31 RV Kitchen Accessories for Your Camper

940 shares While RV living can be lots of fun and excitement, it does take a while to adjust to life on the road. For…

woman cooking in a camper kitchen with RV kitchen accessories

While RV living can be lots of fun and excitement, it does take a while to adjust to life on the road. For example, cooking is a particular challenge because you have to be hyper-aware of everything, including water usage, electricity, and space.

Fortunately, tons of RV kitchen accessories can help you whip up any meal. We’ve compiled a list of 30+ essential items for your RV kitchen. Let’s dive in.

  1. Instant Pot

    No matter what kind of RV you have (i.e., a trailer or motorhome), none of them come with a full-sized oven. So, if you want to slow cook your meals, you need to rely on a pressure cooker, slow cooker, or Instant Pot. This one device can make dozens of unique dishes, from slow-cooked meats to vegetables and beyond.

    Plus, you can save space by buying all-in-one RV kitchen accessories like this. That said, if you want to slow-cook some dishes, you should be plugged into shore power. Unfortunately, leaving an appliance on for several hours can drain your deep-cycle batteries pretty well.

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  2. Collapsible Bowls

    As we'll see, collapsible dishes and equipment are excellent for RV living. When you need them, you can open them up and use them however you like. Then, once you're finished, you can collapse them and store them compactly.

    Collapsible bowls are useful for mixing, eating, and storing food. For example, if you get some fresh fruit during your travels, you can put them into a bowl, cover it with tin foil or plastic wrap, and eat them at your leisure.

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  3. Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

    One chore you can't escape when living in an RV is washing the dishes. Even though you have a limited water supply, you still have to keep your kitchen accessories clean and usable. So, a collapsible dish drying rack will come in handy all the time.

    When choosing the right size, consider how many dishes you'll likely use at a given time. For example, if you're traveling solo, you won't need something very large. However, if you're camping with the whole family, you'll want a much larger rack for all your dishes.

    Also, consider the size of your sink and countertops. If you don't have much room, your drying rack will take up most of the surface area. That said, you can consider moving the rack to sit above the sink as a space-saving measure.

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  4. Collapsible Colander

    Last on our list of collapsible RV kitchen accessories is a strainer. This piece is essential for various types of meal prep. For example, you can use a collapsible colander to wash fruits and veggies, make pasta, or rinse other food items. Also, you can use the strainer while washing dishes as a pre-rinse station for soapy items. Remember, you can't just leave the water running the whole time - you have to be considerate of your water supply.

    You can also use this RV kitchen accessory for other outdoor uses. For example, if you need to wash the outside of your rig (or your pet), the strainer can hold soapy sponges or other cleaning supplies.

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  5. Portable Gas Stove

    Although your RV kitchenette will have a stove, it's often a good idea to bring another one along for the trip. This way, you can cook outside as well, giving you much more flexibility when preparing meals.

    The only downside of bringing a portable gas stove is that you have to supply the fuel as well. Since storage space is so limited on an RV, it might not make sense to bring some extra propane tanks along. The size of your RV may also determine if this product is worth buying.

    That said, if you already have a propane tank mounted to your RV, you might be able to tap into that fuel supply for cooking. This option doesn't always work, but if so, you can save a lot of time, money, and hassle.

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  6. Mini Rice Cooker Steamer

    Before you ask, a rice cooker is different from an Instant Pot. While you can potentially use an Instant Pot for cooking rice, this RV kitchen appliance is designed specifically for one purpose. That said, there are many hacks you can use to prepare various dishes in this RV kitchen accessory, making it much more versatile than you might think.

    The primary advantage of bringing a rice cooker instead of a pressure cooker is that these items are often more compact and use less power.

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  7. Folding Lightweight Roll Up Table

    Counter space is always in short supply, making it hard to prep food and other items. So, having a folding camping table helps ensure that you can do more in your RV kitchen than you would otherwise.

    The other benefit of having a folding table is that it's much easier to eat outside. Even if your RV comes with a dining area, it's often better to get out and stretch your legs whenever possible. Spending too much time in your RV can give you a bit of cabin fever.

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  8. French Press

    If you're someone who loves to get their day started with a cup of coffee, a coffee maker is an essential RV kitchen accessory. While many options are available, we're partial to the humble French Press. This model is easy to use and delivers high-quality cups every time.

    The other benefit of using a French press is saving space while still getting your morning fix. Plus, you can save money on coffee filters and other accessories.

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  9. Air Fryer

    As you'll notice, most RV kitchen accessories are gadgets that can help you cook food in unique ways. While there's an advantage to using a versatile rice cooker or Instant Pot, an air fryer can deliver that fried goodness without the hassle of lugging a giant oil container around. Plus, this kitchen gadget is much easier to clean.

    As with other RV kitchen appliances, you should be plugged into shore power before using an air fryer. The intense heat draws a lot of electricity.

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  10. Electric Griddle

    What's better than starting your day with some fresh eggs, bacon, and pancakes? With an electric griddle, you can have all three every day during your camping excursion. Since few RVs come with a built-in griddle, this RV kitchen gadget is the next best thing.

