kit is vital to reducing odors once you've been filling your RV holding tanks for a few days!

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  9. Camco Starter Kit Bucket Level Six

    Camco's Level 6 starter kit is a fairly comprehensive package with one special addition that you won't find in many of the other kits on our Top 10 list: the two standard levels. While they may one day come in handy if you need to make RV renovations, they have a more practical use that we'll discuss after telling you what the bucket comes with.

    But first, here's what Camco's Level 6 Bucket includes:

    • Two standard levels
    • Three TST orange drop-in tank treatments
    • One 20-foot sewer drain hose with a straight hose adapter
    • One bag of disposable dump gloves (100-count)
    • One stainless steel hose clamp
    • One 4-pack of single-ply RV toilet tissue
    • One 15/30 amp Power Grip electrical adapter
    • One TastePURE 25-foot water hose for drinking water
    • One plastic hose pressure regulator

    Those levels may seem to be at odds with the rest of the RV basics included, but leveling your RV is incredibly important when you arrive at a campsite. It allows your RV appliances like your refrigerator and air conditioning units to operate at maximum efficiency, and also makes it easier and safer for you and your fellow campers to move around inside your RV once you're set up.

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  10. Rv Starter Kit  Deluxe  Aquapro

    The final starter kit on our list is another deluxe kit that works with all types of RVs; towable and motorized. You'll get the essentials at an incredibly reasonable price compared to some of the more expensive kits out there today.

    The Aqua Pro Deluxe Kit comes with:

    • One 25-foot Aqua Pro water hose
    • One 10-foot sewer drain hose with a straight hose adapter
    • One 3" stainless steel hose clamp
    • One hose pressure regulator
    • One Never Fade RV bubble level
    • One 15/30 amp electrical adapter
    • One bag of Porta-Pak tank treatments
    • One roll of RV toilet tissue
    • One set of latex disposable gloves

    With the straight hose adapter, the rubber seal connects inside one end of the drain hose and the hose clamp keeps it in place. That way, you won't deal with a smelly waste mess when you explore how to dump your RV for the first time!

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Where To Find Replacements For Used RV Starter Kit Items

where to find replacements camping world store
PC Camping World

The good news about many RV parks is that their park store will stock things like water hoses, sewer hoses, water pressure regulators, garbage sacks, and more. So if you break something or you just need an extra hose to clean some of your recreational equipment, you shouldn’t be far from a place where you can grab extra RV accessories.

Plus, superstores like Camping World and RV Parts Country offer warehouses nationwide specifically dedicated to helping RVers re-stock broken or out-of-stock items. Many of these locations also include a dump station, so you can knock out two essential RV tasks in one stop and get right back on the road.

What Else Should You Have for Your First RV Trip

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While your starter kit will give you the RV basics, my experience suggests that there are a few other things you should consider adding before your first trip. Here’s a quick bullet list of other items to pack in your RV:

  • Paper towels: Yes, machine washable rags are the environmentally-friendly choice, but paper towels always come in handy when RV camping.
  • Duster moth balls: Great for keeping critters out of your RV, both when you’re camping and when you put your RV in seasonal storage.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes: A quick and easy way to clean dirty surfaces or disinfect hands before sitting down to an outdoor camping meal at your picnic table.
  • Zip lock bags: Handy for packing sandwiches and snacks before leaving your RV for your favorite outdoor activity.
  • Storage containers/food savers: Whether you need to store frozen food or perishables, get a set of multi-sized containers that will make it easy to keep things sealed, whether you’re storing food flat or in the storage drawers in your RV refrigerator.
  • Screen replacement kit with rubber seal: This is a handy one to keep on hand if you RV with pets. My pup bolted right through my screen door one day when she thought I was throwing a toy out for her. Maintaining proper airflow is vital to comfortable RV camping and you never know when a screen replacement with multiple seal options will come in handy.
  • Tools and safety equipment: A lot of the RV learning process is about self-sufficiency. Learn how to build your RV tool kit before you hit the road.


We hope you have enjoyed this collection of starter kits. With the right RV parts and important power supply items in hand, you’ll be on your way to an exciting new destination in no time!

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