    We like griddles because they're so versatile and easy to use. Unlike a grill, you don't have to spend hours cleaning each part of the grate. Instead, you can simply wipe down the griddle's surface, and you're ready to go. As with everything else about RV life, efficiency and convenience are critical.

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  11. Yogurt Maker

    Technically, you can use a slow cooker to make yogurt, or you can buy a specialized yogurt maker for RV living. The benefit of a yogurt maker is that you can make your own healthy and delicious snacks.

    Overall, this option is more affordable and space-saving than buying individual cups on the go. Instead, you can prepare the ingredients and make the best yogurt you've ever tasted.

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  12. Water Filter

    One of the unfortunate truths about full-time RV living is that the quality of drinking water you find can vary greatly from campground-to-campground. Whether a property is hooked into city water or pulling from a well can impact both the safety and the taste of your drinking water. Different cities also use varying levels of chlorine (and other chemicals) to ensure the safety of their drinking water. 

    All of that being said, the easiest way to improve the safety and taste of drinking water in an RV is to purchase an inline water purifier like this Inline Water Purifier from Camco.

    These purifiers screw directly into an RV’s water hose and filter out sediments, chemicals, and heavy metals. They are also the most affordable way to improve the quality and taste of the drinking water in an RV.

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  13. Cast Iron Skillet

    When it comes to RV kitchen utensils, nothing compares to a rugged and dependable cast iron skillet. This piece works well for virtually all meal prep, including meats, veggies, casseroles, and more. Best of all, since you're not supposed to wash a cast iron skillet with soap, you can save water and time cleaning after each use.

    We recommend bringing several cast iron pieces, including a dutch oven (for mouth-watering cobbler) and a frying pan. Although these items are heavy, they're invaluable.

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  14. Immersion Blender

    Blenders are an essential part of any kitchen, as they work well for smoothies and food preparation. However, bringing a full-sized blender doesn't make sense for RV living. Instead, it's often much better and more efficient to use an immersion blender.

    If you haven't seen this kitchen gadget before, it's a handheld blender with the blade at the tip. You simply put the end into whatever container you have, and it will do the rest. While immersion blending isn't as thorough as a regular blender, it works well as an RV kitchen accessory.

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  15. A Set of Mason Jars

    One of the most essential RV kitchen accessories is a complete set of mason jars. These pieces are so durable and versatile that you'll wind up finding uses for them all the time. They're perfect for leftovers, as well as storing ingredients. For example, it's often much easier to put meats, fruits, and veggies into mason jars than to use the original packaging. Plus, they're stackable and reusable, making them even more valuable.

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  16. Trash Bag Holder Rack

    As any RVer knows, the inside of your rig has little kitchen space, so you have to make use of every square inch. Since it's not feasible to use a full-sized trash can, you can opt for the next best thing with a mountable bag holder rack. This piece is small enough to deploy virtually anywhere, and you'll probably use a few of them throughout your RV. They also work well as an outdoor kitchen accessory, so you don't need to keep bringing cans in and out of your motorhome.

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  17. Spice Gripper Clips Strips

    Just because you're campfire cooking doesn't mean you don't have to season your meals. Spices make everything better, and you don't have to sacrifice flavor to save space. Even with a small RV kitchen, you can have a complete spice rack. But, instead of taking up precious counter space, you can attach these clips to your RV kitchen cabinets. This way, spices are always in reach, and you can still have enough surface area for food preparation.

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  18. Portable Travel Utensils

    Cooking meals is virtually impossible without the proper utensils. However, you can buy RV kitchen utensils instead of bringing a set from home. A kit will often have everything you need, including a fork, spoon, knife, and more. Since everything fits together in the same kit, you can save precious space while enabling you and your travel guests to eat.

    Just make sure to bring one kit per person, as each set usually just has one of each utensil. Also, we recommend buying stainless steel utensils since they last longer and are much easier to clean.

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  19. Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins

    It's pretty rare to have a full-sized refrigerator in an RV. Typically, large fridges are reserved for Class A motorhomes or fifth-wheel trailers. So, you have to make the most of every cubic inch of your refrigerator.

    So, one of the best RV kitchen accessories is a set of stackable fridge organizers. These bins are durable and easy to clean, and the fact they stack ensures you can fit more into a small space. These, coupled with a set of mason jars, can help you maximize very little space.

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  20. Oven & BBQ Gloves

    As we mentioned, most RVs don't come with a built-in oven. However, you'll still need an oven glove to handle various hot surfaces. For example, if you use a cast iron dutch oven, how can you remove the lid without burning your hand?

    Similarly, if you're cooking over an open fire, your pots and pans can get pretty scalding. We recommend an oven glove because it's much easier to grab things and manipulate them. Most oven mitts are too thick and cumbersome to do much beyond holding a handle. Gloves are much more versatile.

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  21. Kitchen Sink Organizer Rack

    When it comes to RV kitchen accessories, you can buy things for food preparation or cleaning. A sink organizer rack helps with the latter, as you can fit your soap, sponge, scrub brush, and other pieces in one place.

    If you have a tiny kitchen, this gadget works well when it's telescopic. This way, you can pull it out when necessary, but the piece itself won't take up too much storage space when you don't need it. Also, some models have a towel rack to keep your dish towel from getting too wet and mildewy.

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  22. Flip Up Countertop Extension

    Cutting boards and countertops are often limited in an RV kitchen. So, one of the best ways to make RV cooking more convenient is to increase your surface area. Some motorhomes come with countertop extensions. But, if yours doesn't, it's a good idea to install one yourself.

    These pieces allow you to extend your countertop when you're cooking and then drop the extension when it's not in use. Just make sure that you can drill into the surface before installing this piece. For example, you don't want to put it on the side of a fridge or sink as you can damage the appliance.

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  23. Roasting Sticks

    One of the best parts about campfire cooking is making s'mores. For that, you need durable roasting skewers to ensure your marshmallows get the right amount of char and melty goodness.

    These skewers are also suitable for hot dogs, sausages, and other items that can be cooked over an open flame. Plus, you can use this cooking method as a bonding experience for you and your kids. Nothing beats making food together.

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  24. Under Cabinet Jar Lid & Bottle Opener

    Full-time RV living is much more accessible when you can take advantage of various RV kitchen gadgets. One of the most valuable and versatile pieces is an under-cabinet jar opener. Instead of having another utensil to put in a drawer, this gadget allows you to open jars without taking up too much space. Plus, it's relatively easy to install, and you never have to worry about misplacing it.

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  25. Tension Rods

    Typically, a tension rod works for two things: shower curtains and window drapes. However, you'd be surprised by how well these rods work as kitchen accessories. The reason they're so valuable is that you can deploy them virtually anywhere.

    Feel free to get creative with your tension rods. One use could be to hang your dish towels to dry after washing. Another option is to install hooks to hang pots and pans. You can also use double tension rods as storage space for various items.

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  26. Anti Fatigue Kichen Mat

    One thing you'll notice about RV cooking is that it often takes longer to prepare the same meals. Since you don't have as much counter space, you usually have to do one task at a time. While there are ways to make meal preparation easier, chances are you'll spend more time in the kitchen than you might think.

    So, one way to avoid sore feet and an aching back is to place an anti-fatigue mat. This product has thick, soft rubber to absorb impacts and provide a better surface for your feet. Once you use it a few times, you'll notice a substantial difference in the way you feel. Plus, you can remove the mat when you're finished cooking.

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  27. Hanging Paper Towel Holder

    Paper towels are another essential component of any RV kitchen. However, you can't use a standing paper towel holder because it takes up too much precious space. So, you should install a hanging holder to keep your countertops free and clear.

    As with other RV kitchen accessories, this item is so simple yet makes such a significant impact. Plus, you can install multiple holders wherever necessary (i.e., the bathroom). This way, you're never too far from an absorbent and reliable paper towel.

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  28. Over the Door Hanging Basket

    The best RV accessories allow you to store more items in less space. One of the best ways to keep your RV kitchen organized is with hanging door storage products.

    Typically, you'll have to repurpose an item designed for another use. For example, you can buy a hanging shoe rack and use it to hold utensils and other kitchen accessories.

    There are several styles of hanging door storage, including:

    • Shoe Rack - This product has a series of bags, so it works best for food supplies and small items. If they're too tall, they can fall out.
    • Collapsible Storage Rack - This option works best if you RV for short periods. When you're not camping, you can put the rack away.
    • Drawer Rack - This rack resembles a set of hanging drawers. Each compartment sticks out more than other models, but you can put a lot more kitchen accessories inside.

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  29. No Spill Ice Tray

    If your RV refrigerator comes with a freezer, it's always good to have an ice tray. However, standard trays take up too much room, so you have to get creative. No-spill ice trays resemble a bumpy water bottle, and they're much more convenient, both for RV living and regular use.

    Since they're no-spill, you can put them in the freezer without much worry. Also, it's easier to get the ice out since you can just collapse the sides and pop each cube from its mold. These trays are essential for summer camping so that you can keep your drinks (and yourself) cool and refreshed.

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  30. Under Cabinet Drawer

    While RV cabinets are useful for storage, they're limited in their capacity. Since you have space between the cabinet and the countertop, why not make the most of it? An under-cabinet drawer is an excellent RV kitchen accessory because it offers more storage space without sacrificing anything you have already.

    Depending on the size of your rig, you can install multiple drawers to maximize your tiny RV kitchen space. Plus, you can use the drawers for all kinds of RV accessories, not just those reserved for cooking and cleaning.

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  31. Plate Stacker Organizer

    Realistically, when buying RV kitchen accessories, you want to make sure everything is as durable and break-proof as possible. Silicone RV kitchen supplies are ideal because you can abuse them, and they won't get damaged. However, RV dishes might be another story.

    While you can use plastic plates, bowls, and cups, they can move around a lot while you're driving. So, the best way to keep everything where it's supposed to be is with a plate stack organizer. You simply mount this piece inside your cabinet and put the plates (or bowls) inside it. Then, as your RV moves around, everything stays stationary until you arrive at your destination.

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